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Originally Published on Nov 05, 2020
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Halloween, also known as Allhalloween meaning "saint's evening", is a celebration where people dress up as spooky characters and go for trick-or-treating.  

The tradition of Halloween, emerged with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain,  people would light bonfires and wear costumes to chase away ghost. Cats are generally considered as familiars or pets of witches, or demonic possessions who help witches.

Legends mention that witches can shape-shift and turn into a black cat to get away from being caught. Halloween is linked with witchcraft and so, the image of a black cat can also be associated with Halloween.

Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, playing pranks, dressing up as a ghost and attending Halloween costume parties, apple bobbing, carving a pumpkin, visiting haunted attractions, lighting bonfires, divination games, telling scary ghost stories, as well as watching horror films.

Are you searching for whimsical Halloween names for your cats? Here are some good spooky Halloween cats names for your (black) kitten. For more cat names (Halloween aside), take a look at Grey Cat Names and Bengal Cat Names.

Names For Female Cats Inspired By Movies and TV Shows

Looking for spooky names for female black cats? Here are some Halloween girl cat names for your furry baby.

1. Asami (Japanese origin) meaning "morning beauty". From the Japanese horror movie 'Audition' and is great for a Halloween cat.

2. Buffy (American origin) meaning "pledged to God". Inspired by 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer'.

3. Carrie (German origin) a short form of Caroline. Inspired by the movie 'Carrie'.

4. Clarice (Greek origin) meaning "brilliant". From 'The Silence of the Lambs'.

5. Cruella (English origin) a pun of the word cruel. Taken from the movie '101 Dalmations', this is one of the classic Halloween cat names.

6. Elvira (Spanish origin) meaning "foreign and true". Inspired by  'Elvira, Mistress of the Dark'.

7. Maleficent (Latin origin) meaning "wicked, prone to evil". Inspired by the Disney movie 'Maleficent'.

8. Miss Giddens (Celtic origin) meaning "dusky or dark". From the movie 'The Innocents'.

9. Morticia (American origin) meaning "undertaker, funeral director". Inspired by  'The Addams Family', another one of the classic Halloween cat names.

10. Ripley (English origin) meaning "from the strip field". From the movie 'Alien'.

11. Rosemary (Latin origin) meaning "dew of the sea". Inspired by  'Rosemary’s Baby'.

12. Sadako (Japanese origin) meaning "chaste child". Inspired by the  'The Ring'.

13. Sookie (Hebrew origin) meaning "rose, lily". From the series 'True Blood'. A spooky cat name for a spooky Halloween cat.

14. Tangina (Thai origin) meaning "gift of God". From the series 'Poltergeist'.

15. Winifred (English origin) meaning "peace friend". From the Disney film 'Hocus Pocus'. Another loved Halloween movie which is great inspiration for a Halloween cat name.

Names For Male Cats Inspired By Movies and TV Shows

Looking for black cat names? Here are some spooky, Halloween inspired names for black cat.

16. Ash (English origin) meaning "ash tree". Inspired by the movie 'Army of Darkness'. A great cat name for an ash black Halloween cat.

17. Binx (American origin) Inspired by the horror film  'Hocus Pocus'.

18. Bubba (American origin) meaning "brother". Taken from the movie 'Bubba Ho-Tep'. Quite a cute spooky Halloween cat name.

19. Candyman (American origin) meaning "bright, sweet". Inspired by the movie 'Candyman'.

20. Casper (Biblical origin) meaning "treasure". Taken from 'Casper the Friendly Ghost'.

21. Cesare (Latin origin) meaning "head of hair". Associated with 'The Cabinet of Dr Caligari'.

22. Chuckie (German origin) meaning "free man". Inspired by the movie 'Child’s Play'.

23. Count Orlok (German origin) Inspired by 'Nosferatu'. This certainly sounds like one of the dramatic Halloween cat names.

24. Darth Vader (German-Dutch origin) meaning "father". Inspired by Star Wars. One of the great Halloween-themed cat names for your black cat.

25. Damien (Greek origin) meaning "powerful man of the people". Associated with 'The Omen'.

26. Dr Génessier Associated with the horror film 'Eyes without a Face'.

27. Dr Jekyll (English origin) meaning "hide". Inspired by 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde' horror film. Great for a fiesty Halloween cat.

