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Originally Published on Nov 02, 2020
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A baby name should not only be sophisticated but should also be meaningful for your baby and depicts a strong family value.

Elegant baby names can be inspired by anything – celebrities, vehicles, scent, and much more. These names sound fashionable and stylish.

Classy names have complexity and tastefulness to them. These classic names evoke pride and nobility and make unique baby boy names.

Finding a name for a boy baby who deserves a ton of admiration is not easy. With a strong and sophisticated name, there are chances that your baby will make a lot of friends, and will achieve the success that you have always dreamed of your baby.

Many parents are interested in elegant and classy baby boy names that are honorable or unique.

Elegant names for baby boys are becoming more popular. So, when you search for your boy's name, you need to make sure the fancy names have a profound significance, simple sound enough to pronounce but have an exemplary vibe. Check out our list of elegant baby boy names.  

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Long Elegant Names

Sometimes bigger is better and trust us, these long names like Augustine, Benedict, will not make your child's name difficult to pronounce but will make his peers adore him with pride and royalty.

1. Augustine (Latin origin) means "greatness".  

2. Amadeus (Latin origin) means "love of God". Famous name bearer composer Amadeus Mozart.

3. Archibald (German origin) means "sounds ready and honorable".

4. Benedict  (Latin origin) means "a gift". Famous name bearer Hollywood actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

5. Constantine (Greek origin) means "consistent".

6. Cameron (Celtic origin) means "pride and admiration".

7. Forrester (Medieval English origin) means "an officer in charge of the Kings forest".

8. Giovanni (Italianorigin) means "gracious".

9. Maximilian (Latin origin) means "most noteworthy". The name can be abbreviated to Max.

10. Montgomery (Norman-French origin) means "mountain". Famous name bearer Montgomery Clift, Hollywood actor.

11. Montague (French origin) means "pointed mountain".  

12. Nathaniel (Hebrew origin) means "Endowment of God". It can be abbreviated to Nate or Nathan.

13. Octavius (Latin origin) means "eight".

Elegant Historical Names

If history is any indication, then some names are still remembered. These strong and classic names are still cool and are remembered with pride and admiration. So, why not choose elegant baby names that mean something strong. Check out this list of old names:

14. Alasdair (Gaelic origin) means "protector of humanity".

15. Bartram (German origin) means "splendid or renowned".

16. Dominic (Latin origin) means "having a place with the Lord".  Famous name bearer Saint Dominic of Silos.

17. Edmund (English origin) means "affluent defender". Famous name bearer Edmund I, King of England.

18. Gustav (Swedish origin) means "staff of the Goths". The name is profoundly famous among kings in Germany and Sweden.

19. Malachi (Hebrew origin) means "my courier or my holy messenger".  Famous name bearer Malachi, Jewish prophet.

20. Percival (French origin) means "one who penetrates the valley". The famous name bearer is a knight of King Arthur's court.

21. Sanders (Greek origin) means "A variation of Alexander". that signifies the protector of humanity.

22. Vincent (Latin origin) means "overcoming". Famous name bearer painter Vincent Van Gogh.

23. William (Germanic origin) means "unflinching insurance".  Famous name bearer poet William Shakespeare.

24. Xavier (Spanish & Basque origin) means "new house".  Famous name bearer  Xavier Abraham, Spanish poet.

Elegant Contemporary Names

Many elegant baby boy names can be as in fashion as they were in the previous era. These names for baby boys have remained sophisticated,  classic, and they stand apart. Check out this cool list of baby boys names:

25. Aldrich (German origin) means "old ruler".    

26. Basel (English origin) means "King or birthplace".

27. Barden (English origin) means "living almost a hogs cave". It will make a strong first as well as last name.  

28. Cyril (Greek origin) means "Ruler". The name summons a feeling of resurgence and class.

29. Cielo (Spanish origin) means "sky". It is a top choice with Italian parents and sounds brilliant with any last name.

30. Dylan (Welsh origin) means "beginning and prominence".

31. Delaney (Irish origin) means "senior tree woods".

32. Dario (Persian origin) means "the owner of God".

33. Egbert (Germanic origin) means "splendid edge".  

34. Ethan (Hebrew origin) means "firm and enduring". the name became famous with Tom Cruise's character in the film series Mission Impossible.

35. Edwin (English origin) means "signifies rich companion".

36. Emerson (Germanic origin) means "Child of Emery".

37. Ezra (Hebrew origin) means "help".

38. Fabian (Roman origin) means "bean merchant and sounds grand".

39. Geraldo (Spanish origin) means "ruler with the lance".

40. Griffin (Welsh origin) means "A Fabled Monster". The name became famous after house Gryffindor in the Harry Potter book series

41. Gregory (Greek origin) means "attentive and alert".

42. Hanson (Scandinavian origin) means "child of Hans".

43. Horace (Latin origin) means "watch".  Famous name bearer Horace, Roman poet.

44. Hugo (Germanic origin) means "heart or brain".

45. Ignatius (Etruscan origin) means "fire, the name has class, style, and flair".

46. Jamison (English origin) means "supplanter". The name can be abbreviated to Jami as a nickname.  

47. Julian (Latin origin) means "young".  

48. Laurent (French origin) means "the bright one, shining one".  

49. Lawson (English origin) means "child of Lawrence".

50. Leopold (English origin) means "brave".

51. Matteo (Latin origin) means "Blessing from God".

52. Mungo (Welsh origin) means "delicate".

53. Miles (Latin origin) means "benevolent".  

54. Nikolai (Greek origin) means "triumph.  

55. Orson (English origin) means "Bear cub".  

56. Prescott (English origin) means "staying of the Priest".

57. Pierre (Latin origin) means "rock".

58. Quentin (English origin) means "from the Queen's domain".

59. Randolph (English origin) means "Solid Warrior" and is a variation of Randolf.

60. Roderick (Germanic origin) means "amazing ruler".

61. Rufus (Scottish origin) means "red-haired". A perfect name for your ginger hair baby.

62. Roland (Frankish origin) means "well-known land, the name has pride".

63. Tancred (Norman origin) means "thought and the name is pretty extraordinary".

64. Tennyson (English origin) means "child of Dennis".

Elegant Names From Fiction

Next on our list are names from some of the famous works of fiction, these names may be old-time, but they still fan favorites among parents who loved these timeless classics.

65. Atticus (Latin origin) means "belonging to Attica". Lead character from the novel 'To Kill a Mockingbird'.

66. Dorian (Greek origin) means "Child of the sea". Lead of Oscar Wilde's novel 'The Picture of Dorian Gray'.

67. Harry (Germanic origin) means "power, ruler".  Main character from the 'Harry Potter' book series.  

68. Jay (Sanskrit origin) means "Victory". Jay Gatsby from 'The Great Gatsby'.

69. Norman (English origin) means "North Man". Norman Bates, the complicated yet adorable antagonist from the novel 'Psycho'.  

Elegant Names After Famous People

Who doesn't love to name their child after a celebrity? We hope these names can make your short-list:

70. Asher (English origin) means "upbeat and favored". Famous name bearer Hollywood actor Asher Angel.  

71. Kingsley (English origin) means "kings wood". Last name of Hollywood actor Sir Ben Kingsley.

72. Orlando (Latin origin) means "well-known land". Famous name bearer Orlando Bloom.  

73. Rupert (German origin) means "brilliant". Famous name bearer Rupert Grint.

74. Sebastian (Greek origin) means "revered". Famous name bearer Sebastian Stan.

75. Theodore (English origin) means "a blessing from God".  It is a refined name. Famous name bearer Theodore Roosevelt, 26th U.S. President.

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