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105 Beautiful Turkish Girl Names With Meanings

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Coming up with a name for your baby girl can be a real challenge, especially when you want to keep your or your partner's heritage involved.

When it comes to Turkish names for your newborn, these can be a real delight. Not only are they all deeply expressive with wonderful meanings, but they're also very beautiful and many are short enough to not even need a nickname.

If you're struggling to think of baby name ideas, we've got you covered. There are so many lovely Turkish baby girl names out there that may just be the perfect fit. From Aylin to Defne to Emel, we've selected 105 of our favourite Turkish baby names and their special meanings. Take a look and if you like these, check out some ocean names for girls and Disney female character names as well!

A-H Turkish Girl Names

Side view of a newborn baby

If it's Turkish names for girls beginning with the letters between A and H that you think you're after, then we may just have the perfect baby name for you. There are plenty of lovely Turkish girl names to discover with these letters, and you're bound to fall in love with one of these baby names.

1) Afet - A gorgeous name meaning 'a woman of awe-inspiring beauty'.

2) Ahu - This name means 'gazelle' or 'beautiful eyes'.

3) Aiyla - (pronounced eye-luh). This beautiful Turkish girl name means 'moonlight' or 'moon halo'.

4) Alara - Meaning 'a fairy of the water'.

5) Asli - A name that means 'genuine, authentic, or true'.

6) Ayla - (pronounced eye-lah). This feminine Turkish name means 'a halo of light around the moon'.

7) Aylin - (pronounced eye-lin). A popular and beautiful choice that means 'the one that belongs to the moon'.

8) Aysun - A special name meaning 'a girl whose face is as beautiful as the moon'.

9) Azra - This name means 'one who is pure'.

10) Banu - Perfect for this list, the name Banu means 'lady'.

11) Belgin - A traditional Turkish girl name meaning 'clear'.

12) Berna - Meaning 'one who is young' or 'youthful'.

13) Beste - (pronounced beh-s-teh). This name means 'melody' or 'composition'.

14) Beyza - (pronounced bay-za). Perfect for your little star, this name means 'fair, very white, bright, or shining'.

15) Canan - Show your love to your baby with this name which means 'beloved'.

16) Caria - Meaning 'she who flows like water'.

17) Cemile - A sweet name for your baby girl meaning 'beautiful and radiant'.

18) Ceren - A popular feminine name meaning 'baby gazelle'.

19) Ceyda - This name means 'the one who helps everybody', or 'a tall and beautiful woman'.

20) Ceylan - Meaning 'a gazelle or antelope'.

21) Damla - This charming Turkish name means 'a drop of water' or 'rain'.

22) Defne - (pronounced deh-f-neh). Popular and pretty, this name means 'a bay tree' or 'a laurel tree'.

23) Deniz - A unisex name that means 'the sea'. This is one of the most popular Turkish names, perhaps the most popular.

24) Derya - Perfect for a free spirit, this name means 'ocean or sea'.

25) Dilara - Meaning 'a heart' or 'an ornament of beauty'.

26) Doga - A lovely name for a baby girl that means 'nature'.

27) Ece - (pronounced eh-djeh). Perfect for a powerful woman, this Turkish girl name means 'queen'.

28) Ekin - This name means 'harvest'.

29) Ela - A short and sweet name meaning 'oak' or 'harvest'.

30) Elif - (pronounced a-leaf). Meaning 'slender', 'thin', or 'the girl who spreads light'.

31) Elmas - Express how much your baby means to you with this Turkish name that means 'diamond'.

32) Elnara - A name that means 'fire', or 'light'.

33) Emel - One of our favourite and most popular names, this one means 'desire'.

34) Emine - A name with three meanings: 'one whom you can trust and believe in', 'one who is benign and innocuous', or 'one who is fearless and courageous'.

35) Emira - This name means 'princess' and is perfect for your little princess.

36) Emiri - A charming Turkish baby name that means 'one who tries to excel'.

37) Esana - This means 'desire, wish, or aim'.

38) Esin - A name meaning 'inspiration', or 'morning breeze'.

39) Esma - This Turkish baby name is also used in Bosnian and Romani culture and it means 'supreme'.

40) Esmeray - Also spelled Ezmeray, this beautiful name means 'dark moon'.

41) Fadime - A Turkish name for girls that means the abstaining, or the weaning.

42) Fatma - Originally of Arabic descent but popular in Turkish culture, this name means 'baby's nurse'.

43) Feray - (pronounced fair-eye). A gorgeous girl name that means 'radiance of the moon'.

44) Feriha - Happy, joyful, and cheerful are the connotations related to the name Feriha.

45) Funda - A popular choice for a baby girl that means 'health'.

46) Gamze - This name means 'the dimple from someone's cheek when they are smiling'.

47) Gaye - A baby name derived from a special ornament that is gold or yellow.

48) Gül - (pronounced g-uh-l). A literal Turkish translation for the word 'rose'.

