70 Top Names That Mean King For Your Prince

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Originally Published on Sep 14, 2020
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Are you counting down the days until your due date?

If you are just a few days away from having your cute baby in your arms, then it is the right time for you to find the perfect name for your soon-to-arrive baby. You may want to choose a name that represents power, positivity, and confidence, giving your son the chance to build on these values throughout his life.

Names that mean King are a great way to do this because they sound both smart and confident.

Whether you are looking for names that mean royalty that will provide your child with confidence and strength such as Ade (African origin) and Bas (Latin origin), or ruler names which simply mean King such as Anax (Greek origin) and Basileus (also of Greek origin), there will be something on this list that will inspire you.

These royal boys' names with meanings are full of positivity and strength, perfect for your baby boy. Take your pick from our list of more than 70 baby names that mean King or Ruler

English Names That Mean King

Why not opt for a name of English origin for your newborn? These names that mean royal, or King have valuable meanings and stylish pronunciation. Baby boys given one of these names will hopefully grow up to be kind and strong individuals, what more can a parent wish for?

1.Aldrich (Meaning: Old, wise ruler).

2.Arnold (Meaning: Ruler strong as a ruler).

3.Avery (Meaning: Ruler of the elves).

4.Balder (Meaning: Prince, courageous or brave).

5.Edgar (Meaning: Wealthy spear-man).

6.Edric (Meaning: Wealthy ruler).

7.Jerrick (Meaning: Strong gifted ruler).

8.Kingsley (Meaning: King's meadow).

9.Roy (Meaning: King).

10.Steven (Meaning: Crown).

German Origin Names Meaning King

One of these German baby boy names could be the perfect baby name for your little King. These German ruler names are among the most powerful baby boy names that we could find.

11.Adelio (Meaning: The father of the noble prince).

12.Alaric (Meaning: All powerful ruler).

13.Conrad (Meaning: Bold ruler).

14.Fitzgerald (Meaning: Son of the spear-ruler).

15.Frederick (Meaning: Peaceful ruler). This is our favourite German baby boy name that means King as it manages to invoke both power and peace at the same time.

16.Gerald (Meaning: Spear ruler).

17.Heinrich (Meaning: Home of the King).

18.Kaiser (Meaning: Emperor).

19.Richard (Meaning: Powerful ruler).

20.Terry (Meaning: People's ruler).

Greek Origin Names Meaning King

Choosing a Greek name is a great idea as it speaks of tradition and heritage. One of these King names could be perfect for your baby boy. Why don't you take a look at the baby boys' names listed below if you wish to name your baby boy a Greek name with a royal meaning?

21.Amara (Meaning: Immortal).

22.Balthasar (Meaning: God protects the king).

23.Cyril (Meaning: Lord).

24.Cyrus (Meaning: Lord).

25.Daria (Meaning: Kingly).

26.Darius (Meaning: Kingly).

27.Hector (Named after the brave Prince of Troy).

28.Idris (Meaning: Like a King).

29.Minos (Meaning: King of Crete).

30.Sargon (Meaning: True King).

Irish Origin Baby Names Meaning King

If you are searching for a powerful name meaning King for your little boy, this list includes some great Irish boy names that might inspire you. There are thousands of special Irish names for babies with beautiful meanings.

The list below doesn't contain ancient Irish names that have fallen out of use, these are all right on trend! Have a look at the list below to find some contemporary, popular Irish boy names for your newborn son.

31.Abban (Meaning: Little Abbott).

32.Conri (Meaning: Wolf King).

33.Donovan (Meaning: Brown haired leader).

34.Neil (Meaning: Champion).

35.Rian (Meaning: Little King).

36.Rory (Meaning: Red King). The term 'Red King' represents the King of all Kings. He is known to be handsome and powerful.  If you are considering royal names for your baby, then selecting a name that means'Red King' could be a great idea.

37.Reagan (Meaning: Little King).

38.Ruaidhri (Meaning: Red King).

Russian Origin Baby Names Meaning King

These Russian boy names carry powerful meaning. Why not pick one of these lovely Russian baby names for your little King?

39.Kirill (Meaning: Lord).

40.Leontii (Meaning: Lion like). The nature element of this name, make it one of our favourites, this could be perfect for a little boy who will grow up spending a lot of time exploring outdoors.

41.Vasili (Meaning: King).

42.Vasya (Meaning: King).

African Origin Names Meaning King

Many of these gorgeous names (taken from all over the continent) imply the power of a ruler - perfect for your newborn baby boy! Which of these wonderful baby names will be the perfect fit for your newborn son?

43.Ade (Meaning: Royal).

44.Ameer (Meaning: Prince).

45.Eze (Meaning: King).

46.Kgosi (Meaning: King).

47.Malik (Meaning: King). We love this powerful name with its simple yet striking meaning.

48.Mandlenkosi (Meaning: King).

49.Oba (Meaning: King).

50.Sultan (Meaning: Ruler).

Norwegian Origin Names Meaning King

In recent times, Norwegian names have come into fashion, and, looking at the great list of names below, we can see why! If you are soon to be parents, why not pick one of these trendy baby names that mean King, Ruler or power?

51.Brynjar (Meaning: Power).

52.Casper (Meaning: King of the treasure).

53.Einar (Meaning: Bravery).

54.Eirik (Meaning: King forever).

55.Valter (Meaning: To rule).

Hebrew Baby Names Meaning King

On the lookout for a name meaning King? This list of Hebrew names provides yet more inspiration for parents looking for boys' names. Perhaps you will find the perfect name for your newborn baby below.

56.Lot (Meaning: Name of a King).

57.Ori (Meaning: Charitable King).

58.Rei (Meaning: King).

59.Addo (Meaning: King of the road).

60.Azar (Meaning: The supreme one).

Latin Origin Names That Mean King

Latin is the cultural, classical and dominant language of Italy and most of the countries of Western Europe including Portugal, Greece, Spain, France and Romania. You can pick a Latin name for your infant from the list below. Rex, for example, is Latin for King. Which name is your favourite?

61.Alroy (Meaning: King).

62.Bas (Meaning: Royal).

63.Elric (Meaning: Wise ruler).

64.Rex (Meaning: King of the Universe).

65.Rufus (Meaning: The King).

Spanish And French Names That Mean Ruler

Spanish and French names are hugely popular among parents. We can see why! There are some great names on this list, which will you choose?

66.Delroy - French origin. (Meaning: Of the King) .

67.Juan - Spanish and Hebrew origin. (Meaning: God is gracious).

68.Leroy - French origin. (Meaning: The King).

69.Paris - French origin. (This royal name was the name of a Prince of Troy).

70.Maximo - Spanish origin. (Meaning: The greatest).

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