Top 123 Hebrew Names For Boys That You'll Love

Temitope Adebowale
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Originally Published on Sep 24, 2020
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Hebrew alphabet letters and characters.

Hebrew names for boys are often rich in meaning and a delightful complement to your baby boy.

Inspiring parents the world over, Hebrew boy names have never gone out of style. In fact, it's rare to find a list of the best boy names for babies that don't include Hebrew boy names!

Traditional Hebrew Boy Names

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Traditional Hebrew names for boys go beyond Jewish boy names and Biblical names, they're baby names that originated in the Hebrew language and have been loved and used as baby names for centuries.

1. Boaz: Means 'strength' or 'swiftness'. Boaz was the father of Jesse and great-grandfather of King David.

2. Calev (or Caleb): Means 'devotion' or 'faith'. In the Bible, Calev was the spy sent by Moses to observe the land of Canaan.

3. Gidon(or Gideon): Means 'warrior' or 'feller of trees'. Gidon was a warrior and hero in the Bible.

4. Yitzhak(orIsaac): Means 'he will laugh' and was the name of Avraham's son in the Bible.

5. Yarden (or Jordan): Means 'to descend' or 'to flow down' and is named after the River Jordan in Israel.

6. Levi: Means 'attended upon' or 'joined' and was the name of one of the twelve sons of Yaacov (Jacob).

7. Noach(or Noah): Means 'comfort', 'quiet' or 'peace'.

8. Oren: Means 'cedar tree' or 'pine tree'.

9. Zev: Means 'wolf'.

Hebrew Boy Names Inspired By Famous People

Hoping for your little boy to make a great impact on the world one day? Have a look at these baby names shared by famous people who have done just that.

10. Ariel: Means 'lion of God'. Former Prime Minister of Israel bears this Hebrew name.

11. Aharon: Means 'exalted, lofty' or 'high mountain'. Aharon is a variation of the Biblical name 'Aaron', which also means 'messenger' in Hebrew. The writer Aharon Appelfeld is one of many bearers of this Hebrew name.

12. David: Derived from the word for 'beloved' in Hebrew, David was the name of the famous Biblical hero who slew the giant Goliath and eventually became king of Israel. This Hebrew baby name is shared by Israeli physicist David Deutsch.

13. Daniel: Means 'God is my judge'. In the Book of Ezekiel, Daniel was the name of a wise man and interpreter of dreams. A variant of Daniel is 'Dan', which means 'judge'. This Hebrew name is shared by the famous Israeli music director, pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim.

14. Lior: Means 'I have light'. This Hebrew name is shared by the Israeli actor Lior Raz.

15. Moshe (or Moses): Means 'drawn out of the water' and was the name of a leader who brought the Israelites out of Egypt in the Bible. Famous Israeli architect and urban planner Moshe Safdie bears this Hebrew baby name.

16. Oded: Means 'to restore'. The actor Oded Fehr bears this Hebrew name.

Hebrew Boy Names Inspired By Nature

You'll love these baby names for boys in the Hebrew language, taken from the scenery and atmosphere that have captivated people for centuries.

