221 Best Rogue Names To Choose From

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A mysterious alleyway hinting at secrets, ideal for crafting intriguing rogue names.

Every story needs its cunning rogue, that character who personifies mystery, maneuvers with occult power, and maybe even carries a name that's an ode to a famous villain or a mythical bird. Rogue names are often inspired by many origins, from Greek to Norse and African to Japanese.

Thus, when it comes time to pick the perfect rogue name, considering its meaning and origin can add layers of depth to any character.

Whether you're crafting a tale, playing a video game, or love the idea of having an apt name for your mysterious side, you'll find a treasure trove of name suggestions in this list. From Bandit Banter to Whisper Tickler, the options are inexhaustible.

Male Rogue Names

A male rogue with a blend of stealth and charm in a dimly lit tavern, embodying the adventurous spirit of male rogue names.

These male rogue names range from classic to unique, pulling from Greek origin tales of gods wielding great power to Old English narratives of dark warriors surprising foes with treacherous moves.

1. Aarav (Sanskrit origin): Signifies 'peaceful', for the rogue who is a storm when stirred but calm at heart.

2. Alaric (Germanic origin): Signifying 'all-powerful ruler', suited for a rogue that aims to conquer.

3. Argo (Greek origin): Named after the ship of Jason and the Argonauts, for a rogue on a legendary quest.

4. Anwir (Welsh origin): Meaning 'liar' or 'unreliable', this name is perfect for a rogue renowned for his deceptive nature and the ability to blend truths with falsehoods to his advantage.

5. Armand (French, German origin): Meaning 'soldier', perfect for a rogue with military precision.

6. Axel (Scandinavian origin): 'Father of peace' in Scandinavian, for a rogue who is a peacemaker.

7. Bjorn (Scandinavian origin): It means 'bear', symbolizing a rogue of burly strength and presence.

8. Boris (Russian origin): It means 'battle glory', aligning with the image of a rogue celebrated for his victories.

9. Cadmus (Greek origin): The legendary founder of Thebes, known for sowing dragon's teeth, perfect for a rogue who leaves chaos in his wake.

10. Caius (Latin origin): An old name implying one who rejoices, suitable for a rogue who finds joy in the thrills of the night.

11. Corbin (Latin origin): It means 'crow', an omen of mystery for a rogue shrouded in secrets.

12. Dante (Italian origin): After the renowned poet, Dante Alighieri, for a rogue with a story to tell.

13. Donovan (Irish Origin): From the Gaelic O'Donnabháin meaning 'dark warrior', Donovan is a strong choice for a rogue with strategic skill and the presence of a leader.

14. Drago (Italian origin): Drawing from 'dragon', a rogue by this name would be feared for his fire and flight.

15. Einar (Old Norse origin): Bearing the meaning 'one warrior', it's a choice for a rogue who is as good with a sword as he is with stealth.

16. Ezra (Hebrew origin): 'Help' is its translation, apt for a rogue that is always where he's needed most, though often unexpectedly.

17. Faolán (Irish origin): With a meaning of 'little wolf', it's ideal for a rogue who uses his wits and instincts to survive.

18. Fintan (Old Gaelic origin): Translates to 'white fire', evocative of a rogue whose presence is as notable as his elusive nature.

19. Gareth (Welsh origin): A knight of the Round Table, ideal for a rogue with a strict code of honor.

20. Griffin (Latin origin): Refers to the mythical creature, embodying the strength and vigilance of a rogue.

21. Hakon (Old Norse origin): Meaning 'high-born', fit for a rogue with a surprising royal lineage or noble character.

22. Iago (Spanish origin): Infamously known through literature, a rogue with this name is destined for cunning feats.

23. Jari (Finnish origin): This name means 'helmeted warrior', perfect for a rogue always ready for a surprise attack.

24. Lochlan (Scottish origin): Refers to the 'land of the lochs', embodying a rogue with depth and layers to his persona.

