69 Biblical Names Meaning Blessing For Your Little Miracle

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Originally Published on May 11, 2022
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List of Biblical names meaning blessing will certainly feature Biblical baby names meaning blessing.

So, you have ransacked whatever source you could find to grab a beautiful name from the blessed Bible, but, nothing seems to speak to you?

Fret not, for we have an incredible list of biblical names that mean blessings and miracles. You will also find Hebrew names, enticing names from the old and new Testaments, to accompany your baby for life.

These biblical names encompass meanings ranging from divine gift to blessing, to a miracle, to god’s gift, and so much more. From Hebrew names as common as John to elite options like Bennett and Zaccheus, you will walk through a handsome list of names.

So, you won’t have to whine in wake of limited options, and you may choose freely the best name for your baby.

You don’t need to sleuth the origin and meaning of the name, as we have got it all covered for you. So, relax and simply read them out!

Biblical Baby Girl Names Meaning Blessing From God

Conferring a name is not an ordinary responsibility for parents. They aspire to give such a name to your little blessing that not only sounds mellifluous rather holds profound meaning as well. Here are baby girl names that mean blessing for you.

Addy (Germanic origin), meaning noble, kind, and graceful, is quite popular in American culture while Aldus is one of the medieval forms of the names that mean blessing.

Beni (French origin), meaning 'architect or blessed’ is a name often used as a cute nickname for your blessed love.

Kate (Latin, Welsh, English, French origin), meaning 'pure and blessed' is one of the popular Christian girl Latin names that mean blessing.

Edith (Old English origin), meaning joyous, rich gift, triumphant in war and blessing.

Elyse (Hebrew origin), meaning blissful or mythological abode of blessed. It is one of the baby names that mean blessing.

Helga (Old Norse origin), meaning blessed or pious spiritual woman, moon, or holy.

Edwina (Old English), meaning blessed friend, a wealthy or valuable friend was a popular name until the Victorian era.

Gwenda (Welsh origin), meaning fair, white, good, and blessed is a Welsh name derived from the Welsh word Gwen which means blessed.

Levilynn (Canadian origin), meaning kind and blessed, seems a perfect baby girl name meaning blessing from God, to give yo our child.

Jenelyn (American origin), meaning smooth and fair, holy or blessed.

Catrina (Germanic origin), meaning blessed, pure, and chaste.

Jenifer (English origin), meaning fair, one who is blessed, and holy.

Jinniah (Arabic origin), meaning one who is blessed by God is an Arabic name you can choose for your child.

Winifred (Welsh origin), meaning blessed friend, or a friend of peace, was also the name of a legendary saint of Wales. Give this Welsh name to your baby, so he loves blessed peacemaking when he grows up!

Beatrice (French origin), meaning one who brings happiness, one who blesses and blessed. It is also an Italian name you can choose for your child.

Daniella (Spanish origin), meaning God is my judge, is a popular Spanish name you can use for your baby girl. This Spanish name is considered to bring happiness.

Laila (Arabic origin), meaning night, dusk, or night’s beauty. It is a popular Indian name as well.

Jane (English origin), meaning God is gracious, is a popular name for girls associated with the Christian faith. Jane's meaning and origin are also traced back to the French name ‘Jehanne’.

Biblical Baby Boy Names Meaning Blessing from God

Bible is a scripture that teems with exceptional figures who were themselves blessed and blessed others as well. Here is a list of biblical baby names that mean blessing, happiness, pleasure, and more, which most parents love.

Aaron (Hebrew origin), meaning miraculous, is spelled as Aharon in Hebrew.

Asher (Hebrew origin), meaning, fortunate, blessed, or favorable is a Hebrew name and anime from the Old Testament.

Aymin (Arabic origin), meaning blessed, fortunate, and righteous is an Arabic name you can choose.

Edgar (Anglo-Saxon origin), meaning prosperous, rich, or owner of a spear.

Benny (Hebrew origin), meaning a form of Benjamin, son of South or blessed. This Hebrew name is magical.

Bennett (English origin), meaning blessed or right-hand son.

Benson (English origin), meaning born of the right hand, excellent son, and ben’s son.

Abigail (Hebrew origin), meaning blessing of God, source of joy, and the best, is a popular Hebrew name for boys flaunting the divine power of God.

Abana (Biblical origin), meaning strong personality carved of stone is a compelling African name you can give to your baby.

Davina (Hebrew origin), meaning beloved and cherished is also the name of famous host Davina McCall.

Gabriel (Hebrew origin), meaning God is my strength, is also the Hebrew name of a prominent angel.

John (Hebrew origin), meaning blessed or graced by god is alluded to in the Old Testament.

Solomon (Hebrew), meaning blessed, peaceable, or man of peace, is also a name of an Apostle.

