100 Top Korean Cat Names With Meanings

The best Korean cat names are the ones which are creative and different.

In ancient times cats were considered a symbol of good fortune in Korea.

For generations, cats have held a special significance in Korean tradition. Cats are considered to bring good luck, and so many scholars to this day seek out cats before their exams to bring them good their luck.

Experts say owning a pet cat is good for your heart health. It gives you relief from stress. The furry cute little pet will bring laughter and happiness to your home. If you have decided to get a cat for your home, go ahead. It is a wise decision. When a little kitten comes to your home it is your duty to find a perfect name for it. Naming a cat can be as tough as naming a baby. Why not look to Korea for inspiration for special cat names for your pet? Choosing the perfect pet name will show respect and love to your kitty. A Korean tradition when naming cats that you add "Yah" after the cat's first name which means "comes here".  For instance, if you call your cat by "Bbo Bbi" then your cat will be known as "Bbo Bbi Yah".

Read on for Korean cat names, or for more names we think you'll love, take a look at Japanese Cat Names and Egyptian Cat Names.

Male Korean Names For Your Cat  

Male Korean cat names can say a lot about your pet's personality. Below we have selected some of our favorite top male Korean cat names for your pet. Find one to suit your cute little kitten.

1. Abeoji  One of the male cat names, which means "father".

2. Be Ram Ee This Korean name means "wind".

3. Ba Ro One of the names for your pet which means "right now".

4. Bohoja This is one of the cat names which means "protector".

5. Ching Hwa This is a cat name which means "a healthy baby".

6. Dak Ho This is one of the male cat name meaning "deep lake".

7. Eodum This means "a black coat".

8. Go Mi Nam One of the cat names which means "handsome".

9. Geon A popular Korean pet name for cats which means "strength".

10. Ho Seok One of the male cat names which means "heaven".

11. Hui A perfect name which means "a cool breeze".

12. Hui Mang Ee One of the male cat names, which means "hope".

13. Jung Nam Ee One of the Korean cat names, which means "overflowing affection".

14. Kal One of the best cat names, which means "a sword".

15. Min Ho One of the cat names, which means "brave and heroic".

16. Seo Jin One of the popular cat names, which means "omen".

17. Seulgi One of the great names, which means "wisdom".

18. Suk A popular cat name, which means "stone".

19. Tae Hui One of the best cat names, which means "big or great".

20. Wain One of the male Korean cat names, which means "wine".

Female Korean Cat Names

Korean cat names are hyphenated, with a first name starting with "Ee".

Do you have a female cat that you love? Do you want a special name for her? You should consider Korean names. Most Korean cat names comprise a combination of two or more different words, which make the name sound creative and different. Let's have a look at some of the best female Korean cat names listed below.

21. Ae Cha One of the female Korean cat names meaning "loving daughter".

22. Aeng Du One of the perfect names which means "cherry".

23. Ah Rong Byul One of the female cat names which means "beautiful shining star".

24. Ba Da This Korean name of the cat means "ocean".

25. Beullangka This means "white-furred cat".

26. Bom Ee One of the popular Korean cat names, which means "spring".

27. Bo Reum Dal One of the Korean cat names, which means "full moon".

28. Chungsilhan This is a Korean pet names for cats meaning "faithful".

29. Dalkomhan This means a lovely name for a sweet cat.

30. Da On Ee This means all great things come together.

31. Ganglyeoghan This is one of the best cat names which means "brave".

32. Ggot Soon Ee This means "female flower".

33. Ha Neul Ee This means "sky".

34. Hye One of the great female cat name, which means "intelligence".

35. Keyowo One of the Korean cat names which means "cute".

36. Sundo One of the popular Korean cat names which means "pure".

Gender-Neutral Korean Cat Names

Most Korean cat names are unisex,  which makes finding a Korean name for your cat much easier. You can select a name irrespective of the sex of your cat. Below is a list of our favorite gender-neutral Korean cat names to inspire you.

