31 Wonderful White Cat Names For Your Kitten

Georgia Stone
Feb 16, 2024 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Oct 12, 2020
Two white Persian cats sitting on a red velvet sofa

Do you have a love for cats?

Are you looking to adopt a feline? Well, you have come to the right place.

Naming your pet can be exciting as well as challenging as a cat owner. You could get inspiration from nature, pop culture and other cat names.

We have organized this list into various categories and in alphabetical order so you can browse through and easily see the ones you like. Some examples of names on this list are white coat, tic tac, jack frost and q tip; just to name a few.

Let’s take a look at them below.

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Popular White Cat Names

These are some popular fluffy white cat names that you should consider.

1. Domino is ideal for your cat, especially if they have any black markings too.

2. Figaro is a star-studded name and it would be ideal for your pet, if he or she has that star quality.

3. Sylvester is a name that is very popular and reminiscent of a Loony Tunes character, you would find both white and black white cats in the cartoon show.

Fun White Kitten Names


If your cat loves fun, then try any of these names

4. Bessie is a name similar to a cow with white spots and black spots.

5. Bogart is an ideal name for any feline; whether black or white.

6. Boots is a fun cat name for your white feline; especially, if your pet loves to play with your shoes.

7. Casper this references Casper The Friendly Ghost, who is the same colour as your new white cat.

8. Frostbite, if your cat has a white tip, this would be ideal.

9. Oreo is pretty much known for cookies and if your pet has a sweet personality, this is the perfect name.

White Cat Names For Seasons And Nature

You should also consider the seasonal aspect.

10. Blizzard, the blur of a snowstorm is enough to inspire you to name your cat by that name.

11. Frosty is a good white name for your cute feline

12. Ice is white and so there is no more explaining to do

13. January why not name your cat after the cold wintry month?

14. Luna is ideal for your white coated feline.

15. Lunar is one of those trend setting names that is ideal for a feline with a silver looking coat.

16. Snowball, it is a given that this would be one of the best names for white cats.

17. Snowflake is an ideal name to represent the winter season and great for your pet

18. Sky is a good name for your feline because it evokes images of white fluffy clouds

19. Winter is self explanatory; representing snow makes it an ideal white cat name.

Exclusive Names for White Cats

A white furry cat walking on a wooden platform

Choose an exclusive option to name a cat.

20. Butterscotch is also a kind of candy and comes in different flavors

21. Callie means ‘female ruler.’

22. Cleo has the meaning ‘father’s glory.’

23. Confetti is a kind of candy.

24. Holly is another Christmassy plant that is associated with snowy weather.

25. Lily is a word that stands for ‘flower.’

26. Lucy is a name for ‘light'.

27. Maggie is a name that represents  pearls.

28. Precious stands for ‘virtue.’

29. Sassy stands for ‘pretty girl.’

30. Whiskers referring to the long hairs on your cat’s face.

31. Snow White, why not name your cat after the most famous Disney Princess, Snow in her name is just a bonus!

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for white cat names then why not take a look at these stylish city girl names or for something different take a look at these double barrel baby names.

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