The Ultimate List Of Boys' Middle Names

Moumita Dutta
Feb 15, 2024 By Moumita Dutta
Originally Published on Jun 22, 2020
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Well, naming a baby is not an easy task. Sometimes you have too many choices, and sometimes you and your partner cannot agree on any one name. Nevertheless, we got you.

When it comes to choosing a middle name for your little bundle of joy, anything and everything goes. These names continue to serve the same functions they have always been. It helps maintain family names, traditions, and hence the age-old relationships.

If you are someone who wants to give a new cool name but keep the family cord in check, middle names serve the whole purpose. Well, that's not all.

Middle names can also have your back when you and your partner can't make your mind to a single name.

In that case, you both can put the names of your choice as middle names and decide on a first name together. Thus, middle names allow people to experiment with recent trends and fashion in naming, without completely scrapping out the old names, in line with the fancy uber-modern world.

With so many names and options to choose from, we know you might get confused. So, if you are looking for a name that is one-of-a-kind, look no further. Here's the ultimate list of boys' middle names with their meanings to help you choose the best name for your little cutie. So check these out!

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Unique Middle Names for Boys

Searching for some different and meaningful names for your baby boy? Here is a list of beautiful, unique middle names that are rarely used and have really fascinating meanings. Check out the following list and let us know which one(s) you chose.

1. Aldo: (Italian origin) means 'old and wise.'

2. Andre: (French and Portuguese origin) means 'a warrior' or 'man.'

3. Angel: (Latin origin) an angelic name that means 'messenger from God.'

4. Apollo: (Greek origin) means 'the destroyer.'

5. Atticus: (Greek origin) means 'from Attica.'

6. Benson: (English origin) means 'son of Ben.'

7. Benedict: (Latin origin) means 'blessed.'

8. Bevan: (Welsh origin) means 'son of Evan.'

9. Bruno: (German origin) means 'brown.'

10. Brixton: (British origin) means 'the stone of Brixi' or 'a Saxon lord.'

11. Cooper: (English origin) means 'barrel maker.'

12. Easton: (English origin) means 'east-facing place.'

13. Ethan: (Hebrew origin) means 'strong' or 'firm.'

14. Ezra: (Hebrew origin) means 'helper.'

15. Gabriel: (Hebrew origin) means 'God is strength.'

16. Grey: (German origin) means 'because life is not black and white.'

17. Hugo: (German or Spanish origin) means 'mind' and 'intellect.'

18. Hudson: (English origin) also a surname, literally means 'son of Hud,' a robust and classic name.

19. Jax: (American origin) means 'God has been gracious.'

20. Jackson: (English origin) deriving from the English family name, meaning 'son of Jack.'

21. Jesse: (Hebrew origin) means 'gift.'

22. Jude: (Latin origin) means 'praised.'

23. Kenji: (Japanese origin) means 'strong and vigorous.'

24. Kendric: (English origin) means 'royal ruler' or 'champion.'

25. Lincoln: (English origin) means 'town by the pool.'

26. Lance: (French origin) a variation of Lancelot that means 'servant.'

27. Milo: (German origin) denoting 'soldier.'

28. Marcel: (French origin) means 'little warrior.'

29. Nova: (Spanish origin) means 'new.'

30. Otis: (German origin) means 'wealthy.'

31. Octavius: (Latin origin) means 'eighth' in Latin, but you don't need to have eight sons to have this magnificent name!

32. Orson: (Italian origin) means 'little bear cub.'

33. Paxton: (Latin origin) means 'peace town.'

34. Quentin: (Latin origin), an offbeat name of Latin origin, means 'five' or 'fifth.' St.Quentin is the protector against coughs!

35. Reggie: (English origin) is a cute name generally given to boys, and a nickname for someone who's named Reginald, which means 'council power.'

36. Samson: (Hebrew origin) means 'Sun.'

37. Zion: (Hebrew origin) is an attractive choice for a boy that means 'the highest point.'

38. Zyaire: (African origin) means 'river.'

Meaningful Middle Names for Boys

Looking for some names with deep meanings? Well, check out this awesome list of middle names usually given to boys with their profound definitions, and an explanation of the traits these names are typically associated with.

39. Aiden: (Celtic origin) means 'the Sun god' or 'fiery.' This name is associated with someone who is very bright and sharp.

40. Barney: (Old English origin) means 'defender' or 'strong as a bear.' It is associated with strength and power.

41. Andrew: (Greek origin) means 'strong and manly.'

42. James: (Hebrew origin) means 'supplanter.' This name is associated with solidarity.

43. John: (Hebrew origin) means 'graced by God.' This name reflects blessings.

44. Leonardo: (Italian, Spanish, or Portuguese origin) means 'a brave lion.' It is associated with strength, power, and energy. 