49) Gulizar - One of our favourite Turkish baby names, this name means 'a rose garden'.

50) Gulya - A pretty choice, meaning 'a flower'.

51) Hafiz - Meaning 'a keeper' or 'a guardian'.

52) Halime - A lovely name that means 'mild or gentle'.

53) Harika - This Turkish girl name means 'a miracle' or 'beautiful'.

54) Hayal - A unique word that means 'a daydream' or 'hope'.

55) Hazan - This sweet baby name means 'autumn'.

I-O Turkish Girl Names

Portrait of a cute happy little baby girl

Looking for Turkish baby girl names beginning with the letters between I and O? We've got plenty. Take a look at the list below and see if any of these are your perfect fit.

56) Imran - A lovely name that means 'prosperity, development, or cultivating'.

57) Ipek - (pronounced ee-peck) This popular feminine moniker means 'silk'.

58) Jale - A powerful name with the meaning 'hailstone'.

59) Jihan - Perfect for the centre of your world, this name means 'universe'.

60) Jubaila - Meaning 'mountain' or 'someone with a charming, lively, and upstanding personality'.

61) Kadri - A lovely name that means 'pure'.

62) Kamelya - This name derives from a flower.

63) Kiraz - A word meaning 'cherry' in Turkish.

64) Lalam - This name means 'as beautiful as a tulip'.

65) Lale - (pronounced lah-lay). This word means 'tulip' in Turkish.

66) Leyla - One of our favourite Turkish baby names, this pretty name means 'night' and 'lilac'.

67) Lunara - Floral and sweet, this name stands for 'flower', 'rose', and 'pomegranate'.

68) Melek - Perfect for your little sweetheart, this name means 'angel'.

69) Melike - A regal name that means 'queen'.

70) Meliha - This one means 'beautiful, sweet, and charming'.

71) Meltem - (pronounced mal-tehm). A name that derives from the word that means 'the strong, dry, north winds of the Aegean Sea'.

72) Miray - This name means 'one who shines like the moon'.

73) Naz - A short name that means 'coy'.

74) Nazan - A longer version of the name that also means 'coy or reluctant'.

75) Nazik - A beautiful moniker that means 'slender or delicate'.

76) Nehir - (pronounced nay-hear). A word meaning 'river' in Turkish.

77) Neylan - This name means 'fulfilled wish'.

78) Nuray - (pronounced ner-eye). A lovely feminine name that means 'bright moon'.

79) Olcay - This unisex name means 'luck or lucky'.

80) Ozge - Another unisex name meaning 'unique or distinct'.

81) Özgur - (pronounced uz-ger). A name meaning 'free or independent'.

P-Z Turkish Girl Names

These Turkish girls' names starting with the letters P through Z are all lovely and meaningful, perfect for your new baby.

82) Pinar - (pronounced pee-nar). Popular and pretty, this girl name means 'fountain or spring'.

83) Rabia - A lovely name for a baby born in the spring, this name literally means 'spring'! It also means 'fourth-born'.

84) Rasheda - This pretty name means 'rightly guided'.

85) Reyhan - A unisex name with both Turkish and Arabic origins, this means 'favoured by God'.

86) Roshan - Meaning 'a bright light'.

87) Roxelana - A Turkish nickname for Ruthenian.

88) Safiye - Derived from the name Sophia, this one means 'wisdom, knowledge, or teaching'.

89) Sanem - (pronounced sah-nem). A lovely name that means 'idol' or 'pretty lady'.

90) Seda - (pronounced said-ah). Meaning 'spirit of the forest'.

91) Sefa - A Turkish name with Hebrew roots, this one means 'God will add'.

92) Serap - Associated with the number five, this name also means 'a mirage'.

93) Serenay - Meaning 'full moon'.

94) Sevda - A pretty name that means 'passion' or 'love'.

95) Sevil - (pronounced sayv-eel.) A popular baby name meaning 'to love or to be loved'.

96) Sezen - Perfect for your clever baby, this name means 'to understand or perceive something intuitively'.

97) Sibel - This Turkish name has Arabic origins, and means 'raindrop' or 'flowing'.

98) Sila - A unisex name meaning 'to reunite with relatives and loved ones who live in the birthplace or hometown'.

99) Toulin - (pronounced too-lin). A lovely moniker that means 'a circular band of light around the moon'.

100) Tubba - (pronounced too-ba). This name has several special meanings such as 'pure beauty', 'creator', 'goddess', or 'life'.

101) Vesile - Meaning 'close to God'.

102) Yasmin - This name derives from the Jasmine flower.

103) Yildiz - (pronounced yeel-diz). A wonderful choice for your special baby, this name means 'star'.

104) Zambak - The Turkish translation of the flower Lily.

105) Zehra - (pronounced zay-hrah). This beautiful, popular name means 'blossoms' or 'beauty'.

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