100 Totally Badass Girl Names For Your Baby

A great gift for your baby girl is a great badass name.

Badass means a person with an outgoing attitude, and behavior.

Though we all love to have some classic names for our girl, nowadays, baby girls demand some coolest girl names in accord with their powerful attitude. Badass, at one time, may have had negative connotations, but nowadays, it means someone who gets what they want and does not stand down against unfairness.

A badass girl's name will help your little one to grow up more powerful, strong, and independent as well as confident. People might think that the girl is timid because of her sweet name. But strong badass girl names create the impression of the powerful personality of those girls. To make your task easier, we have collected a number of popular badass names for your girl.  Parents love to provide some cool girl names to their little girls. These popular badass names nowadays are very much in trend.  We have brought together many cool names for girls like Angelina,  Artemis as well as names from the ancient era like Calista. With this list, you can find a few meaningful, cool girls' names for your baby girl.

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Popular Badass Girls Names

Some popular badass names carry the strong, powerful personality of that little girl. Here is a long list of a few badass baby names:

1. Aella (Greek origin) meaning  "whirlwind". A famous Amazonian warrior.

2. Aiden (Irish origin) meaning "little and fiery".  This baby name was inspired by the Celtic God of the Sun, Aodh.

3. Amelia (Germanic origin)  meaning "work".

4. Angelina (Greek, Italian and Spanish origin) meaning  "angel". This name got famous because of Angelina Jolie, an American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian.

5. Artemis (Greek origin) refers to the God of the moon in Greek culture.

6. Blair (English and Gaelic origin) meaning "field" or "plain".

7. Calista (Greek origin) meaning "most beautiful". It will be the perfect name for your little princess.

8. Cambria (Welsh origin) meaning "the people".

9. Carlotta (Italian origin) means "free".

10. Cassandra (Greek origin) means "warrior". It also means "defender of man". It can be a strong female name.

11. Cleo (Greek origin) means "the celebrated one".

12. Coral (Latin origin) means "the sentry".

13. Danica (Slavic origin) means "morning star".

14. Davina (Scottish origin) meaning "beloved".

15. Debbie (Hebrew origin) meaning "bee".

16. Dominique (Latin origin) meaning "lord".

17. Elektra (Greek origin) meaning "bright, radiant, shining". Also, it can be a strong female name.

18. Ember (English origin) means "small fire" or "smoldering coal".

19. Esperanza (Spanish origin) meaning "hope".

20. Harlow (English origin) meaning "meadow of hares".

21. Harriett (German origin) means "home-ruler".

22. Ida (German origin) meaning "work" or "labor".

23. Lilith (Hebrew origin) meaning "ghost" or "storm goddess".

24. Luna (Romanian and Spanish origin) meaning "moon".

25. Samara (Latin origin) meaning "gentle" or "to tame".

Unique Badass Girls Names

Unique names are quite trendy these days.

Some baby names are admirable because of their uniqueness and can help you to choose the best badass name for your little girl. Here is a list of the unique badass baby names:

26. Artemesia (Greek origin) meaning "gift from Artemis". Artemis is referred to as the Goddess of the moon and hunting.

27. Beretta (Italian origin) meaning "gun". A popular Italian gun company.

28. Diana (Greek origin) means "heavenly and divine". Princess Diana was the Princess of Wales and she was married to  Prince Charles.

29. Dola (Nigerian origin) means "the crown bring honor".

30. Exie (American, Greek origin) meaning  "anklet". For a baby name, this is a rare and unique choice.

31. Faizah (Middle East origin) meaning "victorious" or "successful". It can be the coolest badass name for your little girl.

32. Fallon (Irish origin) meaning "leader". It might be a fierce badass girl name inspired by retired MMA fighter Fallon Fox.

33. Freya (German origin) meaning "noble women".

34. Hera (Greek origin) meaning "queen".

35. Ivy (English origin) meaning "faithfulness".

36. Juno (Latin origin) meaning "queen of heaven". You can add this name to your menu card as one of the fierce badass baby names.

37. Layla (Middle East origin) meaning "dusk" or "night".

38.  Lola (Spanish and German origin) meaning "sorrows". A statue of Our lady of sorrows, the title for Virgin Mary from which the Lola name is derived.

39. Lula (English origin) meaning "famous warrior". This name can be considered as the coolest badass girl name.

40. Molly (English origin) meaning "bitter". Molly Gordon is an American actress who worked in a famous TV series 'Animal Kingdom'.

41. Murphy (Irish origin) meaning "sea warrior". This name gained its popularity from 'Sean Gordon Murphy', an American comic book creator.

42. Nancy (French and Hebrew origin) meaning  "grace". he Speaker presiding over the House of Representatives of the United States is Nancy Patricia Pelosi.

43. Nera (Hebrew) meaning "candle". This badass name you can use as a fierce name.

44. Oya (Turkish origin) meaning "wind warrior goddess".

45. Quinn (Irish origin) meaning "wisdom".

46. Rey (Spanish origin) meaning "king".

47. Ruby (Latin origin) meaning "precious gemstone". Ruby Rose is a famous actress from the popular web series 'Orange Is the New Black'.

