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Want to pick a unique and powerful name for your baby?

That sure can be a tough job. But how about choosing names that mean strength, warrior, war leader, leader, ruler, or king/queen for your baby?

These names usually have strong and traditional meanings. For instance, Alpha is a Greek name that means a letter but is also considered the strongest male.

Hence, the meaning of these names makes a difference and might give your baby a strong identity. Warrior-inspired names like Alexander, Duncan, Napolean, Ashoka make up for a few powerful names for boys.

Other powerful names like Matilda, Everett, Audrey, Zane are a few that top the list of names meaning strong for baby name always. Below is a list of names thematically arranged to make a choice easy for boy and girl names.

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Boy Names Meaning Leader

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Strong and meaningful boy names always have an upper-hand when it comes to choosing the right baby name. Here's a list of strong names for boys that you will love for your baby.

1. Alaric (German, Norse origin) name meaning "everyone's powerful ruler".

2. Alberich (German, Norse origin) meaning "ruler of supernatural beings".

3. Aldrich (English origin) name meaning "noble ruler".

4. Arnold (German, English origin) meaning "eagle power"; popularly associated with Arnold Schwarzenegger, an Austrian-American actor and a former Governor of California.

5. Daman (Greek and Irish origin) meaning "one who tames, controls; control".

6. Derek (English, German origin), meaning "people ruler,"; is a variation of Dericka.

7. Dick (German origin) name meaning "dominant leader"; a name taken by the former vice-president of the United States Dick Cheney.

8. Donald (English origin) meaning "world ruler"; name associated with the 45th US president named Donald Trump.

9. Duke (Anglo-Norman origin) meaning "leader"; is also a high ranking bestowed upon superiors.

10. Enrique (Spanish origin) meaning "home-ruler"; associated with the famous Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias.

11. Enzo (German origin) meaning "power, ruler"; name associated with the Italian racing car driver named Enzo Ferrari.

12. Erik (Old Norse origin) meaning "ruler"; associated with the famous American-German psychologist, Erik Erikson.

13. Friedrich/Frederick (German, English origin) meaning "peaceful ruler"; the former name variation is popularly associated with Friedrich Nitzsche, a philosopher.

14. Gautier (French origin) meaning "army leader ruler"; is one of the rare names meaning leader of the army.

15. Gerald (English origin) meaning "rules by the spear".

16. Harry (English origin) meaning "home-ruler"; popularly associated with the 'Harry Potter' movie series.

17. Hendrik (German origin) meaning "home-ruler'; is one of the popular names meaning leader of the house.

18. Henry (English origin) meaning "powerful ruler."

19. Hillel (Hebrew origin) meaning "praised"; associated with the Talmudic spiritual leader.

20. Khalid (Arabic origin) meaning "eternal"; the name is popularly associated with the American singer-songwriter.

21. Konrad (German origin) meaning "bold counsel"; it will make for a strong baby name that means ruler.

22. Mircea (Romanian origin) meaning "peace,"; the strongest quality of a wise leader.

23. Ricardo (Portugues, Spanish origin) name meaning "powerful leader".

24. Roderick (German, Portuguese origin) meaning "famous power, ruler".

25. Ronald (Old Norse origin) meaning "ruler"; associated with the 40th US president Ronald Reagan.

26. Satish (Indian origin) meaning "truthful God, ruler of hundreds".

27. Terry (English origin) meaning "power of the tribe"; quite a common name taken by famous public figures namely; Terry Bradshaw - football player, Terry Crews - actor, Terry Sweeney - artist, and many more.

28. Thierry (French origin) name meaning "ruler of people"; is the French version of the name Theodoric, Derek.

29. Vladimir (Slavic origin) meaning "of great power"; commonly associated with Vladimir Putin, the Russian president.

Girl Names Meaning Leader

Happy young girl engineer with helmet

Girl names that mean leader, old, wise, strong, powerful are good qualities that highlight the baby's name. Here's a list of baby names meaning leader for your little one.

30. Agrata (Indian origin) meaning "war leader, taking the lead".

31. Aubrey (French origin), meaning "leader of elves,"; is a unisex name.

32. Aubrianna (German origin) meaning "ruler of elves".

33. Derica/Dericka (American origin) meaning "people ruler.

34. Donelle (Gaelic origin) meaning "world leader".

35. Emera (German origin) meaning "industrious leader"; is one of the rare baby names that mean leader.

36. Erica (Old Norse origin) meaning "ruler"; is a variation of Erik.

37. Etta (English origin) meaning "ruler of the home"; is a variation of Henrietta. The name is associated with Etta James, an American singer.