45. Eric: (Old Norse origin) means 'the forever ruler.'

46. Linus: (Greek or English origin) means 'flax or flax-colored.' In Greek mythology, it means 'The son of Apollo.'

47. Asher: (Hebrew origin) means 'happy' and 'blessed.' This name, when given to a child, instills positivity and blessings.

48. Robert: (Old German origin) means 'bright fame.'

49. Calvin: (Old French origin) means 'little bald one.'

50. Edward: (Old English origin) means 'wealth, fortune' or 'guardian, protector.' This name conveys strength. 

51. Thomas: (Hebrew origin) means 'twin.'

52. Bruce: (Scottish origin) means 'willow lands.'

53. Levi: (Hebrew origin) means 'joined.' This name reflects someone who is very welcoming.

54. Max: (Latin origin) means 'the greatest.'

55. Simon: (Hebrew origin) means 'to listen.'

56. Louis: (French origin) means 'famous warrior' and is associated with bravery and power.

57. Henry: (German origin) means 'ruler.'

58. Franklin: (English origin) means 'the landowner of free but not noble origin.'

59. Theo: (Greek origin) means 'gift.'

60. Peter: (Greek origin) means 'rock' or 'stone' and is associated with bravery and strength.

61. Oscar: (Irish origin) means 'spear of the Gods.'

62. Jasper: (Old French origin) means 'a spotted or speckled stone.' This name conveys rarity and uniqueness.

63. Jack: (English origin) means 'God is gracious.'

64. David: (Hebrew origin) means 'beloved.' This name reflects love and kindness.

65. Noah: (Hebrew origin) means 'rest or response.'

66. Alexander: (Greek origin) means 'defender of humanity' and is associated with protector.

67. Felix: (Latin origin) means 'happy or lucky.'

68. Charles: (French or English origin) means 'free person.'

69. Frederick: (German origin) means 'a peaceful ruler.' This name reflects steadiness and power.

70. Victor: (Latin origin) means 'champion' or 'winner.'

71. Elliot: (English origin) means 'The Lord is my God.'

Old Fashioned Middle Names for Boys

If you are an old-school person who loves everything vintage, then have a look at the following list of some ancient middle names for your newborn baby.

72. Felix: (Latin origin) means 'happy' or 'lucky.'

73. Gus: (Latin origin) means 'majestic' or 'exalted.'

74. Hank: (German origin) means 'home ruler.'

75. Archie: (Scottish origin) means 'genuine' and 'bold'.

76. Jude: (Hebrew origin) means 'praised.'

77. Hugh: (British origin) means 'soul', 'mind', or 'intellect.'

78. Louis: (French origin) means 'famous warrior.'

79. Walter: (German origin) means 'commander of the army.'

80. Calvin: (French origin) means a 'little bald one.'

81. Ace: (Latin origin) means 'one' or 'unity.

82. Randall: (English and German origin) means 'shield' or 'rim' and 'wolf.'

83. Otto: (Old German origin) means 'wealth' or 'prosperity.'

84. Bernard: (French or German origin) means 'strong' or 'brave bear.'

85. Virgil: (Latin origin) means 'staff bearer.'

86. Murray: (Old Gaelic origin) means 'the descendent of O Muireadhaig.' 

87. Sigmund: (German origin) means 'protection through victory.'

88. Vernon: (Gaelic origin) means 'the place of alders.'

89. August: (Latin origin) means 'to increase', 'esteemed', or 'venerable.'

90. Theo: (Greek origin) means 'God's gift.'

91. Clyde: (Celtic origin) means 'warm' or 'friendly.'

92. Otis: (English or Old German origin) means 'Son of Ode' and 'wealth.' 

Cool Middle Names for Boys

Trendy, gen-Z names for your cute little boy can leave a deep mark on his overall personality. Here is the list we have created to name your baby in a cool, trendy way.

93. Amiri: (Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, Hebrew, or Arabic origin) means 'kingdom' or 'royal.'

94. Khai: (Arabic origin) means 'benevolence' or 'sea.'

95. Mac: Scottish, Irish, or Gaelic origin) means 'son.'

96. Elio: (Italian origin) means 'Sun.'

97. Zyair: (African origin) means 'river.'

98. Camilo: (Spanish origin) means 'helper of the priest' and 'noble.'

99. Eliam: (Hebrew origin) means 'God is my nation' or 'people of God.' 

100. Kylian: (German or Irish origin) means 'church' or 'bright-headed.'

101. Banks: (English origin) means 'by a bank.'

102. Gian: (Italian origin) means 'God is gracious.'

103. Loyal: (Old French origin) means 'faithful' or 'honest.'

104. Wylder: (English origin) means 'wild animal.'

105. Evander: (Greek origin) means 'good man.'

106. Koen: (Dutch origin) means 'brave', 'capable', 'hero.'

107. Jiraiya: (Japanese origin) means 'young thunder.'

108. Ozzy: (Old English origin) means 'God.'

109. Colter: (British origin) means 'colt-herder.'

11o. Cillian: (Irish origin) means 'little church', 'strife', 'war', or 'bright-headed.'