25. Lucan (Latin origin): Derived from 'Lucania', meaning 'from Lucania', a historic region in Italy, along with ties to the Roman poet, Marcus Annaeus Lucanus, this name carries a significant historic and literary weight.

Lucan would suit a rogue who is as skilled in strategy and storytelling as the ancients were in verse and battle, weaving tales and schemes with equal finesse.

26. Lysander (Greek origin): Meaning 'liberator', for a rogue who frees others from peril.

27. Mekhi (African, Hebrew origin): This name comes from 'Micaiah', meaning 'who is like God'. It's a great fit for a rogue whose brilliant strategies and clever tactics elevate him to almost legendary status.

28. Mathias (Greek origin): Meaning 'gift of God', suited for a tactical genius of a rogue.

29. Nero (Latin origin): Meaning 'strong, vigorous', this name holds a weighty place in history through the Roman emperor Nero. It's fitting for a rogue who exudes a fierce spirit and leaves a lasting, commanding impression.

30. Orion (Greek origin): Named after the legendary hunter and constellation, this name is suited for a rogue that stands out.

31. Perrin (French origin): Signifying 'rock', it's for a rogue with an unshakeable resolve.

32. Ramiel (Arabic origin): This name carries the weight of 'thunder of God', fitting for a rogue's swift and impactful strikes.

33. Ronin (Japanese origin): This name means 'samurai without a master', symbolizing a rogue's independent and valiant nature.

34. Saxon (Germanic origin): For a rogue with a warrior heritage, embodying the spirit of ancient Germanic tribes.

35. Tarik (Arabic origin): Meaning 'he who pounds at the door', this name suits a rogue who always finds a way in.

36. Tor (Old Norse origin): Short and powerful, much like a thunder god, fitting for a formidable rogue.

37. Tyrone (Irish origin): Originating from the County Tyrone in Ireland, the name means 'land of Eoghan', which is believed to mean 'born of the yew tree'. For a rogue, this name could evoke leadership and a connection to tradition.

38. Vladimir (Russian origin): Translates to 'ruler of the world', an ambitious name fit for a rogue with grand plans for domination.

39. Xenon (Greek origin): Coming from 'xenos', meaning 'stranger', Xenon suits a rogue known for their mysterious ways and skill in exploring new and unknown places.

40. Zephyr (Greek origin): Meaning 'the west wind', this name is for a rogue swift and unpredictable.

Female Rogue Names

A female rogue in a secretive garden meeting, perfect for exploring female rogue names.

This list of female rogue names includes enchanting choices from multiple folklores, all well-suited for the cunning rogue residing in tales or the heart of an RPG (role-playing game).

