80+ Prince Names That Are Royally Good

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Originally Published on Oct 25, 2020
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Looking for the perfect name to crown your little prince? Read through this kingdom-filled list with regal, magnificent, and royally good names for your new bundle of joy. The world of baby names may be somewhat broad to navigate, and sometimes it feels like you're exploring a maze of endless choices. But don't worry, for this list is here to guide you and present you with a treasure trove of names that echo with nobility, charm, and grace.

From Alexander to Shahzad, there's a princely name here to suit every taste, tradition, and royal whim. So, if you're a parent expecting your very own heir or just a royal name enthusiast hoping to find a name steeped in history, this list is fit for little princes. Featuring names brimming with charm, this collection is sure to inspire, entertain, and perhaps even guide you to the name that will fit your little one like a perfectly tailored royal robe.

Why Prince Names?

The royal name of a prince is often a family name; however, prince names aren't just for fairy tales or those lucky enough to be born into royalty. In fact, they're brimming with charm, tradition, and a touch of enchantment that can resonate with many of us. They're a connection to a grand and noble past, a sprinkle of magic in everyday life. Maybe it's for a new family member, a character in your novel, or even a beloved pet. Choosing a prince's name can make the ordinary feel extraordinary and transform the mundane into something royally good.

1. Alexander (Greek origin) means "protector of men". It was the name of a famous Greek king of Macedon, Alexander the Great.

2. Andrew (Greek origin) means "manly". It was the name of a Hungarian king, Andrew II of Hungary.

3. Antony (Latin origin) means "priceless" and "worthy of praise". It's derived from the Roman family name "Antonius", which was the name of a Roman politician and leader, Mark Antony.

4. Archie (German origin) means "bold". The first son of Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, is named Archie.

5. Augustus (Latin origin) means "majestic". It was the name of the first Roman emperor, Caesar Augustus.

6. Carl (German origin) means "free man". It is the name of the reigning king of Sweden, Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus.

7. Charles (German origin) means "free man". It is the name of the longest-serving crown prince in British history, Prince Charles of Wales, who is the reigning monarch of the United Kingdom as King Charles III.

8. Christian (Latin origin) means "followers of Christ". It is the name of a prince in Denmark, Prince Christian of Denmark.

9. David (Hebrew origin) means "beloved". It was the name of ancient Israel's second king, King David of Israel.

10. Edward (English origin) means "wealthy guardian". Eight English kings had the name Edward.

11. Ernest (German origin) means "serious". It was the name of one of the Kings of Hanover, Ernest Augustus.

12. Felipe (Spanish origin) means "friend of horses". It is the name of the King of Spain, Felipe VI.

13. Frederick (German origin) means "peaceful ruler". Nine Danish kings were named Federick.

14. George (Greek origin) means "farmer". In British history, six kings were named George, and it is also the name of the eldest grandchild of King Charles III, Prince George of Wales.

15. Henry (German origin) means "home-ruler". It was the name of the second ruler of the Tudor Dynasty, King Henry VIII.

16. John (Hebrew origin) means "God is gracious". It was the name of one of the kings of Sweden, John III of Sweden.

17. Loius (of French and German origin) means "warrior". It was the name of a French king, Loius XIV.

18. Michael (Hebrew origin) means "who is like God". This name was given to Byzantine emperors and royals in countries like Russia, Bulgaria, and Portugal.

19. Muhammad (Arabic origin) means "praised". This name was popular with many royal families from the Ottoman Empire, and it is the name of the King of Morocco, Muḥammad VI.

20. Patrick (Latin origin) means "nobleman". It was the birth name of King Edward VIII.

21. Philip (Greek origin) means "lovers of the horses". Kings of France, Spain, and Macedon had this name. Prince Philip is the grandfather of Prince William.

22. Richard (Old Germanic origin) means "brave ruler, powerful". It was the name of a monarch who once ruled England, King Richard I.

23. Stephen (Greek origin) means "crown". Hungary's first Christian king was named Stephen.

24. William (Anglo-Norman origin) means "strong-willed warrior, resolute protector". The grandson of Queen Elizabeth II is named Prince William.

