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150 The Office Trivia Team Names

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A great team name isn't defined by the competition, but by the people.

Whether you're a Jim, a Dwight, or even an Oscar, everyone loves a good trivia competition. There are a variety of great team names for you to choose ranging from unique to competitive, to outright hilarious!  

Choosing a good team name is the keystone of every great trivia competition. Whether you're playing on family night, a reunion, a casual hangout, or a Sunday barbecue,  good team names can make the competition a whole lot more fun! The thing is you can make a good trivia team name out of absolutely anything, such as a good pun from one of the episodes or even a Michael Scott inside joke.  Whether you're a part of the 'A' Team, or the 'Just For Fun' team, these names will ensure your trivia night is a big hit.  To help you out a little bit here's a list of 150+ team names for trivia night to help you ace game night!

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Best The Office Trivia Names

How about using funny office team names for your trivia night? A little bit of Prison Mike never hurt anybody.

The Office is a funny TV sitcom filled with funny quips and slapstick jokes. After 9 seasons on the air, the show amassed a huge following and created life-long fans. As most people can attest, the show was a great hit. There are a lot of cool options for fantasy football fans who wish to create their team's names based on 'The Office',  or for families who are trying to figure out cool team names for family trivia night. Here are a few of the unique office trivia team names that you can use to make your trivia night even better.

1. Alfredo's Pizza Team

2. Assistants to the Regional Manager

3. Bears.Beets.Battlestar Galactica.

4. Creed's Thoughts

5. Do-Re-Migos

6. Dunder Mifflin A-Team

7.Dunder Mifflin Scranton

8.Fun Runners For The Cure

9.Here Comes Treble

10.Kevin and the Zits

11.Let's Get Ethical

12.Meredith Palmer Memorial Celebrity

13.Mose Money, Mose Problems

14.Ryan and the Temps

15.Schrute Farms

16.Scott's Tots

17.Serenity By Jan

18.The Broccoli Robs

19.The Cheesy Pita

20.The Dundies

21.The Dundies Winners

22.The Einsteins

23.The Finer Things Club - For those who like to live life on the finer side,  this is a good name for a trivia team.

24.The Todd Packers

25.The Nard Dogs

26.The Party Planning Committee

27.The Scranton Stranglers

28.Threat Level Midnight

29.Will Tickle for A Stanley Nickle  - A Stanley Nickle can only be redeemed on Dunder Mifflin premises.


Funny Trivia Team Names From The Office

Dunder Mifflinity is a really funny team name that would be great for your weekly trivia night.

There are thousands of great options for groups who want to find their perfect funny team name. Whether you're in a duo, trio, quadruple, or even a one-man show, you need to find a name that represents your group. These team names are perfect for work competitions, family hangouts, and friendly discord.  Here are some of the funniest options available for people who are looking for 'The Office' team names.

31. Angela's Cats

32. Athleaders

33. Big Tunas - Jim's nickname is a great name for a team on family trivia night.

34. Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

35. Cafe Disco Lovers - This is a great team name, even for bad dancers.

36. Chair Models

37. Creed's Worm Guys

38. Dream Team

39. Dunder Mifflin Backup Paper Company

40. Dunder Mifflinity - This is what you get when you mix Dunder Mifflin and infinity together.

41. Dwight's Army of Champions

42. Dwight and his Beets

43. Ice Queens

44. Jello Staplers

45. Kevin's Dropped Chili

46. Knights of the Night - Dwight Schrute's Knights is one of the toughest groups in all of Scranton.

47. Office Olympians

48. Poor Richards

49. Princes of Family Paper

50. Race for the Cure

51. Recyclops - An alter-ego created by Dwight Schrute for Earth Day.

52. Scranton City 2

53. Shrute Bucks - The homegrown currency by Dwight.

54. The Big Turkeys

55. The Dunder Mifflin Receptionists - Did you know that the role of Stephanie (the receptionist) was played by Suzanne Watson and Laurel Coppock?

56. The Fired Guys

57. The Inner Circle Paper People

58. The Lizard Kings - Here's a special shoutout to all the Robert California fans.

59. The Whistleblowers

60. Three-Hole Punches

Best The Office Trivia Team Names UK Edition

The Office UK may have started first but lent a lot of help for the US Office to develop.

