52 Awesome Skyrim Female Names From The Fantasy Game

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Explore the magical world of Skyrim, where heroes and creatures embark on fantastical quests. This beloved video game, part of 'The Elder Scrolls' series, immerses players in a meticulously crafted universe where destiny hinges on one's name.

Within Skyrim's vast collection of female names, you'll discover elegant and resonant choices reminiscent of ancient myths and legends. Influenced by cultures like the Vikings and the ancient Britons, as well as fantastical races such as Dunmer and Bosmer, these names are imbued with meaning, magic, and mystery.

Whether you're a parent seeking a unique name for your princess or crafting an intriguing, mysterious woman character in your story, these Skyrim names won't disappoint. Evoking images of frosty mountains, ancient dragons, and epic adventures, these names possess an undeniable allure. Here's a curated list of female Skyrim names, each offering a journey into grandeur and mythology.

Skyrim Female Nord Names

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Whether you’re building an in-game character for the world of 'Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim' or just on the lookout for unique and inspired names, this curated list of female Nord names can guide you through.

The Nords, a race from the 'Elder Scrolls' universe, are known for their bravery, hardiness, and resilience, qualities which are often reflected in the names they adopt.

1. Abelone - is a Nord civilian in 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim,' who works as a maid at the Windpeak Inn in Dawnstar.

2. Aela the Huntress - is one of The Circle's five members and kin of the Companions who also happens to be a Nord werewolf.

3. Anska - is a Nord who can be discovered among the ruins of the High Gate. She seeks the Dragonborn for help during the task, A Scroll For Anska, and becomes a temporary follower.

4. Arcadia - maintains Arcadia's Cauldron in Whiterun and is an imperial pharmacist and excellent alchemist.

5. Astrid - is the leader of the Dark Brotherhood in Skyrim and shares a close professional relationship with Arnbjorn, another member of the Dark Brotherhood.

6. Dorthe - is a child of the Nords. She is Hadvar's younger cousin and the daughter of Sigrid and Alvor, the blacksmith, who dwell in Riverwood.

7. Elisif the Fair - was the Jarl of Haafingar and the wife of High King Torygg, the last elected High King of Skyrim before the Stormcloak Rebellion.

8. Faida - is a Nord food seller and the landlord of the Four Shields Tavern in Dragon Bridge's little settlement.

9. Frea - is Storn Crag-daughter, Strider, and her goal is to rescue her people from Miraak's power through battle.

10. Hroki - is a Nord often found near the market stalls inside the gates of Markarth, renowned by some locals for her striking appearance and considered one of the notable Nords in the city.

11. Katria - is a Nord ghost who appears during the quest, Lost to the Ages in 'The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim'.

12. Serana - is the daughter of Lord Harkon and Valerica, and she is a vampire with special powers.

13. Valerica - she is Lord Harkon's former wife and the Volkihar Clan's commander.

14. Vora - is a character who shows upat the start of the quest, Bloodline; she appears in Dayspring Canyon.

Skyrim Female Orc Names

Built for the gritty realm of Skyrim, female orc names need to have a certain kind of ferocity and strength. Orcs are renowned in the game for their incredible resilience and combat skills.

Hence, choosing the right name that befits a female Orc character is essential. This curated list presents distinctive female Orc names to perfectly embody the power and grit of a formidable Skyrim heroine.

15. Atub - is one of the talented women in Largashbur who works as a sorceress using her unique magic.

16. Bagrak - is a girl from Mor Khazgur in Skyrim. She is the daughter of Sharamph and has a brother named Chief Larak, which makes her a descendant of a chief's family.

17. Dulug - is a miner in Dushnikh Yal who spends her entire life underground and never sleeps. Instead, she spends her days hacking away at the ore veins, relaxing, and eating.

18. Gharol - is a skilled blacksmith who lives in a special place called Dushnikh Yal. She's married to Chief Burguk, who is a leader there. Together, they have two children named Lash and Umurn.

19. Gul - is a miner who both works and resides within Mor Khazgur's palace, where Orcs are the inhabitants, and, like other strongholds, it serves as a home and workplace.

20. Mogdurz - is a miner who works in Gloombound Mine, which is located near the Orc stronghold of Narzulbur in the game.

21. Murbul - is a smart female orc from Dushnikh Yal, known as a skilled destruction magician.

22. Sharamph - isa wise woman and also a destructive magician who hails from Mor Khazgur as an orc.

23. Shel - is identified as the third wife of Chief Burguk. She is a warrior orc.

24. Yatul - is the only active kin of her tribe, staying within the stronghold walls day and night, guarding the place diligently. She never enters the longhouse.

Skyrim Female Breton Names

These unique female Breton names hold an alluring and mystical appeal. Whether you're seeking the perfect name for your character or weaving an engaging story, this curated list from Skyrim's legendary land awaits.

Each name carries the spirit of kind-hearted true warriors, ready to face battles. Explore this list, and you may hear the whispers of hope in the games you play.

25. Angeline Morrard - is an elderly Breton who, before the war, used to sell fragrances for home use. Today, she caters to adventurers and soldiers, both male and female.

