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Top 60 Names That Mean Messenger

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Messenger typically means someone who carries messages and delivers them from one place to another.

Messengers have been vital throughout history in spreading news. That's why the word can also be correlated with something of 'bearer of good news.'

Baby names that mean messenger are mostly of different angels and some Gods from different cultures. Throughout mythological stories from all around the world, there can be seen the mentioning of names of Gods or Angels who are messengers. Naming your baby after such angels can be considered a blessing in their life. To help you, we have compiled a list of baby girl and boy names from different cultures and languages that mean messenger.

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Unique Boys Names Meaning Messenger

There are many unique male names meaning messenger.

If you're expecting a baby boy soon and searching for an angelic name that means messenger, we've curated a list of such boy names, some of which are beautiful, rare names, to help you.

1. Agathangelus (Latin origin) means "messenger of good news". There was a fourth-century deacon named Saint Agathangelus who was martyred.

2. Agnidut (Indian origin) meaning "messenger to the God of fire". This name is part of the Hindu mythology. The words, 'Agni' and 'dut' respectively mean " Fire" and "messenger".

3. Aingeni (Spanish origin) means "messenger".

4. Angelo (Italian origin) means "angel" or "messenger of God".

5. Botolf (Old English origin) means "messenger wolf".

6. Boyden (Anglo-Saxon origin) means "messenger".

7. Bud (American origin) means "messenger" or "friend". It's also used as a short form of 'buddy' in English, which also means "friend".

8. Chael (Latin origin) means "a heavenly messenger" or "an angel".

9. Deacon (English origin) means "messenger" or "servant".

10. Devaduta (Indian origin) means "messenger of the Gods". The word 'Deva' in Hindi means "Gods" and 'duta' means "messenger".

11. Driscoll (English origin) means "descendant of the messenger".

12. Evangelus (Latin origin) means "good angel" or "good messenger".

13. Hermes (Greek origin) means "messenger of the Gods". He was a Greek God and served as a messenger to Zeus.

14. Hermod (Norse origin) means "messenger of the Gods". He was the son of Odin and Frigg.

15. Ingram (English origin) means "heavenly messenger" or "Ing's Raven" (Ing was a Norse God).

16. Malachi (Hebrew origin) means "my messenger". He's one of a minor prophet in the Old Testament.

17. Malaki (Hebrew origin) means "messenger of God".

18. Meghdoot (Indian origin) means "messenger of the clouds". The word 'megh' in Hindi, means "clouds" and 'doot' means "messenger".

19. Mercury (Latin origin) means "messenger of the Gods". Mercury was the God of Trade, and it's also the name of the closest planet to the Sun.

20. Michelangelo (Italian origin) means "messenger" or "the Archangel Michael". This baby name can be linked with Michaelangelo, a famous painter, sculptor, poet, and architect from the Renaissance period.

21. Narada (Indian origin) is a deity from Hindu mythology. He was the messenger of all the Gods.

22. Nuncio (Italian origin) means "messenger" or "envoy".

23. Nunzio (Latin origin) means "messenger". This baby name can be linked with an American wrestler, who's stage name is Nunzio.

24. Qasid (Arabic origin) mainly means "messenger" or "intended".

25. Rasool (Arabic origin) means "messenger of God" or "Prophet".

26. Rizwan (Arabic origin) mainly means "messenger", "acceptance" or "goodwill". Rizwan was said to be the angel in charge of maintaining paradise in Islam.

27. Ryder (Old English origin) means, "mounted warrior" or "messenger on horseback".

28. Rye (English origin) means "cavalryman" or "messenger". This name is a diminutive form of the name 'Ryder'.

29. Shivadut (Indian origin) means "messenger to Lord Shiva", according to Hindu mythology. Lord Shiva is a Hindu deity, and 'dut' means "messenger".

30. Talbot (English origin) means "messenger of destruction".

Popular Girls' Names Meaning Messenger

Female names that mean messenger can be beautiful.

Finding beautiful baby names for your baby girl that also mean messenger can be challenging. Here's a list of female names that mean messenger of God, angel, or messenger in general.

31. Airi (Finnish origin) means "messenger" or "herald".

32. Angela (Latin origin) means "messenger of God". 'Angels' are considered as God's messengers, and this name is a derivation of that, giving the name Its meaning.

33. Angelia (Italian origin) means "messenger of God" or "angel". This name is a feminine form of the name 'Angelo'.

34. Angelica (Italian origin) means "angel" or "messenger".

35. Angelina (Greek origin) means " God's messenger". This baby name can be linked with the famous Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie.

36. Angeni (English origin) means "messenger" or "spirit angel".

37. Anjelita (Spanish origin) means "heavenly messenger."

38. Anji (Italian origin) means "angel" or "messenger". This name is an Italian form of the word, 'Angelos' of the same meaning.

39. Arnina (Hebrew origin) means "mountain of strength" or "messenger".

40. Aulani (English origin) means, "king's messenger".

41. Cassandra (Greek origin) mainly means, "messenger of truth". According to mythology, she was a Trojan princess and was given the gift of prophecy by Apollo.

42. Erelah (Hebrew origin) means "holy messenger" or "angel".

43. Hermia (Greek origin) means "messenger".

44. Hermione (Greek origin) means "earthly" or "messenger". The name was used as one of the protagonists of the famous book series, 'Harry Potter'.

45. Irene (Greek origin) means "messenger of Peace". The name can be found in a famous Sherlock Holmes story, 'A Scandal in Bohemia'.

46. Iris (Greek origin) means "rainbow", and it's also a kind of flower. In mythology, Iris was a messenger for Zeus and Hera.

47. Malak (Hebrew origin) means "angel" or "messenger".

48. Moraika (English origin) means " a heavenly messenger" or "an angel".

49. Safeerah (Arabic origin) means "messenger" or "ambassador".

50. Seraphina (Hebrew origin) means "ardent" or "fiery-winged". The name comes from 'seraphim', the most powerful of God's messengers.

51. Tevy (Cambodian origin) means "God's messenger" or "angel".

52. Tuyen (Vietnamese origin) means "angel", "ray" or "messenger of God".

53. Tzira (Hebrew origin) means "messenger".

Gender Neutral Names Meaning Messenger

Here are a few unique unisex names for your baby.

54. Angel (Greek origin) means "messenger of God".

55. Angelus (Latin origin) simply means "messenger" or "angel".

56. Ermete (Italian origin) means "of Hermes". Hermes was the Greek messenger god.

57. Gotzone (Spanish origin) means "angel" or "messenger".

58. Haruni (Arabic origin) means, "messengership".

59. Heshmon (Hebrew origin) means "a hasty messenger".

60. Tenshi (Japanese origin) means "a messenger of God" or "an angel."

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