160+ Marvelous Mexican Girl Names For Your Baby

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Why Mexican Girl Names

From the culture and food to the Spanish, Mexican culture is a beautiful mixture of historic traditions and modern tastes. Mexican names also hold a lot of importance in the culture.

Selecting the right name for your daughter from countless options can get a little tricky. So why not narrow your search by choosing from this fantastic selection of Mexican names? Mexican girl names often sound powerful and have a strong meaning behind them.

Many Mexican names come from different origins, whether Italian, Latin, or Greek. Here is a list of names with their meanings that you can choose from.

Popular Mexican Girls' Names

1. Bibiana (Spanish origin) - meaning "lively, full of life".

2. Clarisa (Spanish origin) - meaning "bright and clear".

3. Coco (Spanish origin) - meaning "help". This Mexican baby name is a Spanish short form of the name Socorro and is also an American name meaning chocolate bean.

4.Esmeralda(Hispanic, Portuguese, Spanish origin) - meaning "green gem, emerald".

5. Florencia (Spanish origin) - meaning "blooming or flowering". It is a female name derived from a male name Florence.

6. Francisca/Francesca (Italian origin) - meaning "Frenchman". It is a female given name derived from the male name Franciscus.

7. Ileana (Greek origin) - meaning "illuminating, shining light".

8. Juana (Hebrew, Spanish origin) meaning "the Lord is gracious". It is regularly the third top name in popular Mexican girl name lists.

9. Kemena/Keemena (Spanish origin) - meaning "great strength, strong".

10. Lia (Greek origin) - meaning "bearer of good news".

11. Mira (Latin, Slavic origin) - meaning "wonder, extraordinary, peace".

12. Neva (Spanish origin) - meaning "snow".

13. Patricia (Latin origin) - meaning "noble". It is a female given name derived from the male name Patrick.

14. Querida (Spanish origin) - meaning "beloved".

15. Rita (Spanish origin) - meaning "pearl". It is one of the popular Mexican girl names also used as a derivative of Margarita.

16. Rosa (Latin origin) - meaning "rose, the flower".

17. Serene (English origin) - meaning "peaceful". It is a popular name for baby girls.

18. Tierra (Spanish origin) - meaning "earth," is also popularly known for the jeweled crown term Tiara.

19. Ula (American origin) - meaning "jewel of the sea," is a popular name in Spain.

20. Zita (Greek origin) - meaning "seeker".

Unique Mexican Girl Names

Little girl playing in birthday balls

21. Adalia (Hebrew origin) - meaning "God is my refuge". It is considered to be a cute name.

22. Adana (Hebrew origin) - meaning "created by God".

23. Anika/Anica (Hausa origin) - meaning "sweet-faced".

24. Arcilla (Spanish origin) - meaning "treasure or the altar of heaven".

25. Benita (Spanish origin) - meaning "the blessed one".

26. Buena (Spanish origin) - meaning "excellent, good". It is usually used as a positive adjective in conversations.

27. Ciri (Greek origin) - meaning "ladylike". Ciri is a major character in the series 'Witcher'.

28. Estelle (Latin origin) - meaning "star, brightest star".

29. Gaspara (Spanish origin) - meaning "treasure". It is one of the uncommon and rare Spanish baby girl names.

30. Henriqua (Portuguese origin) - meaning "ruler of the home". It is a female name derived from the male name Henrique.

31. Ivette (French origin) - meaning "archer, yew". It is a cute girl name that can be used for a Mexican baby who's a warrior princess.

32. Karmen/Carmen(Spanish origin) - meaning "the fruit garden".

33. Margarita (Spanish origin) - meaning "pearl" in Spanish, the flower daisy is also called Margarita.

34. Ninette (Russian origin) - meaning "grace".

35. Olina (Scandinavian origin) - meaning "joyful, joyous".

36. Paloma (Latin origin) - meaning "peaceful, dove-like".

37. Pia (Italian origin) - meaning "pious".

38. Quintana (Spanish origin) - meaning "country house".

39. Rocio (Spanish origin) - meaning "dew".

40. Seina (Spanish origin) - meaning "innocent". It is one of the few beautiful girls' names for your little princess.

41. Shoshana (Hebrew origin) - meaning "lily".

42. Tijuana (Spanish origin) - meaning "by the sea" is a borrowed name from Kumeyaay Tiwan and is the name of the largest city in Baja, California.

