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A noble name belongs to an aristocratic family or kinship that dates back to the century. These nobles are a group of individuals who gained historical, national, or international significance, through their association with men and families in power.

These powerful were often kings and monarch who bestowed upon them titles, which was held by the "Head of the House" or patriarch and later on used by their sons. Gradually, these titles became surnames.

Noble last names are popular worldwide. Such royal surnames were very popular in the Welsh, Scottish, France, and German regions.

In German, the word Von is added to the honorary title to let people know from where the said person is, for example, economist Ludwig von Mises. So, if you are looking for royal last names that either originated from the Celtic languages, UK English, French, or even German, then keep on reading.

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Popular Noble Last Names

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The surname Noble itself means "high-born or distinguished". So, if you are wondering which were the most popular and common rich last names around the world, then you are right there, just keep on scrolling and discover for yourself with our handy list of noble family names.

1. Adams (Hebrew origin) means "son of Adam". It is one of the most common surnames used right back through the centuries.

2. Allen (Scottish origin) means "son of Andrew".

3. Armstrong (Scottish origin) means "son of a strong man". Famous last name bearer: astronaut Neil Armstrong.

4. Atkinson (Scottish origin) means "son of Atkin".

5. Bailey (Scottish origin) means "berry wood". A common surname used by noble houses for various centuries.

6. Bell (French origin) means "beautiful or fair".

7. Brown (English origin) means "brown complexion or clothing".

8. Burton (English origin) means "fort settlement", a noble family name.

9. Carter (Irish origin) means "someone who transports goods by a cart or wagon". Famous last name bearer: U.S. President Jimmy Carter.

10. Collins (Scottish origin) means "son of Colin". Famous last name bearer: musician and drummer Phil Collins.

11. Davidson (Hebrew origin) means "beloved".

12. Evans (Welsh origin) means "son of Evan". Famous last name bearer: actor Chris Evans.

13. Foster (Scottish origin) means "nourish or rear".

14. Fox (Scottish origin) means "animal fox". Famous last name bearer: actress Meghan Fox.

15. Grant (Scottish origin) means "tall or large".

16. Jackson (English and Scottish origin) means "son of Jack".

17. James (Hebrew origin) meaning "supplanter". A very noble family name.

18. Jones (Welsh origin) means "son of John", and is popular in Wales and South Central England.

19. Kelly (Irish origin) means "bright headed or troublesome".

20. Lee (Old English origin) means "forest or a meadow".

21. Lewis (English origin) means "winner or victor".

22. Mason (Irish origin) means "someone who does stone masonry work". A relatively new noble name.

23. Natt (Old English origin) means "cattle".

24. Nixon (Irish origin) means "son of Nicholas".

25. Pastor (Scottish origin) means "profession of a religious pastor".

26. Quimby (Scottish origin) means "from the woman’s estate".

27. Stewart (Old English origin) means "warden or wall guardian".

28. Taylor (Latin origin) means "tailor or to cut".

29. Ward (Old English origin) means "guardian or watchman".

30. Yates (Scottish origin) means "someone who lived near the gates of a walled town".

31. Zinc (Germanic origin) means "a tip or point" or Sink, which is a topographical name.

Medieval Noble Last Names

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Noble houses were very common and popular in the Medieval era, the noble families who used these titles were generally the favorites of the kings, queens, or other members of the royal families. Some of the most common royal names were Baskerville, Darcy, Neville, and Percy.

So, if you are wondering which is the best Medieval noble last name, then keep on reading our list to assist in your search.

32. Astley (Scottish origin) means "woodland clearing".

33. Aungier (Ancient Norman origin) means "one who lived in the area of Angers".

34. Azor (Hebrew origin) means "a helper", or "a court".

35. Bachiler (Old French origin) means "bachelor".

36. Baignard (Old German origin) means "straight", "brave" or "strong".

37. Baliol  (Old French origin) means "fortification".

38. Ballard (English origin) means "white spot", or "bald head".

39. Cairon (French origin) means "thanks".

40. Campion (Norman and French origin) means "professional champion".

41. Clifford (English origin) means "ford by a cliff".

42. Courtenay (Norman and Old French origin) means "court".

43. Coventry (Old English origin) means "Cofa's tree"

44. Darcy (French origin) means "dark one".

45. Darell (Norman and French origin) means "one who came from Airelle in France".

46. Evelyn (English origin) meaning "wished for child".  

47. Eveque (French and French origin) means "bishop".

48. Fairfax (Scottish origin) means "fair hair".

49. Faintree (Old French origin) means "swamp".

50. Frankland (Anglo-Norman French origin) means "free land".

51. Glyn (Welsh and Cornish origin) means "someone who lived in a valley".

52. Greville (Norman-French origin) means "a settlement".

54. Hue (Old French origin) means "a shade of color". It is also a nickname for a personal name Hughe, which can also be spelled, Hue.

