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Originally Published on Nov 05, 2020
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Throughout history and across the globe, names for boys often focus on qualities like being brave, strong or a great defender.

Start your baby boy's life by giving him a name that means "warrior" and encourage him to have strong will and courage. To help you select the best, strongest, most fearless name for your baby boy, we have compiled a list of baby names that mean "warrior", "strong","protector" or other powerful, warrior-related terms.

Whether you are an expectant parent or you have just given birth to your baby boy, you'll want to check out this list of strong warrior names.

Traditional Boy Names Meaning Warrior

Why not pick a name that will help your child start their life with a strong, powerful identity? Picking a name for your baby boy is not easy, but we want to help make the process much simpler with our list of 100 baby boy names that mean "strong", "warrior" or similar.

1. Adir (Hebrew origin) means "powerful" or "mighty", a unique name for your baby boy.

2. Alexander (Greek origin) means "protector of mankind". One of the most popular boy names in the world.

3. Alfonso (German origin) name meaning "renowned warrior", or meaning "war-ready".

4. Andreas (Greek origin) means "solid and masculine", this boys' name is strong.

5. Batair (Gaelic origin) means "strong warrior/fighter". This name meaning "warrior" is unique and engaging.

6. Cathal (Irish origin) name meaning "battle rule".

7. Carlo (Italian origin) means "man". Some say it is derived from the Germanic "hari" which means "warrior". It sounds simple yet contemporary.

8. Einar (Norwegian origin) means "fighter". You may know the name from the famous warrior Einar Eindridesson Thambarskelfir and Norwegian musician Einar Kvitrafn Selvik.

9. Ezekiel (Hebrew origin) means "God will fortify".

10. Finley or Finlay (Gaelic and Celtic origin) means "blond warrior".

11. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) means "God is my strong man". It is also the name of an archangel.

12. Griffin (Welsh origin) means "strong prince".

13. Helmer (Swedish origin) means "helmeted warrior".

14. Hercules (Greek and Latin origin) means "glory of Hera" or "warrior of God". In Greek legend, Hercules is the son of Zeus.

15. Igor (Nordic origin) means "brave fighter". Famous warrior Igor of Kiev was the ruler of the Kievan Rus.

16. Ivar (Icelandic origin) means "warrior" or "leader of the army". It is the name of the renowned warrior Ivar the Boneless, who was the son of Viking king and warrior Ragnar Lodbrok.

17. Kaiden (Celtic origin) means "warrior".

18. Liam (Irish origin)  means "protector of free will". A famous person bearing this name is singer Liam Payne.

19. Ludwig (German origin) means "famous battle".

20. Louis (French origin) name meaning "renowned warrior" or "fighter".

21. Marcus(Latin origin) name meaning "warlike".

22. Milo (German and Latin origin)  means "soldier", related to the Latin word "miles" — though some believe this name doesn't come from Latin at all.

23. Nākoa (Hawaiian origin) name meaning "the warrior".

24. Ned (English origin) means "strong gatekeeper".

25. Owen (Welsh origin) name meaning "young warrior" or "noble".

26. Oz (Hebrew origin) means "strength" or "courage".

27. Patton (English origin) means "town's fighter".

28. Quillon (Latin origin) means "crossed swords".

29. Ragnar (Danish origin) means "warrior" and "judgment".

30. Rinc (Anglo-Saxon origin)  means "strong fighter or protector".

31. Safdar (Persian origin) means "warrior".

32. Titus (Hebrew origin) means "protector of justice" or "fighter".

33. Vidar (Scandinavian origin) means "warrior of the woods".

34. Walt (German origin) means "ruler of the army".

35. Wyatt (English origin) means "strong warrior".

36. Xander (Greek origin) means "defender of man".

38. Zale (Greek origin) means "ocean-like strength".

Names Meaning Brave, Fearless, Soldier And Protector

A boy with a fearless and righteous name will grow up with strong self-belief. Check out our list of baby names for boys with meanings similar to warrior.

39. Arsenio (Spanish and Greek origin) name meaning "strong".

40. Barrett (Hebrew origin) means "bear-like strength", or "fighter".

41. Berk (Turkish origin) name mea "firm and strong", a great name for a baby boy.

42. Bernard (German origin) means "brave as a bear".

43. Chad (English origin) means "warlike" or "from the warrior's town".

44. Conrad (German origin) means "a fearless, strong ruler and guide".

45. Dries (Dutch origin) means "man" or "champion". This unique name is short and sweet.

46. Eberado (German origin) means "daring".

47. Emeric (German origin) means "home ruler".

48. Everett (German origin) means "strong as a boar".

49. Farris (English origin) means "iron" or "man of vigor".

50. Farrell (Irish origin) means "man of valor".

51. Fenyang (Tswana origin) means "victor" or "conqueror".

52. Gideon (Hebrew origin) name meaning "man who cuts down" — perfect for a strong fighter.

53. Godric (English origin) name meaning "God's power" or "mighty". You may recognize the name through Godric Gryffindor from the 'Harry Potter' series.