43. Trella (Spanish origin) - meaning "child of stars," one of the baby names that add a sense of uniqueness.

44. Ursulina/Ursula (Spanish origin) - meaning "little bear".

45. Vittoria (Italian origin) - meaning "conqueror, victory". This name is usually used as a variation for Victoria.

46. Xaviera (Spanish origin) - meaning "a new house".

47. Yolanda (Greek origin) - meaning "violet flower". It is a name associated with Yolanda Hadid, an American TV personality.

48. Yomaris (Spanish origin) - meaning "sun".

49. Zurine (Spanish origin) - meaning "white". The perfect word for your baby girl's name.

Ancient Mexican Girls Names

50. Dia (Spanish origin) - meaning "day". It is a name associated with Miss Asia Pacific International 2000 Dia Mirza, an Indian actor, model, and social worker.

51. Felicita (Spanish origin) - meaning "happy or lucky".

52. Gracia/Graciana (Spanish origin) - meaning "grace".

53. Heloise (German origin) - meaning "healthy". It is a name taken by a famous French nun.

54. Irene (Greek origin) - meaning "peace" was the name of a Greek Goddess who personified peace.

55. Izar (Spanish origin) - meaning "star".

56. Julieta (Spanish origin) - meaning "youthful," also has an association with Juliet.

57. Kassandra (Spanish, Greek origin) - meaning "she who entangles men". It is a beautiful name derived from the Greek name Cassandra.

58. Leticia (Italian origin) - meaning "joy, gladness". The name is usually associated with Saint Leticia, a companion of Saint Ursula in 'the Bible'.

59. Maria (Latin origin) - meaning "the sea of bitterness". This means lady of the sea and is borne by the mother of Jesus in the Bible.

60. Naomi/Noemi (Hebrew origin) - meaning "lovely, good".

61. Ora (Spanish origin) - meaning "prayer".

62. Ramona (Spanish, Greek origin) - meaning "wise one, protector".

63. Reina (Spanish origin) - meaning "Queen".

64. Silvia (Italian origin) - meaning "spirit of the wood". It is a figure usually associated with the mythological God of the forest.

65. Solana (Spanish origin) - meaning "sun-facing place".

66. Tianna (Russian origin) - meaning "follower of the Christ."

67. Valentina (Latin origin) - meaning "healthy and strong". It is associated with St. Valentine.

68. Virginia (Roman origin) - meaning "young woman" is considered a reference to the Virgin Mary. This name for girls is popular and associated with the author Virginia Woolf.

69. Yoana (Spanish origin) - meaning "God's gift," this is a lovely choice for your angelic baby girl.

70. Zaneta (Spanish, Slavic origin) - meaning "God is gracious" This name also means a small apple and can be the perfect pick for the little apple of your eye.

71. Toci (Aztec origin) - meaning “our grandmother”. Rooted in the major Aztec earth goddess and patron of healers and midwives.

72. Xoco (Aztec origin) - meaning “youngest sister”.

73. Yolihuali (Aztec origin) - meaning “source of life”.

74. Zeltzin (Aztec origin) - meaning “delicate”.

75. Metzli (Aztec origin) - meaning “moon” from the Aztecan Mētztli – the Aztec god or goddess of the night.

76. Anacaona (Aztec origin) - meaning “golden flower”.

77. Itotia (Aztec origin) - meaning “dance”.

Interesting Mexican Girl Names

78. Adelita (Spanish origin) - means "noble".

79. Altagracia (Spanish origin) - means "high grace".

80. Amelia (German origin) - means "hardworking."

81. Bernarda (German, French origin)- means "strong as a bear".

82. Bonita (Spanish origin) - means "pretty one".

83. Catalina (Spanish origin) - means "pure" and is a variation of Katherine (in Hispanic form)

84. Dolores (Spanish origin) - means "sorrows".

85. Dominga (French, Latin origin) - means "Sunday".

86. Enriqueta (Italian, Old Germna origin) - means "a ruler"

87. Ernestina (English, german origin) - means "serious".

88. Fatima (Arabic origin) - means "Chaste" or "motherly". It even stands for "captivating".

89. Faustina (Latin origin) - means "lucky".

90. Hortencia (Latin origin) - means "garden".

91. Imelda (Spanish, Italian origin) - means a "powerful fighter".

92. Josefa (Hebrew origin)- means "he will add".

93. Jacinta (Greek origin) - means "Hyacinth", a flower. It originated from the Greek word hyacinths.

94. MaríaElena (Latin origin) - means "star of the Sea" or "brightness of the Sun".

95. MaríaGuadalupe (Latin origin) - means "the lady of Guadalupe". It is named in honor of the Virgin Mary.

96. Petra (Greek origin) - means "stone".

97. Soledad (Spanish origin) - means "solitude".

98. Yesenia (Spanish, Arabic origin)

99. Adriena (Latin origin) - means "dark". It also denotes 'man of Adria', which originated from the masculine name Adrian.

