100+ Best Sophisticated Names For Boys And Girls

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Many parents wish to give their child a name that shows elegance.

Even better would be a name that shows both elegance and sophistication. Baby names of that sort can be perfectly suited for your need.

Names are symbols of one's status. The very best of the names have stayed on for decades and centuries. The list that we have prepared is filled with names that are rich in history, sound posh, and are classics.

That's the very best way to define a sophisticated name. Let's look below and see some of the beautiful names. Sophisticated names are popular, famous, elegant, and characterful.

If you want more classy names, you can read our articles on Elegant Boy Names and Vintage Girl Names.

Sophisticated Girl Names

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Enlisted below are some of the best girl names. Search through the list and find the name which appeals to you.

1. Alexandra (Greek origin) meaning "man's defender". Alexandra Daddario is an American actress associated with this name.

2. Allegra (Italian origin) meaning "cheerful and lively".

3. Anais (Catalan origin) meaning "grace".

4. Anastasia (Greek origin) meaning "resurrection". Anastasia was the youngest daughter of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II.

5. Angelica (Latin origin) meaning "angel".

6. Annabelle (English origin) meaning "graceful". 'Annabelle' is a popular horror movie about a doll of the same name.

7. Antoinette (French origin) means "invaluable". Antoinette Burton is an American historian linked with this name.

8. Aurelia (Ancient Roman origin) meaning "golden child". Elegant names like Aurelia are cute.

9. Beatrice (Italian origin) meaning "voyager". Beatrice was a character in the Shakespearean drama 'Much ado about nothing'.

10. Bernice (Greek origin) means "to bring victory". Bernice was the sister of King Herod II, according to the New Testament.

11. Bethany (English origin) means "from a fig house." According to the New Testament, Bethany was the name of the town in which Lazarus resided.

12. Brigitte (Gaelic origin) meaning "strength". Pretty girl names like this are beautiful.

13. Caledonia (English origin) meaning "from Scotland". Timeless girl names like these will never get old.

14. Camilla (Italian origin) means "free born". Camila Cabello is an American-Cuban singer. This is a cute baby name.

15. Caroline (French origin) meaning "free man". Elegant girl names like this are beautiful.

16. Cassandra (Greek origin) meaning "to shine upon man". According to Greek mythology, she was the daughter of Hecuba and Priam. Apollo gave her the power of prophecy as a gift.

17. Caterina (Italian origin) means "pure". Elegant names for girls like these are perfect for a baby girl.

18. Cecelia English origin) meaning "blind". Fancy names like Cecelia are cool.

19. Clementine (English origin) means "mild or gentle". Kate Winslet played Clementine Kruczynski in the famous movie 'Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind'.

20. Cordelia (English origin) meaning "daughter of the sea". Elegant girl names like Cordelia can be lovely baby names. This is perhaps the rarest baby name for a girl.

21. Coretta (English origin) meaning "maiden". Coretta Scott King was the wife of Martin Luther King.

22. Coty (English origin) meaning "coast". Classy girls' names like Coty are cool.

23. Delilah (Latin origin) meaning "delicate". Delilah, as per the Bible, was the liver of Samson. A Latin name like this is perfect for parents in search of a name for their little girl.

24. Diana (English origin) means "divine". Lady Diana was the Princess of Wales and the first wife of Charles. Class baby girl names like Diana can be perfect for your kid.

25. Eleanor (Literature origin) meaning "shining light". In 'Lord of the Rings', she was the eldest daughter of Sam.

26. Elizabeth (Biblical origin) meaning "devoted to God". Elizabeth is a royal name, and Elizabeth II, the queen in the United Kingdom. Timeless girls' names like Elizabeth are trendy.

27. Emilia (Italian origin) meaning "to emulate". Emilia Clarke is a famous British actress with notable works in 'Star Wars' and 'Game of Thrones'.

28. Fiorella (Italian origin) meaning "lovely flower". Fancy girl names like this are cool.

29. Florence (French origin) means "blossoming". Florence Nightingale is considered the founder of modern nursing. French name like these has a class in them.

