100 Names Beginning With H

Rosanna Robertson
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Originally Published on Jul 07, 2020
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Soon after getting pregnant, parents-to-be are ready to begin thinking about baby names. We all love names that are unique, beautiful and charming.

To help you find the perfect baby name, we have gathered a list of our favourite girl and baby boy names that begin with the letter H, including information about the name's origin and history.

We have also included some lovely unisex names beginning with H, which might be a useful resource for parents who have decided to wait to find out the sex of the baby or would prefer a gender-neutral name for their child.

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Boys Names Beginning with H

1. Hackett (German origin) meaning 'small hacker'

2. Hadi (Arabic origin) meaning 'guide' and 'leader' as well as 'quiet' and 'calm'

3. Hadyn (German origin) this name was most often a surname which has been used a forename in more recent years

4. Hadlee (English origin) meaning 'heather meadow'

5. Hal (Norse origin) Hal is an endearing name for a baby boy, often an abbreviation of Henry or Halden

6. Hael (Welsh origin) meaning  'healthy', this name has connotations of strength and wellbeing

7. Haidar (Arabic origin) meaning 'lion'

8. Haiden (Scottish origin) meaning literally 'hay', 'valley'

9. Hakeem (Arabic origin) meaning 'intelligent' and 'wise' - one of the 99 names attributed to Allah

10. Halcyon (Greek origin) meaning 'Time of Peace' - it is one of many names from Greek mythology

11. Halian (Native American origin) meaning  'youthful one'

12. Hamilton (Scottish origin) The surname of a great clan, Hamilton has more recently been used as a forename

13. Hamish (Scottish origin) meaning 'God may protect', this name is a form of 'Jacob'

14. Hank (German origin) meaning 'rule of the home'

15. Hamlet (German origin) meaning 'village' - strongly related to the Shakespeare play of the same name

16. Hardy  (German origin) meaning  'daring', 'bold' and 'strong'

17. Harlan (German origin) meaning 'hare land' this boys first name relates to the countryside and rural life

18. Harlyn (English origin) meaning 'army land'

19. Harold (Scandinavian origin) meaning 'ruler of the army'

20. Haroon (Hebrew origin) meaning  'enlightened' or 'mountain or strength' - it can also be spelt Harun

21. Harris (English origin) meaning 'the son of Harry' - strongly connected to Harry, which means 'lord of the manor'

22. Harrison (English origin) meaning 'the son of Harry'

23. Hart (English origin) meaning 'stag'

24. Hartley (English origin) meaning 'stag's meadow'

25. Harvey (English origin) meaning 'strong and worthy'

26. Hassan (Arabic origin) meaning 'handsome'

27. Heath (English origin) meaning  'heath' or 'heathland' - it has been used both as a surname and forename for many centuries

28. Hector (Latin origin) meaning 'steadfast' - Hector is found in Greek legend as a hero of the Trojan war

29. Hendrix (English origin) meaning 'Son of Hendrick' - this  forename also has strong connections with the beloved musician, Jimi Hendrix

30. Henri (Finnish and French origin) this is a form of the popular English name, Henry

31. Henrik (Old German origin) meaning 'ruler of the home'

32. Henson (English origin) meaning 'son of Henry'

33. Herbie (German origin) meanings including 'warrior' and 'army' as well as 'brightness'

34. Herman (German origin) meaning 'soldier'

35. Hezekiah (Hebrew origin) meaning 'God give strength'

36. Hodge (English origin) meaning 'son of Roger'

37. Holden (English origin) meaning 'from the hollow of the valley', it has strong literary roots thanks to the main character in J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye

38. Hollis (English origin) meaning 'from the grove of holly trees' - this name has strong connections to the natural world

39. Howard (English origin) meaning 'noble watchman' or 'high watchman', the forename was popular in the UK for many decades, often abbreviated to Howie

40. Hudson (English origin) meaning 'son of Hugh'

41. Huey (German origin) meaning 'inspiration' or 'heart, mind and spirit' - this name is pronounced Hhyuw-iy

42. Hugo (German origin) meaning 'Heart, mind, spirit' or 'the thinker' - the name is connected to Huey

43. Hurley (Gaelic origin) meaning 'sea tide' in the Irish language

44. Huxley (Old English origin) meaning 'Hugh's meadow' - Huxley became more popular thanks to the sci-fi author, Aldous Huxley

45. Hyatt (English origin) meaning 'from the high gate'

46. Hyde (English origin) this forename is thought to have several meanings related to the land and to nature, including the hide of an animal and a measurement of the land

47. Hylas (Greek origin) meaning  'friend' or 'companion' - Hylas was a loyal companion to Heracles in Greek mythology - pronounced HI-lass

