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As a cat parent, you must be looking for some very interesting cat names for your feline.

Is it a fluffy white cat, a gorgeous black cat, or just a small kitten you once found in your back ally and brought home? Selecting names related to the Indian culture for a four-legged friend makes for a fascinating choice.

Other than different dog breeds, cats are popular pets all over the world. When it comes to Indian families, they prefer a Hindi name for their kitten as it resembles a connection with their culture. This is the reason that pet parents want some unique names for their kittens related to the Indian culture. If you are also looking for such names, then the list below will certainly answer all your queries.

Here is a curated list of Indian cat names that you could call your cat.

Male Indian Cat Names

Indian male cats have very simple but impactful cat names. Some male cat names are cute, while other male cat names are pretty meaningful. Here are a few Indian male cat names for your furry friend.

Aarav (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘loud thunder’, is perfect if your cat loves making noise.

Adi (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘first’, is something you could call your first-ever kitten.

Ahaan (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the daylight’, for your daytime loving cat.

Chatur (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘intelligent’, for your very smart cat.

Dhruv (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the pole star’, because your male cat guides your life with his presence, just like a star.

Farhaan (Persian origin) meaning ‘joy and delight’, because your cat is your joy.

Hriday (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the heart’, because he has your heart!

Hunar (Urdu origin) meaning ‘skill’, is a good name choice if your cat is skilled at something.

Ishaan (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the sun’, is one of the cat names that oozes warmth.

Raj (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘rule’, because he rules over your heart and your home.

Ranbir (Hindi origin) meaning ‘a brave warrior’, is definitely for a brave warrior who fights with other cats!

Sai (Hindi origin) meaning the ‘name of a saint’, can be used for a peace-loving cat.

Shaan (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘pride’, for your proud beautiful cat.

Tejas (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘sharpness’, for a sharp-witted kitten!

Uday (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘to rise’, for your early-riser cat who loves to wake you up at the crack of dawn, even on Sundays!

Ved (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the sacred Hindu scriptures’, is a very exotic name.

Virat (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘valor’, can be a great name for a very courageous cat.

Yash (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘fame’, can be the name of your attention-grabbing cat!

Yug (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘an era’, is one of the popular cat names as it has depth and is very simple at the same time.

Zain (Arabic origin) meaning ‘radiance and beauty’, for kitties with very radiant green eyes!

Female Indian Cat Names

Indian female cat names are mostly very sweet sounding as well as powerful. Female cat names are easy-syllabled and have a depth to them. Below are a few of the most popular female cat names.

Abha (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘light imbued’, is a suitable name if your female cat has shiny fur.

Aditi (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘boundless’, is for a mischievous female cat.

Amila (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘wind’, for your cat who’s as fast as the wind.

Chetana (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘intellect and conscience’, yeah very intelligent when stealing from the kitchen. Sigh!

Ela (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘name of a Hindustani music compostion’, because meowing does sound like a melody sometimes!

Ira (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the Earth’, is a beautifully organic female cat name.

Keya (Bengali origin) meaning ‘flower’, is one of the pretty female cat names!

Khushi (Indian origin) meaning ‘happiness’, for the bundle of joy that your pet is!

Mishti (Bengali origin) meaning ‘sweet’, for your chocolate brown cat, or just because she’s adorable.

Myra (Greek origin) meaning ‘beloved’, is pretty perfect for most pets.

Naina (Arabic origin) meaning ‘peaceful’, is a Hindi name for calm and quiet female cats.

Naira (Arabic origin) meaning ‘glittering’, is a cute name for those shiny eyes.

Noor (Urdu origin) meaning ‘light’, for the light of your life.

Oishi (Hindi origin) meanin, ‘divine’, because any and every animal is divine.

Pari (Persian origin) meaning ‘fairy’, for a magically beautiful cat.

Preeti  (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘love’, which is a lovely name.

