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60+ Funny Orc Names That Are Perfect For Your Next Campaign

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Orcs are fictional humanoid monsters.

They were popularized by the writings of J. R. R. Tolkien, who brought them to life in 'Lord Of The Rings'. Subsequently, they were incorporated into numerous popular games such as 'World Of Warcraft' and 'Dungeons And Dragons.'

In this article, we'll take you through more than 60 funny orc names, so read on! As orcs are monstrous beings that are known for their evil nature, we've derived the names on this list from various origins that have dark meanings and put our own funny twist on them! Of course, feel free to create your own funny orc name if you don't find these names funny enough. For more creative and unique names articles on Kidadl, check out orc tribe names and half orc names.

Funny Orc Names For Girls

In the first section, we'll give you a few female orc names to pick from. As orcs are magical creatures who are typically portrayed as evil characters, our suggestions will be derived from names that have magical and sometimes strange, creepy, or evil meanings. Also, orc names feature suffixes such as -og, -akh, and -ur, so we have used these where possible. Now, let's dive into some funny orc names for girls.

A formidable orc warrior trains before battle and demonstrates combat skills

1. Absodevastur, for the female orc that wreaks absolute devastation wherever she roams.

2. Abominable Snowman, for the female orc who is as abominable as the legendary Abominable Snowman.

3. Adrenalina, one of the cool orc names derived from the word Adrenaline; perfect for the female orcs who feel a rush of adrenaline when they go on the rampage.

4. Angel Basket, for the female orc who may look angelic, but is a terrible orc to face in battle.

5. Alfemale, a play on the phrase 'alpha-male'; for the alpha-female orc.

6. Alluring Annihilator, for the female orc who lures in her enemies and then proceeds to annihilate them.

7. Angry Cupcake, an unusual name for a female orc, but the one to go with if you find your orc looking cute when she's angry.

8. Abominable Attacker, for the female orc who looks powerful when she's attacking the opposition in fullbswing.

9. Beautyfool, a name fit for a female orc that has the looks but not the brains.

10. Catastrophic Creator, for a female orc who isn't shy of causing a catastrophe wherever she goes.

11. Cutiepie, a funny name for a female orc due to its juxtaposition with orc stereotypes.

12. Dear Agony, for the female orc who terrorizes enemies wherever she roams.

13. Decayed Darling, for the old female orc who has managed to survive many fights.

14. Dimpled Destroyer, for the female orc with dimples who loves to destroy everything in her path.

15. Dirty Blouses, for a female orc who doesn't mind wearing dirty clothes into battle.

16. Endearing Eliminator, for the female orc who manages to impress other orcs with her skills in battle.

17. Fascinating Fanatic, for the female orc who fascinates others through her fanatical ways.

18. Frightened Cookie, for the funny female orc orc who's still a scared child at heart.

19. Graceful Goblin, for the female orc who is as graceful as the elves.

20. Lovehunter, for the female orc who hunts for love and not for blood; one of the best orc names when it comes to female orc characters.

21. Lovely Lament, for the female orc who loves to be the reason behind the lamenting and suffering of her enemies.

22. Lucky Lucy, for the female orc who is lucky every time she encounters an enemy on the battlefield; one of the best and most "wow" orc names on this list.

23. Noseringed Nuisance, for the female orc who's always wearing her nose ring and is ready to be a nuisance whenever she spots an enemy.

24. One Girl Army, a good name to go with if you really are that good at eliminating the opposition on your own.

25. Princess of Plunder, for the orc princess who loves to loot and plunder.

26. Queen Kong, a play on the iconic King Kong; the ideal name for a female orc who is as savage as the well known giant ape.

27. Ravishing Rage, for the enraged female orc who is angry at the whole world.

28. Stunning Strategist, for the female orc who uses her brain to come up with the most ingenious battle plans.

29. Sunshine Gypsy, for the female orc who loves to travel with her orc friends on sunny days.

30. Sweet Old Soul, for the unusual orc that looks brutal but actually has a heart of gold inside.

31. Vanillattack, for the female orc who loves to attack her enemies whenever she sees them. Oh, and she loves vanilla flavored food too.

Funny Orc Names For Boys

It's time to move on to some funny orc names for boys and in this section, we'll be discussing some good and funny orc names and half orc names derived from magical and evil real-world names for orcs.

Fantasy illustration of Goblin with sword

32. Beast Hearted Beast, for the evil orc who has the meanest heart ever.

33. Comical Carnage, for the destructive orc who is not just evil, but quite funny as well.

34. Crooked Creature, for the male orc who is as evil as the name suggests.

35. Diabolical, the perfect name for a male orc who lurks in the shadows and is always up to no good.

36. Defilur, derived from the name Defiler, which was the moniker given to Azog, the evil orc from the 'The Hobbit' franchise; a name that's both funny and punny.

37. Deformed Dynamite, for the orc with a fiery personality; one of the good orc names to consider.

38. Demonic Danger, for the orc who looks like a demon and as dangerous as a demon.

39. Enemy Of Elves, for the orc who despises the elves.

40. Forc, for the male orc who is as sharp as a real-life fork.

41. Foul Play, for the orc who doesn't mind doing the wrong things to gain an advantage over his enemies.

42. Grimmest Reaper, for the male orc who likes to put an end to his enemies whenever he encounters them.

43. Gruesome Rebel, for the rebellious male orc who looks as gruesome as he is on the battlefield. It is one of the funny warrior names you can consider for orcs.

44. Havorc, for the orc who loves to wreak havoc.

45. Horrible Hater, for the orc who is horrible and full of hate for his enemies.

46. Made By Morgoth, for the orc who was created by the first Dark Lord in the 'LOTR' universe, Morgoth.

47. Menace From Mordor, for the menacing orc who hails from Mordor; the darkest and most evil place in the 'Lord Of The Rings' franchise;  a good name when it comes to male orc names.

48. Noobog, the funniest possible male orc name for a rookie role-playing gamer.

49. OPakh, derived from the abbreviation 'OP', whose full form is 'overpowered', which has become a modern-day gaming catchphrase. This is one of the funny orc warrior names to consider.

50. Orcenstone, a punny male orc name based on 'Arkenstone' from 'The Hobbit' franchise.

51. Rampage Ruler, for the orc warlord who goes on the rampage with his army to crush his opposition.

52. Scintillating Suffering, for the orc who finds great delight in inflicting suffering on his enemies.

53. Sinister Savage, for the male orc with an evil personality who is known for causing savagery during battle.

54. Sidekick, for the male orc who's too hilarious to ever be taken seriously by anyone.

55. Spiteful Sword, for the male orc who isn't shy of expressing hate for his enemies with a sword.

56. Tame Torpedo, for the male orc who looks tame but can be as deadly as a torpedo when he wants.

57. Tensed Troublemaker, for the male orc who stays tensed and anxious even while he's creating problems for his enemies on the battlefield.

58. Unleashed Predator, for the male orc who has been freed from his chains and is now capable of causing as much damage as he wants. This is one of the best orc rogue names ever.

59. Vicious Virus, for the orc who doesn't take much time to clear the battlefield of his enemies.

60. Warped Warrior, for the male orc who uses his warrior abilities to do evil things.

61. Wicked Warlord, for the orc chief who is known for his mischievous ways of dealing with his enemies; a great orc warlock name.

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