41. Aelia (Latin origin): Meaning 'sun', this name suits a rogue who expertly navigates the shadows with radiance.

42. Amara (Igbo origin): Translates to 'grace' or 'everlasting', reflecting a rogue's enduring elegance and tenacity.

43. Astrid (Old Norse origin): 'Divinely beautiful', a name fitting for a rogue using charm as a formidable tool.

44. Avalon (Celtic origin): Referring to the 'island of apples', ideal for a rogue shrouded in enchantment.

45. Brynja (Old Norse origin): Implies 'armor', aligned with a rogue constantly ready for combat.

46. Cassia (Greek origin): Linked to 'cinnamon', a spice, mirroring a rogue's adaptable and spicy nature.

47. Catriona (Gaelic origin): Signifying 'pure', appropriate for a rogue with clear, honest aims.

48. Cleo (Greek origin): Short for 'Cleopatra', denoting a rogue who deftly blends allure with strategic thinking.

49. Deryn (Welsh origin): 'Bird', well-suited for a rogue characterized by swiftness and agility.

50. Devika (Indian origin): Means 'little goddess', right for a rogue with exceptional abilities.

51. Eilidh (Scottish origin): Means 'the sun', for a rogue who leads with a bright spirit.

52. Elara (Greek origin): Associated with Zeus's lover, fitting a rogue desired for her commanding charm.

53. Faye (Old English origin): 'Fairy', suggesting a rogue with almost magical capabilities.

54. Irina (Russian origin): Meaning 'peace', often ironically contrasted with a rogue's dynamic life.

55. Isra (Arabic origin): Denoting a 'nocturnal journey', perfect for a rogue who excels after dark.

56. Kaida (Japanese origin): 'Little dragon', naming a rogue recognized for her dynamic and fierce disposition.

57. Kamaria (Swahili origin): 'Moonlight', for a rogue whose talents shine bright in the darkness.

58. Keira (Irish origin): Translates to 'little dark one', capturing the essence of a rogue who thrives in the shadows.

59. Larke (English origin): For a rogue who embodies both the joy and deadliness of the namesake bird.

60. Lilith (Hebrew origin): Epitomizes autonomy and strength, suitable for a rogue who is fiercely independent.

61. Luminara (Latin origin): 'Light', for a rogue who unveils truth and justice.

62. Maeve (Irish origin): Implies an enthralling impact, for a rogue whose presence is captivating.

63. Malika (Arabic origin): 'Queen', for a rogue with a commandingly noble aura.

64. Merida (Spanish origin): For a rogue with an adventurous and rebellious spirit.

65. Mireille (French origin): 'Admirable', for a rogue who leaves a legacy of admirers wherever she goes.

66. Neema (African origin): Signifies a 'prosperous' rogue who finds favor in her escapades.

67. Nyssa (Greek origin): 'Beginning', apt for a rogue embarking on transformative ventures.

68. Reyna (Spanish origin): Translates to 'queen', a fit for a rogue who leads with grace.

69. Rhiannon (Welsh origin): Named after a mythical queen, matching a rogue with an epic narrative.

70. Saskia (Dutch origin): Signifies 'Saxon woman', correlating with a rogue rooted in strong heritage.

71. Selene (Greek origin): Named for the goddess of the moon, perfect for a rogue that prefers the cover of night.

72. Silvana (Italian origin): Conjures 'forest', for a rogue adept in guerilla tactics amidst nature.

73. Soraya (Persian origin): 'Pleiades', portraying a rogue with many talents and stories.

74. Sorcha (Gaelic origin): Meaning 'brightness', a name for a rogue who brings light to the party or guides the way in darkness.

75. Talitha (Aramaic origin): 'Little girl', a deceptive name for a rogue seasoned with experience.

76. Thalia (Greek origin): 'To flourish', for a rogue thriving in untamed escapades.

77. Vespera (Latin origin): Indicates 'evening star', for a rogue whose skills peak when night falls.

78. Vita (Latin origin): Means 'life', befitting a rogue who either bestows or takes away life.

79. Xanthe (Greek origin): 'Golden' or 'yellow' in Greek, for a rogue with a radiant presence and valuable skills.

80. Ylva (Scandinavian origin): Means 'she-wolf', in harmony with the fierce leadership of a rogue.

81. Zarya (Slavic origin): 'Morning star', symbolizing a rogue who heralds hope and new starts.

Warrior Rogue Names

A victorious rogue warrior in battle, representing the strength behind warrior rogue names.

For those seeking names that evoke the valor of warriors and the trick of rogues, these selections stem from ancient origins, echoing through the ages as embodiments of strength.

82. Ajax (Greek origin): Conjuring images of a mythological hero, it's a name befitting a strong and courageous rogue.

83. Alecto (Greek origin): With roots in mythology, this name belongs to a fierce deity known for her relentless anger, aligned with the persistence of a rogue.

84. Artorius (Latin origin): A variation of Arthur, suggesting a king-like rogue with unrivaled strategy and valor.

85. Baldric (German origin): Signifies 'bold power', a trait necessary for the fearsome combination of warrior and rogue.

86. Björk (Scandinavian origin): Meaning 'birch tree', for a rogue who is resilient and enduring in battle.

87. Cassius (Roman origin): Signifies 'vain', suitable for a rogue who revels in his reputation and exploits.

88. Cedric (Celtic origin): Meaning 'bounty', this name suits a rogue known for his rich accomplishments and the spoils of his conquests.

