110 Best Spiritual Cat Names Perfect For Your New Kitten

Georgia Stone
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Originally Published on Nov 30, 2020
The cute gray kitten

Do you love cats? Don't we all. This animal is the spirit animal for various humans. Cats have always been sacred in Ancient Egypt, while many lores from Japan considered these creatures lucky household spirits.

In Great Britain, it was a tradition during the 1600s for the visitors to kiss the family cat to ensure a pleasant visit upon their arrival. Even to this date, many cultures believe that if you do any ill to a cat, you are inviting bad luck, loss of love, or even death.

So, if you have recently become a cat parent or you have already adopted one and is looking for a beautiful name for your new cat, then we can help you find appropriate Wiccan cat names for your cat.

If you are into spiritual, witchy, or fantasy cat names from witchcraft, history, books, or even the magical world, then you are in for a treat.

You can also check out fantasy cat names or Halloween cat names right here on Kidadl.

Popular Spiritual Inspired Cats names

Grey mother cat nursing her babies kittens

Check out our list of spiritual black cat names below.

1. Astral (F) (American origin) means "space". It's a good name for a kitty.

2. Anastasia (F) (Italian origin) means "one who will be reborn".

3. Aura (F) (Greek origin) means "a luminous field that envelops all beings".

4. Atropos (M) (Greek origin) means "fates". Such unique black cat names are hard to find.

5. Banshee (F) (Irish origin) means "shrieking in the dead of night".

6. Cherub (M/F) (Greek origin) means "an innocent being". A perfect name for sweet cats.

7. Chimera (M) (Greek origin) means "body of a goat, head of a lion".

8. Chakra (F) (Greek origin) means "spiritual, physical", and emotional horizons.

9. Cruz (M) (Spanish origin) means "cross".

10. Elijah (M) (Hebrew origin) means “the lord is my God”.

11. Kelpie (F) (Greek origin) means "drowning and floods".

12. Neptune (M/F) (Roman origin) means "God of the sea".

13. Psyche (M) (Greek origin) means "human soul, mind, or spirit".

14. Pixie (F)(Greek origin) means "a prankster fairy".

15. Phoenix (F) (Greek origin) means "ashes to live again".

16. Revenant (M)(Greek origin) means "spirit after his death".

17. Shade (M)(Greek origin) means "looming shadow".

18. Shaman (M)(Greek origin) means "supernatural and the natural".

19. Seraph (F) (Greek origin) means "closest to God".

20. Seder (M)(Hebrew origin) means "order".

21. Sibyl (F)(Greek origin) means "seer or prophet".

22. Specter (M)(Greek origin) means "a horrifying ghost".

23. Spook (M)(English origin) means "a spy or a prankster"

24. Sprite (F)(Greek origin) means "an elf".

25. Sooth (M)(Greek origin) means "prophet".

26. Seton (M)(Old English) means "sea settlement".

27. Tazia (F)(Italian origin) means "One who will be reborn."

28. Uri (F)(Hebrew origin) means "God is my light".

29. Wraith (M)(Greek origin) means a sort of ghost.

30. Yoga (M)(Japanese origin) means "sun and sprout".

31. Zion (M)(Hebrew origin) means "center of Jerusalem".

American shorthair cat is scratching

Boy Spiritual Cat Names

We have compiled a list of unique and mystical cat names for boys too.

32. Avallach (Greek origin) means "the king of the mystical of Avalon".

33. Azrael (Hebrew origin) means "angel of God".

34. Krishna (Hindu origin) means "black, dark". He is also the god of love and happiness.

35. Levi (Hebrew origin) means"joining".

36. Orion (Greek origin) means "a great hunter".

37. Occult (Greek origin) means "mystical". Such witchy cat names are hardly common making them perfect for your baby.

38. Oracle (Greek origin) means "prophecy".Such a cat name will make a perfect name for a mystical cat.

39. Shiva (Indian origin) means "destroyer". He is also a Hindu god known for his anger.

40. Tobias (Hebrew origin) means "Goodness of Yahweh".

Girl Spiritual Cat Names

Mystical cat names for girls are equally popular among pet owners.

41. Ariel (Hebrew origin) means "lion of God".

42. Áine (Irish origin) means "the queen of fairies". and goddess of summer".

43. Aja (Greek origin) means "she of the hair". In Yoruban mythology, she is the goddess of the forest.

44. Baba Yaga (Slavic origin) means "giant chicken legs".

45. Cybele (Greek origin) means "nature goddess associated with lions and tigers".

46. Durga (Indian origin) means "Hindu warrior goddess who rode into battle on a lion". A mythology name.

47. Inara (Middle Eastern origin) means "a goddess who protected animals".

48. Leda (Greek origin) means "a very beautiful woman".

49. Kikimora (Russian origin) means "scarecrow".

50. Maia (Greek origin) means " "brave or confident." In Roman mythology, she is the goddess of spring.

51. Mystery (English origin) means "unexplained".

52. Nirvana (Indian origin) means "liberation".

53. Penthesilea (Greek origin) means "queen of the Amazons".

54. Sekhmet (Egyptian origin) means "cat goddess".

55. Virtue (Old French origin) means "moral worth".

56. Zaria (Slavic origin) means "goddess of beauty".

Magic Related Cat Names

Mystical cat names are perfect for a mystical cat.

