89 Best Sleep Jokes That Aren't Tired

Joan Agie
May 02, 2024 By Joan Agie
Originally Published on Mar 11, 2024
Edited by Monisha Kochhar
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An image of a newborn baby sleeping, a perfect inspiration for sleep jokes.

Prepare to be entertained with a playful compilation of sheep jokes that are sure to stave off the yawns. The curated collection goes beyond standard sleep jokes, offering inventive puns that will tickle the funny bone and keep the laughter coming.

Whether tucking in for the night or in search of daytime amusement, these clever jokes are impeccably timed to induce chuckles, not snores.

From the melodic strains of 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' to whimsical twists involving slumbering animals, the selection is the cream of the crop. So plump up those pillows, it's time for a jocular journey through the land of sheepish humor.

Sleep Jokes That Won't Make You Drowsy

A cozy bedroom at night, perfectly setting the stage for sleep jokes.

Dive into a series of sleep jokes guaranteed to invigorate the night and banish drowsiness. These punchy one-liners and witty quips turn the theme of sleep on its head, ensuring every moment is bursting with humor.

Perfect for a late-night energizer or to add zest to any pillow talk, this collection will keep spirits high and eyelids up. Get ready for a laughter-filled night with jokes that are too funny to let anyone catch a wink!

1. Why did the girl have a bicycle in bed with her? Because she was afraid of sleepwalking.

2. What can you do when you are unable to fall asleep? You lie on the bed’s edge and soon you’ll drop off.

3. Why does the performer eat yeast and shoe polish before he goes to sleep? So that he can rise and shine.

4. Why was the insomniac running around his bed? He wanted to catch up on all the sleep he'd lost.

5. When do tennis players go to sleep? At ten-nish.

6. What happens when you dream about reading The Lord Of The Rings books? You start Tolkien in your sleep.

7. How often should you sleep in a tower? Every Fortnite.

8. What happens if you sleep on your smartphone? You download a nap.

9. How do you prove that you are not a light sleeper? Go sleep in the dark.

10. Why did the little girl take a ruler with her to bed? To see how long she sleeps.

11. How do you make a baby alien go to sleep? You rocket.

12. Where do all the books in the library sleep at night? Under their covers.

13. Which animal falls asleep with its shoes on? A horse.

14. Why did the band’s guitarist pass out on stage? Because he rocked himself to sleep.

15. How do baby bats learn to sleep upside down? They slowly get the hang of it.

16. What happens when you sleep on pillows with corduroy cases? They make headlines.

17. What do you call a close relative who is sleeping? A napkin.

18. If you notice cows sleeping in a field, does that mean it's pasture bedtime?

19. What do you call a sleeping cow? A bulldozer.

20. What do you get when you eat cookies in bed? Crummy sleep.

21. What does James Bond do before he goes to sleep? He goes under cover.

Tired And Sleepy Jokes That Are Relatable

Embark on a chuckle-worthy escapade with this lineup of tired and sleepy jokes that hit close to home. These clever jests artfully capture the universal struggle against the siren call of slumber, making light of shared experiences with fatigue.

Whether it's the battle to stay awake or the bliss of yielding to a nap, this batch of humor provides a playful perspective that resonates with anyone who's ever felt sleep's irresistible tug.

22. What do you call a very sleepy egg? Eggs-hausted.

23. Which art supply is most likely to make you feel sleepy? A cra-yawn.

24. What do you do to someone who is tired but doesn’t know how to nap? You give them a crash course.

25. What animal is the most tired herbivore? A Zzzzebra.

26. What happened to Phil when he kept running behind his parents' car? He got exhaust-ed.

27. Why are mountains always tired? Because they don’t Everest.

28. Why is it so tiring to fix a toilet? Because most of the toilet work is draining.

Hilarious Jokes About Sleeping

Step into a world of laughter with an array of hilarious jokes all about sleeping. This collection is designed to bring forth giggles and chuckles as it explores the lighter side of dozing off and dreaming.

With humor that's as comforting as a favorite blanket, these jokes offer a playful take on the nightly ritual that unites everyone. Prepare for some side-splitting fun that's sure to keep everyone amused, wide awake, and ready for more.