Iris (Hebrew origin), meaning flower or rainbow, is a name that was popular in the '00s and has revived again in 2020.

Tobias (Hebrew origin), meaning God is good, is a name mentioned in the old testament as well.

Zacchaeus (Hebrew origin), meaning pure, blessed, and clean is also the name of the tax collector in Jericho, at the time of Jesus.

Benedict (Latin origin), meaning blessed is a common name used for boys. It is a popular baby name that means god's gracious gift and brings happiness.

Blessing In Hebrew Names And Meanings

A name is not a trivial thing, rather it exerts a lot of influence on the individual’s personality. Therefore, it is crucial to be cognizant of what name you are associating with your child. Hebrew has a blessed treasure of names, and here is the list of the most stunning ones.

Edna (Hebrew origin), meaning pleasure, gentleness, and young. A name that also means god's gracious gift.

Baruch (Hebrew origin), meaning blessed, is also a male personal name used by Jews to name a baby.

Jedidiah (Hebrew origin) means beloved of God or friend. The Hebrew word has variations like Jed, Jeddy, Jehdai, and more.

Naysa (Hebrew origin), meaning affable or miracle of God. One of the popular baby names.

Hananeel (Biblical origin), meaning gift of God, grace, or gracious gift God gave.

Iva (Hebrew origin), meaning gift from gracious God.

Johanna (Hebrew origin), meaning gift of God.

Naveh (Hebrew origin), meaning oasis, pretty, or desirable.

Rebecca (Hebrew origin), meaning hearty, captivating, moderator, or to tie.

Nanette (Hebrew origin), means grace, beauty, and favor.

Thirza (Hebrew origin), meaning pleasant, and delightful, is also a short form for Theresa.

Shira (Hebrew origin), meaning poetry, or music, song, is a name popularly given to girls in Israel.

Yaron (Hebrew origin), meaning sing, shout, or full of joy, is commonly used in Israel as a male name as well as a surname.

Zemirah (Hebrew origin), meaning a song of joy, or praise, is also the name of Benjamin’s grandson.

Zimra (Hebrew origin), meaning praised, is another baby name from the biblical context.

Gila (Hebrew origin), meaning blessed, or the joy of the Lord is a biblical girl name meaning blessing alludes to blessing in Hebrew names.

Meiral (Irish origin), meaning happiness of God, sea nymph, or sparkling sea.

Jesse (Hebrew origin), meaning gift of god, god exists, or king, is also the name of King David's father.

Baby Names Meaning Miracle From The Old And New Testaments

Here is a catalog of baby girls and baby names meaning blessings from God and holding narrations of miracles.

Andrew (Greek origin), meaning strong and is also a name of the Apostle, quite popular among boys. This Greek meaning name sounds appealing!

Isaiah (Hebrew origin), meaning God saves, is also a classic name of an Apostle mentioned in the Old testament.

Matthew (Hebrew origin), meaning gift, is also one of the twelve messengers mentioned in the Old Testament.

Luke (Biblical), meaning one who gives light, is also a name of a man who scribed the third Gospel and is a patron saint of physicians, surgeons, and students.

John (Hebrew origin), meaning blessed by God, is also a name for two personalities in the Old Testament John the Baptist, and the prophet John.

Caleb (Hebrew origin), meaning brave, devotion to God, or whole-hearted, is also the name of a man who worked with the prophet Moses.

Gabriella (Hebrew origin), meaning abyss, or God is my strength, is a feminized version of the male name ‘Gabriel’. This is also a French name you can choose for your baby.

Zuriel (Hebrew origin), meaning strength of God or rock is a gender-neutral name, you can choose for your baby.

Martha (Hebrew origin), meaning lady or mistress. The name also refers to the woman who served dinner to Jesus and witnessed her brother’s resurrection by Jesus.

Priscilla (Hebrew origin), meaning classical, ancient, or old soul, is also the name of one of the first converts to the faith of Christianity.

Nathan (Hebrew origin), meaning God’s gift, or he gave, is a traditional name used for boys.

Noah (Hebrew origin), meaning comfort, rest, or repose, is also the name of the famous Apostle.

Hezekiah (Hebrew origin), meaning gives strength, a principled king in Bible, is a gender-neutral name for babies.

Ansel (English origin), meaning protector, or God, is also a name famous American photographer.

Matthew (Hebrew origin), meaning miracle of the lord, or generous gift of God, or gift from God, is a popular Christian name for boys. Matthew meaning is quite interesting and hence the name is extremely sought after.

James (Hebrew origin), meaning replacer, is also mentioned in the first gospel of an Apostle. One of the medieval forms of names for baby boys.

Ena (Japanese origin), meaning gift from God, is a sweet short Japanese name you can give to your child.

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