28. Dr Loomis (Anglo-Saxon origin) meaning "pool nook". Inspired by the 'Halloween' franchise.

29. Draco (Latin origin) meaning "serpent or dragon". Inspired by 'Harry Potter'. One of the popular Halloween cat names.

30. Duc de Richleau (French origin) Name of the principal minister of Louis XIII. Inspired by 'The Devil Rides Out'.

31. Father Karras (Greek origin) meaning"dark". Inspired by 'The Exorcist'. Quite a terrifying Halloween cat name!

32. Frank n Furter Associated with the movie 'Rocky Horror Picture Show'.

33. Freddy (German origin) meaning "peace-ruler". Inspired by Freddy Krueger from 'The Nightmare on Elm Street'.

34. Grim (Dutch origin) meaning "stern, severe". Inspired by  'Grim Reaper'.

35. Hannibal (Greek origin) meaning "Baal is gracious". Inspired by 'The Silence of the Lambs'. Definitely classed as one of the scary Halloween cat names.

36. Jack the Ripper (French origin) meaning "supplanter". Inspired by 'Jack the Ripper'.

37. Jack Torrance (Gaelic origin) meaning "hillock" or "mound". Inspired by the film 'The Shining'.

38. Jack Skellington (English origin) meaning "resounding". Taken from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'.

39. Jigsaw (English origin) meaning "up and down motion". Associated with the movie 'Saw'.

40. Leatherface (English origin) Associated with 'The Texas Chain Saw Massacre'.

41. Lurch (French origin) meaning "bowman or archer. Associated with 'The Addams Family'.

42. Malachai (Biblical origin) meaning "messenger of God". Associated with 'Children of the Corn'.

43. Mrs Voorhees (Dutch origin) meaning "one who lives in front of Hess". Inspired by  'Friday the 13th'.

44. Norman Bates (English origin) meaning "boat". Taken from the movie 'Psycho'.

45. Peter (Greek origin) meaning "stone, rock". Associated with Peter Venkman from 'Ghostbusters'.

46. Pazuzu (Mesopotamian origin) meaning "king of the demons of the wind". Inspired from the series 'The Exorcist'. One of the more unique Halloween cat names.

47. Pinhead meaning "the head of a pin". Inspired from the film series 'Hellraiser'.

48. Pennywise (German origin) meaning "beautiful fear". Inspired by the movie "It".

49. Pugsley (English origin) meaning "habitational name from a place in Warkleigh, Devon". Taken from 'The Addams Family'.

50. Schreck (German origin) meaning "to jump or to frighten". Inspired by  'Shadow Of The Vampire'.

51. Salem (Hebrew origin) meaning "peaceful, complete". Derived from  'Sabrina the Teenage Witch'. If you're looking for Halloween cat names, this is one to beat.

52. Van Helsing (Swedish origin) meaning "from Helsingland". Taken from 'Horror of Dracula'.

53. Weasley Inspired by the character of Ron Weasley from 'Harry Potter' series.

54. Zorro (Spanish origin) meaning "sly fox". Inspired by 'The Legend of Zorro'.

55. Zuul Inspired by the movie 'Ghostbusters'.

Creepy Names From Gothic Literature

Cat walking around book

Whether you are looking for Halloween Calico Cat names or names for black cats, we have covered you all. Here are some classic creepy cat names inspired by gothic literature.

56. Attila (M) (German origin) meaning "father". Inspired by Chief of the Huns -the Scourge of God from 'Inferno'.

57. Cerberus (M)(Greek origin) meaning "spotted". The three-headed hound that guards one of the gates of Hell in 'Inferno'.