Rachana (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘creation’, because she’s one of God's best creations on this land.

Rani (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘queen’, because let’s be honest, she is the queen.

Suhana (Arabic origin) meaning ‘pleasant’, is quite a pleasant ancient name.

Varsha (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘rain’, is pretty perfect for your rain-loving cat.

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Native American Names For A Black Cat

All of these cat names show how glorious and powerful like night, the black color really is. Here are some Native American names for a black cat.

Chhaaya (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘shadow’. A great name for an owner who wants to shower the cat with love.

Indra (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the God of rain and thunder’. One of the best names for a white cat with a powerful personality.

Kaliya (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the glorious time before death’.

Kanha (Sanskrit origin) is another name for Hindu God, Krishna.

Krishna (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘black’ or ‘dark blue’, is also the name of a Hindu God.

Maya (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘illusion’, perfect for your brown cat who blends into the surrounding land.

Nilain (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘sapphire’. A sweet name for a family cat.

Shyama (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘black’ or ‘dark blue’, is also the name of a Hindu Goddess.

Suneela (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the color of the night sky’.

Veer (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘brave and heroic’, perfect for your confident kitty.

Wild Cats Indian Names And Types

Is your cat not a domestic one? What should he or she be called by a human? Do not worry; here is the list of the most unique wildcat names from India, just for you! With a great diversity of wildlife, India holds the record of owning the largest number of wildcats in the world. Here is a list of some wildcat names.

Adhira (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the power of lightning’, if your wildcat is fast and scary, then Adhira is one of the best names for them.

Ahana (Kannada origin) meaning ‘morning glory’, is a beautiful name for a charming cat.

Asian Golden Cat, also known as Fire Cat, due to the presence of spots and stripes on their body.

Asiatic Lion, is one of the most powerful wildcats ever.

Badal (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘clouds’, for your cat as white as summer clouds or as dark as monsoon clouds.

Brithi (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘strengthened’, if your pet is strong.

Caracal can be easily distinguished by its long, black tufted ears, similar to the Eurasian Lynx. The caracal is generally swift, nocturnal, and solitary.

Chhavi (Hindi origin) meaning ‘reflection or image’, is a very artsy name, perfect for your unique cat.

Dhanush (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the bow’, if your wildcat can jump like an arrow fired from a bow.

Durga (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the Goddess of power and strength’, is the perfect name for a tiger.

Ekanjeet (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the triumph of the Lord’, can be used for very powerful wildcats.

Eurasian Lynx, one of the four Lynx species. Eurasian Lynx is the largest on planet Earth.

Ishita (Hindi origin) meaning ‘mastery’, for your brave and skilled pet.

Isir (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the God of fire’, has to be the best cat name for an Asian Golden Cat.

Jungle Cat, one of the most widespread and common wild cats in India is the jungle cat.

Kavya (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘poetry’, is a very gorgeous and romantic name.

Leopard, renowned for its unique skill set of agility and adaptation.

Mannat (Urdu origin) meaning ‘special prayer’, is a very precious name.

Ojasvi (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘someone with great commanding presence’, for the king of the jungle!

Piya (Urdu origin) meaning ‘beloved’ for a lovely pet.

Qasim (Arabic origin) meaning ‘generous’, for a feline with a kind-hearted personality.

Romil (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘affection’, if you and your pet love to cuddle.

Royal Bengal Tiger, undoubtedly the largest wild cat species alive on Earth.

Snow Leopard, the only top predator of high altitude habitat.

Vamanie (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the power of the sky’, is the perfect name for a white cat or Asiatic Lion.

Vanmala (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘wildflower garland’, could be used as a cat name for your furry friend who likes to sit in a tree!

Vyanshi (Sanskrit origin) meaning ‘the part of a divine power’, is an intimidating name for an intimidating wild cat.

Zivah (Hebrew origin) meaning ‘brilliance’, is the best name for your brilliant feline friend.

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