43 Super Sleek Siamese Cat Names For Your Kitten

Georgia Stone
Feb 16, 2024 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Oct 15, 2020
 name that provides a little mystery to your kitty

Since it came to light that cats do recognize their names when they hear them spoken, they just typically choose not to come when called, you have a certain duty to choose a name your feline will enjoy hearing, even if they disdain moving when they hear it.

The term Siamese cat describes a breed of feline noted for its slender build and sleek fur in tones of blue, chocolate, lilac, and seal fur with large ears and big, blue eyes. They have pale bodies with dark extremities.

The breed developed in Thailand, formerly known as Siam. They first appeared outside of their home country in 1871 at the Crystal Palace in London at the first ever cat show.

This breed has been memorialized in poetry, myth, film, and song. One myth aims to explain the kink in its tail, a result of curling its tail while serving as a royal guard to keep the princess’s rings from slipping off.

Siamese cats present a unique naming challenge since their regal looks preclude using a mundane or a funny name. Just from their intense blue eyes and unusual markings, the Siamese cat deserves a unique name, something rare and fitting.

The naming of cats also requires respect for their personalities. It simply would not do to name a serious, reserved cat with a funny name. Similarly, a dull name would not fit a funny, lighthearted cat whose regular antics entertain.

So, look to this naming guide to help you choose an appropriate name for your feline friend. These Siamese cats names provide fitting suggestions whether you would like to use a female, male, or gender-neutral name.

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Gender-Neutral Siamese Cat Names

Perhaps you want to choose a name that provides a little mystery to your kitty or you simply enjoy gender neutrality. Here are some Siamese cat name suggestions for you.

1. Abasi (Egyptian Origin) meaning “serious”

2. Acorn (English Origin) meaning “curious or outgoing”

3. Aka (Hawaiian Origin) meaning “curious or outgoing”

4. Afra (Latin Origin) meaning “peaceful, dove-like”

5. Alpha (Latin Origin) meaning “first,” perfect for your first-born kitten

6. Birch (American Origin) meaning “good-natured, cooperative”

7. Briar (American Origin) meaning “protective, defender”

8. Cashel (Irish Origin) meaning named for the “Rock of Cashel”

9. Dapple (Norse/Middle English Origin) meaning “marked with spots”

10. Si and Am, two names for the price of one; these naughty, malicious Siamese cats in the film “Lady and the Tramp” continuously break rules and steal things in the household, then frame Lady to try to make her look bad.

Male Siamese Cat Names

These masculine names offer your aristocratic Siamese kitten or cat an honorable nomer.

11. Abelard (German Origin) meaning “resolute”

12. Abert (German Origin) meaning “honorable, intelligent one”

13. Adalbert (German Origin) meaning “intelligent”

14. Achilles (Greek/Latin Origin) meaning “warrior”

15. Bacio (Italian Origin) meaning “kiss”

16. Adalhard (German Origin) meaning “wise and brave”

17. Aeolus (Latin Origin) meaning “honored and respected (as a deity would be)”

18. Ahmad (Arabic Origin) meaning “commendable”

19. Alessandro (Italian Origin) meaning “Defender of mankind”

20. Aloysius (Latin Origin) meaning “warrior”

21. Ambrossio (Spanish Origin) meaning “divine”

22. Anatoly (Russian Origin) meaning “sunrise”

23. Ansel (German Origin) meaning “God’s protection”

24. Antonio (Italian Origin) meaning “highly praised”

25. Basil (Latin Origin) meaning “royal”

26. Benito (Italian Origin) meaning “blessed”

27. Shun Gon, this cat name, inspired by and taken from the film 'Aristocats' is one of the best names for a siamese cat with attitude.

Adorable siamese cat kitten wrapped in a blanket

Female Siamese Cat Names

Honor the femininity of your sweet Siamese girl with these cat names.

28. Abriana (Italian Origin) meaning “vibrant or active”

29. Adela (Latin Origin) meaning “basically pleasant”

30. Adelina (German Origin) meaning “noble”

31. Airi (Japanese Origin) meaning “love jasmine”

32. Alamea (Hawaiian Origin) meaning “precious”

33. Alta (Latin Origin) meaning “honest and true-hearted”

34. Alie (Hawaiian Origin) meaning “noble and true”

35. Aliikai (Hawaiian Origin) meaning “Queen of the sea”

36. Allegra (Latin Origin) meaning “playful, happy”

37. Amaya (Japanese Origin) meaning “night rain”

38. Amber (Indian Origin) meaning “strict or pushy”

39. Amorita (Latin Origin) meaning “little love”

40. Bala (Indian Origin) meaning “strength in Sanskrit”

41. Bella (Latin Origin) meaning “beautiful”

42. Carla (Italian/Spanish Origin) meaning “womanly”

43. Kaela (Hawaiian Origin) meaning “noble”

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