103 Posh Boys' Names That Are Royally Good

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 A newborn baby sleeping peacefully while wearing a golden crown, evoking images of posh boy names.

The anticipation that builds as parents prepare for the arrival of a new baby boy is palpable, and one of the crowning moments in this journey is choosing the perfect name for their son.

A name is far more than just a label; it is the first gift a parent gives their child; a defining feature that becomes part of their identity.

The allure of posh-sounding baby boy names lies not just in their melodic syllables but in the narrative and legacy they embody. Often drawn from the esteemed realms of the upper class, these names resonate with an air of nobility, hinting at a life graced by poise and distinction.

Such names often bear a storied provenance, coming from the grand halls of stately homes, inspired by legendary lands, or rooted in the profound epics of Greek mythology. To bestow a name steeped in such history is to weave a rich legacy of heritage and honor, evoking grandeur and the spirit of leadership.

As parents deliberate over the countless options, they may find themselves looking for a name that sounds wealthy, that has the sonority of time-tested grandeur, or perhaps a name grounded in the Latin culture, ringing with the noble echoes of ancient Rome.

These posh names for boys are not just a passing trend; they are selections made with the future in mind, choices that suggest great aspirations and promise for the newborn.

With each posh baby name comes an unspoken assurance of exclusivity and character, a symbolic nod to a lineage that speaks of sophistication and a well-charted future. It is this thoughtful consideration, this meticulously curated selection that provides the child with a name that is more than a mere moniker.

It is a lifelong inspiration, a declaration of the parents' hopes and dreams for their little boy's destiny.

Popular Boys' Names

A contented newborn wrapped in white, nestled on a fluffy grey blanket with a blue crown, reminiscent of posh baby boy elegance.Shutterstock

When it comes to names that are in vogue, parents often seek out those that resonate with the current times yet have a classic appeal. Popular baby names for boys are selected for their contemporary relevance and their potential to represent a generation.

These names surface in conversations at playgrounds and in classrooms, capturing the zeitgeist of an era while often nodding to the past.

They are the monikers you hear on the news anchoring a famous land, the names of rising stars, and the titles of those setting trends. With this list, expect to find names that are both beloved for their modern charm and rooted in tradition, perfect for the baby boy who will grow to shape his own story.

1. Albert (English Origin): meaning 'noble and bright'.

2. Alexander (Greek Origin): meaning 'defender of the people'.

3. Archie (German Origin): meaning 'archer' or 'truly bold'. The son of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, born in May 2019.

4. Arlo (Old English, Anglo-Saxon Origin): meaning 'fortified hill' or 'rock hill'.

5. Arthur (Celtic Origin): meaning 'bear'.

6. Benjamin (Hebrew Origin): meaning 'son of my right hand'. Shortened variants of this name include Ben, Benny, and Bennie.

7. Dylan (Welsh Origin): meaning 'son of the sea'.

8. Edward (English Origin): meaning 'guardian of prosperity' or 'rich guardian'.

9. George (Greek Origin): meaning 'farmer'. The first son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, born in July 2013.

10. Harrison (English Origin): meaning 'son of Harry'. Middle name of Archie, the son of Prince Harry.

11. Harry (English Origin): meaning 'army commander' or 'home protector'.

12. Henry (German Origin): meaning 'home ruler'.

13. Hugo (German Origin): meaning 'mind', 'spirit', 'heart', or 'thought'.

14. James (Hebrew Origin): meaning 'supplanter'.

15. Jude (Hebrew Origin): meaning 'praise'.

16. Louis (German, French Origin): meaning 'famed warrior'. Louis is the name of the second son of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, born in April 2018.

17. Oliver (Latin Origin): meaning 'olive tree'.

18. Sebastian (Greek Origin): meaning 'revered' or 'venerable'.

19. Theodore (Greek Origin): meaning 'God's gift'.

20. William (German Origin): meaning 'will' or 'desire', and 'helmet', or 'protection'.

Royal Boys' Names

A serene posh baby boy sleeps on a crescent moon pillow among plush stars, embodying a celestial nursery theme.Shutterstock

Names once reserved for the courts of kings now adorn the cribs of many a child born in contemporary society. Royal boys' names carry a dignified legacy, offering a regal bearing from the very first breath. These choices are steeped in history, with each name often associated with a peaceful ruler or valiant leader.