89. Cyrano (French origin): A storied duelist name, perfect for a rogue known for his swordsmanship and wit.

90. Darius (Persian origin): Evoking grandeur and power, perfect for a rogue with imperial ambitions and battlefield prowess.

91. Donovan (Irish origin): Meaning 'dark warrior', it's fitting for a rogue operative in the shadows.

92. Drake (English origin): From the dragon, suggesting a rogue with an overwhelming and fiery might.

93. Eldric (Old English origin): Meaning 'old ruler', this name commands respect and fear, much like a legendary rogue warrior.

94. Ephraim (Hebrew origin): Signifying 'fruitful', this name suits a warrior rogue who thrives in adversity.

95. Evander (Scottish origin): This name means 'strong man', again apt for a rogue with formidable capabilities.

96. Galen (Greek origin): Meaning 'calm', for a rogue with a cool temperament in the heat of battle.

97. Gawain (Welsh origin): Recalling a noble knight of the Round Table, this name speaks to honor and the quiet confidence of a rogue.

98. Hawke (English origin): Given to a rogue with a keen eye for opportunity and the precision of a bird of prey.

99. Hector (Greek origin): A name renowned in mythology for its association with a Trojan warrior, ideal for a rogue with a storied past.

100. Ivar (Scandinavian origin): Meaning 'archer', it's ideal for a rogue whose prowess lies in precision and distance, striking from the unknown.

101. Jarek (Slavic origin): With the meaning of 'fierce', ideal for a rogue renowned for his ferocity.

102. Kaelan (Gaelic origin): Translating to 'slender', suggesting a rogue who is agile and swift in battle.

103. Katsu (Japanese origin): Suggesting 'victory', this name is for a rogue whose battles end triumphantly.

104. Leif (Scandinavian origin): Meaning 'heir' or 'descendant', fitting for a rogue with a rich lineage and legacy.

105. Leonidas (Greek origin): Derived from 'leon', meaning 'lion', it invokes the majesty of a lion king and the strategy of a skilled rogue.

106. Magnar (Old Norse origin): Signifying 'mighty', this name is perfect for a rogue who is powerful in battle.

107. Maximus (Latin origin): 'Greatest', suitable for a rogue unparalleled in combat prowess.

108. Nolan (Irish origin): Meaning 'champion', a noble title for a rogue who has bested many foes.

109. Orsino (Italian origin): Of bear-like strength, for a rogue who battles with the might of the wilderness itself.

110. Pendragon (Welsh origin): Signifying 'chief dragon', it's for a rogue with a commanding aura that rouses fear and respect.

111. Quillon (French origin): Named after the sword guard, apt for a rogue skilled in defense and offense.

112. Ragnar (Old Norse origin): Embodies the essence of a powerful warrior, made famous by a Viking king.

113. Rollo (German, Scandinavian origin): A name synonymous with notable Viking warriors, for a rogue of legend and battle.

114. Siegfried (German origin): Meaning 'victorious peace', fitting for a rogue who commands tranquility through his victories.

115. Thane (Scottish origin): Denoting a warrior landowner, this title implies nobility and the strategic mind of a rogue.

116. Torin (Gaelic origin): Means 'lord' or 'chief', a rogue who leads with shrewdness and an iron will.

117. Tristan (Celtic origin): A knight of the Round Table known for his tragic romance, it suits a rogue with a compelling backstory.

118. Ulric (English origin): Meaning 'wolf ruler', this name suits a rogue who commands the loyalty of his followers.

119. Vercingetorix (Gallo-Roman origin): A chieftain known for his rebellion against Rome, for a rogue that defies empires.

120. Wulfric (Anglo-Saxon origin): Signifying 'wolf power', perfect for a rogue with the cunning and tenacity of a pack leader.

