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Do you love the Harry Potter series?

There aren't that many people who don't as it's one of the best. We all loved the movies and the books, with enchanting characters and lots of magical spells.

The pets of some of our favorite characters were simply adorable, inspiring people to get creative with the names of their pets. If you are a huge fan and have a dog, then you should go for some Harry Potter inspired dog names.

There is no doubt that the Harry Potter series had an astonishing impact on people. They had the best pets, and we all loved the characters in this series.

The series is filled with lots of magic and splendor that it's hard to not find a unique name that best fits your pet. You can decide to name your dog after the main characters or adopt some of the names of their pets.

Whatever the case, you are in for a treat of dog names inspired by Harry Potter.

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Harry Potter Animal Names

A collection of Harry Potter books

The series is known for all the cool magic tricks and spells, and the characters. Another part of the series was their pets and the roles they played.

The movies would not have been complete without any of the pets in it. They all had cool names a more than a few tricks up their sleeves.

For the best dog names from Harry Potter, you can take a queue from the names of the pets in the series. Let's find out some of the best Harry Potter dog names from this popular series.

1. Aragog (English origin) means "the giant spider".

2. Bane (Slavic origin), means "glorious defender".

3. Bogrod (English origin) there is no real meaning for this name.

4. Crookshanks (Scottish origin), a location name used to refer to dwellers by the river Cruickshank, Hermione's cat in the series.

5. Dobby (Anglo-Saxon origin) means "benevolent elf," the heroically loyal house-elf.

6. Errol (English origin) means "nobleman," the pet owl.

7. Fang (English origin) refers to a sharp canine tooth, Hagrid's bloodhound.

8. Fawkes (Norman origin) means "falcon," very intelligent phoenix of Albus Dumbledore.

9. Firenze (Hungarian origin) means "blossoming flower.

10. Fluffy (English origin) means "rise and fall," the name of the three-headed dog of Hagrid.

11. Grawp (Engineering origin) is the giant half-brother of Hagrid.

12. Griphook (English origin) refers to the goblin in the series.

13. Hedwig (German origin) means "fighter in a while". This is the name of Harry's beloved owl.

14. Hokey (American origin) means "overly sentimental," also refers to the house-elf.

15. Lupin (Latin origin) means "wolfish," Harry's teacher, and werewolf, Remus Lupin.

16. Nagini (Sanskrit origin) means "the giant snake".

17. Norbert (German origin) means "bright north", is the dragon pet of Hagrid.

18. Padfoot (English origin) refers to a black dog whose presence was regarded as death, the nickname given to Sirius black. Contrary to the character in the movie, it serves as an excellent dog name.

19. Pig (English origin) means "the owl". One of the funny Harry Potter dog names for a cute little pet.

20. Pixie (Celtic origin) means "fairy," a notorious troublemaker. It's a cute little name from the Harry Potter movies.

21. Ravenclaw (English origin) from the house of Hogwarts that valued cleverness. One of the popular dog names. now.

22. Ronan (Irish origin) means "little seal". Among the common Potter dog names today.

23. Trevor (Iris origin) means "prudent". Another name that's one of the most popular male dog names.

24. Scabbers (English origin)  the rat that can turn into a human being.

25. Sirius (Greek origin) means "glowing," Harry's godfather.

Female Harry Potter Character Names For Dogs

Regulus arcturus black's letter

Getting a little female puppy is one of the best things ever, and if you are a Harry Potter fan you will want to give your puppy a character name. This is one of the best ways to show your love for the series and the characters who played in them.

Names are what define your pet, and they do play a big part in shaping the personality of your pet.

So, as the huge fan that you are, you need a character-worthy name that adequately represents the nature of your new female dog. The best way to do this is to check out the female Harry Potter names for dogs, you will surely find something you love.