Opting for a royal name bestows a sense of majesty and time-honored tradition upon a baby boy, making him a little prince in his own right. Peruse this list for a name that commands respect and conveys the noble heritage that you might want to impart to your child.

21. Alfred (English Origin): meaning 'elf ruler/counselor'.

22. Andrew (Greek Origin): meaning 'manly'. Nicknames for this posh boy name include Andy and Drew.

23. Charles (German Origin): meaning 'free man'.

24. Harold (Scandinavian Origin): meaning 'Army ruler', 'leader of war', or 'army commander'.

25. Humphrey (German Origin): meaning 'peaceful warrior'. The posh boy name was made famous by Duke Humphrey, the 15th-century Duke of Gloucester.

26. Phillip (Greek Origin): meaning 'lover of horses' or 'friend of horses'.

27. Richard (German Origin): meaning 'brave ruler' or 'mighty ruler'.

28. Septimus (Latin Origin): meaning 'seventh'. Septimus was the name of a Roman Emperor from 193-211 CE, and he converted the Roman government to a monarchy.

Cool Boys' Names

A posh baby boy in a blue striped hat sleeps peacefully on a white fluffy pillow, cradled by stuffed teddy bears.Shutterstock

The quest for a cool name is often about finding that blend of edginess and approachability; a name that's easy on the ears yet stands out in a crowd. This anticipates the desires of parents scouting for a name that mirrors the individuality and the free spirit they envision for their baby boys.

These are the names that sound effortless and have an innate swagger, expected to be heard in future industries of innovation and creativity. For the child born to be unique, a cool name is a first step toward an identity filled with independence and cool confidence.

29. Clovis (French Origin): meaning 'famous warrior'.

30. Beau (French Origin): meaning 'handsome' or 'beautiful'.

31. Emeric (German Origin): meaning 'born leader' or 'home ruler'.

32. Fahd (Arabic Origin): meaning 'panther', or 'leopard'.

33. Flavius (Latin Origin): meaning 'yellow-haired' or 'golden-haired'.

34. Inigo (Spanish Origin): meaning 'fiery'.

35. King (English Origin): meaning 'ruler' or 'monarch. This posh boy's name can also be spelled as 'Kyng'.

36. Mansa (African Origin): meaning 'king, 'emperor', or 'conqueror'.

37. Maxton (Latin Origin): meaning 'greatest'.

38. Mircea (Romanian Origin): meaning 'peace', 'tranquility', 'world', or 'universe'.

39. Ra (Egyptian Origin): meaning 'sun' or 'day'.

40. Tiberius (Latin Origin): meaning 'of Tiber' or 'near the Tiber river'.

41. Xavier (Arabic Origin): meaning 'new house' or 'bright'.

42. Xerxes (Greek Origin): meaning 'ruler over heroes' or 'hero among heroes'. This posh boy's name is pronounced 'zurk-seez'.

Posh Boys' Names That Mean Prosperity

A joyful posh baby with a radiant smile, sitting on a bed in a pastel-striped shirt, with colorful pillows in the background.Shutterstock

For parents dreaming of a prosperous future for their newborn, this selection of posh baby names reflects wishes of abundance and success. Names that signify prosperity go beyond material wealth, imbuing a sophisticated name with aspirations of a rich and fulfilling life.

Whether it's an ancient name denoting bountiful harvests or a contemporary one symbolizing thriving ventures, each name here posits the baby boys to a life laden with opportunities and fruitful endeavors. Dive into this curated list to find a name for your little one that speaks volumes of wealth; not merely in assets, but in health, happiness, and love.