100. Aurora (Latin origin) - means "dawn".

101. Gabriela (Spanish or Italian origin) - means "God is my strength" or "Heroine of God".

102. Issabel (Spanish or Italian) - means "God is my oath". It is a variation of the Hebrew name Elisheba.

103. Ivanna (Slavic origin) - means "God is gracious". It is a variation of the name Ivana, originating from the masculine name Ivan.

104. Julia (Romanian origin) - means "Supreme God".

105. Luna (Spanish, Latin or Italian origin) - means "moon".

106. Nathalia (Latin origin) - means "Christmas day' or 'someone who is born on Christmas day'. It is a variation of the name Natalia.

107. Olivia (Latin origin) - means "olive" or "olive tree".

108. Sara (Hebrew origin) - means "princess".

109. Adonica (Latin origin) - means "sweet".

110. Adriana (Latin origin) - means "tanned person from Hadria" and is a name taken by Spanish actress, Adriana Ugarte.

111. Alicia (Spanish origin) - means "noble" and is considered a variation of the name 'Alice'.

112. Antonia (Roman origin) - means "priceless" or "flourishing".

113. Chiquita (Spanish origin) - means "little girl".

114. Elisa/Lisa (Hebrew origin) - means "devoted to God".

115. Elizabeth (Hebrew origin) - means "my God is abundance". It is also a popular English name usually associated with Queen Elizabeth.

116. Kesara (Spanish origin) - means "youthful".

117. Osana (Spanish origin) - means "health".

118. Paulita (Spanish origin) - means "tiny" and is a popular and beautiful name for your baby.

119. Araceli (Spanish origin) - means "altar of the sky". It is associated with the Argentinian actress named Araceli Gonzalez.

120. Mireya (French origin) - means "admirable".

121. Gloria (Latin origin) - means "glory" and is an ancient Catholic name taken by many public figures in America. Gloria Estefan is a famous American singer.

122. Juanita (Spanish, Hebrew origin) - means "God's gift" or "God is gracious".

123. Salvadora (Spanish origin) - means "savior". It is a traditional name with nicknames like Sallie or Sally.

124. Teodora (Greek origin) - means "gift of God" and is considered a Spanish variation of the name Theodora.

125. Vanessa (Greek origin) - means "butterfly" and is a popular name for girls. It is also the name of the ancient mystic Goddess of Greek brotherhood.

Famous Mexican Girls' Names

126. Ana (Spanish origin) - means "favored grace" and is a variation of the names Anne and Hannah. It is the name of a famous Mexican actress, Ana de la Reguera.

127. Anahi (Spanish origin) - means "beautiful like the flower". It is the name of a popular Mexican actress and singer, Anahí Velasco, aka Anahí Giovanna Puente Portilla de Velasco.

128. Aleida (Latin origin) - means "small-winged one" or "noble". It is also the name of a Mexican actress, singer, and model, Aleida Núñez.

129. Barbara (Greek origin) - means "stranger" or "foreign". This Mexican name is associated with the famous actress, model, film producer, and writer Bárbara Mori Ochoa.

130. Camila (Portuguese origin) - means a "religious attendant" or "priest's helper". It is the name of a famous Mexican singer, actress, and model, Camila Ía González Sodi.

131. Daniela (Hebrew origin) - means "God is my judge". The name became popular after the famous Mexican actress and singer Daniela Castro.

132. Demi (Latin origin) - means "half" and "small". It is the name of a highly famous American singer, songwriter, and actor of Mexican descent, Demi Lovato, aka Demetria Devonne Lovato.

133. Eva (Latin or Hebrew origin) - means "to live" or "living one". The name Eva is associated with an American actress, film producer, and director, Eva Jacqueline Longoria, who even has Latina roots.

134. Frida (German origin) - means "peace". It is the name of a famous Mexican artist or painter,Frida Khalo aka Magdalena Carmen Frida Kahlo y Calderón.