25. Baudouin (of French origin) means "bold". It was the name of the King of Belgium, Baudouin of Belgium.

26. Ferdinand (German origin) means "bold voyager". It was the name of the king of Romania, Ferdinand I of Romania.

Famous And Historical Prince Names

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Many people respect princes and look up to them as leaders of their country. From the gallant Prince William to the legendary Prince Arthur, these names aren't mere figments of imagination but are etched into the very fabric of a shared heritage. Like Prince Charles and his everlasting impact, Prince Philip and his decades of service, and the mighty Prince Henry the Navigator, these names are more than just lofty titles; they're a bridge to the past, a connection to real individuals who've left a mark on the world.

27. Aeneas (Latin and Greek origin) means "praised". It was the name of a Trojan hero in ancient Roman mythology.

28. Ahmed (Arabian origin) means "most praised". It is the name of a prince in Saudi Arabia, Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz Al Saud,

29. Akbar (Arabic origin) means "great". It was the name of the third Mughal emperor in India, Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar.

30. Albert (German origin) means "noble and famous". It was the name of a popular royal figure in the 19th century, Prince Albert, Queen Victoria's husband.

31. Ashoka (Sanskrit origin) means "no sorrow". It was the name of the third Mauryan Emperor of Magadha in ancient India.

32. Cyrus (Persian origin) means "sun". It was the name of the king of Persia and the founder of the Achaemenid Empire, Cyrus II.

33. Egon (German origin) means "sword edge". It was the name of an Imperial Count of Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg, Egon VIII of Fürstenberg-Heiligenberg.

34. Emmanuel (Hebrew origin) means "God is with us". It is one of the names of God in the Bible and the name of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium, Prince Emmanuel of Belgium.

35. Gustav (Swedish origin) means "staff of gods." It was the name of a Swedish king and military ruler, Gustav II Adolf.

36. Harry (Multiple origins) means "power ruler". It is the name of the Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry.

37. Humayun (Persian origin) means "blessed". It was the name of the second emperor of the Mughal Empire.

38. James (Hebrew origin) means "supplanter". It was the name of the first king who ruled both England and Scotland, James I of England.

39. Meiji (Japanese origin) means "enlightened". It was the name of the first Emperor of Japan and ruler of the Meiji era, Emperor Meiji.

40. Nicholas (Greek origin) means "victory of the people". It was the name of the last Czar of Russia, Nicholas II of Russia.

41. Sorab (Multiple origins) means "illustrious, shining, red water". 

42. Suleiman (Arabic origin) means "man of peace". It was the name of a sultan of the Ottoman Empire, Suleiman the Magnificent. 

43. Victor (Latin origin) means "conqueror". It was the name of the king of Italy, Victor Emmanuel III of Italy.

Fictional Prince Names

Portrait of a newborn baby boy wearing golden crown.

There are many fictional princes who could add a touch of royalty to your child's name. Fictional prince names like Prince Eric or Prince Caspian whisk you into realms of romance and adventure. More than mere monikers, they're gateways to creativity and nostalgia. From childhood dreams to fantastical quests, these royal boy names keep the magic alive, adding a splash of enchantment to our everyday lives. Explore and be inspired!

44. Adam (Hebrew origin) means "earth". It is the name given to a character of the prince who became He-man at the time of need mentioned in the book 'Masters Of The Universe'.

45. Anatole (Greek origin) means "sunrise". It was the name of a fictional prince in Leo Tolstoy's 'War And Peace'.

46. Arsalan (multiple origins) means "lion, king of the jungle, fearless". It is the name of a princely character in Yoshiki Tanaka's novel 'The Heroic Legend Of Arsalan'.

47. Eadric (Old English origin) means "wealthy". It is the name of the fictional prince mentioned in E. D. Becker's 'The Frog Princess'.

48. Florian (Roman origin) means "flower, blossoming". It is the name of the fictional prince in Disney's 'Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs'.