48. Sadie (Hebrew origin) meaning "princess". It brings an air of style and sass in equal measure.

49. Selina (English origin) meaning "moon". Selina Kyle is a fictional character.  

50. Shabina (Arabic origin) meaning "eye of the storm".

Cool Badass Girls Names

Badass girl names are really cool.

If you are seeking a cool name for your daughter you may go for some famous badass names. Here is a list of those baby names which will help you to get the perfect, pretty name for your girl.

51. Anya (Hungarian origin) meaning "graceful".

52. Athena (Greek origin) meaning "Goddess of wisdom or war".

53. Beatrix (Latin origin) meaning "voyager traveler".

54. Calanit (Hebrew origin) meaning of this word is "flower".

55. Desdemona (Greek origin) meaning "misery". This badass baby name is based on a famous character of 'Othello' of Shakespeare.

56. Evren (Turkish origin) meaning  "the universe".

57. Fiona (Gaelic origin) meaning  "white". This name is also attached to some famous personalities all over the world such as American singer and songwriter Fiona Apple.

58. Gamora (English origin) meaning "sheaf".  It's a fictional name probably from the biblical place name Gomorrah. Gamora is a well-known character from the 'Guardians of the Galaxy' movie.

59. Gemma (Latin origin) meaning "gemstone".

60. Genesis (Hebrew origin) meaning "generation of heaven and earth".

61. Jarah (Arabic origin) meaning "bravery" or "boldness".

62. Kumani (African origin) meaning "destiny".

63. Leia (Hebrew origin) meaning "weary". Princess Leia, a famous character from the 'Star Wars' movie series.

64. Mirta (Croatian origin) meaning "myrtle".

65. Natasha (Slavic origin) meaning "birthday". Natasha Romanoff is a famous fictional character from the 'Marvel Cinematic  Universe'.

66. Nikita (Greek origin) meaning "the winner" or "the victor".

67. Noelani (Hawaiian origin) meaning "heavenly mist".

68. Nova (Latin origin) meaning "new".

69. Pandora (Greek origin) meaning "all gifts".

70. Ramona (Spanish, old German, Romanian origin) meaning "protector".

71. Roxy (American origin) meaning "dawn".

72. Scarlett (English name) meaning "shade of red". Scarlett Johansson is the world's highest-paid actress and well known for her role as a superhero 'Black Widow'.

73. Sloane (Irish origin) meaning "raid".

74. Tamar (Hebrew origin) meaning "date palm".

75. Venus (Romanian origin) meaning "love".  Planet Venus is known as Earth's twin.

Badass Gender Neutral Names

We always love to give some uncommon gifts to our loved ones. So, here we share some strong, superb unisex names for your little girl.

76. Ace (English origin) meaning "noble" or "unity". Ace is the fictional character who served as the seventh companion of Doctor Who.

77. Ainsley (Scottish origin) meaning "solitary clearing". Ainsley Earhardt is an American journalist.

78. Alex (Greek origin) meaning "defender of humanity". It sounds like a strong female name.

79. Avery (English origin) meaning  "Elf king". Avery Konrad is a well-known actress.

80. Beck (German and Hebrew origin) meaning "brook" or "stream"; inspired by the character of Guinevere Beck from the TV series 'You'.

81. Braxton (English origin) meaning "from the town of Brock". A badass name inspired by the sister music group 'The Braxtons'.

82. Caelan (Irish origin) meaning  "strong warrior" or "people of victory" or "slender narrow". Caelan Tiongson is an international Basketball player.

83. Casey (Gaelic origin) meaning "vigilant" or "watchful".

84. Charlie (English origin) meaning "beautiful". Charlie Chauhan is a popular Indian actress.

85. Dakota (American origin) meaning "friend" or "friendly" or "allies". This name is associated with the famous Hollywood actress, Dakota Johnson.

86. Dale (Old English origin) meaning "open valley". Dale Dickey is an actress who has worked in both theater and films.

87. Dylan (Wales origin) meaning "born from the sea". Dylan Gellula played an important role in the TV series 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt'.

88. Emery (German origin) meaning "brave" or "powerful".

89. Evan (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious". Evan Rachel Wood is a popular Hollywood actress.

90. Finley (Gaelic origin) meaning "fair-haired warrior". Finley Rose Slator is a child actress.

91. Frankie (French origin) meaning "free-one". Frankie Shaw is an actress and director.

92. Gale (Middle English origin) meaning "joyful". Gale Storm was an American actress.

93. Hayden (German origin) meaning "from the valley". Actress Hayden Panettiere was the star of the TV show 'Nashville'.

94. Hollis (English origin) meaning "from the grove of Holly tree". This name is perfect for your winter baby.

95. Iman (African origin) meaning "faith". Iman is a Somali fashion model.

96. Isa (Hebrew origin) meaning "strong-willed one".

97. Jalen (Greek origin) meaning "healer".  Jalen Saip is an American actress.

98. Jayden (Hebrew origin) meaning "thankful". Jayden Bartels is a Youtube star.

99. Joey (English origin) meaning "God will increase". Joey is a famous character from the popular series 'Friends', a role played by Matt Le Blanc.

100. Raven (English origin) meaning "blackbird". If you're looking for a unisex name, it could be best for your girl or boy.

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