111. Bridger: (British origin) means 'one who bridges' or 'connects two previously separate things.'

112. Onyx: (Latin origin) means 'claw' or 'fingernail.'

The Last Names as Middle Names for Boys

Sometimes, last names are also used as middle names. Check out the list of middle names which are also used as last names for boys:

113. Emerson: (German origin) means 'brave' and 'powerful.'

114. Fletcher: (French, English, Scottish or Irish origin) means 'arrowsmith.'

115. Flynn: (Irish origin) means 'descendent of Flann.'

116. Harrison: (Northern English origin) means 'son of Harry'.

117. Weston: (British origin) means 'from the Western town.'

118. Ellis: (Welsh origin) means 'kind', 'benevolent.'

119. Houston: (Scottish, Irish, and English origin) means 'from Hugh's town' or 'settlement on the hill.'

120. Parker: (Old English origin) means 'park keeper.'

121. Beckham: (English origin) means 'homestead by the stream.'

122. Hudson: (English or Old German origin) means 'son of Hudd'. It also means 'mind' or 'spirit.'

123. Wilson: (Scottish or English origin) means 'desire' or 'will.'

124. Lennon: (Irish origin) means 'cloak', 'blackbird', or 'lover.'

125. Cooper: (English origin) means 'barrel maker.'

126. Monroe: (Scottish, Irish or Gaelic origin) means 'the mouth of river Roe', a river located in Northern Ireland.

127. Watson: (English or Scottish origin) means 'son of Walter.'

128. Brooks: (German or English origin) means 'water or small stream.'

129. Nixon: (English origin) means 'the son of Nicholas.'

130. Warren: (French or English origin) means 'park keeper.'

131. Hendrix: (Dutch or Low German origin) means 'son of Hendrick.'

132. Carter: (English origin) means 'transporter of goods by cart.'

Boys Middle Names Inspired by Nature

A lot of people like to choose a name inspired by nature, life, and the environment. Here are some of the good middle names for boys inspired by nature:

133. Atlas: (Greek origin) means 'to carry.'It is a good name for the baby who has the whole world in his hands.

134. Aspen: (Old English origin) that means 'nature.'

135. Bay: (Latin origin) means 'berry.'

136. Bondi: (Italian origin) means 'blonde.' This name is also suitable for future beach lovers.

137. Forest: (English origin) means 'woodsman' or 'from the woods.' The most famous Forrest has to be Forrest Gump from the movie of the same title.

138. Homer: (Greek origin) the name of an epic poet, as well as being the dad of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie in The Simpsons.

139. Leif: (Scandinavian or Old Norse origin) means 'beloved.'

140. Ocean: (Greek origin) A lovely boy's middle name for a baby as miraculous as the sea.

141. Reed: (British origin) Another name for families who love water and also means "red hair."

142. Silas: (English and Latin origin) means 'wood forest.'

143. Sven: (Scandinavian origin) means 'young person' or 'young warrior.'

144. Thatcher: (English origin) means 'an occupation from the middle-ages.'

145. Wesley: (English origin) means 'western town.'

146. Wren: (English origin) is a unique middle name inspired by the small English bird.

Film and Cartoon-Inspired Middle names

For our film, anime, or cartoon lovers, below listed are a few trendy, stylish and cute middle names for boys that you will surely love to name someone:

147. Anakin: Calling all Star Wars fans, may the 'force be with you' with this unique middle name means 'warrior.'

148. Bart: Short for Bartholomew, perfect for any Simpson fans.

149. Elvis: Means 'all-wise' of Scandinavian origin - made famous by the one and only rock and roll star.

150. Flynn: A Disney-inspired name of Irish origin.

151. Keanu: Of Hawaiian origin means 'cool breeze over the mountains' - the Hollywood star Keanu Reeves is the most famous with this name.

152. Maverick: (English and American origin) means 'independent.'

153. Olaf: Most famous for being the most adorable snowman from Frozen, this boy's name is of Norse origin

154. Zebedee: A fabulously unusual name for any Magic Roundabout fans of Hebrew origin, it means 'gift of God.'

Film Middle Names

Cute Middle Names for Boys

Searching for some funky, cute middle names for your little bundle of joy? Check out this list of middle names, which will surely leave you in aww:

