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Everyone loves a good name, especially if it reminiscences the old days.

The right name can be a variety of types - modern and sassy or a classy one. But a lovely way to name your baby daughter would be to give her a vintage name.

The classiest of names never get old. They live on for generations and pass on from centuries to centuries. Elegant names like Catherine or Virginia have been popular since the fourteenth or fifteenth century and even today is a crown favorite. So, we invite you to go through our list of 100 vintage girl names without any more delay.

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Classy Vintage Names

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Take a look at our list of classy and vintage names below for your baby girl.

1. Adelaide (Germanic origin) meaning "noble type". The tenth-century Roman Emperor Otto the Great's wife's name was Saint Adelaide.

2. Arlene (Celticorigin) meaning "free man". Arlene was the protagonist of 'The Bohemian Girl' written by Michael William Balfe.

3. Barbara (Greek origin) meaning "foreign". This is a lovely vintage girl name.

4. Bernadette (French origin) meaning "a bear's bravery". Bernadette was a famous character in the popular sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory'.

5. Beverly (Old English origin) meaning "beaver stream".

6. Carol (English origin) meaning "free man".

7. Catherine (Greek origin) meaning "each of the two". Catherine was the first wife of English King Henry VIII.

8. Dolores (Spanish origin) meaning "sorrow or pain". Dolores Umbridge was a famous antagonist who appeared in some Harry Potter' books.

9. Doris (Greek origin) meaning "the sea".

10. Dorothy (Greek origin) meaning "God's gift". Dorothy was the main character in 'The Wonderful Wizard of Oz', written by L.Frank Baum.

11. Edith (Old English origin) meaning "wealth and fortune".

12. Elaine (Old French origin) meaning "torch". Elaine was the lover of Sir Lancelot, which appeared in 'Le Morte d'Arthur' by Thomas Malory.

13. Eleanor (French origin) meaning "the sun."

14. Elsie (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is abundance" or "God is my oath".

15. Evelyn (English origin) meaning "to be desired". This is a lovely vintage girl name.

16. Florence (Latin origin) meaning "flourishing or prosperous". Florence Nightingale was a famous nurse and is also considered the founder of modern nursing.

17. Geraldine (Germanic origin) meaning "rule of the spear". This name was popularly used in fifteenth-century sonnets.

18. Gladys (Welsh origin) meaning "country". Gladys Aylward was a British missionary.

19. Gloria (Latin origin) meaning "glory". The name has been used in the novel 'You Can Never Tell' written by George Bernard Shaw.

20. Helen (Greek origin) meaning "corposant." Helen Keller was the first blind and deaf person to earn a bachelor's degree.

21. Irene (Geek origin) meaning "peace". Irene Adler was a famous character in the Sherlock Holmes series, and she made her first and only appearance in the story 'A Scandal in Bohemia'.

22. Joan (Hebrew origin) meaning "God is gracious". Joan of Arc is an icon in France. Another popular personality is American singer, songwriter, and activist Joan Baez.

23. Josephine (French origin) meaning "he will add". Josephine de Beauharnais was the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte.

24. Judith (Hebrew origin) meaning "woman from Judea". This is one of the vintage names for girls.

25. Lois (Biblical origin) meaning "better or more desirable".

26. Loretta (Italian origin) meaning "Laurel".

27. Margaret (English origin) meaning "pearl". Margaret is a prevalent name with writers Margaret Mitchell, Margaret Atwood, and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher associated with this name.

28. Marilyn (English origin) meaning "sea of bitterness". Marilyn Monroe was a famous American actress.

29. Octavia (Roman origin) meaning "eighth". Mark Anthony's wife and Augustus's sister was Octavia.

30. Ophelia (English origin) meaning "advantage or help". Ophelia was the lover of Hamlet in William Shakespeare's play 'Hamlet'.

31. Patricia (Latin origin) meaning "a woman from nobility".

32. Peggy (English origin) meaning "pearl". Peggy Carter is a character in the Marvel comics.

33. Penelope (Greek origin) refers to a 'type of duck'. Spanish actress Penelope Cruz is famous all over the world.

34. Phyllis (Greek origin) meaning "foliage". Old fashioned names like this can easily qualify for vintage girls' names.

35. Rhea (Roman origin) means "to flow". According to Greek mythology, Rhea was a Titan who was the mother of Zeus, Hades, Poseidon, Hestia, Demeter, and Hera.

36. Rose (Latin origin) meaning "famous type". This is one of the classic names for girls.

37. Sophia (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom". Sophia Loren is a famous Italian actress.

38. Susan (English origin) meaning "Lily".

39. Sylvia (Norwegian origin) meaning "forest or wood". This name is associated with American author Sylvia Plath.

40. Virginia (Greek origin) meaning " a maid or a virgin". Virginia Woolf was a famous English novelist.

41. Wanda (Polish origin) meaning "a weld". Wanda Nara is the agent and wife of Argentine soccer star Mauro Icardi.

42. Wilma (German origin) meaning "will-helmet". Old fashioned names like Wilma is also a baby name

Fancy Vintage Names

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Vintage girl names are widely popular nowadays, and if they are a bit fancy, that makes the list even more enjoyable. In this list, there are a lot of traditional and fancy girl names for you to choose from.

43. Alice (English origin) meaning "noble type". This vintage name has been extremely popular since the nineteenth century and was brought to fame by Lewis Carroll's iconic novel 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Through the Looking Glass'.

44. Beatrice (Italian origin) meaning "a traveler or a voyager". The name appears in 'The Divine Comedy' by Dante.

45. Bernice (Biblical origin) meaning " bring victory". The name appears in the New Testament. Vintage baby names like this are classy.

