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87 Breathtaking British Names That You'll Love

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British baby names for your baby are a great choice as they are easy to spell and pronounce.

Most British baby names are also easy to recall. You can choose famous British names which go well with the baby’s last name and also age well.

Sometimes, typical British names might sound cute on a baby but won’t grow well as the baby becomes an adult. We have also added some unisex names to the list especially if you are keeping the gender of the baby a secret. Whether you want to honor your British heritage or are attracted to ridiculous British names, you will find the right one from the many options available here. After checking out our selection of unique British names, do have a look at our other articles on British boy names and British girl names as well.

Funny British Names

Many a time we come across a funny British baby name or nickname for a child, but it could hold importance to a traditional family and we must respect their inspiration. Here are some good British baby names for boys and girls for you to check and get some inspiration for yourself. 

names that are british for you

Aaron (Hebrew origin) is a popular name but it means monstrous, so be careful about it.

Aubrey (English origin) is a popular name, that means the Elf ruler. 

Augustus (Roman origin) sounds like a royal and old name as it was the name of a Roman emperor. 

Billion (French origin) is surely a unique name and could bring about some laughs. 

Brynn (Welsh origin) means a ‘hilled area’. 

Cameron (Scottish origin) is a popular name, but it means a ‘crooked nose'. 

Common (Latin origin) is the name for you if you are looking for a unique name.

Ferris (Irish origin) is connected to the name Fergus and could lead to some funny anecdotes. 

Haley (English origin) denotes a ‘hay meadow', a strange meaning but a popular name. 

Isla (Scottish origin) means an ‘island’, but is a name for a girl too. 

Leah (Hebrew origin) means ‘weary’ and it sounds like a cute sweet name.

Letty (Latin origin) means ‘footloose or joy’ and is a lovely name for your baby girl too. 

Lola (Spanish origin) indicates ‘sorrow’ but is a popular funny name for girls.  

Rue (English origin) means ‘regret’, something you might not want to have in life. 

Sunny (English origin) means ‘sunshine and cheerful’, it is a cute name for your British baby.

Tessa (Greek origin) means ‘harvest’ and is a cute name too. 

Wes (Old English origin) could be a short and cute name for Wesley or Western in the English language. 

Top British Names

Deciding on British baby names can take time and patience as both the parents and loved ones should agree on it and it must go well with the surname and have an interesting name meaning. Here are some top British noble names along with some fantastic British royal names for baby boys and girls. 

Avah (British origin) is a girl’s name related to the name ‘Ava’. 

Bailey (British origin) means ‘berry clearing', 'bailiff', or 'city fortification’.

Davis (Old English origin) means ‘son of David’, this name enjoys very high popularity among the English population. 

Edward (Old English origin) means ‘a wealthy guard’ and has high popularity with parents. 

Ember (British origin), meaning a ‘spark or burning low’ is considered to be a modern name for a girl. 

Fletcher (Middle English origin) means ‘the arrow maker’ is a classic name for a boy.

Harrison (Old English origin) means ‘son of Harry’ and has been used for centuries now. 

Jack (British origin), meaning ‘God is gracious’, has been a popular name for boys since the Middle Ages.  

Jameson (British origin) means ‘son of James’ and is a very popular and traditional name for a boy. 

Jayda (British origin) means a ‘precious stone’ and is the perfect name for your precious girl.

Josie (British origin) means ‘God increases’ and can be a cute short name for Josephine.

Kassidy (British origin) is a lovely girl name with a curly head of hair. 

Kent (Old English origin) means ‘the edge’ and is a sweet short name for your baby boy. 

Kimberly (British origin) means ‘Cyneburg’s field' and is a popular name for girls.

Lyla (British origin) means a ‘beautiful island’ and can be spelled in different ways. 

Myla (British origin) means ‘merciful’, a beautiful name for a beautiful baby girl.

Oakley (British origin) means ‘a meadow of oak trees’ and is a popular unisex name. 

Spencer (British origin)  means ‘dispenser of provision’ and is a unisex name. 

Willow (British origin) means ‘the willow bay’, and a very nature-connected name for your daughter. 

Classic British Names

There are many classic names for British babies such as Edward that are popular across the world. By using some British soldier names you can easily create an impression on others as soon as the baby is born. Here are some old-world classic yet cool British names that can be suitable for any gender.

Aida (Old English origin) means ‘joyful’. 

Alexander (Greek origin) means ‘defender of the people’, a cool name that can be shortened to Alex. 

Beverly (Old English origin) means ‘meadow of beavers’ and is a famous name.

Felix (British origin) means ‘happy and fortunate’, and is a fancy name for your boy. 

