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All Of The Dinobots Names In One Handy List

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Dinobots are an arrogant, rowdy, disobedient and lowbrow band of warriors in the Transformers franchise.

They are also devastatingly powerful combat units of the Autobot army. They are strong in robot mode and when they turn into their alternate modes of dinosaurs, they become the most powerful creatures of the earth.

They were introduced in the movie 'Transformers: Age Of Extinction', directed by Michael Bay. Dinobots are large Cybertronian Knights who are robots in disguise who can turn into dinosaurs. Most of them don’t like Optimus Prime. Whether or not they decide to follow the Autobot leaders depends on who is giving the orders. They view most of the Autobot army as cowardly and weak to get the nastier jobs done. Only a few of them are considered to be true allies. This is the reason why they have been pushed to the fringes of the Autobot society. However, this has also led to an extremely powerful feeling of friendship and camaraderie among the team members.

In this article, we have provided a list of all the Dinobot Transformers names. For more great name articles check out this list of 'Super Wings' names and these Stand names from 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure'.

The Replica of Bumblebee robot made from iron part of a Car display at Thung Bua Chom floating market.

Main Members Of The Group

There are five main members of the Dinobot group. Here are the main five Transformers Dinobots names.

1. Grimlock, this is the name of several Transformers characters in the franchise, he is usually the leader of the Dinobots. Grimlock is a hugely popular character. The popularity of this character can be noted from the fact that USA Today conducted a poll in 2007 asking people which Transformer they would want to appear as in the Transformer film series and Grimlock came in second.

Grimlock from the Transformers is a powerful and fearsome leader of the Dinobots. He can be merciless, cold and disrespectful of those beneath him, such as human beings and even Optimus Prime. Nevertheless, he is a courageous warrior who commands respect from his friends and foes. The one distinguishing feature of Grimlock is his speech impediment. Due to this he refers to himself as “Me Grimlock” and speaks only in short sentences. In the Marvel Comics series, Dinobots speak in grammatically correct speech, but in the animated series, Grimlock and his fellow Dinobots speak in this limited way.

Grimlock is an Autobot transformer, always willing to protect the Earth. He shows begrudging respect for Optimus Prime and is the strongest of the Transformers. In most continuities, he is either an equal to or superior to Megatron and Optimus Prime. When he goes into Tyrannosaurus mode, his jaws are able to snap anything. He can shoot energy rays from his mouth and breathe fire. In robot mode, he wields an Energon sword that is sheathed in crackling energo.

In the 'Beast Wars' comic book, Grimlock wasn't happy about the Maximal downsizing and the resulting peace meant that there was no way for him to vent his warlike tendencies. So Grimlock would often volunteer for dangerous and risky, missions. In the Michael Bay directed 'Transformers: Age Of Extinction', Grimlock fights Optimus Prime for dominance.

2. Slug, a fictional character from the Transformers franchise that was introduced in 1985. He is a heroic Dinobot capable of turning into a robotic dinosaur who breathes fire. In the earlier films, Slug had a different name but his name was transformed to Slug as he is now proudly known.

This dinosaur Transformer is a strong and tough Dinobot who has impressive firepower. When in dinosaur mode, he can eject a bolt of flame that is about 3,000 degrees celsius to anywhere up to 25 metres away. Slug is known for his impressive strength that enables him to shatter a building with a single blow from his head. He can also use his horns for shooting high powered lasers. When in robot mode, he carries an energo sword, a rocket poom and a high energy laser rifle.

The biggest weakness of Slug is his overly aggressive behavior that sometimes causes problems with other Autobots. Also, he is known to be the only Dinobot who argues with the leader Grimlock. Ironically, other Dinobots see him as the second in command. Sometimes, he is depicted as a combiner when he becomes part of Volcanicus or Super Robot. In the comic book and cartoons, he joined the Autobots in 1984. However, the toy was not released until 1985.

3. Sludge, this is another name of multiple fictional characters of the Transformers franchise. All versions of Sludge are members of the Dinobots. He likes everyone to know his presence, and with his incredibly lumbering legs, he only has to take a few steps to let everyone in a three mile radius feel and hear that he is around. However, his amazing physical appearance contradicts his unusually shy and gentle nature. Just like other Dinobots, he is not happy with Optimus Prime’s leadership. But, he believes that the Autobot cause has more importance than personal misgivings. So, he almost never exhibits his feelings.

When it comes to battle, he becomes an unstoppable, terrifying force. In Dinobot mode, he is able to exert 14,000 pounds per square inch of pressure with just a single step. This force is enough to shatter a bridge or even crack a mountain. There are only a handful of comrades who can match his endurance and immense strength. His armored hide is capable of withstanding most blasts tpp. He is also adept at operating in jungles, and in swampy and watery environments.

His only weakness is that he is a victim of the disaster he causes. More often than not, his fellow Autobot Transformers have to dig him out of the trouble he gets himself into. If he were clever, he would be able to get himself out of these predicaments or at least avoid them. He is also quite slow because of his heavy build.

