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Noble baby names are all about royalty.

And everything about royalty seems charming, sophisticated, and elegant. And with just the right amount of these qualities in a name makes for a perfect choice to name a baby.

Parents always want what's best for their child, whether it's their life, career, or for that matter, even a name. So for selecting a baby name that will stand the test of time and also look really good on paper, noble names seem to be the perfect fit.

We have got you this special list of some of the best noble names for your baby.

For some more baby names fit for little kings and queens, take a look at Royal Baby Names and Prince Names.

Noble Boy's Names

Boy names with regard to high respect and privileges are often seen in noble culture. Here, we present to you the list of such noble boy names,

1. Adelio (German origin) meaning "father of the noble prince".

2. Alastair (Old Greek origin) meaning "brave; guardian of the people".

3. Albert (German origin) meaning "noble; bright". This name gained popularity due to Prince Albert.

4. Alexander (Greek origin) meaning "defender of the people". One of the top choices for strong boy names.

5. Alfred (English origin) meaning "sage; wise". Commonly associated with King Alfred.

6. Alphonse (French origin) meaning "noble; ready for battle".

7. Alden (English origin) meaning "wise; old friend".

8. Andrew (Greek origin) meaning "manly; brave". The patron saint of Russia is known by this name.

9. Arthur (Welsh origin) meaning "bear". This name is associated with the great King Arthur.

10. Bentley (Old English origin) meaning "meadow with coarse grass".

11. Cecil (English origin) meaning "blind".

12. Cadmael (Welsh origin) meaning "war chief".

13. Caedman (Irish origin) meaning "warrior".

14. Charles (German origin) meaning "free man". This name got popular due to the great Prince Charles.

15. Christian (English origin) meaning "follower of Christ". Popular actor Christian Bale has this name.

16. Constantine (Greek origin) meaning "constant". Ancient Roman emperor Constantine made this name famous.

17. Edel (German origin) meaning "noble".

18. Eugene (Greek origin) meaning "wellborn; noble".

19. Franklin (Old German origin) meaning "free landholder". The famous American author and scientist, Benjamin Franklin is best associated with this name.

20. Fredrick (English origin) meaning peaceful monarch". Considered to be one of the strong names for boys.

21. Gennady (Greek origin) meaning "noble; generous".

22. Kareem (Arabic origin) meaning "noble; distinguished". This name is associated with the basketball player, Kareem Abdul Jabbar.

23. Patrice (French origin) meaning "noble".

24. Patrick (Latin origin) meaning "noble; patrician". Saint Patrick carries this name.

25. Tennyson (English origin) meaning "Follower of Zeus". One of the noble, strong boys names.

Noble Girl's Names

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If you want girl names that are elegant, gorgeous and stay in fashion, then noble baby names are just the perfect place to search for it. So, have a look at the list of these noble baby names for your baby girl.

26. Alissa (German origin) meaning "noble". This name is associated with well known Canadian novelist Alissa York.

27. Anne (Hebrew origin) meaning "grace". Anne is the name of the mother of Queen Elizabeth,

28. Amaryllis (Old Greek origin) meaning "to sparkle".

29. Aveline (Old French origin) meaning "hazelnut".

30. Beatrice (French origin) meaning "blessed; someone who brings happiness". Queen Victoria named her youngest child by this name and Queen Elizabeth II's granddaughter is Princess Beatrice.

31. Charlotte (French origin) meaning "free". Charlotte is the name of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's daughter.

32. Cecily (Latin origin) meaning "blind".

33. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) meaning "pledged to God". This name has been the most common and trendy name due to Queen Elizabeth of England.

34. Gloria (Latin origin) meaning glorious". The popular singer Gloria Estefan has this name.

35. Georgiana (Greek origin) meaning "farmer". British Duchess Georgina Cavendish is known by this name.

36. Isabella (Italian origin) meaning "devoted to God". Queen of Spain, Isabella II, has this name.

37. Isla (Scottish origin) meaning "island".

38. Jane (Hebrew origin) meaning "God has been gracious". This name is considered to be the feminine form of John.

39. Kate (Latin origin) meaning "pure". Princess Kate Middleton has made this name popular.

40. Louisa (French origin) meaning "renowned warrior".

41.Margarette (Greek origin) meaning "pearl".

42. Mackenzie (Scottish origin) meaning "child of the wise leader". American actress, Mackenzie Phillips, made this name popular.

43. Makeda (Hebrew origin) meaning "beautiful". Makeda, who is the Queen of Sheba, has this unique name.

44. Marie (Hebrew origin) meaning "sea of bitterness".

45. Matilda (Latin origin) meaning "might; strength". Empress Matilda of England is known by this name.

46. Noor (Arabic origin) meaning "light". This name is associated with Jordan Queen Noor.

47. Octavia (Latin origin) meaning "the eight".

48. Odelia (German origin) meaning "riches".

49. Olympia (Greek origin) meaning "from Mount Olympus".

50. Quinn (Irish origin) meaning "wisdom; intelligence".

51. Ursula (Latin origin) meaning "little female bear". This name is associated with actress Ursula Andress.

Names Inspired By Royalty

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In royalty culture, the future generations become the flag bearers and a chance to carve their own legacy. We present to you this fascinating list of some of the great royal names.

