95+ Home Alone Trivia Questions (And Answers)

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The Home Alone series, featuring the unforgettable adventures of Kevin McAllister, has cemented its place as a Christmas classic, beloved by audiences for its heartwarming yet hilariously chaotic depiction of a young boy's ingenuity in protecting his home from bumbling burglars.

The franchise, which spans six films, showcases a delightful ensemble of child actors, including the iconic Macaulay Culkin as Kevin, who brings to life the ultimate tale of a child's resilience and resourcefulness.

The narrative, rich with festive spirit, follows the McCallister family, particularly the young Kevin and his mother, Kate McCallister, through a series of misadventures that start with Kevin being inadvertently left behind as his family heads off on a Christmas vacation.

This series not only captures the essence of the holiday season but also highlights the talents of its young stars, who have since moved on to various endeavors in and out of the entertainment industry. From the realization of being left alone to the ingenious traps set by Kevin, and the heartfelt reunion with his family, the Home Alone movies offer a perfect blend of comedy, drama, and the joys and challenges of family life during the holidays.

From the iconic first movie that captivated audiences to the entertaining sequels that followed, the Home Alone series has become essential holiday entertainment. Discover the whimsical characters, classic quotes, and intriguing behind-the-scenes tidbits that have helped make this franchise a beloved part of festive traditions. Get ready to put your Home Alone knowledge to the test with this collection of ultimate Home Alone quizzes that celebrate the magic of these timeless holiday classics.

'Home Alone (1990)' Cast And Production Trivia

A cozy living room scene with holiday decorations and toys on the floor.

Uncover the 'Home Alone' (1990) mysteries with insights into the cast and production. Embark on a journey through the making of this cherished holiday film. From John Hughes' creative brilliance to endearing details about the cast, explore fascinating and lesser-known facts that deepen the appreciation for 'Home Alone'.

1. Question: What van model do Harry and Marv use in the film?

Answer: A 1986 Dodge Ram.

2. Question: When did the filming begin for the film 'Home Alone' (1990)?

Answer: February 14, 1990.

3. Question: Where was 'Home Alone' (1990) filmed?

Answer: Illinois.

4. Question: Which actor in the film improvised almost all his lines?

Answer: John Candy.

5. Question: Macaulay Culkin has a real-life brother named Kieran who plays which role in the film?

Answer: Fuller McCallister.

6. Question: Who and how old was Kevin’s stunt double?

Answer: Larry Nicholas, 30.

7. Question: Who played the roles of Harry and Marv?

Answer: Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern.

9. Question: Which actor used method acting with Macaulay Culkin to actually make him scared?

Answer: Joe Pesci.

9. Question: Who was the composer of the theme song?

Answer: John Williams.

10. Question: Which actor in this film shot all his scenes in 23 hours?

Answer: John Candy.

11. Question: Little Nero's Pizza is a parody of what pizza outlet?

Answer: Little Caesars.

'Home Alone (1990)' Plot Trivia

Illustration of a key plot moments from the home alone sequel in a whimsical, comic strip style.

Uncover the inspiration behind the film and revisit the joyful moments and clever traps that turned 'Home Alone (1990)' into a timeless classic. Gather loved ones, pick up some snacks, and embark on this nostalgic journey around the Christmas tree together!

12. Question: At the beginning of the movie, whom does Harry impersonate?

Answer: A police officer.

13. Question: What do Harry and Marv call themselves as a team?

Answer: The Wet Bandits.

14. Question: What is Kevin's cousin Fuller known to do while sleeping at night?

Answer: Wet the bed.

15. Question: The night before the McCallister family trip, they order pizza from what outlet?

Answer: Little Nero's Pizza.

16. Question: Who was the neighbor to the McCallister family?

Answer: Old Man Marley.

17. Question: What did Buzz call Old Man Marley?

Answer: "The South Bend Shovel Slayer".

18. Question: What precious item did Harry lose in the McCallister house?

Answer: His gold tooth.

19. Question: What is the instrument that Gus Polinski is known to play in the polka band, the Kenosha Kickers?

Answer: Clarinet.

20. Question: Who is left behind at home in 'Home Alone (1990)'?

Answer: Kevin McCallister.

21. Question: What is one of the things Kevin does after realizing he is home alone?

Answer: He jumps on his parents' bed.

22. Question: What is Kevin’s favorite kind of pizza?

Answer: Plain cheese pizza.

23. Question: What does Harry refer to McCallister's house as?

Answer: "The Silver Tuna".

24. Question: What does Kevin take from the convenience store without paying for it?

Answer: A toothbrush.

25. Question: Apart from two first-class tickets and other valuables, how much money does Kate offer to the old couple at the airport to give up their seats so she could get back to her son Kevin?

Answer: $500.

26. Question: What does Santa Claus give Kevin when he runs out of candy?

Answer: Tic Tacs.

27. Question: At the end of the film, with whom does Old Man Marley reunite?

Answer: His son.

28. Question: At what time of the day did Marv and Harry decide to go back and vandalize the McCallisters' house?

Answer: 9:00 p.m.