George (Greek origin) means ‘farmer’, also the name of a member of British Royalty. 

Harold (Scandinavian origin) means an ‘army ruler’, is a good solid name for a baby boy. 

Jasper (English origin), means ‘treasurer’ and sure sounds like a cool rich name for a boy. 

Jocelyn (Old English origin) means ‘just one’ and a lovely name for your only baby girl. 

Lennon (Irish, Gaelic origin) means ‘lover’, is a favorite with many who are fans of the famous singer John Lennon. 

Leonardo (English origin) means ‘brave as a lion’ and can also be shortened to Leo. 

Mirth (Old English origin) means ‘happiness’ and sure is a beautiful name for a girl.

Missy (Greek and Old English origin) means ‘bee or honey bee’ in Greek and ‘young girl’ in English.

Noah (Hebrew origin) means ‘rest’ or ‘comfort’ and has slowly become a very popular name in England. 

Oliver (Latin origin), means ‘an olive tree’, also a popular name for centuries.

Poppy (British origin) means ‘a bright red colored flower’, which British parents love to call their baby girls. 

William (German origin) means ‘with a gilded helmet’ and it is the most popular boy's name for the last 100 years. 

Pompous British Names

British baby names in England have been associated with a deep name meaning for more than a century. When it comes to the first name for boys or girls, there are multiple options available in terms of roots from Scotland and Wales as well. Let's look at British names for your child as they must suit his or her personality. 

Benedict (Latin origin) means ‘blessed’, a beautiful name for your baby boy.

Cedrick (British origin) means ‘kind and loving’.

Claudia (Latin origin) means ‘lame or enclosure’ and can be considered as the female version of Claude. 

Cordelia (Latin or Celtic origin) means ‘heart’ or ‘daughter of the sea’ and certainly a different-sounding name for your girl.

Everlie (British origin) means ‘boar meadow’ and is a unique name for a boy.

Harley (British origin) means ‘hare meadow’ or ‘the long field’ and is a unisex name.

Humphrey (German origin) means ‘peaceful warrior’.

Inigo (Basque, medieval Spanish origin) means ‘fiery’ and the name is a variation of Ignatius.

Jax (British origin) means ‘son of Jack’, it is a very modern take on the older name ‘Jackson’.

Leopold (German origin) means ‘brave people' and sounds like a royal name for a boy.

Marina (Latin origin) means ‘from the sea’.

Miranda (Latin origin) means ‘marvelous’, it is a lovely name for a lovely girl. 

Rosalind (Latin origin) means ‘pretty rose’, which is a sweet-smelling name for your girl.

Ryleigh (British origin) means ‘rye clearing’.

Steven (English Classic origin) means a ‘wreath’ or a ‘crown’.

Tabitha (Aramaic origin) means a ‘gazelle’.

Tatum (British origin) means ‘Tata’s homestead’ and is a very modern name for a girl. 

Verity (Latin origin) means ‘truth’ and is a perfect name if you love Puritan virtues.

Most British Names

Some British baby boy and girl names are more British than you think, for example, Alfred or Alfie, as they get to be more popular in the present culture and times of the country. Here are some examples of good British names for boys and girls along with the name meaning that will help you choose. 

Aiden (British origin) means a ‘little fire’.

Alfie (English origin) means ‘sage or wise’, which is the best short name with a deep meaning.

Arran (Scottish origin), the name is derived from the popular island in Scotland with the same name. 

Barnaby (English origin) means ‘son of consolation’ and is an English variation of the word Barnabas.

Charlotte (English origin) means a ‘free man’ and is the feminine form of the name Charles. 

Darcy (British or Irish origin) is a name made popular after appearing in Jane Austen’s 'Pride and Prejudice'.

Entriken (British origin) is a famous name from a renowned dynasty of Great Britain.

Giles (Greek origin) means ‘a goat’.

Gregor (Norwegian and Greek origin) means a ‘watchman’.

Hadley (Old English origin) means ‘health moonland’.

Hamish (Scottish origin) means a ‘supplanter’.

Harvey (French origin) means ‘worthy of fighting a battle’

Lawrence (British origin) means ‘someone who is crowned with a laurel’ which is a popular name in the United Kingdom.  

Mark (Latin origin) means ‘a large hammer’ or ‘shinning’ and is a symbol of power.

Oscar (Irish Gaelic origin) means ‘spear of God’; it also acquired an added meaning of ‘dear friend’.

Oshea (Irish origin) means ‘Jehovah is salvation’ and is a variation of Joshua.

Seth (Hebrew origin) means ‘appointed’ or ‘substituted', which is a beautiful name.

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