29. Where do baby perch fish sleep? In a bass-inet.

30. What would you call a sleeping werewolf? An unawarewolf.

31. Why is sleeping one of the easiest activities? Because you can do it with your eyes shut!

32. What would you call a sleeping pizza? A piZZZa!

33. Why did the pharmacist tiptoe past the medicine cabinet? Because he didn’t want to wake up the sleeping pills!

34. Do you know another word for a sleeping bag? A nap-sack.

35. Why is it so hard to resist singing 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight'? It's just a whim away, a whim away, a whim away.

36. Where do burgers sleep when they're tired? On a bed of lettuce.

37. What did the mama cow say to her baby cow? "Go to bed, it's pasture bedtime!"

38. How do you make yourself fall asleep faster? You decorate your bedroom like a classroom!

39. How did the sheep bring herself to sleep? She counted her friends!

40. What do you call a woodcutter who fell asleep? A slumberjack.

41. Where do all the fish sleep? On the seabed.

42. Why did the boy wake up with a puzzled look on his face? Because he fell asleep on a crossword.

43. Why are dragons asleep during the day? So that they can fight knights.

44. What do you call it when your feet fall asleep and won't wake up? Coma-toes.

45. Why do clowns wear loud socks?To stop their feet from falling asleep.

46. What does the gingerbread man sleep on? Cookie sheets.

Dream Jokes You Can Read While Awake

A dream-inspired setting ideal for a sleep humor piece, with hills, clouds, and a river like an unfolded sheet.

Explore an amusing collection of dream jokes that will tickle the funny bone even with eyes wide open. Crafted to delight anyone in need of a daytime giggle or a nocturnal chuckle, these jests dance on the whimsical edges of your dreaming minds.

Perfect for a light-hearted interlude amid the hustle of daily life, these jokes ensure that the joy of dreaming isn't just for sleeping.

47. What do you call it when you dream about a waterbody filled with orange soda? A Fanta-sea.

48. What kind of dreams do hotels have? Suite dreams.

49. Why won’t I tell you about my dream that has a lion, a witch, and a wardrobe? Because it is Narnia business.

50. What do you call a job where you’re paid to sleep? A dream job.

51. What do you call it when you dream in color? A pigment of the imagination.

52. What happens when you sleep on a bed of sugar? You have sweet dreams.

Insomnia Jokes For Sleepless Nights

Presenting a collection of insomnia jokes crafted for those nights when sleep is elusive. These quips and puns offer a humorous remedy for the midnight wakefulness, turning the ceiling-staring hours into moments of levity.

Perfect for anyone seeking a smile in the stillness of the night, these jokes are a playful companion through the twilight hours. Enjoy a lighthearted take on the nocturnal restlessness everyone experienced at one time or another.

53. Why are people with insomnia some of the coolest? Because they’re up for anything.

54. What do you call a yak that can’t sleep? An insomni-yak.

55. What happens when you don’t know whether you have insomnia or amnesia? You lose sleep trying to remember which one you have.

56. Why is insomnia, not a joke? Because people are losing sleep over it.

57. What do you call a female horse with insomnia that keeps you awake? A nightmare.

58. What makes insomnia and cashiers similar? They will both give you bags and make you very uncomfortable.

59. Why should insomnia be considered illegal in many places? Because it amounts to resisting a-rest.

60. How do you confirm that you have insomnia? You know that the farmer has 897 sheep.

61. What do you call it when you keep eating but can’t find sleep? Insom-nom-nom-nom-nom-nia!

62. What do you do with an elephant that has trouble sleeping? You give it a trunk-quilizer.

Bed And Mattress Jokes You Can Re-lie On

Plunge into a cozy collection of bed and mattress jokes that are as reliable as your trusty pillow. This batch of bedding humor is fluffed up with puns and quips that promise comfort and a load of laughs.

For those who love a good giggle before slipping under the covers, these jokes provide the perfect prelude to a night of restful slumber or a moment of bemused relaxation anytime.

63. How does a man who’s locked in a room survive with nothing but a bed and a calendar? He drinks water from the bed’s springs and eats dates from the calendar.