43. Ed (English Origin): meaning 'wealthy guardian' or 'rich protector'. Ed is a diminutive of Edwin or Edward.

44. Edgar (English Origin): meaning 'wealthy spear'.

45. Edmond (Dutch Origin): meaning 'wealthy protector' or 'wealthy defender'.

46. Edwin (English Origin): meaning 'rich friend' or 'wealthy friend'.

47. Fortune (Latin Origin): meaning 'luck', 'good fate', 'wealth'.

48. Imran (Arabic Origin): meaning 'prosperity', 'exalted nation'.

49. Jessie (Hebrew Origin): meaning 'gift'. Jessie is a variation of 'Jesse'.

50. Kamran (Persian Origin): meaning 'prosperous', 'blessed', or 'successful'.

51. Legacy (English Origin): meaning 'an inheritance'.

52. Lucretius (Latin Origin): meaning 'wealth'.

53. Odilio (German Origin): meaning 'prosperity', 'wealth', or riches'.

54. Otis (German Origin): meaning 'wealthy'.

55. Rafferty (Irish Origin): meaning 'one who will prosper' or 'prosperity'.

56. Kenny (Gaelic Origin): meaning 'handsome' or 'fiery'.

57. Ulric (English Origin): meaning 'rich and noble heritage' or 'power of the wolf'.

British Boys' Names

The British Isles, a confluence of cultures and histories, have given a plethora of distinguished names. British boys' names often reflect the region's colorful history, from the cobblestone streets of London to the rolling hills of the Scottish Highlands. This list embodies the spirit of Britain, with each name exuding a familiar sophistication and a classic élan.

For those seeking a name that has weathered time in the glorious landscapes of a famous land, here you will find names that offer both a noble legacy and a dash of British charm for your little prince.

58. Angus (Gaelic Origin): meaning 'Unique decision' or 'only choice'.

59. Alistair (Greek Origin): meaning 'defender of the people'.

60. Caradoc (Welsh Origin): meaning 'beloved', 'amiable', or 'loved'.

61. Dafydd (Welsh Origin): meaning 'beloved'. Dafydd is the Welsh variant of the Hebrew name 'David'.

62. Duke (English Name): meaning 'the leader'.

63. Eddie (English Origin): meaning 'wealthy guardian'.

64. Edric (English Origin): meaning 'wealthy ruler', 'rich', or 'powerful'.

65. Egbert (English Origin): meaning 'bright edge of a sword'.

66. Ethelred (English Origin): meaning 'noble counsel'.

67. Frederick (German Origin): meaning 'peaceful ruler'.

68. Fulk (English Origin): meaning 'folk', 'people', or 'tribe'.

69. Giles (French, Greek Origin): meaning 'shield' or 'young goat'.

70. Gratian (English Origin): meaning 'grace' or 'one who is grateful'.

71. Harris (English Origin): meaning 'son of Harry'.

72. Jasper (Persian Origin): meaning 'treasurer' or 'keeper of treasure'.

73. Kenneth (Gaelic Origin): meaning 'handsome' or 'born of fire'.

74. Leonardo (Italian Origin): meaning 'brave as a lion' or 'lion-hearted'.

75. Lionel (English, Latin, German, French Origin): meaning 'little lion' or young lion'

76. Luther (German Origin): meaning 'soldier of the people' or 'army leader'.

77. Ludlow (English Origin): meaning 'ruler's hill'.

78. Owen (Welsh, Irish Origin): meaning 'well-born, noble-born'.

79. Patrick (English Origin): meaning 'noble' or 'patrician'.

80. Royal (English, French Origin): meaning 'of the king' or 'the kingly one'.

81. Tate (English Origin): meaning 'cheerful'.

Fancy Boys' Names

A posh baby in a blue onesie lies comfortably on a cloud-shaped pillow with a cuddly teddy bear and star-patterned cushions around.Shutterstock

Cultivating an air of elegance starts with the right name. Fancy boys' names suggest a polish and poise that transcend the ordinary. These names are tailored for those who envisage their baby boys growing up to navigate the world with chic sophistication and refined sensibility.