49. Hilarion (Greek origin) means "happy". It is the name of a Prince of Isle in Piers Anthony's 'Knot Gneiss'.

50. Ivan (multiple origins) means "God is gracious". It is the name of a fictional character in Alexander Afanasyev's Russian folktale 'Tsarevitch Ivan, The Firebird And The Gray Wolf'.

51. Paul (Latin origin) means "small". It is the name of the young prince of the Baronian empire in the 'Secret Series' books by Enid Blyton.

52. Ruslan (Turkic and Slavic origins) means "lion". It was the name of a knight in 'Ruslan And Ludmila', a poem written by Alexander Pushkin.

53. Saphir (Multiple origins) means "sapphire, blue, delightful". It is the name of a fictional prince in the animated series by Naoko Takeuchi titled 'Sailor Moon'.

54. Xanth (Greek origin) means "golden". It is the name of a fictional prince in Piers Anthony's novel series titled 'Xanth'.

55. Arthur (Celtic origin) means "bear". It is the name of a legendary figure in medieval literature and folklore, King Arthur.

Names That Mean Prince

If you are looking to sprinkle a little royal flair into your family, this regal collection of baby names that mean "prince" is the best find. It's more than just a title; it's a nod to nobility, charm, and elegance. Whether you're awaiting your own little heir or simply exploring names that resonate with grandeur, this list is your golden ticket to a kingdom of majestic monikers. These princely names await your royal perusal.

56. Cynfael (of Welsh origin) means "chief prince".

57. Amir (Arabic origin) means "Prince". 

58. Armel (of Welsh origin) means "bear prince.".

59. Ashfaq (Arabic origin) means "kind prince.".

60. Balthazar (multiple origins) means "protecting the king". It was the name of the Magi who came to Jesus Christ.

61. Basil (Greek origin) means "royal".

62. Garibaldo (German origin) means "bold, brave".

63. Griffith (of Welsh origin) means "lord, prince".

64. Kumar (multiple origins) means "Prince".

65. Kunwar (multiple origins) refers to a title or a given name used to address or refer to young princes, noblemen, or sons of rulers in some South Asian cultures.

66. Prince (multiple origins), The name defines the royal title.

67. Reagan (Irish origin) means "little King".

68. Ryan (Irish origin) means "little king". 

69. Arkyn (Norse origin) means "eternal king's son".

70. Shahzad (Persian origin) means "son of a king.". 

More Royal Baby Names

From the intriguing to the elegant, these royal baby names are brimming with greatness and ready to grace your little one with a touch of nobility. Whether you're seeking the traditional or the unexpected, this list has the crown jewels of names, each one a gem waiting to be discovered. Go over these names to learn unique and magnificent names.

71. Abbas (Arabic origin) means"'lion, brave, sober".

72. Alfonso (Latin origin) means "noble, brave".

73. Alfred (English origin) means "counsel".

74. Canute (Scandinavian origin) means "knot".

75. Darius (Persian origin) means "to hold".

76. Herod (Greek origin) means "son of a hero".

77. Khan (multiple origins) means "lord, prince, ruler". It was the name of the Emperor of the Mongol Empire, Kublai Khan.

78. Mithridates (Persian origin) means "gift of (the god) Mithra". It was the name of a king in Anatolia, Mithridates VI.

79. Mubarak (Arabic origin) means "blessed".

80. Otto (German origin) means "wealthy".

81. Peter (Greek origin) means "rock". It was the name of the founder of the Russian Empire, Peter the Great.

82. Timur (Mongolian origin) means "iron". It was the name of the Khan of Moghulistan, Tughlugh Timur.

83. Erik (Scandinavian origin) means "eternal ruler, sole ruler"

84. Louis (multiple origins) means "famous warrior". 

85. Derrick (Old German origin) means "gifted ruler".


Choosing the perfect prince's name for your little one is no small feat, but it's a royal adventure filled with charm and excitement. On one hand, these regal names carry a timeless appeal, brimming with history and elegance, and on the other hand, finding the perfect fit might feel like a quest through a royal maze. But worry not, you've got this regal list to guide you. No matter your preferences, there's a name here to crown your baby-naming journey. Explore and find that name that fits your little prince just right. After all, every child is royalty in their family's kingdom!

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