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Khajit is a race of feline people in the much-loved Elder Scrolls universe.

Devoid of shape, they can range from gigantic beasts (Pahmar) to the exact likeness of a common housecat (Alfiq). Although all of them are sentient and similar in the mind, Khajiit physiology differs greatly in accordance with the lunar lattice of Nirn's two moons.

There are at least 16 recorded types of Khajiit, and most of them encountered in Cyrodiil and Skyrim are either Cathay or Cathay-rahts. Khajiit naming convention features heavy usage of affixes and honorifics to note the skills, talents, and distinctions of a Khajiiti individual.

The Khajiit tribes and realms of Eleswyr have Ta'agra names, but nearly every itinerant or migrated Khajiit name tends to be Cyrodiilic (i.e. human-like English).

Earlier games like Arena and Daggerfall used to have Khajiit family names like Ap'kothis, but games after Daggerfall don't have Khajiit last names. Lore-wise, Khajiit last names might exist, but they simply don't have wide usage.

In general, they are known to be very intelligent and quite agile. Khajiit names are quite meaningful as well.

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Khajiit Names For Girls

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Cute and tough female Khajiit names for your feline female Khajiit in Skyrim.

1. Ahdarji is a retired Khajiit thief residing in Leyawiin found in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion. She is involved in a quest Ahdarji's Heirloom, wherein the Champion of Cyrodiil recovers a family heirloom stolen by a freelance thief.

2. Aisha (Arabic origin) meaning "one who is alive".

3. Am-Ra (Old Arabic origin) meaning "princess". Am-Ra is one of many Khajiit slaves imprisoned in Sinisbadon near Ald Sotha in The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind.

4. Chiranirr is the name of a Khajiit member of the Balmora thieves' guild in Morrowind.

5. Habashi (Hindi origin) meaning "black". Sugar-lips Habasi is the mastermind and leader of the Balmora thieves' guild in Morrowind. One of the most iconic femaleKhajiit names for a thief class character.

6. Inorra is a Khajit slave in Morrowind, who is sent on a dangerous deep into Caldera mine as punishment after a failed revolt.

7. Khayla is another steel-clad caravan guard in Skyrim who usually travels with Ri'saad.

8. Ohama (English origin) meaning "God's gift of grace". Ohama is a Khajiit apothecary in Alik'r desert as found in Elder Scrolls Online.

9. Ra'shida (Arabic origin) meaning "righteous". Rashida Jones is an American actress, known best as Ann Perkins in 'Parks and Recreation'.

10. Ra'zhinda is a female Khajiit caravan guard clad in steel armor, as found in Skyrim.

11. Shavari (Sanskrit origin) meaning "period between sunrise and sunset". Shavari is a Khajiit woman in The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion who can potentially ask for the Dark Brotherhood's services in the quest 'Whispers of Death'. A different Khajiit girl named Shavari appears in Skyrim, a mage tasked by the Thalmor to assassinate the dragonborn.

12. Ubaasi (Hindi origin) meaning "yawning". Ubaasi is a Khajiit girl held captive in a bandit hideout near Lake Masobi in Morrowind.

13. Za'ina (Arabic origin) meaning "pretty".

14. Za'ra (Hebrew origin) meaning "princess".

15. Zelma (Germanic origin) meaning "protective like God's helmet".

Khajiit Names For Boys

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There are several powerful male figures in the Khajiit race. They play a lot of significant roles in the game. There are diverse names for Skyrim Khajiit males:

16. Ak'bar (Arabic origin) meaning "greatest". This name can be associated with the famous Mughal Emperor in India, Akbar. The name can be a fine one among Khajiit names as it comes with a royal touch.

17. Ak'mai (Hawaiian origin) meaning "clever".

18. Ak'ram (Arabic origin) meaning "most generous". The name is derived from the popular last name, Akram. Pakistani cricket, Wasim Akram, is one of the top names in the cricketing world.

19. Boudewijn (Dutch/Germanic origin) meaning "a bold friend".

20. D'quan (Chinese origin) meaning "spring".

21. Dro'na (Sanskrit origin) meaning "teacher", a mythical character from the epic 'Mahabharata'.

22. Fa'brizio (Italian origin) meaning "skilled worker".

23. Fa'razin (Persian origin) meaning "learned man".

24. Fa'zil (Arabic origin) meaning "superior".

25. J'ffer (English origin) meaning "God Peace". This name has been derived from the English name Jeffrey. The character is also the sole bookseller of Stros M'Kai as seen in The Elder Scrolls: Redguard.

26. J'Kinto (Greek origin) meaning "Hyacinth flower" (a wordplay on Jacinto).

27. J'zargo is an apprentice studying magic at the College of Winterhold in Skyrim, potentially a companion to the dragonborn. A very befitting name for a male Khajiit mage.

28. Jarrick (Germanic origin) meaning "rule with a spear".

29. M'aiq the Liar is a recurring character in the Elder Scrolls series (Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim) as a sort of meta-joke.

30. Omar (Arabic origin) meaning "flourishing". Omar is an iconic hitman character from 'The Wire', making it a great name for a Khajiit assassin in the Dark Brotherhood.

31. Shardul (Sanskrit origin) meaning "tiger".

32. Taavetti (Italian origin) meaning "adored".

Gender Neutral Khajiit Names

Gender-neutral names that double as male Khajiit names and female Khajiit names, as well as non-binary Khajiits, are all consistent with Elder Scrolls lore. These Khajiit names are also a great choice if you do not want to restrict your character to a specific gender. Here are some of the fascinating gender names of Khajiit characters:

33. Ah'mal (Arabic origin) meaning "to have hope".

34. Ak'achi (African origin) meaning "God's hand".

35. D'esta (African origin) meaning "pleasure".

36. Ehsan (Arabic origin) meaning "charitable". Ehsan is a very famous name and Ehsan Adil is a famous Pakistani cricketer.

37. Jojo (Hebrew origin) meaning "God raises". JoJo is the name of a protagonist in the famous anime, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, and could be one of the fitting names for your Khajiit, if you are an anime fan as well.

38. Kh'atlego (African origin) meaning "to achieve".

39. M'kena (African origin) meaning "delighted".

40. S'kylar (Dutch origin) meaning "scholar".

Khajiit Names Inspired By The Moon

The Khajiit Skyrim features are mostly traveling merchants or refugees scattered away from their homeland. But the moon is nevertheless important to them. Moon-inspired names would be a pride for Khajiit people. So here are a few names related to the moon:

41. Ar-M'strong, a wordplay on the second name of astronaut Neil Armstrong.

42. Al'talune (Latin origin) meaning "over the moon".

43. Badru (Egyptian origin) meaning "born during full moon".

44. J'richo (Arabic origin) meaning "city of the moon".

45. Kynthos (Greek origin) meaning "to hide" (from Greek 'kynthano'). One of the most appropriate male Khajiit names, firstly because Khajiit characters tend to be experts at sneaking, and secondly because Kynthos is also the island where Greek moon goddess Artemis was born.

46. M'ahrukh (Arabic origin) meaning "face like the moon".

47. M'ayar (Arabic origin) meaning "moonglow".

48. Mass'ar (English origin) meaning "mass-celebrating priest". Masser is also one of Nirn's moons.

49. Qam'ar (Arabic origin) meaning "the moon".

50. Secunda (Latin origin) meaning "second". Secunda is the other moon of Nirn.

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