121. Zethos (Greek origin): Derived from an ancient Greek name, for a rogue with classical ideals of strength and valor.

Gender Neutral Rogue Names

A cloaked figure navigating a cityscape at night, ideal for gender-neutral rogue names.

In the modern era of storytelling, gender-neutral rogue names that strike a balance between softness and fierceness are increasingly popular among names for fictional characters. Here are some of the coolest gender neutral rogue names.

122. Adrian (Latin origin): Signifying 'sea' or 'water', for a rogue whose strategies are as deep and fathomless as the ocean.

123. Amon (Egyptian Origin): Meaning 'the hidden one', Amon is a fitting name for a rogue whose greatest strength is staying unseen and moving undetected, much like the elusive and powerful Egyptian deity.

124. Ariel (Hebrew origin): Signifying 'lion of God', for a rogue with a divine strength and presence.

125. Aspen (American origin): Named after the tree, suggesting a rogue with the ability to sway with shifts and remain strong.

126. Avery (English origin): Connoting 'ruler of the elves', this name can imply a unique, almost otherworldly, rogue persona.

127. Bailey (English origin): Meaning 'bailiff', for a rogue who maintains order on their terms.

128. Cameron (Gaelic origin): Meaning 'crooked nose', it suggests a rogue who has been through battles and survived.

129. Caden (Welsh origin): Translating to 'spirit of battle', this name suits a rogue with a fierce heart and strategic mind, always ready to face the challenges laid before them.

130. Casey (Irish origin): Meaning 'vigilant', suitable for a rogue always prepared and alert.

131. Charlie (English origin): A diminutive of Charles, fitting for a rogue with a seemingly harmless exterior.

132. Chris (Greek origin): A shortened form of Christopher, it fits a rogue seen as a 'bearer of Christ', or a savior in their own right.

133. Cory (Irish origin): Signifying 'hollow', fitting for a rogue adept at vanishing without a trace.

134. Dakota (Native American origin): Signifying 'friendly', a rogue with this name could be disarmingly charming.

135. Drew (Welsh origin): Short for Andrew, it implies a rogue who is strong and manly.

136. Emery (German origin): Meaning 'brave' and 'powerful', it's a name befitting a rogue with a heart of courage.

137. Harper (English origin): Originally a harp player, implying a rogue who orchestrates their movements with subtlety and grace.

138. Jordan (Hebrew origin): A name derived from the river, signifying a rogue with the potential to cleanse and renew their identity.

139. Jules (Latin origin): Short for 'youthful', it suits a rogue who forever possesses a youthful zest for adventure.

140. Kek (Egyptian Origin): In ancient mythology, Kek is the god of darkness, perfectly suiting a rogue who thrives in the shadows and the unknown.

141. Kendall (English origin): Translates to 'valley of the river Kent', a name symbolizing depth and flexibility.

142. Linden (English origin): Drawing from nature, signifying a tree known for resilience and adaptability.

143. Marlowe (English origin): Signifying 'driftwood', it could mean a rogue always finding a way to move forward.

144. Morgan (Welsh origin): Signifying 'sea circle', for a rogue that is enigmatic as the tides.

145. Parker (English origin): Signifying 'park keeper', it's for a rogue who's territorial and strategic.

146. Phoenix (Greek origin): Personifies rebirth and immortality, ideal for a rogue who always rises anew.

147. Quinn (Irish origin): Signifies 'wise', ideal for a rogue whose decisions are always meticulous and thought-through.

148. Reese (Welish origin): Meaning 'ardor', it is for a rogue who approaches every situation with passion.

149. Remy (French origin): With meanings tied to oarsmen, a rogue by this name navigates tricky situations adroitly.

150. Riley (Irish origin): Stands for 'valiant', mirroring the unwavering bravery of a rogue.

151. River (English origin): Reflecting the continuous and often unpredictable flow of a rogue's journey.

152. Runihura (Egyptian Origin): Meaning 'destroyer', this name is apt for a warrior rogue known for leaving a trail of havoc in their wake.