30. Giada (Italian origin) meaning "jade". This is a posh name.

31. Grace (English origin) meaning "blessing or favor". Grace Kelly was a famous actress.

32. Gwyneth (Welsh origin) name meaning "happiness".

33. Henrietta (Finnish origin) means "estate ruler".

34. Hermione (Greek origin) meaning "well born". Hermione Granger is a famous lead character in the 'Harry Potter' series.

35. Isabella (Italian origin) meaning "devoted to God". Isabella Swan is the protagonist in Stephanie Meyer's 'Twilight' novel series.

36. Jacqueline (French origin) meaning "he who supplants". Long girls' names like this are elegant.

37. Josephine (French origin) meaning "Jehovah increases." Napoleon's first wife was named Josephine de Beauharnais. This is a beautiful French name.

38. Juliet (English origin) meaning "youthful". Juliet was one of the protagonists in the Shakespearean play 'Romeo and Juliet'.

39. Lauren (English origin) means "laurel plant". Classy baby girl names like Luren deserve appreciation from one and all.

40. Lydia (English origin) meaning "woman from Lydia".

41. Madeline (English origin) name meaning "woman from Magdala".

42. Maria (Italian origin) meaning "star of the sea". This is a sweet baby name.

43. Meredith (Welsh origin) means "guardian of the sea". Meredith Grey is the protagonist in the famous TV series 'Grey's Anatomy'.

44. Rebecca (Biblical origin) name means "to mind."

45. Rosalind (English origin) meaning "beautiful rose." Rosalind was the name of one of the main characters in William Shakespeare's play 'As You Like It.

46. Sarah (Latin origin) meaning "princess". Latin names like these are always beautiful.

47. Serena (Roman origin)meaning "calm". Serena Williams is a world-famous tennis player, and this name can be an excellent option for parents in search of baby names for their little daughter.

48. Valentina (Russian origin) meaning "strong and healthy". The first woman who went to space was Valentina Tereshkova.

49. Virginia (English origin) means "chaste". Virginia Woolf was a famous British novelist with this name.

Sophisticated Boy Names

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Here are some of the best and sophisticated names for your baby boy.

50. Alasdair (Scottish origin) meaning "defender of mankind". Noble names like these are most rare.

51. Albert (German origin) meaning "bright and noble". Albert Einstein was a world-renowned physicist.

52. Alfred (Polish origin) meaning "elf counsel". Alfred Lord Tennyson was a poet from Britain who had this name.

53. Anthony (English origin) meaning "highly praiseworthy". Sir Anthony Hopkins is a famous actor.

54. Ashby (English origin) meaning "from the ash tree". This is an elegant baby name for little boys.

55. Asher (Hebrew origin) meaning "happy and blessed". This is a rare baby name for your little one.

56. Augustus (Roman origin) means "great". Julius Caesar's adopted son Octavia was given the title 'Augustus'.

57. Baldwin (English origin) meaning "brave and bold friend".

58. Bartholomew (Biblical origin) meaning "son of Talmai". Bartholomew Diaz was a Portuguese traveler who discovered the southernmost tip of Africa.

59. Benjamin (Biblical origin) meaning "son of my right hand". Benjamin Franklin was an American inventor.

60. Bradford (English origin) meaning "wide river crossing".

61. Bradley (English origin) means "wide meadow". Bradley Cooper is a famous American actor. This baby name is cool.

62. Charles (English origin) means "free man". Charles Darwin brought the 'Theory of Evolution' to the world while Charles Dickens was a famous novelist with works like 'Oliver Twist' and 'David Copperfield'.

63. Clement (English origin) meaning "mild". Fancy boy names like this are sophisticated.

64. Constantine (Latin origin) name means "constant". A Latin name which is one of the timeless baby names.

65. Daniel (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is my judge". Daniel Defoe was a famous English author.

66. David (Biblical origin) meaning "beloved". David de Gea is a famous soccer player who plays for Manchester United and Spain.

