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100+ Best Beagle Names For Your New Puppy

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Beagles are some of the most docile and sweetest puppy breeds there are.

These dogs are essentially small hounds that are experts at hunting, which makes them an easy breed to train. Generally, beagles are very intelligent, determined, amiable, gentle and even-tempered.

If you’ve recently gotten yourself a new beagle, chances are you are still wondering what to name this adorable little puppy. It’s crucial to give your beagle an apt name that suits their personality best. This really helps bring out their character and makes your puppy extra adorable as well. To help you out with looking for dog names for a beagle, we’ve compiled a long list of the best beagle names there are.

To all pet owners with cute beagles, your search for the best beagle dog names is finally over. If you’d like, you can also check out these Harry Potter dog names or these clever dog names for further inspiration.

Girl Beagle Names

Got a female beagle who you need to find a name for soon? A female beagle is an immensely calm, sweet and intelligent animal. When looking for female beagle names, taking all this into consideration is exceptionally important. Here are the best female beagle names for you to choose from or get inspired from when naming your dog.

1. Bailey (Middle English origin) meaning “bailiff”.

2. Bella (Italian or French origin) meaning “beautiful”.

3. Daisy (Old English origin) meaning “day’s eye”.

4. Ginger (English origin) a cute dog name meaning “reddish-orange color”.

5. Gracie (Scottish origin) another cute dog name meaning “gracious”.

6. Harley (Old English origin) meaning “wood” or “rock”.

7. Lily (English origin) meaning “pure” or “passion”.

8. Lucy (English origin) meaning “light”.

9. Luna (Italian or Spanish origin) meaning “moon” or “light of the moon”.

10. Maggie (English or Greek origin) meaning “pearl” or “child of the light”.

11. Molly (English origin) meaning “drop of the sea” or “star of the sea”.

12. Penny (English origin) meaning “with a web over her face”.

13. Pepper (American origin) meaning “hot spice”.

14. Piper (English origin) meaning “pipe player” or “flute player”.

15. Rosie (Italian origin) meaning “rose”.

16. Roxy (Old Persian origin) meaning “bright” or “dawn”.

17. Sadie (English origin) meaning “princess”.

18. Sophie (Greek origin) meaning “wisdom”.

19. Stella (Italian origin) meaning “star”.

20. Zoe (Greek origin) meaning “life”.

Male Beagle Names

Got a male beagle you need to name? Just like female beagles, male beagles are incredibly amiable as well as smart. If you are looking for names for beagle puppies that are male, you need not look any further. This comprehensive list of fun and cute names for your male beagle includes unique as well as popular choices. Here are the best male beagle names you will ever come across.

21. Bagel (German origin) meaning “hot and toasty bread”.

22. Buddy (English origin) meaning “friend”.

23. Buster (American origin) meaning “tough guy”.

24. Charlie (Old English origin) meaning “free man”.

25. Cooper (English origin) meaning “maker of wooden vessels”.

26. Gus (English origin) meaning “great”.

27. Henry (German origin) meaning “ruler of the homeland” or “home ruler”.

28. Hunter (English origin) meaning “the one who hunts”.

29. Leo (Latin origin) meaning “lion”.

30. Marley (English origin) meaning “boundary wood” or “pleasant wood”.

31. Max (Latin origin) meaning “the greatest”.

32. Milo (Greek origin) meaning “soldier” or “gracious”.

33. Murphy (Irish origin) meaning “sea warrior”.

34. Oscar (English or Irish origin) meaning “spear of God” or “friend of deer”.

35. Riley (Irish origin) meaning “rye field” or “rye clearing”.

36. Roscoe (Cornish or English origin) meaning “doe wood”.

37. Sammy (Hebrew origin) meaning “name of God”.

38. Scout (American origin) meaning “the first explorer”.

39. Shiloh (Hebrew origin) meaning “peace”.

40. Snooper (American origin) meaning “curious” or “inquisitive”.

Maltese breed dog sitting on the blanket

The Coolest Beagle Name Ideas For A Funny Beagle

Got a funny beagle who keeps you smiling and laughing all through the day? Whether it’s a female or male beagle puppy, there are numerous beagle name ideas for you to choose a funny name from. Why not give your new beagle puppy the best and most hilarious name there is? Here are the best beagle names for you to look at if you’ve got a funny fellow at home.

41. Bark Twain, a word play name on Mark Twain that your new puppy is going to love.

42. Betsy Wetsy, a superbly amazing name for your little beagle dog.

43. Betty Spaghetty, another one of the most hilarious names for beagle dogs who also love to eat.

44. Butter Face, for that sweet and docile beagle who also loves to eat grandly.

45. Carl Spackler, makes for one of the most hilarious names for beagles.

46. Chew-barka, beagle names don’t get better than this especially if your beagle dog is chewing and destroying stuff around the house.