4. Snarl, another fictional character from the Transformers franchise. The first Snarl was introduced in 1985 as a Dinobot desert warrior who was very heroic. The second Snarl was introduced in 1997 as a Maximal surprise attack specialist who was equally heroic and was capable of transforming into a Tasmanian devil. The third Snarl was introduced in 2000 as a Maximal strategic specialist who was capable of turning into a lion.

A member of the Dinobots Transformers, he can turn into a robotic Stegosaurus. He is an Autobot of few opinions and fewer words. He follows the order of Grimlock grudgingly and prefers to leave the thinking to the rest. Most of the time, he is alone and unhappy and his feelings of isolation are aggravated by his uncommunicative nature. The only time he is able to elevate his spirits is during battle. In fact, the joyous emotions felt by Snarl during the mortal combat is matched by only a few other comrades.

Dinobot Snarl was made on earth. He is extremely useful in arid, sunny environments because of his unique design. The large golden plates that protrude from his spinal assembly work as solar collectors. Even though he can work without sunlight, his strength is increased tenfold with solar energy. His endurance also becomes virtually limitless in the sun. However, this also makes him vulnerable to a fight during the night, when he is slow and uncooperative, which makes him ineffective in dangerous situations.

In the 'Beast Wars', Snarl was left behind by the Axalon crew on the prehistoric earth. He was put in chronal phase, but was protected from the Predacon shell program of Megatron.

5. Swoop, one of the five main Dinobots from the Transformers franchise, was introduced in 1985 in the animated series. He knows that the most effective weapon in his armory is fear and that’s exactly how he likes it. When he makes a striking descent from the sky, he loves to watch his enemies run around in terror. His ability to cause fear in his enemy is his greatest comfort and the reason why he is considered to be one of the most horrifying Transformers dinosaurs. However, this also makes his comrades slightly uncomfortable around him.

When he is in flying mode, he can reach speeds of up to 250 mph. Beneath each wing, there is an air-to-air missile launcher, each one of which is equal to 5000 lbs of TNT. Even though these missiles can shoot a target accurately from eight miles away, Swoop likes to get down to low altitudes, release them at point blank, and then speed away. When in Autobot mode, he can use the launchers and the thermal sword that can be heated to 4000 degrees celsius. The sword can slice through almost all materials by melting them while it passes through them. Even though he has great endurance, low fuel consumption and extreme maneuverability, he is vulnerable to firepower from his enemy because of the fragile nature of his wings.

In the 'Beast Wars', Swoop was among the Transformers casualties of the Great War.

Fictional character Optimus Prime action figure in the Transformers franchise.

Members Of The Dinobot Group In Other Universes

Here are some members of the Dinobots Transformers in alternate universes.

6. Paddles, a simple and gentle giant who is less hostile than other dinosaurs in Transformers. He is willing to be friends with both Autobots and humans. But, during the battle, he fights furiously and valiantly to defend others. Even though he is awkward on land, he glides with ease through the oceans in his Elasmosaurus mode. His character has some similarities to the Sludge. An example of this is his interest in and idolization of Randall and Ed. This is similar to Sludge’s attachment to Joy Meadows. He was injured when a pulse cannon burst from Raze struck him.

7. Grimmaster, another of the transforming dinosaurs known as Dinobots (with a deception named Kakuryo) Grimmaster joined the Autobots when Saber saved his life.

He is a Redco from the Power Core Combiners Grimstone who transformed into a Styracosaurus. Also, when he is in prime mode, he becomes a super robot's torso that can use the auto-transforming Power Core Combiner drone-machine molds as limbs. Grimmaster comes with four prehistoric drone limbs that are redcos of the Dinobot drones.

8. Skar, a tactical medic for the Dinobots Transformers who worked for them when they were soldiers for the Primal Vanguard. Before he joined Dinobots, he researched a way to adopt an alternate mode on the spot known as dynamic alt-mode adoption therapy.

When the Dinobots were on a mission of searching for subterranean bases under the Toraxxis Plains, they encountered powerful monsters living in the caverns who almost wiped them out. In order to survive, Skar used his research to scan the creatures and adapt his team to grant them the strength and power needed to fight back. But, the process caused their minds to deteriorate and Skar was eventually killed by Grimlock during the rampage, his best friend and leader.

9. Strafe, a two headed, gigantic fire breathing pterosaur Dinobot who swoops down at his enemies with lightning speed. While he is a merciless and powerful warrior on the battlefield, he is the most approachable and friendly individual. He is also friends with Bumblebee.

He was among the Dinobots in Transformers who were freed from the Lockdown’s ship and yielded to Optimus Prime. He also aided Bumblebee during the Hong Kong battle against Stinger. In the battle against the Lockdown, Dinobots were freed from the command of Optimus Prime and both parties parted on good terms.

10. Slash, the newest Dinobots member, Slash is an elite tracker who is always able to find her target. When she was paired with a Prime Master, she used her newfound power to hone her tracking abilities. When Spike Witwicky contacted the older Dinobots to assist with the Selector revolt, the five Dinobots left, leaving Slash in charge of the island.

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