17. Aviv: A Hebrew name meaning 'springtime, spring'.

18. Barak: Means 'lightning'. In the Bible, Barak was a soldier during the time of the prophetess Deborah.

19. Bartholomew: Meaning 'hill' or 'furrow'.

20. Carmel: Means 'garden' or 'vineyard'. A variant of Carmel is 'Carmi' which means 'my garden'.

21. Chai: Means 'life' and is a significant symbol in Jewish culture.

22. Chaim (or Chayim): Means 'life'. A variant of Chaim is 'Haim'.

23. Dov: Means 'bear'.

24. Efraim (or Ephraim): Means 'lovely and fruitful'. Efraim was the son of Joseph and grandson of Jacob.

25. Elan (or Ilan): Means 'tree'.

26. Gershem: Means 'rain'. In the Bible Gershem was an opponent of the Hebrew leader Nehemiah.

27. Hevel: Means 'vapour' or 'breath'.

28. Yonah (or Jonah): This baby name means 'dove' and was the name of a prophet.

29. Lavi: Means 'lion'.

30. Maor: Means 'light'.

31. Meir(or Meyer): Means 'light'.

32. Nir: Means 'to cultivate a field'.

33. Or(or Orr): Means 'light'.

34. Ori: Means 'my light'.

35. Pinchas: Means 'the mouth of the serpent'.

36. Raviv: Means 'dew' or 'rain'.

37. Tal: Means 'dew'.

38. Vardimom: Means 'the essence of rose'.

39. Yair: Means 'to enlighten' or 'to light up'.

40. Ziv: This baby name means 'to shine' and would be perfect for your radiant little boy.

Popular Hebrew Boy Names

Here are some classic Hebrew names that people love and choose generation after generation.

41. Adam: This baby name means 'man', 'mankind' or 'earth' and is, unsurprisingly, one of the most popular Jewish baby names of all time. After all, Adam was the name of the first man created by God.

42. Adiel: Means 'God is my witness' or 'adorned by God'.

43. Amos: Means 'one who is strong and brave' or 'carried'.

44. Ariel: Means 'lion of God'.

45. Asher: Means 'happy, blessed, fortunate'. Asher was the grandson of Abraham and the son of Jacob (also known as Israel). For this reason, Asher was the name of one of the twelve tribes of Israel.

46. Avi: Means 'my Father'.

47. Aviel: Means 'my Father is God'.

48. Avner: Means 'God of light' or 'Father of light'. Avner was the uncle of King Saul and an army commander.

49. Avraham (or Abraham, Avram): Means 'father of many'. Avraham is the father of the Jewish people.

50. Baruch: This baby name means 'blessed'.

51. Benyamin (or Benjamin): This baby name connotes strength and means 'son of my right hand'. Benyamin was the youngest son of Jacob and grandson of Abraham.

52. Carmiel: This Hebrew name means 'God is my vineyard'. Carmiel can also be spelt 'Karmiel'.

53. Chanan: Means 'grace'.

54. Chasdiel: Means 'my God is gracious.

55. Chavivi: Means 'my friend' or 'my beloved'.

56. Doran (or Dorian, Doron): Means 'gift'.

57. Dotan: A place name in Israel, Dotan means 'law'.

58. Elad: Means 'God is eternal'.

59. Eli: Means 'understood God since a child'. Eli was a High Priest in the Bible, and the last of the Judges.

60. Eliezer: This Hebrew name means 'my God helps' and was the name of three notable people in the Bible: Moses' son, a prophet and Avraham's servant.

61. Elihu (or Elijah): This Biblical name means 'one who has found a thoughtful God'. Elihu was a prophet of God.

62. Eliahu (or Elisha): Means ‘God is stable' or 'God provides salvation'. Eliahu was a student of Elihu and a prophet of God also.

63. Ezra: This Biblical baby name means 'help'. Ezra was a scribe and priest who led the return of the Israelites from Babylon, resulting in the rebuilding of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, along with Nehemiah.

64. Gil: Means 'joy'.

65. Gavriel(orGabriel): Means 'God is my strength' and was the name of the angel who visited Daniel in the Bible and Mary, the mother of Jesus.

66. Gilad: Means 'endless joy' and was the name of a mountain in the Bible.

67. Hadar: Derived from the Hebrew words for 'honoured' and 'ornamented, beautiful'.

68. Hadriel: Means 'splendour of the Lord'.

69. Harel: Means 'mountain of God'.

70. Hila (or Hilan, Hilai): Means 'praise' and is shortened version of the Hebrew word 'tehila'.

71. Hillel: Means 'praise'.

72. Hiram: Meaning 'exalted brother' in Hebrew.

73. Hod: Means 'splendour'. In the Bible, Hod was a member of the tribe of Asher.

74. Isaiah: Means 'God is my salvation' and is the name of one of the prophets in the Bible.

75. Israel: Means 'prince of God' or 'to wrestle with God' and was the name given to Yaacov (Jacob) after he wrestled with an angel.