47. Dogzilla, one of the most hilarious beagle names.

48. Grandma, for the female beagle that loves to be lazy more than run around.

49. Grandpa, for the male beagle that is super lazy and just sleeps all day.

50. Groucho Barks, one of the funniest beagle names for the beagles that aren’t just grumpy but also love to bark.

51. Hot Wheels, another one of the most hilarious dog names for those dogs that run to dash around.

52. Jenga, this one is a super funny name for your best beagle boy.

53. Jimmy Chews, one of the best beagle names there are.

54. Lady Rover, for any breed of female dog who loves to run in the park.

55. Lil Puppins, one of the best beagle puppy names you’ll ever come across!

56. Little Bow Wow, one of the best beagle names not just for a beagle but for any other breed as well.

57. Mac Daddy, dog names don’t get better than this one!

58. Marshmallow, an amazing beagle name for your dog if he is small.

59. Mary Puppins, an awesome pun on the name Mary Poppins for your new puppy.

60. Mr. Spots, one of the most funny names for beagles there ever can be.

61. Mrs. Doubtfire, inspired from the Robin Williams movie, this makes for a hilarious dog name.

62. Pee Wee, another one of the best dog names that aren't just hilarious but also super cute.

63. Polly Pocket, female dog names don’t ever get better than this hilarious one!

64. Porkchop, a super funny name for the beagle who loves his pork chops a little too much.

65. Pup Tart, another hilarious name for a puppy of any breed.

66. Razor Shines, one of the most funny dog names for the beagle that loves to run.

67. Screech Master, an amazing dog name for your loud and funny beagle.

68. Snoop Dog, funny beagle names don’t get better than this hilarious one!

69. Tic Tac, one of the funniest dog names for a little beagle dog.

70. Zipper, a hilarious and cute beagle name for your best beagle boy.

Chihuahua dog running in the field

Good Beagle Names From Real Life, Movies, TV Shows And Cartoons

Beagles in movies or famous beagles are an amazing way of getting inspired for the name of your own beagle dog. Not just a famous beagle, a famous dog of any breed can be a great inspiration. If you like the name, you can just name your beagle the exact same name as well. Got a new beagle dog to name? You need not worry anymore. Choose from this list of famous beagle dog names or add a twist of your own. No matter what, your dog won’t just like its new name, they will love it! This list also has names of other famous characters that can make for excellent beagle names.

71. Alfred, because Batman’s butler’s full name was ‘Alfred Beagle’.

72. Beethoven, the beloved pet from the movie by the same name.

73. Benji, the adorable puppy who rescues the two siblings in the famous movie ‘Benji’.

74. Bilbo Baggins, from ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord Of The Rings’ is an excellent name for your beagle.

75. Brains, the lovable and amiable dog of Inspector Gadget.

76. Bruiser, the fierce dog of Elle Woods in the famous movie ‘Legally Blonde’.

77. Buckley, the famous and adorable beagle in the movie ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’.

78. Clifford, the red labrador retriever in the cartoon movie ‘Clifford's Really Big Movie’.

79. Einstein, the famous puppy from the popular film ‘Back To The Future’.

80. Fleegle, from ‘Banana Splits’, the super famous TV series in the '70s.

81. Frankenweenie, inspired by the movie by the same name.

82. Gromit, the super adorable and amiable dog of Wallace.

83. Hachi, the famous Akita dog belonging to Professor Wilson in the movie ‘Hachi: A Dog’s Tale’.

84. Harvey, inspired from ‘E.T. The Extra Terrestrial’.

85. Katniss, inspired from the famous book series as well as the movie ‘The Hunger Games’.

86. Lou, the sweet and super sweet male beagle puppy in the famous movie ‘Cats And Dogs’.

87. Marbles, one of the brothers of Snoopy.

88. Nutmeg, from the famous ‘Isle Of Dogs’.

89. Odie, Jon’s best friend in the super famous and loved comic strip ‘Garfield’.

90. Poochie, the beagle in the world famous TV series ‘Simpsons’.

91. Scooby-Doo, from the world famous children’s cartoon ‘Scooby Dooby Doo’.

92. Sherlock, inspired from the famous English detective ‘Sherlock Holmes’.

93. Slinky Dog, inspired from the toy dog in the movie ‘Toy Story’.

94. Snoopy, the famous beagle from the comic strip by Charles Schulz called ‘Peanuts’.

95. Snots, from ‘National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation’.

96. Sweet Lips, the famous dog of President Washington.

97. Tramp, inspired from the super famous ‘Lady And The Tramp’.

98. Toby, the incredibly mischievous and naughty beagle from the movie ‘Used Cars’.

99. Toto, the sweet dog from the famous children’s classic ‘Alice In Wonderland’.

100. Walter Lee, from ‘A Raisin In The Sun’.

101. Willy Wonka, another inspired name from ‘Charlie And The Chocolate Factory’.

Kidadl has lots of great name articles to inspire you. If you liked our suggestions for beagle names, then why not take a look at dog names that mean friend or loyal, or for something different take a look at these food names for dogs.

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