135. Jennifer (American origin) - means "white shadow" or "white wave". It even means fair and soft and is the Cornish variation of the name Guinevere. The name is associated with the famous American singer, actress, and dancer, Jennifer Lynn Affleck.

136. Jessica (German or Dutch origin) - means "to behold" or "God's behold". Jessica is also a popular female name in Mexican countries. It became famous after the Mexican actress, singer, songwriter, and writer Jessica Garza Montes de Oca.

137. Lucero (Spanish origin) - means "light" and "star". The name is associated with a Mexican multi-platinum singer, actress, songwriter, and television host, Lucero Hogaza León.

138. Maite (Basque origin) - means "love". It is the name of a Mexican actress, singer, songwriter, and producer, Maite Perroni Beorlegui.

139. Martha (Ancient Greek origin) - means "the mistress" or "the lady". This name is associated with a Mexican celebrity, actress, producer, and screenwriter, Martha Higareda, aka Elba Guadalupe Higareda Cervantes.

140. Michelle (French origin) - means "one who resembles God". The name has variations like Michael, Michaela, Michel, etc. It is the name of an American actress and screenwriter, Mayte Michelle Rodriguez.

141. Ninel (Russian origin) - means "the name of a saint". It also stands for "one who is imaginative and fertile". It is the name of a famous Mexican singer, actress, and television host, Ninel Herrera Conde.

142. Paulina (Spanish origin) - means "small or little". Paulina is a popular name in Mexican countries, majorly used after the name of the Mexican singer, Paulina Dosamantes.

143. Penelope (Greek origin) - means "weaver". It has variations like Penelopi, Penélope (in Spanish), and Penelopa (in Polish). It Is the name of the famous Spanish actress and celebrity, Penélope Cruz Sánchez.

144. Priscilla (Latin origin) - means "ancient, old or venerable". It is the name of the Spanish singer, songwriter, and fantasy illustrator, Priscilla Hernández.

145. Selena (Greek origin) - means "the moon". Selena is a widely loved name that is associated with the name of an American celebrity, singer, songwriter, and actress, Selena Gomez, who is also of Mexican descent.

146. Salma (Arabic origin) - means "peace or safe". It is a variation of the name Salam. Salma is the name of a Mexican-born American actress and film producer, Salma Hayek Pinault.

147. Sofia (Greek origin) - means "power or wisdom". The name has been widely used in Mexican countries after the name of the Colombian American actress Sofia Vergara.

148. Thalìa (Greek origin) - means "flourishing, blooming, or to blossom". The name is associated with one of the highly famous Mexican singers and actresses, Ariadna Thalia Sodi Miranda, aka Thalìa, who is even referred to as the "queen of Latin pop".

149. Veronica (Latin origin) - means "she who brings victory" or "true image". The name has been highlighted after the name of a famous Mexican actress, singer, producer, former model, and presenter, Verónica Castro, aka Verónica Judith Sainz Castro.

150. Zoe (Greek origin) - means "life". Its variations are Zoey, Zoi, Zoé, Zoya, Zoia, etc. It is the name of a famous American celebrity and actress, Zoe Saldana, aka Zoe Yadira Saldaña Perego.

Simple Mexican Girl Names

151. Malena (Spanish and Hebrew origin) - meaning “woman from Magdala”.

152. Irma (German origin) - meaning “world”

153. Regina (Latin origin) - meaning “queen”.

154. Mora (Latin origin) - meaning “little blueberry”.

155. Violeta (Greek origin) - meaning “purple”

156. Bianca (Italian origin) - meaning “fair”.

157. Angel (Greek origin) - meaning "messenger".

158. Abril (Spanish origin - means "spring".

159. Adoncia (Spanish origin) - means "sweet".

160. Alejandra (Spanish origin) - variant of the name Alexander. It means "defender of mankind".

Cute Unisex Mexican Baby Names

Pretty little girl holding pastel colored balloons

161. Amor (Spanish origin) - meaning "Love".

162. Azul (Spanish origin) - meaning "the blue color". It is a color name trending in the Mexican baby name list.

163. Guadalupe (Spanish origin) - meaning "valley of the wolf."

164. Jade (Spanish origin) - meaning "jewel".

165. Lan (Vietnamese, Mandarin origin) - meaning "orchid flower". In the Spanish context, this beautiful name means "bringer of peace".

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