26. Alicia (German origin) means "nobility".

27. Angelina (Greek origin) means "messenger".

28. Arabella (Latin origin) means "yielding to prayer".

29. Augusta (Latin origin) means "magnificent".

30. Aurora (Latin origin) means "dawn".

31. Bell (English origin), used as an occupational name for a bell ringer.

32. Bellatrix (Latin origin) means "female warrior".

33. Charity (Latin origin) means "generous" or "love".

34. Cho (Korean origin) means "butterfly".

35. Dolores (Spanish origin) means "sorrow".

36. Fleur (French origin) means"flower".

37. Gabrielle (French origin) means "able-bodied one of God".

38. Ginny (English origin), this is the short form of the name Virginia, Ron's younger sister.

39. Griselda (German origin) means "grey maiden warrior" or "dark battle".

40. Hannah (Hebrew origin) means "grace" or "favor'.

41. Helena (Greek origin) means "light'.

42. Helga (Norse origin) means 'blessed" or "holy".

43. Irma (German origin) means "deer" or "world".

44. Katie (Greek origin), and is the pet version of the name Katherine meaning "pure".

45. Lavender (Dutch origin) means "washing" and could also refer to the color and scent.

46. Lily (English origin), related to the flower. One of the cute dog names for your female pet.

47. Luna (Latin origin) means "moon". This is the name of Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter.

48. Millicent (English origin) means "strength" or "work".

49. Minerva (Latin origin) means "the mind".

50. Narcissa (Greek origin) means "numbness".

Male Harry Potter Character Names For Dogs

So, you want to get a male dog as well? Then you need a matching male inspired Harry Potter names for a dog.

The Harry Potter dog name is what your new pup needs to fit perfectly in the family. Your dog is not just a pet but your new friend and can be like a child, and researching for the right dog names is never an easy task.

This list has made it easy to find the right Harry Potter dog names for your three-headed dog (not literally).

51. Albus (Latin origin) means "white" or "foreign", name made popular by Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter franchise.

52. Argus (Greek origin) means "bright".

53. Arthur (English origin) means "noble".

54. Augustus (Latin origin) means "venerable".

55. Barty (French origin) means of the name isn't quite known.

56. Cedric (Celtic origin) means "bounty".

57. Charlie (English origin) means "free man".

58. Colin (Greek origin) means "victory of the people".

59. Dawlish (Welsh origin) means "black stream".

60. Dirk (German origin) means "famous ruler".

61. Draco (Malfoy) (Greek origin) means "dragon".

62. Dudley (English origin) means"from the people's meadow".

63. Ernie (German origin) means "battle to the death" or "serious".

64. Filch (English origin), a slang that means casually stealing.

65. Florean (Latin origin) means"blond" or "blooming".

66. Godric (English origin) means "God ruler" or "power of God".

67. Goyle (English origin) means of this name is uncertain.

68. Greyback (English origin) a combination of the color gray and back.

69. Hagrid (English origin) means "worried," Harry's mentor.

70. Harry Potter (German origin) means "home-ruler", the lead character in the franchise.

71. Neville (French origin) means "new town".

72. Percy (Greek origin) means "to destroy".

73. Remus (Lupin) (Latin origin) means "protective counsel".

74. Ron (Norse origin) means "mountain of strength," Harry's best friend.

75. Sirius Black (Greek origin) means "scorching" or "glowing," Harry's godfather.

Gender Neutral Harry Potter Names For Dogs

Sometimes we do not want to conform to the norm by giving your pet a gender-specific name. It can be very frustrating finding the right dog names that go with both a male and a female dog.

This will save you the thinking, especially if you have not decided on what pet you want to adopt yet. Get the coolest gender-neutral Harry Potter dog names for your pet.

76. Fire (German origin) means "fire", one of the tough dog names for your pet.

77. Gornuk (English origin) means is not quite known.

78. Hepzibah (Hebrew origin) means "my delight is in her".

79. Magian (English origin), there is no specific meaning for this name.

80. Marvel (French origin) means "admire" or "wonder".

81. Mungo (Scottish origin) means "my pet".

82. Mystic (Greek origin) means "someone involved with the mystical".

83. Mystery (English origin) means "unexplained".

84. Oracle (Greek origin) means "prophecy".

85. Phantom (English origin) means "illusory", another of the tough dog names.

86. Puddlemere (English origin).

87. Ripper (Anglo-Saxon origin).

88. Rune (Norse origin) means"secret".

89. Ruse (Norman origin).

90. Slytherin (English origin), a house in the academy.

91. Spectra (Latin origin) means "imagery".

92. Spell (German origin) means "to jest".

93. Snape (Norse origin) means "to outrage", a professor and a prominent character.

94. Sorcery (Latin origin) means "a person who cast lots".

95. Spook (Dutch origin) means "scare".

96. Trance (English origin) means "bringer of light".

97. Triwizard (English origin) means a goblet tournament of three wizards.

98. Trixie (Latin origin) means"bringer of happiness".

99. Victoire (French origin) means "victory".

100. Voodoo (American origin) means "spirits".

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