52. Adela (German origin) meaning "noble; serene". This name became well known due to actress and singer, Adela Popescu.

53. Albertine (German origin) meaning "noble; intelligent". This name is considered to be the feminine form of Albert.

54. Alexandra (Greek origin) meaning "defender of man". The Princess of Greece is known to have this name.

55. Alice (Old English origin) meaning "noble; kind". This name is made famous by Alice from 'Alice in Wonderland'.

56. Anastasia (German origin) meaning "resurrection."

57. Anne (Hebrew origin) meaning "favor; grace". The mother of the Virgin Mary.

58. Antony (Latin origin) meaning "priceless one".

59. Camilla (Italian origin) meaning "free-born". This is the name of Prince Charles' wife, the Duchess of Cornwall.

60. Catherine (French origin) meaning "pure; clear". This name is made popular by the Duchess of Cambridge.

61. Diana (English origin) meaning "heavenly; divine". Princess Diana is known by this name.

62.Edward (English origin) meaning "rich guard". This name is associated with the King of England, Edward the Elder.

63. Eleanor (German origin) meaning "bright".

64.Fiona (Irish origin) meaning "fair". This name became popular due to princess Fiona from the 'Shrek' series.

65. Gabriella (French origin) meaning "woman of god".

66. George (Greek origin) meaning "farmer". This name is made famous due to the first US President, George Washington.

67. Grace (Latin origin) meaning "God's favor". Hollywood's legendary actress Grace Kelly who then turned Princess of Monaco, has made this noble name very popular.

68. Helen (Greek origin) meaning "light". The Duchess of Kent Helen Taylor is known by this noble name.

69. Henry (German origin) meaning "ruler of the home". This name is associated with Prince Henry.

70. John (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious".

71. Louis (German origin) meaning "renowned warrior". King of France Louis I carry this name.

72. Margaret (Greek origin) meaning "pearl". Queen of Scotland, Margaret carries this name.

73. Philip(Greek origin) meaning "lover of horses". The Duke of Edinburgh, Queen Elizabeth II's husband, carries this noble name.

74. Victoria (Latin origin) meaning "victory; conquer". This name is best associated with the great Queen Victoria.

75. Wilhelmina (German origin) meaning "defender; protector". Queen of Netherlands, Wilhelmina, is known by this name.

76. William (English origin) meaning "resolute protector". King of England, William II is known by this name.

Some Regal Names

We present to you this kingly list of some of the best regal inspired baby names for your little prince or princess:

77. Agnes (Greek origin) meaning "pure". Saint Agnes of Rome has this noble name.

78. Alaric (German origin) meaning "ruler of all". Alaric was the name of the first king of Visigoths.

79. Alyssa (English origin) meaning "noble". This name is associated with American actress Alyssa Milano.

80. Atarah (Hebrew origin) meaning "crown".

81. Augustus (Latin origin) meaning "great". This name got popular due to the Roman Emperor, Augustus Caesar.

82. Brendan (Latin origin) meaning "prince".

83. David (English origin) meaning "beloved". A famous football player, David Beckham, has this name.

84. Elke (German origin) meaning "noble". A very noble name indeed!

85. Emyr (Welsh origin) meaning "king; lord". This name got famous due to Welsh football player Emyr Huws.

86. Francis (Latin origin) meaning "french man; free man". King of France, Francis I is known to have this name.

87. Freya (Norse origin) meaning "noblewoman". This name will surely make your daughter noble!

88. Idris (Old Welsh origin) meaning "impulsive prince". This name is associated with actor Idris Elba.

89. Kelila (Hebrew origin) meaning "crown of laurels".

90. Kian (Persian origin) meaning "king". Renowned Australian singer Kian Brownfield has this name.

91. Malka (Hebrew origin) meaning "queen".

92. Mary (Hebrew origin) meaning "bitter; beloved". Queen of England, Mary I, carries this noble name.

93. Mia (Latin origin) meaning "bitter; rebellion".

94. Mona (Irish origin) meaning "noble good". This name is famous because of Mona Lisa, a beautiful painting by Leonardo Da Vinci.

95. Nabila (Arabic origin) meaning "honorable; noble".

96. Rani (Sanskrit origin) meaning "queen". Popular Indian actress Rani Mukerji is known by this noble name.

98. Reina (Spanish origin) meaning "queen".

98. Rex (Latin origin) meaning "king". This noble name is associated with famous American football player Rex Burkhead.

99. Sarai (Hebrew origin) meaning "princess".

100. Savannah (Spanish origin) meaning "flat tropical grassland".

101. Taj (Arabic origin) meaning "crown". The famous historical monument, Taj Mahal, carries this noble name.

102. Tallulah (American origin) meaning "princess of abundance".

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