Top 110 Stylish City Names For Girls

Mina Frost
Feb 15, 2024 By Mina Frost
Originally Published on Sep 18, 2020
Edited by Monisha Kochhar
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Place names or names inspired by geography make for popular baby names: Jordan, India, China, Nile, the list goes on!

Beyond baby names that are countries, rivers or mountains, have you thought about city names for baby girls? Whether it's a capital city or a hip borough, city names make beautiful and creative names for a little girl. This article gives you a list of 110 city-inspired names perfectly suited for a little girl who loves to travel.

If you are after more inspiration for baby girl names, take a look at this list of names that mean queen, or these Norwegian names for girls.

Popular City Names

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These cities that are names are popular options for a little girl, but no less beautiful!

1. Austin (Texas, USA), from the Latin word Augustine meaning "venerable" and "respected".

2.Aurora (Colorado, USA), associated with the Roman goddess of dawn, it's also Sleeping Beauty's name!

3.Bailey (Texas, USA), which means the protective wall of a castle.

4.Georgia (a country, a US state, and a city in Missouri, USA), feminine version of George which comes from the Greek for "farmer".

5.Helena (Montana, USA), originates from Greek and means "shining light".

6.Logan (Utah, USA), comes from the Gaelic meaning "little hollow".

7.Regina (Canada), comes from the Latin word for "queen".

8.Savannah (Georgia and South Carolina, USA), comes from the Spanish word for "treeless plain".

9.Shannon (city and river in Ireland), anglicised version of the name Sionann, which means "little river".

10.Sierra (California, USA). In Spanish, "Sierra" means "jagged mountains".

11.Sydney (Australia), from the Anglo Saxon for "wide island".

Celebrity City Names

Many celebrities are called after the name of a city. These city names for girls are perfect for your little jet setter diva!

12.Alexandria (Egypt), the female version of Alexander, which means "defender of men". This unusual name is borne by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

13.Brooklyn (borough of NYC, USA), named after the Dutch town "Breukelen", which means "broken land". YouTube star Brooklyn McKnight is a famous Brooklyn.

14.Charlotte (North Carolina, USA), comes from the French name Charles, meaning "free man" or "petite". Examples of famous Charlottes include Charlotte Brontë (English writer) or Charlotte Gainsbourg (French actress).

15.Chelsea (borough of London, UK and NYC, USA), comes from the Old English "chalk landing place" and is borne by actress Chelsea Peretti.

16.Chicago (Illinois, USA). Famous for being the name of Kim Kardashian's youngest child, Chicago is thought to originate from the name of a Native American tribe.

17.Elizabeth (North Carolina, USA), biblical name. Perhaps the most famous Elizabeths are the Queen of England or actress Elizabeth Taylor.

18.Florence (Italy), comes from the Latin word "florentia" meaning "blooming, prosperous". Florence Welch of Florence & The Machine is a famous Florence.

19.Madison (Wisconsin, USA), originally an English surname which meant "Maddy's son". Amongst the famous Madisons is pop singer Madison Beer.

20.Paris (France). The city of love's name comes from the Celtic tribe called Parisii. It is most famously borne by Paris Hilton.

21.Sharon (Pennsylvania, USA), comes from the Hebrew meaning "plain" and is famously borne by actress Sharon Stone.

22.Sienna or Siena (Italy), means orange-red due to the colour of the clay in the Italian city. Although the original spelling is Siena, Sienna is most popular because of actress Sienna Miller.

23.Victoria (Australian state and Canadian city), comes from the Latin word for "triumphant". Victoria Beckham and Victoria Azarenka are amongst the most famous Victorias.

Less Popular City Names

These city names are slightly off the beaten track, but that makes them all the more unique and ideal place names for your little girl.

24.Aberdeen (Scotland), originally "Aberdon" which meant "mouth of the river Don" in Brittonic.

25.Abilene (Texas, USA), from the Hebrew word for "grass" and referred to a region of the Holy Land in the Bible.