76. Itai: Means 'friendly' and was the name of one of King David's warriors in the Bible.

77. Jacob(or Yaacov): Means 'held by the heel' and was the name of Yitzhak's son.

78. Jeremiah: Means 'God will uplift' or 'God will loosen the bonds' and was the name of one of the prophets in the Bible.

79. Yonatan(or Johnathan): This Biblical baby name means 'God has given' and was the King's Saul's son, the best friend of King David.

80. Yosef (or Joseph): One of the most popular Jewish names for boys, Yosef means 'God will increase' or 'God will add' and was the son of Yaacov(Jacob) in the Bible.

81. Joshua(or Yehoshua): Means 'the Lord is my salvation' and was the name of the leader who succeeded Moses in the Bible.

82. Josiah: This Biblical baby name means 'the fire of the Lord' and was the name of a king in the Bible.

83. Yehuda (or Judah): Means 'praise' and was one of the twelve sons of Yaacov(Jacob) in the Bible.

84. Yoel (or Joel): Means 'God is willing' and was the name of a prophet.

85. Katriel: Means 'God is my crown'.

86. Malachi: Means 'a messenger of God'.

87. Malkiel: Means 'my King is God'.

88. Maoz: Means 'strength of the Lord'.

89. Matan: Meaning 'gift'.

90. Micah: Means 'one who is humble, meek'.

91. Matthew: Meaning 'gift from God'.

92. Michael: Means 'who is like God'.

93. Mordechai (or Mordecai): This Biblical baby name means 'warlike' or 'warrior'.

94. Natan(or Nathan): Means 'gift'.

95. Natanel(or Nathaniel): Means 'God gave'.

96. Nechemya: Means 'comforted by God'.

97. Nissim: Derived from the Hebrew words for 'miracles' or 'signs'.

98. Noam: Meaning 'pleasant'.

99. Othniel: Means 'strength of God'.

100. Ovadya: Means 'servant of God'.

101. Oz: Meaning 'strength'.

102. Penuel: Means 'the face of God'.

103. Rachamim: Means 'mercy' or 'compassionate'.

104. Rafa: Meaning 'to heal'.

105. Ram: Means 'mighty' or 'exalted'.

106. Raphael: Means 'God heals'.

107. Ravid: Meaning 'an ornament'.

108. Reuven(or Reuben): A lovely name showing gratitude for your little boy, Reuven means 'behold, a son'.

109. Roi: Means 'my shepherd'.

110. Ron: Meaning 'joy' or 'song'.

111. Shumel (or Samuel): Means 'His name is God'.

112. Shaul (or Saul): Means 'borrowed' or 'asked'.

113. Shai: Means 'gift'.

114. Set(or Seth): Means 'appointed'.

115. Segev: Meaning 'majesty', 'exalted' or 'glory'.

116. Shalev: Means 'peaceful'.

117. Shalom: Means 'peace'.

118. Shefer: Means 'peaceful' or 'pleasant'.

119. Shimon (or Simon): Meaning 'one who is heard'.

110. Simcha: Means 'joy'.

111. Tam: Means 'honest' or 'complete'.

112. Tamir: Means 'tall' or 'stately'.

113. Tzvi (or Zvi): Meaning 'a gazelle' or 'a deer'.

114. Uriel: Means 'God is my light'.

115. Uzi: Means 'my strength'.

116. Uziel: Means 'God is my strength'.

117. Yadid: Means 'friend' or 'beloved'.

118. Yakar(or Yakir): Means 'precious'.

119. Yaron: Meaning 'he will sing'.

120. Yigal: Means 'He will redeem'.

121. Zakai: Means 'clean', 'innocent' or 'pure'.

122. Zamir: Meaning 'song'.

123. Zechariah (Zachary): Means 'remembering God'.

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