38. Farika (German origin) meaning "peaceful leader"; is one of the unique girl names that mean leader.

39. Geraldine (English origin) meaning "rules by the spear"; is a female version of Gerald. This name is associated with Geraldine Ferraro - an American politician, Geraldine Chaplin - actress, and many other public figures.

40. Harriet (English origin) meaning "home, power ruler"; name associated with the United States' first lady from 1857 to 1861.

41. Henrietta (German origin) meaning "ruler of the home".

42. Isolde (Welsh origin) meaning "ice ruler."

43. Kendra (Old English origin) meaning "high chief, wise ruler".

44. Naqiba (Arabic origin) meaning "group leader, soul"; is one of the rare girl baby names that mean leader.

45. Raidah (Arabic origin) meaning "pioneer, leader".

46. Rona (Scottish origin) meaning "mighty".

47. Ronnie (English origin) meaning "wise ruler"; is a unisex name and a variation of the name Ronald.

48. Vlatka (Slavic, Croatian origin) meaning "peaceful, great ruler"; is a rare baby name that means leader.

49. Zo (African origin) meaning "spiritual leader"; is a gender-neutral name. This name is associated with a South Korean actress named Zo In-sung.

Names Meaning Warrior

Girl names that mean warrior or boys names that means leader, have always been trending since the old times. Here's a list of strong boys' names or baby names that means warrior.

50. Ashur (M) (Assyrian origin) meaning "God of war."

51. Cadwallader (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "battle leader".

52. Cedric (M) (English origin) meaning "battlefield chief, war leader".

53. Ethan (M) (Hebrew origin) meaning "strong"; popularly associated with Ethan Hawke, an American actor.

54. Iolani (F) (Hawaiian origin) meaning "strong, exalted hawk".

55. Kendrick (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "greatest champion"; is one of the famous American names that mean leader and is excellent for baby names.

56. Kimball (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "war leader, chief".

57. Magnus (M) (Latin origin) meaning "great"; associated with Norwegian Chess grandmaster.

58. Oceanus (M) (Greek origin) meaning "ruler of the ocean".

59. Roark (M) (Gaelic origin) meaning "champion."

60. Rollo (M) (German origin) meaning "wolf"; associated with the powerful middle age Viking ruler.

61. Sophrona (F) (Greek origin) meaning "sensible and self-controlled"; the best quality of a warrior.

62. Walter (M) (German origin) meaning "powerful army"; associated with Walter Mondale, a former US vice president.

63. William (M) (German origin) meaning "valiant protector"; popularly associated with the famous playwright William Shakespeare.

Names Meaning Royalty

Boy names meaning king or girl names that mean queen don't just have a strong meaning, but they also have a history to their names. Here are a few names that mean king and queen or prince and princess and everything to do with a royal leader for your royal baby.

64. Amir (M) (Persian origin) meaning "prince, commander".

65. Ameira (F) (Arabic origin) meaning "princess".

66. Amirah (F) (Hebrew origin) meaning "a woman with princess-like qualities".

67. Contessa (F) (Italian origin) meaning "countess, royalty".

68. Cyrus (M) (Persian origin) meaning "sun"; it is a name associated with many Persian kings. A name associated with many businessmen across the globe.

69. Daria/Darya (F) (Russian origin) meaning "kingly, wealthy".

70. Decebal (M) (Romanian origin) meaning "powerful, brave"; associated with the last Dacian ruler. This is also associated with the famous sculpture in Romania.

71. Juno (F) (Roman origin) meaning "queen of Gods"; is also popularly associated with the teenage flick, American movie.

72. Kala (F) (Hawaiian origin) meaning "princess, ultimate freedom giver".

73. Leroy (M) (Normal origin) meaning "king"; associated with Leroy Sane, a footballer.

74. Mael (M) (French origin) meaning "chief, prince".

75. Maeyls (F) (French origin) meaning "chief, princess".'

76. Mazarine (F) (French origin) meaning "deep blue,"; associated with the most respected Cardinal Mazarine of France.

77. Orla (F) (Irish origin) meaning "golden princess".

78. Quade (M) (Gaelic origin), meaning "born forth,"; is an anglicized version of Mac Uaid, which means ruler of the army.

79. Rory (M) (Scottish origin) meaning "king"; is a name taken by Mr. Bill Gates for his son.

80. Ruaidhri (M) (Ireland origin) meaning "red king"; associated with the 12th-century high king of Ireland.

81. Ryan (M/F) (Irish origin) meaning "little king". Ryan Destiny is an American actress with this name.

82. Uli (M/F) (German origin) meaning "rich, power".

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