153. Sage (English origin): Represents wisdom, essential for a rogue's plans and survival.

154. Shannon (Gaelic origin): Derived from an old river name, for a rogue who wields influence and power.

155. Shiloh (Hebrew origin): Meaning 'tranquil', a rogue with this name could be a calming force in a storm of chaos.

156. Sky (Scandinavian origin): Evoking the boundless horizon, ideal for a rogue with no limits.

157. Skylar (Dutch origin): Implying the scholar, it's a name for a rogue with lofty ambitions and a broad vision.

158. Sora (Japanese origin): Meaning 'sky', this name encapsulates the limitlessness of a rogue's ambitions, like the vast and uncharted heavens.

159. Tatum (English origin): Brings thoughts of 'cheerful', essential for a rogue to maintain spirits in grim scenarios.

160. Taylor (English origin): Originally denoting 'tailor', this name implies a rogue who meticulously crafts their own fate.

161. Tegan (Welsh origin): Meaning 'darling', fitting for a rogue with a deceptive beauty that veils their daring.

162. Wren (English origin): A small bird in English, symbolizing a rogue's agility and cunning.

163. Yael (Hebrew origin): 'Mountain goat' in Hebrew, for a rogue known for their agility and resilience.

Rogue Names With Multiple Origins

Rogues of diverse origins in a bustling market scene, a mosaic of rogue names.

Exploring names from many places shows a beautiful mix of traditions, well-suited for a rogue traveling through different lands and stories.

164. Amara (Italian, Igbo, Sanskrit, Greek, Latin origin): This name conveys 'bitter' in Italian, while it means 'grace' in Igbo, 'immortal' in Sanskrit, 'everlasting' in Greek, and 'beloved' in Latin. For a rogue, Amara represents a nuanced character, combining resilience and enduring charm with a touch of defiance.

165. Anika (Sanskrit, Scandinavian, Arabic origin): This versatile name means 'fearless warrior' in Sanskrit, reflecting a rogue's bravery, 'grace' in Scandinavian, denoting poise, and 'elegant' in Arabic, emphasizing sophistication. Anika suits a rogue with a dignified yet formidable presence.

166. Ari (Hebrew, Icelandic origin): This name means 'lion' in Hebrew and 'eagle' in Icelandic, resonating with the strength of a rogue.

167. Auberon (Old Gaelic, German origin): This name combines the mystery of old Gaelic tales with Germanic strength, a rogue who could thrive in forgotten realms or vibrant cities alike.

168. Aven (English, Hebrew origin): Meaning 'iniquity' in Hebrew and 'mountain avens' in English, for a rogue as tough as the terrain they conquer.

169. Aya (Japanese, Hebrew origin): Meaning 'woven silk' in Japanese and 'bird' in Hebrew, for a rogue who weaves through the skies of adventure.

170. Basil (Greek, Arabic origin): 'King' in Greek and 'brave' in Arabic, for a rogue with noble qualities and courage.

171. Cyrus (Persian, Greek origin): With roots in the name of a great emperor and meaning 'enthroned' in Greek, it's for a rogue with an empire-wide reach.

172. Dana (English, Persian origin): Meaning 'wise' in English and 'knowledgeable' in Persian, it befits a rogue with a sharp intellect.

173. Dante (Italian, Latin origin): 'Enduring' in Latin and associated with the Italian poet, for a rogue with a poetic soul and unyielding spirit.

174. Dylan (Welsh, Irish origin): Meaning 'son of the sea', apt for a rogue with an affinity for nautical adventures or the unexpected.

175. Idris (Welsh, Arabic origin): Meaning 'ardent lord' in Welsh and 'interpreter' in Arabic, fitting for a rogue with profound insight and nobility.

176. Ines (Greek, Spanish origin): A form of Agnes meaning 'pure', fitting for a rogue with clear intentions.

177. Jamie (Hebrew, Spanish origin): A variant of James or Jacob meaning 'supplanter', it's for a rogue who can take anyone's place and fit right in.