46. Betty (English origin) meaning "my God is an oath". This is an old fashioned baby name.

47. Bonnie (English origin) meaning "pretty". This name became extremely popular as it was the nickname of Scarlett's daughter in the movie 'Gone with the Wind'.

48. Clara (Roman origin) meaning "clear, bright, and famous". This was a popular baby name in the 1700s.

49. Constance (French origin) meaning "constant". Wilhelm the Conqueror's daughters' name was Constance. This is one of the vintage girl names you don't hear anymore.

50. Daisy (English origin) meaning "day eye". It usually refers to a white flower. Daisy was a character in the children's cartoon 'Oswald'.

51. Darlene (English origin) meaning "darling". Vintage baby girl names like Darlene are classics.

52. Dot (English origin) meaning "God's gift". This is an old fashioned baby girl name.

53. Edna (Biblical origin) meaning "pleasure". This is an old fashioned baby name.

54. Eloise (English origin) meaning "healthy". Vintage baby names like Eloise are timeless.

55. Esther (Dutch origin) meaning "star". Esther Duflo is an American-French economist who won the Nobel prize in economics in 2019.

56. Ethel (English origin) meaning "noble". This name appears in 'William Makepeace Thackeray's novel 'The Newcomes'. Retro names like Ethel are beautiful.

57. Frances (English origin) meaning "Frenchman". Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini was a social worker.

58. Gail (English origin) meaning "my father is joy".

59. Gertrude (French origin) meaning "spear of strength". Saint Gertrude was a popular nun and a mystic writer of the thirteenth century. Old lady names like this are a classic.

60. Grace (English origin) meaning "gracious". Grace Kelly was a famous actress. Traditional Names for girls, like Grace, are beautiful.

61. Hazel (English origin) meaning "light brown in color". Pretty vintage names like this are unique.

62. Heyday (Hebrew origin) meaning "Echo of God". Vintage rustic girl names like this deserve a comeback.

63. Ira (Sanskrit origin) refers to Goddess Saraswati, the Goddess of learning.

64. Ivy (English origin) refers to a climber plant that produces yellow flowers.

65. June (English origin) refers to the month's name and the Roman Goddess Juno.

66. Kate (Croatian origin) meaning "each of the two". Kate Winslet is a famous British actress.

67. Kitty (English origin) meaning "my consecration of your name". Unique vintage names like this are pretty.

68. Lillian (English origin) meaning "my God is an oath".

69. Lorraine (English origin) meaning "Kingdom of Lothar". This can be an old fashioned baby name.

70. Louise (French origin) meaning "famous battle".

71. Mabel (English origin) meaning "lovable". The name appeared in the novel 'The Heir of Redclyff'.

72. Marjorie (English origin) meaning "pearl". Retro Names like this are funky.

73. Nanette (English origin) meaning "grace or favor". Old lady names like these can be blissful.

74. Norma (Italian origin) meaning "Northman". Norma Jean is an American singer, while Norma Bates was a famous fictional character who appeared in the movie 'Psycho'.

75. Olive (French origin) refers to an olive tree. Vintage baby names like Olive are beautiful.

76. Opal (Sanskrit origin) meaning "jewel". This is one of the old-fashioned girls' names.

77. Phoebe (Biblical origin) meaning "bright or pure". Phoebe Buffay was a famous character who appeared in the popular sitcom 'Friends'.

78. Polly (English origin) meaning "rebelliousness". Classic girls' names like Polly are timeless.

79. Posey (English origin) meaning "he will add". Classical girls' names like Posey deserve a comeback.

80. Priscilla (Biblical Latin origin) meaning "ancient". This name was used in the poem 'The Courtship of Miles Standish' written by H. W. Longfellow.

81. Queenie (English origin) meaning "woman or wife". This is an old-fashioned girl name.

82. Ruby (English origin) refers to the gemstone ruby. Dori Prange is an American professional wrestler who wrestles with the stage name of Ruby Riot.

83. Ruth (Hebrew origin) meaning "friend". Ruth Cleveland was the daughter of American President Grover Cleveland.

84. Sue (English origin) meaning "lily". Vintage baby names like Sue are cute.

85. Tabitha (Biblical origin) meaning "gazelle". Vintage girl names like this are cool.

86. Theresa (German origin) meaning "summer". Theresa May is the name of the former British prime minister.

87. Ursula (Swedish origin) meaning "little bear". American author Ursula Guin was associated with this name.

88. Violet (English origin) refers to the purple color. Baby-names like Violet are cool.

89. Willa (English origin) meaning "will-helmet". Traditional girls' names like Wilma are classic choices.

90. Winifred (Welsh origin) meaning "blessed".

Gender-Neutral Vintage Names

Unisex names are more of a modern trend but many vintage names make great unisex baby names. Let us have a look at some of the vintage girl names.

91. Addison (English origin) meaning "child of Adam".

92. Billie (English origin) meaning "a resolute protector".

93. Ellis (English/Hebrew origin) meaning "my God is Yahweh".

94. Jo (French origin) meaning "God is gracious".

95. Joyce (Breton origin) meaning "the Lord". James Joyce was a famous Irish novelist.

96. Marie (Czech origin) meaning "sea of bitterness".

97. Perry (English origin) meaning "pear tree."

98. Prudence (English origin) meaning "wise and skilled".

99. Quinn (Irish origin) meaning "wisdom and intelligence".

100. Shirley (Old English origin) meaning "bright clearing". This was also the name of the protagonist in Charlotte Bronte's novel 'Shirley'.

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