67. Dominic (Latin origin) meaning "belonging to the lord". Classy names like Dominic are posh.

68. Dylan (Welsh origin) meaning "son of the seas".

69. Edmund (German origin) meaning "wealthy protector". From Sir Edmund Hillary.

70. Edwin (Dutch origin) meaning "rich friend." Edwin Van der Sar was a famous soccer goalkeeper who played for Manchester United and the Netherlands.

71. Ethan (Latin origin) meaning "strong or firm". From Ethan Hunt, in the 'Mission Impossible' movie series. Elegant names like Ethan is widely popular.

72. Ezra (Biblical origin) meaning "help". This is a perfect name for a baby boy.

73. Fabian (Dutch origin) means "bean seller".

74. Francis (English origin) means "Frenchman." Francis Bacon was a philosopher and scientist.

75. Franklin (English origin) meaning "free landholder". Franklin. D. Roosevelt was an American President.

76. Frederick (English origin) meaning "peaceful ruler". Sophisticated baby names like Frederick is perfect for your little boy.

77. George (Romanian origin) means "farmer". George Washington was the very first President of the USA.

78. Gerald (English origin) name meaning "ruler of the spear". This is a perfect baby boy name.

79. Giovanni (Italian origin) means "Jehovah has been gracious". Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini was a famous painter of the Renaissance era.

80. Graham (Scottish origin) meaning "gravelly homestead". Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone.

81. Gregory (English origin) means "watchful and alert". Gregory Peck was a famous American actor.

82. Gustav (Swedish origin) meaning "staff of the Goths". This is an excellent name for a little baby boy.

83. Hanson (English origin) meaning "son of Hans." Classy baby boy names like Hanson is great for your baby boy.

84. Harris (English origin) meaning "home-ruler".

85. Henry (English origin) means "estate ruler". Henry Ford was a famous American automobile manufacturer.

86. Ian (Scottish origin)meaning "God is gracious". This is a lovely first name for a baby boy.

87. James (Biblical origin) name means "supplanter". James Joyce was an Irish novelist, while James Watt was a Scottish inventor.

88. Julian (Polish origin) name meaning "youthful or downy".

89. Lawrence (English origin) means "from Laurentum". D.H. Lawrence was a famous author. Long names for boys like these are elegant.

90. Matteo (Italian origin) name means "gift from God". Matteo Darmian is an Italian footballer,

91. Michael (Biblical origin) meaning "who is like God". Michael Jordan is a world-renowned Basketball icon.

92. Oliver (German origin) meaning "olive tree". A great name for a baby boy.

93. Orlando (Italian origin) means "famous land". Orlando Bloom is a famous actor.

94. Philip (English origin) name means "lover of horses".

95. Quentin (French origin) meaning "fifth". Quentin Tarantino is a world-renowned American film director.

96. Richard (English origin) means "powerful ruler". Richard Feynman was a famous American physicist.

97. Roderick (Scottish origin) name name meaning "famous power".

98. Sebastian (German origin) means "person from the ancient city of Sebastia". Sebastian Vettel is a Formula One racer.

99. Simon (Biblical origin) meaning "the listener". This is a lovely first name for a baby boy.

100. Sterling (English origin) name meaning "excellent."

101. Stuart (Scottish origin) meaning "steward." 'Stuart Little' is a popular children's cartoon.

102. Tancred (Norman origin) meaning "thought". Posh names like this are pretty awesome.

103. Thomas (Biblical origin) meaning "twin". Thomas Alba Edison was a famous American inventor with this name.

104. Vincent (Danish origin) means "conquering". Vincent Van Gogh was an extremely popular and influential painter.

105. William (English origin) meaning "resolute protection". William Shakespeare was a genius literary dramatist, while William Blake was a famous poet.

106. Xavier (Portuguese origin) meaning "the new house". Classy boy names like Xavier is beautiful.

Kidadl has lots of great baby names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for sophisticated names then why not take a look at Elegant Girls Names, or for something different take a look at Lovely Long Names.

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