A fancy name often stands as a symbol of aspirational living and cultured taste. Each name in this collection has been carefully chosen for its ornate sounds and luxurious associations, fit for a child born to claim a noteworthy place in society. Browse this assemblage for a name that resonates with refinement and captures the essence of high-end allure.

82. Augustus (Latin Origin): meaning 'majestic', 'increaser', or 'venerable'.

83. Barclay (English Origin): meaning 'birch wood'.

84. Barnaby (English Origin): meaning 'son of consolation'. This posh boy's name is the English version of Barnabas.

85. Bertram (German Origin): meaning 'bright raven'.

86. Constantin (French, Latin Origin): meaning 'constant' or 'steadfast'.

87. Ferdinand (German Origin): meaning 'journey' or 'bold voyager'.

88. Fergie (Irish Origin): meaning 'vigorous, strong man' or 'man of valor'.

89. Fenton (English Origin): meaning 'from the marsh town'.

90. Gustav (Scandinavian Origin): meaning 'staff of the gods' or 'royal staff'.

91. Hadrian (Latin Origin): meaning 'dark-haired'.

92. Julius (Latin Origin): meaning 'downy-bearded'.

93. Leopold (German Origin): meaning 'bold people' or 'bold among the people'.

94. Miles (German Origin): meaning 'soldier' or 'servant'.

95. Montgomery (Norman, French Origin): meaning 'man power' or 'mountain belonging to the ruler'.

96. Prince (Latin Origin): meaning 'royal son', 'first-born son', or 'ruler'.

97. Rufus (Latin Origin): meaning 'red-haired'.

98. Rupert (German Origin): meaning 'fame', 'glory', renowned', or 'honor'.

99. Quentin (Latin Origin): meaning 'the fifth'. Traditionally, this posh boy's name was given to the fifth child.

100. Quincy (French Origin): meaning 'estate of the fifth son'.

101. Wills (English, German Origin): meaning 'resolute protector' or 'helmet of protection.

102. Zachary (Hebrew Origin): meaning 'God has remembered'. This posh boy's name could also be spelled 'Zackery' or 'Zachery', and it is the English variant of the Hebrew name 'Zechariah'.

103. Zebedee (Hebrew Origin): meaning 'gift of God'.


What makes a baby boy's name sound posh?

Posh baby boy names often exude an aura of refinement and exclusivity. They typically originate from historical aristocratic lineages, classical literature, or culturally significant heritages.

These names are characterized by their unique phonetics, rich etymological background, and association with esteemed figures from history and mythology. When a name has been carried by royals or nobles, it often gains the reputation of being posh, resonating with the grace of bygone eras.

How do you choose a posh name for your baby boy?

Choosing a posh name for your baby boy involves considering factors like the name's cultural and historical significance, its uniqueness, and the values or characteristics it embodies. Reflect on the name's ability to stand the test of time and how it will grow with your child.

You might also want to think about the family's heritage, and whether the name complements it, as well as its potential for creating a strong first impression.

Are posh baby boy names still relevant today?

Absolutely, posh baby boy names continue to hold relevance today, pairing the charm of tradition with modern appeal. These names often strike a balance between being time-honored and not outdated. Their enduring nature ensures that they remain in style, and their deep roots often inspire respect and admiration, making them a compelling choice for contemporary parents.

Do posh names differ by culture or country?

Posh names can differ significantly across cultures and countries, reflecting the diverse definitions of what is considered sophisticated or esteemed in different societies. Aristocratic names in Britain might lean towards traditional Victorian names, whereas continental Europe might have posh names rooted in classical names from ancient civilizations.

Each culture honors its unique historical and social figures, which in turn influences what names are seen as posh.

Sealing your child's identity with a posh name for boys is not just about an upper-class badge; it's about giving them an inheritance of culture, class, and character.

It's a starting line in the story of a life laden with the promise of achievement and distinction. From the majestic halls of ancient fame to the mystifying world of gods and muses, every posh baby boy's name holds a universe of potential ready for your little boy to unravel.

Choose the name that feels not just wealthy in sound, but rich in heritage and meaning.

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