155. Buddy: (British or Gaelic origin) means 'friend' or 'an old person.'

156. Teddy: (French origin) means 'wealthy protector', 'brave people', or 'God's gift.'

157. Ozzy: (Old English or Norse origin) means 'divine power' and 'protector.'

158. Lion: (Ancient Greek or Anglo-Norman origin) means 'kingliness', 'grandeur', and 'courage.'

159. Scout: (French origin) means 'to listen' or 'sent to discover.'

160. Lucky: (American origin) means 'fortunate.'

161. Wolf: (German, English, Dutch, or Danish origin) means 'strong and powerful

162. Rocky: (German or Italian origin) means 'rest.'

163. Ziggy: (German, Polish, or Jamaican origin) means 'victorious protector.'

164. Skipper: (Dutch origin) means a 'ship's captain' or 'boss.'

165. Bear: (German origin) means 'strong' and 'brave.'

166. Sage: (Latin, English, or French origin) means 'wise one.'

167. Foxxy: (Old English or Irish origin) means 'Mac a'tSionnaigh,' i.e., the son of the fox.

168. Tiger: (American origin) means 'powerful person.'

169. Sonny: (Anglo-Saxon origin) means 'son.'

Traditional Regal Middle Names

Royal names are old-school but never out of trend. Here are some of the most popular middle names for boys that have a regal association in the names:

170. Alexander: (Greek origin) a unisex name, but with a different spelling for a girl, means 'defending men.'

171. Alfred: (English origin) an Anglo-Saxon middle name that means 'of Elf counsel.'

172. Charles: (German origin) a mighty royal name that means 'manly.'

173. David: (Hebrew origin) a classic boy's name that means 'beloved.'

174. George: (Greek origin) means 'farmer.'

175. Henry: (English and French origin) a throwback name which means 'estate ruler,' a regal name, which can be shortened to Harry, like Prince Harry.

176. James: (Hebrew origin) a regal middle name with English royal roots that means 'supplanted,' a person who takes someone else's place.

177. John: (Hebrew origin) a good solid, firm middle name, one syllable option that means 'God's grace.'

178. Robert: (German origin) this name has a beautiful meaning: ' bright flame.'

179. William: (German origin) one of the most popular middle baby boy names that mean 'resolute protection.'

A Modern Twist to Usual Boy Names

180. King: Means 'ruler' or 'monarch', and this name is gaining popularity.

181. Prince: A regal name, meaning 'royal son' and perfect for fans of the musician, formerly known as Prince.

Inspirational Middle Names for boys

Finding some inspirational middle names for your little one? Here are some very popular and common middle names for boys that you should indeed check:

182. Leonardo: (Latin origin) means 'lion' or 'brave' and can be shortened to Leo. The most famous Leonardo has to be Leonardo da Vinci and, more recently, the film star Leonardo DiCaprio.

183. Rafael: (Hebrew origin) meaning, 'God heals,' and Raphael was a famous Italian painter.

184. Romeo: (Italian origin) Shakespeare's most famous romantic hero and latterly the son of Posh and David Beckham!

Celtic Inspired Middle Names

"Middle names" were not used in either Ireland or Scotland until some time after the 16th century. Only a tiny group of given names could be used for both men and women. The typical Irish name would be the family name, indicating who your father is.

185. Aiden: (Irish origin) means 'little and fiery.'

186. Art: (Celtic origin) means 'noble one' or 'bear-man.'

187. Camden: (Scottish origin) means 'winding valley.'

188. Connor: (Irish origin) translated as 'lover of hounds.'

189. Callum or Calum: (Gaelic origin) very sweetly means 'dove.'

190. Casey: (Irish origin) means 'brave in battle.'

191. Cian (kee-an): (Irish origin) means 'ancient' and is very popular in Ireland.

192. Cillian (kill-ee-an): (Irish origin) means 'little church.'

193. Darragh (Darra): (Irish origin) means 'oak.'

194. Dillon or Dylan: (Welsh origin) means 'son of the sea', the most famous Dylan being the Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

195. Dougal: (Gaelic origin) means 'dark stranger' and was a nickname given to Vikings.

196. Finley: (Scottish or Irish origin) means 'fair-haired hero.' It can be shortened to Finn.

197. Flynn: (Irish origin) means 'son of red-haired one.'

198. Grant: (Scottish origin) means 'large.'

199. Hamish: (Scottish origin) means 'supplanted.'

200. Liam: (Irish origin) means 'resolute protection.'

201. Logan: (Scottish origin) means 'small hollow.'

202. Maddox: (Welsh origin) means 'son of Madoc.'

203. Maxwell: (Scottish origin) means 'great stream.'

204. Merlin: (Welsh origin) means 'sea fortress' and brings to mind an image associated with witchcraft.

205. Oisin (uh-sheen or o-sheen): (Irish origin) means 'little deer.'

206. Patrick: (Latin or Irish origin) means 'nobleman' St.Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.

207. Quinn: (Latin or Irish origin) means 'fifth.'

208. Sean: (Irish origin) a derivative of the name John and mean 'God is gracious.'

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