26.Adelaide (Australia). Its origin is Germanic and means a "noble-hearted person".

27.Albany (New York, USA), derived from the Latin word for "white".

28.Alberta (Canada). The feminine form of Albert, which means "noble".

29.Amalfi (Italy). The origin of the name of this Italian city is unknown.

30.Amarilla (Texas, USA). In Spanish, "amarilla" means yellow.

31.Ankara (Turkey), comes from the Greek for "anchor".

32.Aspen (Colorado, USA), comes from an Old English word which refers to a type of tree.

33.Asuncion (Paraguay). This is the Spanish name for the assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven.

34.Barcelona (Spain). This Spanish city was named after its founder, Hamilcar Barca.

35.Brighton (UK). The origin of this name could be the Old English word for "stony valley".

36.Benicia (California, USA). In Spanish, it means "blessed one".

37.Beverly (Massachusetts and Kansas, USA), named after the English town of Beverley, itself named after its founder, St John of Beverley.

38.Brisbane (Australia), named after Admiral Charles Brisbane, his name comes from words which mean "to break bones".

39.Bristol (UK and Connecticut, USA). This name comes from an Old English word for "place of the bridge".

40.Cairo (Egypt), means "victorious" in Arabic.

41.Camden (borough of London, UK and city in New Jersey, USA), comes from the Old English for "enclosed valley".

42.Campbell (California, USA), comes from Scottish words for "crooked mouth".

43.Carmel (Indiana, USA), means "garden" in Hebrew.

44.Carrington (North Dakota, USA), comes from the Old English for "Charles' Town".

45.Carson (Nevada, USA). This name is of Scandinavian origin and means "son of Carr".

46.Catalina (Dominican Republic and California, USA). The Spanish version of Catherine, which comes from the Greek word for "pure".

47.Chandler (Arizona, USA), derived from the Old English for "candle-maker". It is, of course, famous due to the name of the character from F.R.I.E.N.D.S., but it is also a girl's name!

48.Cheyenne (Wyoming, USA), refers to the Native American people who live in the Great Plains.

49.Cimarron (Kansas, USA), named after a river that flows from New Mexico to Oklahoma.

50.Cody (Wyoming, USA), derived from a Gaelic last name which means "descendant of Cuidightheach".

51.Corinthia (Greece), means "woman of Corinth" after the ancient Greek city.

52.Concepcion (Chile), means "conception" in Spanish, referring to the Virgin Mary's Immaculate Conception.

53.Dallas (Texas, USA), comes from the Scottish for "from the field with a waterfall".

54.Davenay (France), variant of Daphne, which means "laurel" in Greek.

55.Delphine (from the Greek city of Delphi), comes from the Greek for "dolphin".

56.Denver (Colorado, USA), named after a governor of Kansas.

57.Derby (UK). The name of this town is thought to be derived from the Old English Deoraby, which means "village of the deer".

58.Easton (Pennsylvania, USA). The name of this city comes from the English "east town".

59.Edina (Minnesota, USA). There are several hypotheses surrounding its origin: some believe it is the masculine form of "Edwin" while others think it could be another name for the city of Edinburgh.

60.Geneva (Switzerland), comes from the German word for "juniper tree".

61.Granada (Spain). The name of the city is thought to be derived from the Latin for "pomegranate".

62.Hamilton (New Zealand). The city's English name is in reference to an army captain.

63.Havana (Cuba). The origin of the name is obscure, perhaps coming from the name of Native American chief Habaguanex.

64.Hope (city in many different US states, in the UK, Canada and New Zealand). It is an English name which pretty much explains itself!

65.Houston (Texas, USA). It is derived from the English "Hugh's Town".

66.Jackson (Mississippi, USA), named after General Andrew Jackson.

67.Jersey (various states, USA). It is thought to derive from the Old Norse for "earth".