26. Babette - is a Breton vampire who works as a merchant of potions and supplies and also as a master alchemy trainer. She also serves as a master alchemy trainer, making her a valuable resource for Skyrim players looking to improve their alchemy skills.

27. Delphine - is a Breton and one of the key characters involved in the main quest line. She and Orgnar share a home in Riverwood, and they jointly manage the Sleeping Giant Inn.

28. Keeper Carcette - is a Breton who led the Stendarr Vigilants from the Hall of the Vigilant and nestled in the southern reaches of Red Road Pass. She is a vigilant protector, akin to a nightingale, always guarding the night.

29. Lisette - is a Breton bard who works at the Winking Skeever, where she dedicates herself to singing, playing music, and enthusiastically accepting requests every hour of the day, seven days a week.

30. Madena - is a skilled Breton mage who serves as the court wizard in Skyrim. She's a battle-tested veteran from the Great War between the Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion, where she helped her people. You can find her in the White Hall in Dawnstar.

31. Mirabelle Ervine - is a Breton spectral mage who serves as the College of Winterhold's master wizard, reporting to Arch-Mage Savos Aren. She is the author of the note 'Per Your Requests'.

32. Muiri - is a Breton pharmacist at The Hag's Cure in Markarth. She and her best buddy Nilsine Shatter-Shield were brought up in Windhelm.

Skyrim Imperial Female Names

For most Skyrim players, engaging with the Imperial race can offer a unique gaming experience. Selecting a convincing name for your Imperial female character adds meaning to her backstory.

The following list showcases a mix of strong, unique, and traditional Imperial female names perfectly fitting for your Skyrim gameplay. Judge and choose wisely as you prepare for battles and order your character's destiny.

33. Adelaisa Vendicci - is an imperial citizen at Windhelm's East Empire Company headquarters. She makes a cameo appearance during the Rise in the East.

34. Adraria Vandacia - is an imperial agent who works as a taxman for the Census and Excise Department in Vvardenfell. One of the popular family characters.

35. Agrippina Herennia - is an imperial trader who owns and operates a garment business in Vivec's Foreign Quarter's western Canal works.

36. Aia Arria - is a Serenity imperial bard. Aia is the only scholar at the college with true talent, as per her teacher, Pantea Ateia, a fact that Aia is quite pleased with.

37. Alcedonia Amnis - is an imperial bartender who tends to work in Raven Rock's bar. She's an East Empire Company steward who trades trinkets and medicines, albeit they'll set you back a pretty penny.

38. Carlotta Valentia - although a minor character, is an imperial food vendor who sells vegetables in the Whiterun market.

39. Clilias Pullia - is an official of the imperial guard and an imperial legion recruit. Her attire consists of an Imperial chain, cuirass, greaves of steel, common pants, and netch leather boots.

40. Craetia Jullalian - is a Mages Guild Apprentice and an imperial alchemist.

41. Edda - is an imperial citizen from Riften who may be spotted among the market booths during the day.

42. Gaea Artoria - is an imperial guard stationed on the upper level of Fort Frostmoth's general quarters.

43. Gemma Uriel - is a former imperial lumberjack who works as a miner in Kynesgrove's Steamscorch Mine.

44. Ladia Flarugrius - is an imperial genius who functions at the Halfway Tavern in Pelagiad for the Thieves Guild.

45. Pania Cadiusus - is an imperial aristocrat who, alongside her father, Senilias Cadiusus, and Anes Vendu, can be seen exploring Nchuleftingth.

46. Pantea Ateia - comes from a long family of flute players, and her flute has been passed down for 17 generations.

47. Ruccia Conician - ranks as an imperial agent and holds the highest position among members of Vvardenfell's Imperial Cult.

48. Safia - an imperial night blade, is the commander of a pirate ship Red Wave. In the task Kill Safia, she is the assassination target.

49. Sarmosia Vant - is an imperial monk and Aspirant in the Imperial Cult, housed within Ebonheart's Imperial Chapels.

50. Syloria Siruliulus - an imperial trader and merchant who makes her home in Buckmoth Legion Fort within Morrowind. She is a skilled and dedicated member of the Imperial Cult.

51. Vittoria Vici - resides in Solitude as an imperial aristocrat and is the offspring of Alexia Vici. She is also engaged to Asgeir Snow-Shod and occupies a position at the East Empire Company Warehouse located on the outskirts of Solitude.

52. Volrina Quarra - is the leader of the Quarra Vampire clan, and you can find her in Druscashti. She's also the head of the Quarra vampire clan and can be seen on the lower level of their hideout in Druscashti, near the Foyada.


This list of female names from the captivating world of Skyrim serves as a valuable resource for unique choices backed by great meaning. Each name resonates with its distinct sound and essence, deeply rooted in the game's expansive lore.

Whether you're naming a character, crafting a story, or welcoming a newborn, these names bring a touch of the fantastical realm of Skyrim. Remember, a great name sets the stage for unforgettable adventures.

So go ahead, bestow your characters or child with a name influenced by Skyrim. It's a choice that carries the meaning of the game, and it's bound to become a beloved companion in your journey, whether as a friend, ally, supporter, or love.

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