178. Kai (Hawaiian, Japanese, Navajo origin): In Hawaiian, it means 'sea,' in Japanese 'shell,' and in Navajo, it's 'willow tree.' A rogue adaptable to various situations.

179. Kit (English, Greek origin): A diminutive of Christopher meaning 'carrier of Christ' in Greek and a nickname for Catherine in English, fitting for a rogue with multiple personas.

180. Lena (Greek, Arabic origin): 'Torch' or 'light' in Greek and 'tender and delicate' in Arabic, perfect for a rogue who is both a guide and a protector.

181. Lev (Hebrew, Slavic origin): Meaning 'heart' in Hebrew and 'lion' in Slavic, for a rogue with a fierce spirit.

182. Mika (Finnish, Japanese origin): Signifying 'new moon' in Finnish and 'beautiful fragrance' in Japanese, it evokes the stealth and charm of a rogue.

183. Milan (Slavic, Hindi origin): Signifying 'gracious' in Slavic and 'union' in Hindi, it's for a rogue who can forge alliances across cultures.

184. Milo (German, Latin origin): 'Soldier' or 'merciful' in German and 'rival' in Latin, fitting for a rogue skilled in combat and strategy.

185. Nadia (Russian, Arabic origin): 'Hope' in Russian and 'tender' or 'delicate' in Arabic, for a rogue who inspires and protects.

186. Nikita (Greek, Russian origin): Meaning 'victorious' in Greek and commonly used in Russia, fitting for a rogue who never fails.

187. Omar (Hebrew, Arabic origin): 'Speaker' in Hebrew and 'life' or 'long-lived' in Arabic, a rogue known for their eloquence and vitality.

188. Raven (English, Norse origin): In English, a raven is a blackbird known for its intelligence and adaptability. In Norse mythology, the raven is connected to Odin and represents thought and memory, adding a layer of depth to a rogue who is both wise and strategic.

189. Ravi (Indian, Sanskrit origin): 'Sun' in Sanskrit, for a rogue whose brilliance and warmth are unmatched.

190. Sage (Latin, English origin): 'Wise' in English and 'herb' or 'healthy' in English, for a rogue known for their wisdom and foresight.

191. Tala (Native American, Arabic origin): Signifying 'wolf' in Native American and 'gold' in Arabic, it's perfect for a rogue with precious and elusive qualities.

192. Tara (Sanskrit, Irish origin): 'Star' in Sanskrit and 'rocky hill' in Irish, symbolizing a rogue's enduring strength and guidance.

193. Uma (Sanskrit, Hebrew origin): 'Tranquillity' in Sanskrit and 'nation' in Hebrew, for a rogue who is a beacon of hope and unity.

194. Vera (Russian, Latin origin): 'Faith' in Russian and 'true' in Latin, for a rogue whose integrity is their hallmark.

195. Yuri (Russian, Japanese origin): Meaning 'farmer' in Russian and 'lily' in Japanese, it's for a rogue who cultivates their plots carefully.

Funny Rogue Names

Rogues aren't always shadowy and serious; some have names as funny as they are sneaky. These lighthearted tricksters can make you laugh out loud in stories and games.

They're the ones who bring a dose of fun to the adventure, proving that it's not all about lurking in the dark. Here are handpicked rogue names that are as humorous as they are clever, sure to keep things entertaining while they're up to their usual tricks.

196. Bandit Banter: Always stealing the show with both loot and laugh lines.

197. Cackling Cutpurse: A cut above the rest when it comes to humor and thievery.

198. Chuckl-ings: The one who laughs at danger while pilfering whatever they can.

199. Chuckl-thief Goodfellow: Always ready with a quick joke or a quicker getaway.

200. Cloak N' Snicker: Equipped with a cloak of invisibility and a chuckle-inducing name.

201. Gigglefang: A rogue with teeth as sharp as their wit.

202. Giggles McHeist: Known for chuckling during capers, this merry rogue is as joyful as they are slick with their heists.

