100 Strong Male Names For Your Little Superman

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Originally Published on Oct 13, 2020
Strong male names are popular with parents for naming their baby boys to be great, inspirational men.

It is quite a task to find the perfect name for your baby. 

Being blessed with a baby boy is quite an exciting moment and wanting to name your little one can be tricky. The pressure is real because you want nothing but the best for your perfect little baby boy!

With so many baby names and references present on the internet, it can be very difficult to make a choice for your precious little one! Choosing a strong name can be a special option.

The intention of wanting the very best for your child is common to every parent, and to accomplish it, going through exhaustive lists are a part of the process. That's why we are here to help you with our recommendations for the best strong boys' names.

Mostly, names are categorized into a name for boys and girls and then names that are unisex in nature. We'll be listing 100 male names meaning strong, and these will be divided into categories according to the name meaning.

We have also included gender neutral names for you to choose from. Read on to find the perfect strong name for your baby!

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Names For Boys That Mean Strong

Wanting to name your baby names that mean strong, strength or power comes from a place of love and affection where you'd like them to grow up being a strong boy and embody what their name stands for. A baby name that means 'strong' or strong baby names, in general, can affect how your child identifies himself.

1. Amell is a boy's name that means "the power of an eagle."

2. Andrew (Greek origin)- a classic baby boy name meaning "strong and manly."

3. Angus - One of the boy names that mean "One strength" of Scottish origin.

4. Baldrick (German origin) - a baby name meaning "brave, bold, strong and powerful."

5. Bernard - A name coined after a saint in the Alps defining strength for your baby boy.

6. Batair - one of the most uncommon strong boy names meaning "strong warrior."

7. Cathal - a name of Irish origin meaning "powerful and strong in battle."

8. Conrad - This is a contemporary name that means " powerful leader."

9. Donaghy - A name of Celtic origin, meaning a "strong fighter."

10. Ethan - One of the most popular names of all time, meaning "long-lived and strong."

11. Ezekiel - A religious name meaning "God is my strength" and is perfect for a family who is spiritual.

12. Farris - A name of English origin, meaning "iron-strong" to give your boy the strength he needs.

13. Jerry - Meaning "brave spearman," and bravery is linked with strength and power.

14. Jian - A baby name that means strong and is of Arabic origin.

15. Zubery - A name of African / Egyptian origin, meaning "strong and unheard of."

Strong Names For Boys Inspired By Strong Men

There are some great boys' names that mean "strong", but to name your baby after an inspiring personality as well as the name meaning strong is double the benefit and inspiration. There have been a lot of brave men who have inspired mankind; let's take a look at some of their names!

16. Abraham - Inspired by the 16th President of the US, Abraham Lincoln meaning "father of many."

17. Alexander - One of the most popular boy's names inspired by Alexander the Great, meaning "defend and/or protect."

18. Ashoka - The Indian emperor, meaning "without sorrow."

19. Austin - a name meaning "magnificent" inspired by multiple figures, one being an American entrepreneur, Stephen F Austin.

20. Barack - A name with an Arabic origin meaning "blessed."

21. Brian - of Irish origin, this name means "noble" and is inspired by Brian Boru, an Irish king.

22. David - Inspired by the king of Israel, the name means "beloved."

23. Forrest - The meaning being woods or trees, it is inspired by an American news anchor, Forrest Sawyer.

24. Francis - Out of all the baby boy names mentioned, this is of an Italian origin and holds the meaning "a free man."

25. Henry - French origin, name meaning "ruler of the  home."

26. Isaac - Inspired by Sir Isaac Newton, the name means laughter.

27. Muhammad - Inspired by the prophet in Islam, this name means "praised."

28. Narendra -Name meaning "Lord of men" inspired by India's PM, Narendra Modi.

29. Theodore - Inspired by Theodore Roosevelt, this name means "god-given."

30. Warren - Names starting with a W are unique. Warren means "Guard" and is inspired by Warren Buffet.

31. William - Inspired by William Shakespeare, the name means "desire."

Boy Names With A Historical Background

All of the names mentioned below are inspired by famous men in history and fit perfectly into the picture of baby names which might encourage your child to grow with the same vigor and compassion as these famous men, while achieving the best of things. Here are a few strong boy names with a historical/artistic background:

32. Aristotle (Greek, Philosopher), name meaning "the best purpose."

33. Benjamin (Franklin), name meaning "son of my right hand."

34. Claude (French, painter), name meaning "limping."

35. Diego (Rivera - Mexican, painter), name meaning "supplanter."

36. Drusus (Julius Caesar, political figure), name meaning "strong Roman warrior."

37. Edvard (Munch, an artist from Norway), name meaning "rich guard."

38. Frederick (The great, King), name meaning "power."

39. Geoffery (Chaucer, poet), name meaning "peace."

40. Giotto (Italian Painter), name meaning "Pledge of Peace."

41. Jackson (Pollock, Painter), name meaning "son of a jack."

42. James ( Brother of Jesus), name meaning "supplanter."

43. Jacques ( Lacan, French psychoanalyst), name meaning "substitute."

44. Joseph (Saint, Father of Jesus), name meaning "he will add."

45. Leo (Tolstoy, Russian- Writer), name meaning "lion."

46. Martin (Luther, Professor, King), name meaning "warrior."

47. Michelangelo (Renaissance painter), name meaning "God's messenger."

48. Paul (Gauguin, Painter, and artist) name meaning "rare."

Short Strong Boy Names

Wanting a short name can mean that you don't have to make any abbreviations of the original name to come up with a nickname. The name you choose for your child should be special, and if it is short, you will love hearing the choice you made, all day, every time.

Short names are easier to pronounce and have beautiful meanings attached. Here's a list of the best short boy names that mean strong or have strength-related meanings.

49. Aaron - Name meaning "elevated" of Hebrew origin.

50. Adam - Hebrew origin, name meaning "birth."

51. Adi - Sanskrit origin meaning "the beginning."

52. Alex - Greek origin meaning "strong warrior."

53. Ark - Hebrew origin, meaning "Fire."

54. Badri - Hindu origin meaning "Lord Vishnu."

55. Brij - Hindu origin, name meaning "strong."

56. Budh - Sanskrit origin meaning "the enlightened one."

57. Jay - Latin origin, name meaning "rejoice."

58. Lee - Chinese origin, name meaning "meadow."

59. Luv - Hindu origin meaning "sacred particle."

60. Moe - Japanese for "blossoms."

61. Neil - Irish origin, name meaning "strong and heroic."

62. Neo - Greek origin, name meaning "new gift."

63. Nik - Greek origin, meaning "divine."

64. Ved - Hindu origin, meaning "sacred scriptures."

65. Zach- Hails from Hebrew, name meaning "Remembered by God."

66. Zeus- Green origin, meaning "Shine."

Unisex Baby Boy Names

There are multiple baby names meaning strong but wanting a unisex name for your baby is quite unique and interesting. Choosing baby names is an extremely tiring task because it becomes the baby's identity and certain religions believe that baby names can have a strong effect on how they grow and who they become!

So, here's a list of great unisex names with strong meanings that you can give to your baby boy.

67. Aubrey- Name meaning strong and powerful elf.

68. Arya - Name meaning "Lion" and that connotes being strong.

69. Billie - Name meaning "Protector."

70. Bobby - Name meaning "Shining."

71. Blue - much like the color blue that connotes peace and freedom.

72. Charlie - Name meaning independent.

73. Cody - Name meaning obliging and thankful.

74. Devin - A synonym for "poet" or artist.

75. Drew - It is a name that means "strong" and "manly."

76. Dylan - Name meaning son of the sea.

77. Eden - Like the garden of Eden, meaning Paradise.

78. Erin - Name that hails from Ireland.

79. Kennedy - A name meaning "strong and helmeted warrior."

80. Phoenix - A heroic name meaning "rebirth" like the bird that rises from its ashes.

81. Riley - Name meaning "strong or courageous."

82. Sky - Much like the sky up above, meaning "heaven."

83. Val - Name purely meaning "strong."

84. Winter - A name based on seasons.

85. Xoan - A highly uncommon name, meaning "God is good."

Strong Male Names From Films And Pop Culture

Pop culture and films play an essential role in our lives now, and with recent trends emerging, it was seen that parents in 2019 had developed a liking towards naming their sweet child after their favorite character from a show/movie. Here are a few suggestions which signify strength:

86. Adrian - From Brooklyn 99 - name meaning "sea."

87. Ben - From Friends - name meaning "strong son of south."

88. Chidi - From The Good place, name meaning "God of lives."

89. Dean - from Supernatural, name meaning "monk."

90. Dexter - from Dexter, name meaning "dyer."

91. Dwight -from The Office, name meaning "Devotee Of Dionysos."

92. Eleven - from Stranger Things, name meaning "the number eleven."

93. Jim - from The Office, a name meaning "supplant."

94. Keanu - inspired by Keanu Reeves, name meaning "cool mountain breeze."

95. Malcolm - from The Middle, name meaning "devotee of Saint Columba."

96. Oscar - from The Office, name meaning "Strong spear of God."

97. Sherlock - from Sherlock Holmes, name meaning "Fair-Haired."

98. Terry - from Brooklyn 99 - name meaning "power/strength of the tribe."

99. Walter - from Breaking Bad, name meaning "powerful army."

100. Watson - from Sherlock Holmes, a name meaning son of Walter."

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for Strong Male Names then why not take a look at Norwegian boy names and Names That Mean King, or for something different take a look at the Best Boys Names Ending In Son.

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