54. Griffith (Welsh origin) means "high lord".

55. Gunnar (German origin) means "soldier" or "attacker".

56. Gus (English origin) means "great".

57. Guy (French origin) means "pioneer". Famous name bearers are film director Guy Ritchie and actor Guy Pearce.

58. Hamza (Arabic origin) name meaning "brave" or "killer of lions".

59. Herbert (German origin) means "famous warrior".

60. Henrik (German origin) means "strong ruler".

61. Kalmin (Scandinavian origin) name meaning "strong" and "masculine".

62. Kendrick (English origin) means "intense force". This name can also be used as a last name.

63. Kenzo (Japanese origin) means "strong" and "healthy".

64. Kijani (Swahili origin) means "warrior".

65. Killian (Irish origin) means "little warrior".

66. Koa (Hawaiian origin) means "fearless warrior".

67. Leonard (German origin) means "lion quality". A famous name bearer is Leonardo Da Vinci, a polymath of the High Renaissance.

68. Lionel (Latin origin) means "lion". A famous name bearer is Lionel Richie.

69. Luther (German origin)namemeaning "army of the people".

70. Makin (Arabic origin) name meaning "strong".

71. Magnus (Latin origin) means "prominent or majestic". A famous name bearer is Magnus Bane from the 'Shadow Hunters' book and television series.

72. Martin (Latin origin) means "warlike".

73. Murphy (Gaelic origin) name meaning "sea warrior".

74. Nero (Latin origin) name that means "strong" or "powerful".

75. Nolan (Gaelic origin) means "champion". This is also the last name of American director Christopher Nolan.

76. Ondrej (Slovakian origin) means "champion of men".

77. Orson (Latin origin) means "bear or bear cub". It is a great name for boys who are their parents' little fighter.

78. Oswald (Anglo-Saxon origin) means "God's ruler". It is also the name of characters that frequently appears in literature, like William Shakespeare's play 'King Lear' and Geoffrey Chaucer’s poem 'Canterbury Tales'.

79. Rex (Latin origin) means "king".

80. Ryder (English origin) means "horseman" or "mounted warrior".

81. Roger (German origin) means "famous spearman".

82. Takeo (Japanese origin) name meaning "strong like bamboo".

83. Thor (Scandinavian origin) means "thunder" or "strong". In Old Noorse mythology, Thor is the god associated with lightning, thunder, and storms. You may recognize the name from the Marvel Cinematic Universe's hammer-wielding character Thor.

84. Umberto (Italian origin) means "prestigious hero", a great name to choose for your boy.

85. Uzziah (Hebrew and Greek origin) means "Jehovah is my companion", or "the Lord is my strength". In the Hebrew Bible, he is the tenth King of the ancient Kingdom of Judah, and one of Amaziah's sons.

Gender-Neutral Names Meaning Warrior

Names that mean "warrior" aren't exclusively for boys — there are lots of gender-neutral names that mean something similar too. Find a warrior baby name meaning "strong" or "brave", whatever your child's gender.

86. Billie (English origin) means "dedicated protector".

87. Diamond (English origin) means "tough to conquer" or "invincible".

88. Donal (Irish origin) means "ruler of the world".

89. Emery (French origin) means "brave" or "hard-working".

90. Max (Latin origin) means "the greatest".

91. Phoenix (Greek origin) the name of a mythical feathered bird, which is invincible and rises from its own ashes. Derived from the Greek for "dark red".

Modern Names Meaning Warrior

Warrior baby names need not always be traditional or classic. Check out our list of modern names that means "warrior" for your little boy.

92. Amaury (French and German origin) means "willpower".

93. Arnold (German origin) means "power of the eagle".

94. Denzel (Cornish origin) means "strong". A famous name bearer is Hollywood star Denzel Washington.

95. Dustin (Scottish origin) name meaning "brave warrior".

96. Duncan (German origin) means "man of the battle" or "fighter".

97. Enzo (Italian origin) means "champ or triumph". A famous name bearer is Lorenzo 'Enzo' St. John, a character from TV series 'The Vampire Diaries'.

98. Ethan (Hebrew origin) means "solid" or "firm".

99. Quinlan (Gaelic origin) means "fit and strong".

100. Zuberi (Swahili origin) means "strong".

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