68.Juno (similar to Juneau, Alaska, USA). The word probably comes from Indo-European and means "youth". The Roman goddess Juno was the patron of marriage and finance.

69.Kimberley (South Africa). It is from the Old English for "Cyneburg's field". *

70.Lincoln (Nebraska, USA), derives from a Brittonic word which means "lake" and the Latin word for "colony".

71.London (UK). The origin of the name of this capital city is unknown.

72.Lourdes (France). Origin unknown.

73.Lucerne (Switzerland). The appellation of this Swiss town is thought to come from the Latin for "lantern".

74.Marsala (Italy), probably derived from the Arabic for "God's harbour".

75.Marseille(s) (France), derived from the Greek name for the city, "Massalia".

76.Mecca (Saudi Arabia). Although the origin of the name is obscure, it refers to an Islamic place of pilgrimage.

77.Medina (Saudi Arabia), of Arabic origin, means "city of the Prophet" and is a place of pilgrimage in Islam.

78.Melba (Idaho, USA). It is thought to have originated as a stage name for opera singer Nellie Melba, after her hometown of Melbourne in Australia.

79.Memphis (Tennessee, USA), named after the ancient Egyptian capital.

80.Messina (Italy), thought to come from the Arabic word for "middle".

81.Miami (Florida, USA), comes from a Native American tribe called Myaamiaki.

82.Milan (Italy), comes from the Slavic word "milu" which means "dear" or "gracious".

83.Nairobi (Kenya), from the Massai word for "cold river".

84.Nicosia (Cyprus). The origin is thought to be from Ancient Greek, but the meaning is unknown.

85.Odessa (Ukraine), named after Homer's Odyssey.

86.Orlanda (from Orlando, a city in Florida, USA), the Italian form of the name Roland, which means "famous throughout the land".

87.Osaka (Japan), means "large hill" in Japanese.

88.Palmyra (ancient city, in present-day Syria), the European version of the name of the city of Tadmur, thought to derive from the Greek for "palm tree".

89.Phoenix (Arizona, USA), comes from the immortal bird in Greek mythology, which was able to rise from its ashes.

90.Ravenna (Italy). It is thought that it comes from the appellation Etruscans used for themselves.

91.Romane (from Rome, Italy), means "from Rome" or "from the Roman Empire".

92.Sabetha (Kansas, USA). The name is thought to derive from Sabbath.

93.Salamanca (Spain). The origin of this name is obscure.

94.Samara (Russia), comes from the Hebrew for "protected by God".

95.Seattle (Washington, USA), named in honour of a chief of local Native American tribes.

96.Sedona (Arizona, USA). Although the meaning is unknown, it is thought to be of Native American origin.

97.Segovia (Spain). This city name is thought to be of Celtic origin.

98.Selma (Alabama, USA). The origin is uncertain but it is thought to come from the Arabic word "Selim" which means"peaceful".

99.Sevilla (Spain). It is a variant of the Greek name Sybil which means "prophetess" or "oracle".

100.Simla (India), derived from the name of an incarnation of goddess Kali.

101.Sintra (Portugal). Unknown origin, can also be spelt Cintra.

102.Valencia (Spain). More than just the name of an Instagram filter, this name means "power" and "competence" in Spanish.

103.Valetta (Malta), named after Jean de Valette, the Grand Master of the Knights of St John.

104.Vegas (Nevada, USA). In Spanish, "las vegas" means "the meadows".

105.Venezia, Venetia or Venice (Italy). The name of this city is derived from an ancient people called Veneti.

106.Verona (Italy). This name's origin is obscure, but the city is famous for being the setting of Shakespeare's play Romeo & Juliet.

107.Vicenza (Italy). It comes from the Latin for "victorious".

108.Vienna (Austria). This city's name comes from the Latin meaning "of the wine country".

109.Villette (France). In French, it means "small town".

110.Zohra (biblical town in Judah). It means "blossom" in Arabic.

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