'The Office' Uk is a great theme for a weekly trivia night. Whether you're playing to win or even to have fun, these team names are surely going to make your competitive spirit jump out! If you're an original The Office fan, these team names are surely going to tickle your funny bone. These are also great options as 'The Office' fantasy football team names or for a 'The Office' trivia night.   Here are some great team names for fans who want to flashback to the old office days and walk down memory lane.

61. Chasers

62. David Brent's Ties

63. Excalibur

64. Foregone Conclusion

65. Free Love Freeway

66. Hat FM

67. High Blood Pressure

68. If It's In You, I'll Find It

69. Inside Paper

70. Julie Andertons

71. Juxtaposition Records

72. Lee Love Dawn

73. Maddona's Cologne

74. Monkey!

75. Nelson The Dog

76. Quizmasters

77. Senior Sales Representatives

78. Team Individuality

79. The Dirty Picture

80. The Fusion Dancers

81. The Jesus

82. The Managers

83. The Motivational Speakers

84. The Oggmonsters

85. The Russian Novelists

86. Three Geniuses

87. Tim's Shoes

88. Upstairs Downstairs

89. Who Cares Wins

90. Yellow Jelly Staplers

Clever Michael Scott From The Office Team Names

If you're a Michael Scott aficionado,  your team name should represent just that! Are you more of a Date Mike, a Prison Mike, or Agent Michael Scarn? Worry not! We have a list of team names that represent all versions of Michael Scott.  Here are some great team names for people who start a sentence even when they don't know where it's going because they hope to find it somewhere along the way.

91. Assistants to Michael Scott

92. Beyonce Always

93. Blind Guys

94. Blue Blast Boss

95. Boom! Roasted

96. Date Mike's Girlfriends

97. I Declare Bankruptcy

98. It's Britney

99. I Want My Baby Back

100. Little Kid Lovers - Micheal's online username.

101. Managed By Sabre

102. Micheal's Klumps

103. Michael Scotch

104. Michael Scott Paper Company - We know what Michael Scott really wanted at the end of the day.

105. Oaky Afterbirths

106. Pippity Poppity Give Me The Zoppity

107. Prison Mike's Inmates

108. Ryan Started The Fire

109. Sentence Finders

110. Shut Up, Toby

111. That's What She Said

112. The Caleb Crawdads

113. The Dementors

114. The Dundies Host

115. The Michael Scott Show

116. The Scarns

117. The Scotts

118. The TurnTables

119. World's Best Bosses - You could also get a mug like Michael Scott.

120. Ya Been Meetballed

Fun Trivia Team Names For The Office Couples

The office isn't just about fun and games, it's also about the burgeoning romance between different couples. Some of our favorites include Jim and Pam, Angela and Dwight, Ryan and Kelly, Phyllis and Bob, and of course Michael and Holly. If you're a romantic two-some or someone who wishes to play trivia night with a romantic twist, a coupled team name is the way to go. Guess what, you have so many different options that you can choose from, such as Michael and Holly's Soup Snakes (i.e. soulmates), to Jim and Pam's Plan A.

121. Jan's Cans

122. Some Sorta Wise Guy

123. The Terminator

124. The Old Comedy Team

125. The Soup Snakes

126. Mc Mike Scott and DJ Jazzy Flax

127. The Springsteen Duo

128. Slumdunder Mifflinaire

129. The Greekaccino

130. Plan A

131.  Hey Beesly - Jim's affectionate nickname for Pam makes an adorable team name for any couples playing trivia.

132. How Dare You?

133. Mastered Commitment

134. Hilary Swank

135. Romeo and Juliet

136. Vance Refrigeration

137. The 1000 Bid

138. The Nutcracker Theme

139. Little Drummer Boy Duo

140. The Bobblehead Gifters

141. No Cookie

142. Monkey and Possum

143. Jam

144. The Cat Strangler

145. Fake Jims

146. The Philly Switch

147. The Barn Companions

148. Scranton Sweethearts

149. Dunder Mifflin Goals

150. The Mifflin Originals

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