64. What do you do when you see a bus with 100 lawyers stuck on a bed of quicksand? You let that sink in.

65. When does a bed become longer? At night, when two feet are added to it!

66. What time of the year does a bed like the most? Spring break.

67. What do you call a policeman who climbs into your bed to ask you very specific questions? An undercover cop.

68. How do you write a story about your bed? You make it yourself.

69. What happened when a man replaced his bed with a trampoline without telling his wife? She hit the roof.

70. Why is Simba the last of the pride to get out of bed every day? Because he is a lie-in king.

71. What did the papa cow read to the baby cow before going to bed? Dairy tales.

72. Which is the best season for bed bugs to get married? The spring.

73. Why is it difficult to get any specific information out of a bedding expert? Because they are always making blanket statements.

74. What do you do when you’re not sure you like the new mattress you just bought? You sleep on it.

75. Why should professional rock climbers take a course in mattress making? So that they have something to fall back on.

76. If there's a king and queen-size mattress, where does the prince sleep? On the heir mattress.

77. What happened when there was an arson at the mattress factory? The staff couldn’t rest until they found the criminal.

78. Why did the little boy hide sugar under his pillow at night? So he would have sweet dreams.

Snoring Jokes For Sound Sleep

A landscape at night illuminated by countless glowing 'Z' symbols, idea inspiration for sleep jokes.

Encounter a symphony of snoring jokes that might just be louder than the real thing. This compilation is a playful jab at one of the most notorious nightly nuisances.

Whether these jokes elicit a silent chuckle or a full-throated laugh, they are the perfect anecdote for anyone who's ever shared their bed with a human buzzsaw or has been the culprit themselves. Get ready for some uproarious humor that helps take the edge off the nighttime noise.

79. What would you call a sleeping T-rex? A dinosnorous.

80. What do you call a rock band whose members are in deep sleep? Snore Patrol.

81. What do scuba divers wear when they go to sleep? A snore-kel.

82. What do you call a person who snores a lot? A sound sleeper.

83. Which dinosaur makes the most noise while sleeping? A Tyrannosnorus.

Knock Knock Sleep Jokes

Discover a delightful twist on a classic with this set of knock-knock sleep jokes. These playful exchanges are a refreshing take on the time-honored format, bringing a sprinkle of nighttime charm to the doorstep of humor.

Ideal for sharing with friends and family or for a light-hearted moment to oneself, these jokes are sure to provoke grins and groans alike.

84. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Armageddon who?

Armageddon a little tired. Let’s get some sleep.

85. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Egg who?

Egg-stremely tired and sleepy.

86. Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Pasta who?

Pasta bedtime.

87. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Hugo who?

Hugo to bed right now!

88. Knock! Knock!

Who is it?


Alison who?

Alison to you snore every night.

89. Knock! Knock!

Who's there?


Justin who?

Justin time for bed.


A bedside clock infused with a playful design showcasing the lightheartedness of bedtime humor.

Are sleep jokes a good idea to share at sleepovers or pajama parties?

Absolutely! Sleep jokes are a great way to add some fun to sleepovers or pajama parties. They can serve as icebreakers and get everyone laughing together, setting the tone for a night of fun and relaxation.

Are these sleep jokes appropriate for all ages?

Yes, the jokes compiled in this article are family-friendly and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, perfect for sharing a laugh before bedtime.

What is the best time to read these sleep jokes?

Anytime is a good time, but they are particularly effective if read before bedtime or during moments when you need some cheering up or a good laugh to wind down.

Can sleep jokes help with insomnia?

While sleep jokes are not a cure for insomnia, they can serve as a light-hearted distraction and can help create a more relaxed atmosphere which may assist in falling asleep.

As night falls and the stars twinkle above, it is hoped that these sleep-themed jokes have provided joy and lightened the mood. With the arrival of the evening and the presence of the sandman, laughter stands as a shining light amidst the silence.

Let the playful puns and charming quips accompany you into the night, easing the transition into a world of dreams.

As dawn approaches to signal a new day, may the echoes of laughter tenderly guide you through the realms of sleep. Wishing you a good night filled with humor and light-heartedness before drifting off.

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