37. Bang Hwa This means "arson".

38. Bitna This is a beautiful name which means "to shine".

39. Chin One of the beautiful names for cats that means "precious".

40. Cho This means "beautiful".

41. Chun This means beautiful weather which is "spring".

42. Da Ye This means "multi-talented".

43. Eui This means "righteous".

44. Gam Gi This means "cold".

45. Gyeo Wool This means "winter".

46. Hea This means "grace".

47. Heen Doong Ee This means "white".

48. Ho This means "goodness".

49. Hyun This means "virtuous".

50. Iseul This means "dew".

51. Mee This means a cat that has "astounding beauty".

52. Noon Dung Ee This means "snowball".

53. Seok Yeong This means "flower".

54. Soo This is another great name for a cat which means "excellent".

55. Soon Ee This means "calm".

56. Yon This is one of the beautiful names which means "blossom".

57. Yong This means "brave".

Cute Korean Names For Cats

Cats are some of the cutest pet animals.

Many people want to give their pet a cute name that reflects their personality, which is often a tricky task. To help with this we have selected our favorite cute Korean names listed below.

58. Bbo Bbo This is a cute girl names in Korean, which means "kiss".

59. Byul Ee This is one of the cute girl Korean names which means "star".

60. Byul Jj This is a lovely name that means star "meteor".

61. Byul Nim This is a unique name that means "dear star".

62. Chansol This is a cute name that means "evergreen tree".

63. Dam Bi This is a lovely name that means "sweet rain".

64. Haru This is a cute name that means "day".

65. Haet Nim Ee This is a strong name which means "sun".

66. Heejin This is such a lovely name, which means "pleasure".

67. Ji a This means "wisdom and knowledge".

68. Jiho This means "brave".

69. Ju Mi This means "jewel".

70. Ju Ri This means "profit".

71. Nam Son This means "in sleep".

72. Ra On This means "joyful".

73. Sa Rang Ee This means "love".

74. Sal Gu If your pet has apricot eyes, then this is perfect for her.

75. Si Nae This means "a small river". So, if you live nearby a river go for this.

76. So Ah This means "small and beautiful".

77. Soh Ri This means "sound".

78. Sung This means "successor".

79. Yu Na This means "to endure".

Unique Cat Names

As a cat parent, you want to give your kitty a name which is unique and stands out from the crowd. Naming a kitten is an important and interesting work for its owner. Like humans, cats also are unique. Each cat is different. The name should reflect its personality. However, if you want a unique name you should think differently. Why not think outside the box with a unique Korean cat name?

80. Ba Bo This cute girl Korean name means "stupid".

81. Bae Inspiration This is a unique name that means "best friend".

82. Bo Aa A unique pet name, which means "rare and elegant".

83. Bo Mi This is such a unique name which means "lovely".

84. Bong Cha This is for a white fur cat as this means "white feathers".

85. Chi Ta This means "cheetah" and thus perfect for a fast moving cat.

86. Dae A unique name of the cat which means "greatness".

87. Dong This is a beautiful name which means "east".

88. Dong Geul Ee This name is perfect for a round cat as it means "round".

89. Gi This means "brave" and thus well suited for a brave cat.

90. Gom This is a lovely and cuddly name which means "bear

Top 10 Cat Names

Cute Korean names for cats are unique. They are a fun option and is cool to name your pet kitten with a Korean name. Below is our top 10 Korean cat names; full of interesting names inspired by Korean culture which are unique. They have special relevance and meaning to their name.  Let’s have a look at these attractive names below.

91. Ja This means "attractive" and is perfect for an attractive cat.

92. Kyong This means "brightness", and good for someone who has bright furs.

93. Maeum This is a good name for a kitten, which means "mind".

94. Mihye This is another beautiful name, which means "beauty".

95. Na Eun This is one of the best name, which means "mercy".

96. Nam Sun This is the perfect name meaning "big round eyes".

97. Welcome Rain This means "welcoming the rainy season".

98. Woo Joo This is one of the unique cat names, which means "space".

99. Ye Bin This is a unique cat name, which means "pretty".

100. Yu Jin This means rare and "valuable".

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