58. Count Ugolino (M) (German origin). Inspired by 'Inferno'.  

59. Dracula (M) (Romanian origin) meaning "dragon". Associated with 'Dracula' novel.  

60. Euryale (F) (Greek origin) meaning "far roaming". One of the Gorgons, sister to Medusa and Stheno in 'Inferno'.

61. Frankenstein (M) (German origin) meaning "stone of the Franks". Inspired by  'Frankenstein'.

62. Geryon (M) (Greek origin) meaning "monster killed by Hercules". A monster who represents fraud in 'Inferno'.

63. Gorgon (F) (Greek origin) meaning "dreadful, grim". A powerful woman with snakes for hair in 'Inferno'.

64. Igor (M) (Old Norse origin) meaning "protected". Inspired by  'Frankenstein'.

65. Malacoda (F)meaning "evil tail".  One of the Malebranche in the gothic poem 'Inferno'.

66. Medusa (F)(Greek origin) meaning "cunning".  One of the Gorgons in 'Inferno'.

67. Phlegyas (Greek origin) meaning "firey". Associated with Dante's 'Inferno'.

68. Stheno (Greek origin) meaning "mighty". Taken from 'Inferno'.

69. Styx (F)(Greek origin) meaning "the hateful". Inspired by Styx-the river of death from 'Inferno'.

70. Uncle Silas (M)(Hebrew origin) meaning "the youngest". Associated with the novel 'Uncle Silas'

71. Varney (M) Associated with 'Varney the Vampire'.

72. Zofloya (F) Inspired by Charlotte Dacre's novel 'Zofloya'.

Unisex Cat Names Inspired By American Candy

Halloween is simply incomplete without Trick or Treating for candies. Here are some cute Halloween cat names inspired by our love for candies.

73. Baby Ruth (Hebrew origin) meaning "compassionate friend".

74. Butterfinger (English origin) meaning "players who can't hold onto the ball".

75. Butterscotch (Scottish origin) referring to a hard candy made from butter, brown sugar, syrup and vanilla.

76. Candy Corn (English origin) meaning "grain".

77. Hershey (German origin) meaning "deer".

78. Hot Tamale (Spanish origin) meaning "wrapped".

79. Jelly Bean meaning "bean consisting of a jelly-like substance".

80. Jolly Rancher meaning "one who ranches".

81. Kit Kat (English origin) meaning "gift of god'. One of the cuter Halloween cat names.

82. Licorice (Greek origin) meaning "sweet".

83. Marshmallow (French origin) meaning "sweetened meringue with egg whites, set with gelatin".

84. Milky Way (Roman origin) meaning "road of milk".

Cat Names Inspired By Halloween Characters and Sounds

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Searching for Halloween themed cat names for your furry feline cats. Here are some cat names for Halloween.

85. Charcoal  (M) (English origin) meaning "to turn/to change to coal".

86. Blade (M) (English origin) meaning "a leaf-like part".

87. Cobweb (M) (Middle English origin) meaning "spiderweb".

88. Eclipse (F) (Greek origin) meaning "fail to appear".

89. Crescent (F) ( Latin origin) meaning "to grow".

90. Luna (F) (Old French origin) meaning "pertaining to the moon".

91. Magic (M/F) (English, French, Latin origin) meaning "having the power to make impossible things happen ".

92. Merlin (F) (Welsh origin) meaning "sea fortress, sea hill"

93. Monster (M) (Latin origin) meaning "to remind, warn, instruct, or foretell".

94. October (M/F) (Latin, Greek origin) meaning "eighth month of the year".

95. Noir (F) (French origin) meaning "black". A good name for a black kitten.

96. Pumpkin (M/F) (Greek origin) meaning "melon". Pumpkin is important for Halloween decorations.

97. Raven (M/F) (Old Norse, English origin) meaning "dark-haired person".

98. Scarecrow (M) (Egyptian origin) meaning "device of straw and cloth in grotesque resemblance of a man, set up in a grain field or garden to frighten crows"

99. Spider (M)(German, English origin) meaning "a kind of insect".

100. Tarantula (F) (Latin, Italian origin) meaning "wolf spider". One of the terrifying Halloween cat names.

101. Willow (F) (English, German origin) meaning "tree or shrub".

102. Beast (M) (English, French origin) meaning "origin".

103. Jack-o-Lantern (M) (Irish origin) meaning "phenomenon of a strange light flickering over peat bogs".  It is a carved pumpkin.

Kidadl has lots of great names articles to inspire you. If you like our suggestions for Halloween Cat Names then why not take a look at Disney Cat Names, or for something different take a look at Unicorn Names.

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