29. Question: How old was Macaulay Culkin's character in the film?

Answer: Eight years old.

30. Question: What kind of insect does Kevin use to scare Marv?

Answer: A tarantula.

31. Question: Who finds Harry’s gold tooth after Kevin's encounter with the burglars is over?

Answer: Kevin’s father, Peter McCallister.

'Home Alone 2: Lost In New York' Cast and Production Trivia

A storyboard layout showcasing iconic scenes from the Home Alone movie.

Explore some insights into the 'Home Alone 2: Lost In New York' with cast and production trivia questions! Join Kevin as he takes on the Big Apple in this exciting sequel. Discover fascinating behind-the-scenes secrets, meet new faces, and explore iconic NYC locations.

32. Question: Who plays the role of the Pigeon Lady?

Answer: Brenda Fricker.

33. Question: What is the sequel of the movie ‘Angels With Filthy Souls' called in the ‘Home Alone 2: Lost In New York' film?

Answer: 'Angels With Even Filthier Souls'.

34. Question: Who made a cameo appearance at The Plaza in 'Home Alone 2: Lost In New York' and asked Kevin to go "down the hall and to the left" when he asked for directions?

Answer: Donald Trump.

35. Question: Who played Mr. Duncan?

Answer: Eddie Bracken.

36. Question: Gerry Bamman plays what character?

Answer: Uncle Frank.

'Home Alone 2: Lost In New York' Plot Trivia

Illustration of a bustling New York City film set with key Home Alone sequel elements.

'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York' is esteemed by director Chris Columbus for showcasing the city's enchantment, essentially becoming a character on its own. This exploration reveals intriguing plot trivia and the sequel's hidden treasures. Anticipate a collection of trivia about Kevin's escapades and surprise interactions in this memorable follow-up.

37. Question: Where did the family decide to go for their Christmas break?

Answer: Miami, Florida.

38. Question: Who gave Kevin the turtle doves?

Answer: Mr. Duncan.

39. Question: Who is again left behind in the movie, 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York'?

Answer: Kevin McCallister.

40. Question: Which location was Kevin's flight heading to?

Answer: New York City.

41. Question: How did Harry and Marv get to New York City?

Answer: In a fish truck.

42. Question: Which store did Harry and Marv decide to rob in this film?

Answer: Duncan's Toy Chest.

43. Question: How many bricks did Kevin throw at Marv’s head?

Answer: Four.

44. Question: At the end of the movie, where does Kevin reunite with his mom?

Answer: The Rockefeller Center.

45. Question: Where were the proceeds from Duncan’s Chest going to be donated to?

Answer: The local children’s hospital.

46. Question: What did Kevin give to the bellhop instead of money?

Answer: A stick of gum.

47. Question: What is the name of the bottle of soap that Kevin buys at the Duncan Toy Store?

Answer: Monster Sap.

48. Question: What do the turtle doves symbolize according to Mr. Duncan?

Answer: Friendship and love.

49. Question: To whom did Kevin give the second turtle dove?

Answer: The Pigeon Lady.

50. Question: Whose card does Kevin use to check in at The Plaza?

Answer: Peter’s.

51. Question: Who confronts Kevin about the stolen credit card?

Answer: Hector, the concierge.

'Home Alone 3' Cast And Production Trivia

A modern film set highlighting the new main character and technological advances in production.

'Home Alone 3' departs from its predecessors by introducing Alex, a clever child who contends with a group of international spies, an unexpected turn for the series. With a new cast and fresh outlook, the film serves as a rejuvenating chapter in the franchise. The following trivia reveals behind-the-scenes insights, facts about the new actors, and production details.

52. Question: Who plays Alice Ribbons?

Answer: Rya Kihlstedt.

53. Question: Who plays Karen Pruitt?

Answer: Haviland Morris.

54. Question: Who played the role of Mrs. Hess in the film?

Answer: Marian Seldes.

55. Question: What role did Scarlett Johansson play?

Answer: Molly Pruitt, Alex’s sister.

56. Question: Where do the Pruitts live?

Answer: Chicago.

57. Question: Where was 'Home Alone 3' originally filmed?

Answer: Illinois, USA.

58. Question: Where was the airport scene shot?

Answer: Chicago's O’Hare International Airport.

59. Question: When was the filming completed?

Answer: March 22, 1997.

'Home Alone 3' Plot Trivia

An illustration of a '90s film set with key props and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the Home Alone movie.

Alex, defying the odds, navigates a mission entangled with international spies, a classic case of mistaken circumstances. The following plot trivia from 'Home Alone 3' uncovers surprises and delves into a realm of secret agents and humor-filled pranks. Exploring the use of top-secret gadgets and scenes that delivered uncontrollable laughter, this collection of trivia enriches the film's narrative for enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

60. Question: What was Alex sick with that made him stay back home alone?

Answer: Chicken pox.

61. Question: What did Alex’s father, Jack Pruitt, forget to wear before leaving for his business trip?

Answer: His pants.

62. Question: What did the parrot use to say when someone offered him a biscuit as a bribe?

Answer: "Double or nothing".