203. Gleeman Snare: With a lute in one hand and your wallet in the other.

204. Guffawl: The sound they make is as distinct as their pilfering prowess.

205. Hidey McSneak: For the rogue whose hiding skills are as prominent as their humorous outlook.

206. Hilarithief: Garnering chuckles as often as they acquire treasure.

207. Jeststream: Gliding through the night, leaving only the sound of muffled giggles in their wake.

208. Jester Footpad: Combining the mirth of a court jester with the slyness of a street thief.

209. Leery Laugher: Suspicious to some, but amusing to all.

210. Mirthshadow: The rogue that strikes from the darkness with a jest.

211. Mirthlock Holmes: A master of disguise and deduction, with a knack for unlocking laughter as easily as any sealed chest.

212. Pockets McPilfer: A rogue notoriously known for 'borrowing' without the intention of returning.

213. Pickpocket Pete: A rogue so traditional, he's become a caricature of himself.

214. Prankpad: A rogue quick with both their feet and their pranks.

215. Robin Yourhood: Perhaps too on the nose for a rogue, but certainly apt.

216. Sly-boots Sarah: For the rogue who's always a step ahead, even in fashion.

217. Sneaks McCreeps: Ever so silently tiptoeing, this rogue is both stealthy and mildly unsettling.

218. Sneakachu: A nod to a certain electric mouse, but with a thief's agility.

219. SnickerSnatch: Utilizing both humor and alliteration, a perfect match for a light-hearted thief.

220. Stealthy McStabface: A comical twist for a ruthless, yet oddly upfront rogue.

221. Whisper Tickler: Known for timidly prowling and gently tickling their way to success.


What are rogue names?

Rogue names are typically given to characters in stories, games, and even in real life who embody the traits of a rogue; slyness, agility, and a knack for operating outside conventional boundaries. These names often carry connotations of mischief, cunning, and stealth.

They can be inspired by historical figures known for their guile, characters from mythology who could outwit the gods, or fictional characters celebrated for their craftiness and wit. Rogue names might also be playful or intimidating, often reflecting the duality of the rogue's nature as both a charismatic antihero and a crafty survivor.

What characteristics define a rogue in stories and games?

Rogues in stories and games are typically known for their skill in stealth, thievery, and espionage. They're the characters who can slip into and out of tight situations, pick locks, and backstab enemies with finesse.

Rogues usually have a certain charm about them, often using wit and cleverness to outsmart their foes. They're resourceful and adaptable, able to navigate complex social situations and physical challenges alike.

Can rogues be viewed as heroes in narratives?

Absolutely! Despite their reputation for being stealthy and sometimes morally ambiguous, rogues can play the hero in many narratives.

They often use their unique skills for the greater good. Whether it’s stealing from the corrupt to aid the less fortunate or using their cunning to outwit a tyrant, rogues can be as much champions of the people as any knight in shining armor.

Why are funny rogue names popular in gaming and storytelling?

Funny rogue names are popular because they add an element of humor and light-heartedness to gaming and storytelling. They break the tension and remind players and readers not to take things too seriously. These names can make characters more memorable and relatable, and they often give insight into the rogue's personality or background in a playful way.

How do you come up with a good rogue name that fits a character’s personality?

To come up with a good rogue name that fits a character's personality, consider the traits that define them: Are they swift, cunning, or charming? Do they have a signature move or weapon?

Play around with words related to their skills, appearance, or background and explore names from different cultures for inspiration. For a humorous touch, puns or plays on words can also reflect a lighter side of their persona.

These names, drawn from diverse heritages, are especially suited for rogues whose stories and skills are as varied as the cultures they derive from. With such a rich palette of origins, choosing a name becomes an exploration of histories, symbolisms, and the traits you wish to amplify in your rogue's character.

Each name bears the potential to cloak a rogue in layers of enigma and readiness, no matter the setting they find themselves in.

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