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Finding the perfect name for a baby might get quite exhausting.

A name means a lot not only to the parents but also to the child. Would the sound of the name make a positive impression on everyone interacting with your child?

All babies are considered angels. So, it may be a good idea to choose a name which would signify something as special for your child.

If you want such a special name for your child, why not choose names that symbolize the word, ‘Guardian’? Guardian refers to a protector, a survivor, a fighter, a warrior, and a defender by choice.

It also comes with the soothing comfort of a protector - a feeling we all get when we stay close to our parents during a raging storm outside!

We have created a list of 60 beautiful names that would describe your baby's strong and protective qualities perfectly.

These names have been chosen not just from English, but from different cultures and languages so there are no limitations to the 'right' sounding names for your baby. This particular list is curated with sections of names that cover the essence of the meaning Guardian in various contexts -  at times as a warrior, and sometimes as a protector.

We have collected names of girls and boys, as well as a few gender-neutral/unisex names meaning guardian as well.

For more character trait names, take a look at our selection of the best girl names meaning brave, and the top 40 names which mean patience.

Girls Names Meaning Warrior

These baby names would be the perfect match for your strong girl, who is ready to be brave when the time comes.

1. Alessia (Italian origin) meaning “defending warrior”. This name is commonly associated with Canadian singer Alessia Cara.

2. Elda (Italian origin) meaning “warrior”.

3. Edwige (French origin) meaning "Shelter or protection against war".

4. Hilda (German origin) meaning “battle woman”.

5. Kelly (Irish origin) means “war”. A common name associated with many American actors like Kelly Preston.

6.Malin (English origin) meaning “strong, little warrior”.

7. Malou (Dutch origin) meaning “a renowned warrior”.

8. Marcella (Latin origin) meaning “warlike”. Associated with a famous British series named Marcella, the English protagonist who works as a brave detective.

9. Matilda (German origin) meaning “battle-mighty”. The name is associated with the famous book ‘Matilda’ by the English novelist Roald Dahl. It has been used as a common English name ever since.

10. Shamara - (Arabic origin) meaning "ready for battle".

11. Tyra - (Scandinavian origin) refers to “fighting thunder goddess”. This old Norse name is the feminine form of the Norse God, Thor, associated with the protection of mankind.

12. Valda  (German origin) meaning "battle heroine."

13. Wyetta (English origin) meaning "war-strength."

14. Zelda (German origin) meaning "grey fighting maiden." Also, the protagonist of the famous game series, Zelda.

Girls Names Meaning Protector

Newborn baby hand holding parent's finger

There are many wonderful girl names that you can give to your little daughter to bring out that ‘protective spirit’ within her.  Here are some girl's name meaning defender.

15. Alexa (Greek origin) meaning “protector of mankind”. In the current world, this popular Greek name is associated with the AI device named Alexa, created by Amazon.

16. Dealla (Irish origin) meaning “defender”.

17. Edme (Scottish origin) meaning “defender”.

18. June (Latin origin) meaning “defender of women or marriage”. A bit old-fashioned but once a common girl name used in English-speaking families.

19. Meredith (Celtic origin) meaning “defender of the sea”.

20. Mina (Dutch origin) meaning “defender”.

21.Rosetta (German origin) meaning “noted protector”.

22. Sandra (Greek origin) meaning “protector of man”. This Greek name can be linked with the famous American actress, Sandra Bullock. It is a very popular English name in modern times.

23. Sezia (Russian origin) meaning “defender”.

Boy Names Meaning Warrior

These are some powerful names for boys which can create a strong impression.

24. Armani (Italian origin) meaning “warrior”. It is famous as the luxury fashion brand ‘Emporio Armani’.

25. Duncan (Scottish origin) this Gaelic name is quite popular with the meaning “warrior”.

26. Gunther (German origin) meaning “battle warrior”. Over time, many English families have started using this name for their child.

27. Igor (Scandinavian origin) meaning “heroic warrior”. Derived from the old Norse name, Ingvar.

28. Kane (Welsh origin) meaning “warrior” This is a common name is associated with the famous book by English author, Jeffrey Archer ‘Kane and Abel’.

29. Kimble (English origin) meaning “chief of the warriors”.

30. Lewis (English origin) meaning “renowned warrior”. Linked with the famous and acclaimed F1 driver: Lewis Hamilton.

31. Marcus (Latin origin) meaning “warlike”.

32. Murphy (Irish origin) meaning “sea warrior.”

33. Nakoa (Hawaiian origin) meaning “warrior”.

34. Oscar (Irish origin) meaning “God spear, or champion warrior”. Apart from the famous Oscar awards, this name reminds one of the famous novelist: Oscar Wilde.

35. Roger (German origin) meaning “famous warrior”. A famous Roger is the tennis player Roger Federer. This is a common English name.

Boy Names That Mean Protector

best guardian names that everyone will love

These names showcase the qualities of a guardian in your child and bring out the ‘comforting’ sounds.

36. Aasim (Arabic origin) meaning “defender”. It can also be considered as one of the names that mean guardian angel.

37. Alex/Alexander (Greek origin) meaning “protector of mankind”. A royal title linked with the famous historical figure, the Macedonian king, Alexander the Great. A popular English name.

38. Ansel (Hebrew origin) meaning “a defender”.

39. Chadd (English origin) meaning “protector”. This English name has come into common lingo as 'Chad' - a very confident and active boy. The name has Anglo-Saxon roots too.

40. Edmon (French origin) meaning “prosperous protector”.

41. Eumann (Scottish origin) meaning “defender”.

42. Fremont (German origin) meaning “one who will protect liberty”.

43. Ned (Old English origin) meaning “well to do protector”.

44. Osmond (Old English origin) meaning “divine protector”.

45. Raymond (German origin) meaning “defender of men”.

46. Salman (Indian origin) meaning “defender”. A famous Indic name associated with the famous Indian actor Salman Khan and English novelist, Salman Rushdie.

47. Sigmund (German origin) meaning “victorious protector” usually related to the father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud.

48. Wali (Arabic origin) meaning “protector, a friend of God”.

Unisex Names Meaning Guardian

These unisex names are inspiring and are best if you want to give a powerful gender-neutral name to your child!

49. Alexis (Biblical origin) meaning “protector of mankind”.

50. Billie (German origin) meaning “defender of justice”. Grammy award winner Billie Eilish carries this name.

51. Casey (Irish origin) meaning “brave in battle”. A common name in English households.

52. Caden (American/English origin) meaning “fighter”.

53. Caley (Ireland origin) meaning “brave warrior”.

54. Eri (American/English origin) meaning “my guardian”.

55. Finley (Scottish origin) meaning “fair warrior.”

56. Folkvar (Old Norse origin) meaning "guard of the people'. This Old Norse name is quite respectable in Scandinavian nations.

57. Kimball (English origin) meaning “leader of warriors”.

58. Matty (German/English origin) meaning “strong fighter”.

59. Shields (Ireland origin) meaning “loyal protector”.

60. Zasha (Russian origin) meaning “people’s defender”.

61. Zoe (Greek origin) meaning “equivalent to a fighter”. Its popularity comes from the American actress Zoe Saldana.

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