63. Question: Whom did Alex keep calling to report the vandalism of other houses?

Answer: The police.

64. Question: At what airport did the luggage mix-up take place?

Answer: San Francisco International Airport.

65. Question: Which of the criminals sees Alex hide in the closet but no one believes him after they find the closet empty?

Answer: Earl Unger.

66. Question: Where do the burglars hide the stolen computer chip?

Answer: In a remote-controlled toy car.

67. Question: The computer chip belonged to what force?

Answer: The US Air Force.

68. Question: Where did the cops find Beaupre at the end of the film?

Answer: The snow fort in the backyard.

69. Question: How old is Alex Pruitt in the film?

Answer: Eight years.

70. Question: What did Alex do for Mrs. Hess to get the remote-controlled toy car?

Answer: He shoveled snow.

71. Question: How much is the microchip in the toy car worth?

Answer: $10 million.

72. Question: Who ties up Mrs. Hess?

Answer: Alice.

73. Question: What animal is Alex’s pet?

Answer: A rat.

74. Question: What is Alex’s pet's name?

Answer: Doris.

75. Question: What does Alex use to scare Beaupre at Mrs. Hess’s basement?

Answer: A fake (toy) gun.

76. Question: What did the parrot do with the matchstick in the igloo?

Answer: It lit up the fireworks.

'Home Alone 4: Taking Back The House' Trivia

A holiday-themed image focusing on a family, having a gathering in the snow.

In the fourth sequel of the Home Alone series, Kevin returns with renewed resolve to guard his father's new partner against the troublesome duo, Marv, and his accomplice. The film blends family dynamics with clever pranks. The provided trivia delves into behind-the-scenes secrets, casts anecdotes, and production details. Highlighting concealed Easter eggs and touching scenes, this compilation of trivia offers a delightful exploration into the film's production and storytelling nuances.

77. Question: Where does the film take place?

Answer: Chicago, Illinois.

78. Question: Who directed the film?

Answer: Rod Daniel.

79. Question: Who plays the role of Kevin McCallister in this film?

Answer: Mike Weinberg.

80. Question: What is Marv's wife's name?

Answer: Vera.

81. Question: What is the name of Peter's girlfriend that he later breaks up with?

Answer: Natalie.

82. Question: Who does Kevin think is the actual mastermind of the break-in?

Answer: Prescott.

83. Question: Who did Marv and Vera want to kidnap?

Answer: A Crown Prince.

'Home Alone 5: The Holiday Heist' Trivia

In this exciting installment, audiences are introduced to Finn, a brave and inventive child who navigates the challenge of outsmarting a cadre of sly thieves during the holiday season. This segment offers an assortment of trivia that probes into the behind-the-scenes secrets, enriches knowledge about the cast, and reveals captivating production details of this unique holiday adventure. Test your understanding and discover how much is known about this thrilling sequel.

84. Question: How old is Finn Baxter in the film?

Answer: 10 years.

85. Question: From where did the Baxter family move?

Answer: California.

86. Question: Where did the Baxter family move to?

Answer: Maine.

87. Question: What is Finn's older sister's name?

Answer: Alexis Baxter.

88. Question: What do the three thieves want to steal from the house?

Answer: A painting.

89. Question: What is the painting called?

Answer: The Widow.

90. Question: Who gets locked in the secret room after accidentally activating a trap?

Answer: Alexis.

91. Question: Why does Finn go to the hardware store?

Answer: To buy supplies.

92. Question: What is the only thing Finn is able to buy from the hardware store?

Answer: A roll of string.

93. Question: How much money is the family given as a reward for catching the burglars?

Answer: $30,000.

94. Question: When does Finn receive a snowboard and an expansion pack to his favorite video game?

Answer: On Christmas Day.


How did the iconic scream scene in Home Alone come about?

The memorable scream scene in Home Alone was improvised by Macaulay Culkin. Originally, the script directed Kevin to apply aftershave, remove his hands, and scream. Instead, Culkin instinctively kept his hands on his face, crafting the iconic image synonymous with the film.

Was the Home Alone house a real location, and what has become of it?

The McCallister house in Home Alone is located at 671 Lincoln Avenue, Winnetka, Illinois, and has garnered attention as a tourist spot. Sold in 2012 for $1.585 million, the actual house features the kitchen, main staircase, and ground-floor landing used in the film, with the remaining first-floor scenes shot on a soundstage.

Did Home Alone break any box office records?

Home Alone set records with $285.7 million in domestic box office revenue, redefining success for family comedies. It held the top spot in North American box offices from Thanksgiving to Easter in 1990. The film's prolonged triumph coined the term "to be Home-Aloned", describing movies that underperformed commercially because of Home Alone's dominance.

This trivia journey has offered laughter, nostalgia, and new insights into beloved holiday movies. It has covered brilliant traps, unforgettable characters, and heartwarming moments that define these films. Whether the quiz was aced or served as a source of new information, it's an invitation to host a Home Alone movie night and share the fun. Let the festivities and joyous memories take center stage.

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