Girls Names Beginning with H

1. Habibah (Egyptian origin) meaning 'my beloved' or 'my sweetheart'

2. Hadassah (Hebrew origin) meaning 'myrtle tree'

3. Hadria  (Latin origin) meaning 'from Hadria' - the name of two ancient Italian cities

4. Hafsa (Arabic origin) meaning 'cub or young lioness'

5. Haley (Scandinavian origin) meaning  'brave one' or 'heroine'

6. Halia (Hawaiian origin) meaning  'remembrance of a loved one'

7. Hallie (German origin) meaning 'ruler of the estate or home'

8. Hanah (Hebrew origin) a form of Hannah, other spellings include Hanna, Hana and Hanne

9. Haniya (Hebrew and Arabic origin) meaning 'a place to rest' or 'a place to be happy'

10. Hara (Hindi origin) related to the deity, Shiva

11. Harika (Turkish origin) meaning 'superior one'

12. Harmony (English origin) a popular forename amongst parents who have strong ties to the world of music

13. Harleen (English origin) meaning 'hare meadow'

14. Hattie (English origin) meaning 'keeper of the hearth' or 'ruler of the home' -  an abbreviated version of Henrietta

15. Havva (Persian and Turkish origin) the Middle Eastern form of 'Eve'

16. Hawa (African, Arabic and Swahili origins) meaning 'desire'

17. Havana (Origin unknown) The capital of Cuba, Havana is thought to derive either from 'heaven' or from 'havene' which is the Dutch word meaning 'port'

18. Heather (English origin) an evergreen flowering plant that has a strong connection to the Scottish countryside

19. Heaven (English origin) meaning 'sky' or 'place of God'

20. Hazel (English origin) The name of a British tree, this became popular as a forename in the 19th century

21. Hedy (Greek origin) meaning  'pleasant'

22. Heidy (German origin) meaning 'noble' - the name  is related to other German girl's names including Heidi and Adelaide

23. Helena (Greek origin) meaning 'shining one' or 'bright one'

24. Helenka (Czech origin) meaning  'light'

25. Helia (Greek origin) meaning 'sun' - this is the female version of 'Helios'

26. Helice (Greek origin) a character in Greek mythology who was beloved by Zeus - pronounce HELL-ee-see

27. Hemera (Greek origin) the goddess of daytime - pronounced he-MEE-ra

28. Hennie (English origin) meaning 'rule of the home',  another spelling includes Henie

29. Heloise (French origin) a popular version, and alternate spelling, of Eloise

30. Hephzibah (Hebrew origin) meaning 'my delight is in her'

31. Hera (Greek origin) meaning 'lady'. Hera was the wife of Zeus and the queen of the ancient Greek pantheon

32. Hero (Greek origin) meaning 'brave one'

33. Hesper (Greek origin) meaning 'evening star'

34. Hetty (Greek origin) meaning 'star', Hetty is an abbreviated form of another of the popular Greek girls names, Hester

35. Hibiscus (Latin origin) the name of a decorative and pretty flower

36. Hila (Hebrew and Persian origin) meaning 'sparrow hawk' in Persian, this is the female version of the Hebrew, Hillel

37. Hollyn (Old English origin) meaning 'holly tree', this is a version of the more common and contemporary, Holly

38. Honesty (English origin) meaning 'truthful' and 'sincere' this is one of the so-called 'virtue names'

39. Honey (Old English origin) a term of endearment that has been used in England since the middle ages

40. Honour (Latin origin) meaning 'woman of honour', this name became popular as a virtue name - alternative spelling, Honor

41. Hope (English origin) meaning exactly what it says, Hope is considered to be one of the 'quality names' - others include Faith and Charity

42. Huda (Arabic origin) meaning 'guidance'

43. Hyacinth (Greek origin) Hyacinth is a flower that is known for its beauty, colour and powerful scent

100 Names Beginning With H

Unisex Names that Start with H

1. Hadley (English origin) meaning 'heather-covered meadow' or 'heath'

2. Harper (English origin) Originally used as a boys name, particularly in the 1800s, Harper started to be used for girls thanks to the author Harper Lee

3. Harley (English origin) meaning 'from the hare's meadow', Harley is now most often associated with the motorcycling brand, Harley-Davidson

4. Harlow (English origin) meaning 'from the hill of the hares', Harlow is reminiscent of Old Hollywood - and can be used for either boys or girls

5. Hayley (English origin) meaning 'Hay meadow' - this name can be used for either sex

6. Hilary (Latin origin) meaning 'cheerful' or 'joyful', Hilary is a popular choice for either sex and is one of the most enduring names beginning with the letter H

7. Holland (Origin unknown) a place name that can be used as a forename for either sex

8. Houston (Origin unknown) a place name in Texas, America

9. Hoven (Armenian origin) meaning 'God's gift' - traditionally a boys name, it makes a lovely baby name for both boys and girls

10. Hunter (English origin) an occupational name, Hunter is a classic English forename and surname that suggests hunting prowess

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