55. Hugonin (German origin) means "heart" or "mind".

56. Loftus (English origin) means "upper storey house".

57. Louet (Anglo-French origin) means "a wolf cub".

58. Moron (Old French origin) means "dark-skinned".

59. Morphew (Old French origin) means "blemish", or "birthmark".

60. O'Callaghan (Scottish origin) means "descendant of Ceallachán".

61. Paget (English origin) means "attendant".

62. Rolle (English origin) means "Roullours, in Calvados".

63. Seymour(English origin) means "named after a church St. Maur".

64. Wolfson (English and Jewish origin) means "the son of Wolf".

French Noble Last Names

The last names of royalty were considered posh last names in France. Family names used by royal and noble families ensured that their legacy is carried out by their children.

Many names on this list are centuries old and have been known to be used by people in the present era too. These family names are unique, interesting, and they are the first of their kind. Your search for the perfect list of French noble names is over!

65. Auguste (French and Latin origin) means"favored with good omens".

66. Aveline (French origin) means "hazelnut". It is also the botanical name of the common hazel. Famous last name bearer: French writer and poet Claude Aveline.

67. Badeaux (French origin) means"to be open-mouthed, to gape".

68. Bain (Old French origin) means"bath or public bathhouse". Such medieval royal last names were common in the 17th century.

69. Barbeau (French origin) means"a type of fish". The name is hence suitable for a fisherman.

70. Barbet (French origin) means"son of Barbara". An aristocratic name like these is still used in French-speaking countries.

71. Barbier (French origin) means "a person who cuts hair or barber".

72. Bardin (French origin) means"battle-ax". If you are searching for royal sounding last names, then your search might end here.

73. Barreau (French origin) means"to bar, to close or block off".

74. Barrere (French origin) means"obstruction". Noble families with such surnames were often knights and men of power, this name was very popular in the 17th century.

75. Bassett (French origin) means"low or short". A noble name for a short person or someone of humble origins.

76. Camus (French origin) means"snub-nosed one". It is the perfect rich last name for a shirt maker.

77. Carbonneau (French origin) means"carbon or charcoal".

78. De la Rue (French origin) means"of the street".

79. Delisle (French origin) means"of the island".

80. Deloney (French origin) means"someone who is from Aunay". Noble names like these were used by many high-ranking courtiers in the 17th and 18th century.

81. Escoffier (French origin) means"to dress".

82. Farrow (French origin) means"ironworker". A family name like these was common in many members of the royal armory.

83. Gagne (French origin) means"to cultivate or work".

84. Heroux (French origin) means"army of the wolf".

85. Kaplan (French origin) means"charity priest". A perfect surname for a royal priest and his family.

86. Martel (French origin) "hammer". Such names could have been used by many blacksmiths.

87. Plourde (French origin) means"a type of shellfish".

88. Rayne (French origin) means"to advice or counsel".

89. Sartre (French origin) means"tailor". Such a last name was used by the royal tailor and his family.

90. Tasse (French origin) means"to make purse or bag".

91. Vaillant (French origin) means"sturdy or brave".

92. Vercher (French origin) means"farmland" Many farmers held this title.

93. Verne (French origin) means"alder".

94. Vautour (French origin) mean "vulture".

95. Vaux (French origin) means"valley".

96. Veilleux (French origin) means"watch or guard". It is a perfect occupational name for a watchman.

97. Verville (French origin) means "town".

98. Vieux (French origin) means"old".

99. Vigeant (French origin) means "village". It is also the surname of a village in Vienne.

100. Vigneau (French origin) means"vineyard". It is a perfect royal family name for a person who owns a vineyard.

101. Villeneuve (French origin) means"new settlement".

102. Vinet (French origin) means "to make wine". The surname was very common among many wine makers in the 20th century.

103. Violette (French origin) means"violet".

104. Visage (French origin) means"face".

105. Voclain (French origin) means"the wealthy one". Such last family name was common in the noble houses that were involved in the management of the treasury.

106. Voland (French origin) means"to fly or agile".

107. Wack (French and Flemish origin) means"a measure of weight".

108. Webster (French origin) means"someone who weaves".

109. Yolande (French and Germanic origin) means"viola or violet".

110. Yotte (French origin) means"small hedge or small woody plot of land".

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