57. Calliope (F)(Greek origin) means "beautiful-voiced"

58. Chanceux (M) (French origin) means "lucky".

59. Kismet (M/F)(Greek origin) means "destiny or fate". Such mystical cat names are perfect for your white cat.

60. Medusa (F)(Greek origin) means "cunning". In Greek mythology, Medusa was an extremely beautiful woman, who was punished by the gods because they were jealous.

61. Mystery (M)(Greek origin) means "mystery".

62. Omen (M) (Arabic origin) means "prophecy of the future".

63. Osiris (F)(Egyptian origin) means "powerful" or "mighty".

64. Pagan (M) (French origin) means "religions; pantheistic, polytheistic".

65. Pandora (F)(Greek origin) means "the all-endowed".

66. Raven (F)(Greek origin) means "crow."

67. Sphynx (F) (Greece origin) means "a creature with a woman's head".

68. Suerte (M)(Spanish origin) means "lucky".

Cat Names Inspired By Movies, TV, and Books

Some cat names from movies are very popular, for example, Liebchen from 'The Witches' movie.

68. Aether: (F)(Greek origin) means "one who unites air, firewater, and earth".

69. Alex: (M) is the name of a famous character from the movie 'Madagascar'.

70. Aslan :(M)is a major character in C. S. Lewis's 'The Chronicles Of Narnia' series.

71. Ariel: (F)is a magical spirit from William Shakespeare’s 'The Tempest' who was enslaved by Prospero.

72. Binx: (F)was a teenager who was transformed by witches into a talking cat in the film 'Hocus Pocus'.

73. Blanche: (F)was a cat from the Japanese comedy horror film 'House'.

74. Bob: (M)was the stray ginger cat from the film 'A Street Cat Named Bob'.

75. Butch: (M)was the cat from the film 'The Incredible Shrinking Man'.

76. Buttercup: (F)was the cat from the film 'The Hunger Games'.

77. Catbus: (M)was the cat from theanimated fantasy film 'My Neighbor Totoro'.

78. Charles and Mary Brady: (M/F)were the cats from thefilm 'Sleepwalkers'.

79. Charlie: (M)was the cat from the film 'Charlie the Lonesome Cougar'.

80. Circe: (F)was the Goddess of magic from 'The Iliad' by Homer.

81. Cleo: (M)was the cat from thefilm 'The Mummy' who wards off evildoers.

82. Dinah: (F)was the cat from the book series 'Alice In Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll. She was Alice’s pet cat who frequently assisted Alice in her adventures.

83. Endora: (F)was the name of the character from the TV series 'Bewitched'.

84. Freya: (F)was the Norse goddess of fertility, beauty, and witchcraft. She has driven around on a chariot pulled by two cats.

85. Glinda: (F)was the character from the book 'Wizard of Oz' series by L. Frank Baum.

86. Hecate: (F)was the Greek goddess of magic. She is known for assisting Demeter while searching for Persephone.

87. Isis: (F)was the Egyptian goddess of mortality.

88. Jiniri: (F)was the female jinn or genie from the book and TV show series called 'Aladdin in One Thousand and One Nights' or also known as the 'Arabian Nights'.

89. Jinn: (M)was the male form of a genie who also appeared in the TV show 'Aladdin'. He can transform into anything including a cat, a mythology based name.

90. Ling-Ling: (F)was the Siamese cat who Samantha the witch transforms into the exotic and seductive model called Ling-Ling in the TV show 'Bewitched'.

91. Lucinda: (F)was the black cat and Samantha, the witch's familiar in the TV show 'Bewitched'.

92. Merlin: (M)was a shapeshifter and wizard from the Arthurian legend and book called 'Merlin'. He can transform into any human or animal form and used to advise King Arthur.

93. Minerva: (F)was the transfiguration teacher, who can transform herself into a cat from the 'Harry Potter' book series by J.K. Rowling.

94. Moriah: (F)was the large black cat in 'The Forgotten Beasts of Eld'by Patricia A. McKillip.

95. Nala: (F)was the cat from the film 'The Lion King'.

96. Prospero: (F)was the sorcerer and the main character of William Shakespeare's play 'The Tempest'. She could conjure storm and transform into any form.

97. Pyewacket: (F)was the cat and witches' familiar in the film 'Bell, Book, and Candle'.

98. Salem: (F)was the black cat and familiar to Sabrina in the TV show and comic book series called 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'. She was named after the infamous town of witch trials in Massachusetts.

99. Samantha: (F)was the name of the lead character in the TV show 'Bewitched'.

100. Smokey: (F)was the main antagonist from the film 'Stuart Little'.

101. Sophie: (F)was the antagonist from the film 'Kill Bill'.

102. Tabitha: (F)was the baby witch and daughter of the lead characters from the TV show 'Bewitched'.

103. Tattoo: (M)a perfect name for a rhythmic cat.

104. Tigger: (M)was the character from thebook series 'The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh'. It is a famous name choice among feline parents.

105. Tao: (M)was the cat from thefilm 'The Incredible Journey', a cute short name for your cat.

106. Thomasina: (F)was the cat from thefilm 'The Three Lives of Thomasina'.

107. Tibbs: (M)was the cat from thefilm '101 Dalmatians'.

108. Tonto: (M)was the lead character from thefilm 'Harry and Tonto'.

109. Ulysses: (F)was the cat from thefilm 'Inside Llewyn Davis'.

110. Winkie: (F)was the cat from thefilm 'Escape to Witch Mountain'.

Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for spiritual cat names then why not take a look at orange cat names and cat goddess names, or for something a bit different look at cat literary names.

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