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Choosing the right name for the baby is one of the most challenging elements for new parents.

Spanish is considered the language of love. So what better name to give your precious baby girl, than a Spanish name?

Baby girls are little bundles of joy, positivity, and happiness, and giving your baby a name that reflects this is not an easy task. However, choosing a Spanish name can help you achieve that. Spanish is a popular language worldwide because of its rich culture and history.

Spanish names are therefore popular worldwide and many are very pretty. Spanish names have soulful meanings, which can be perfect for your baby girl. Why not browse our list below for our list of Spanish baby names and their meanings.

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Popular Spanish Girls' Names

Peruse our list of popular Spanish girl names with meanings for your little girl.

1. Abigaíl - meaning "the father's rejoice". A unique baby name for a Spanish baby.

2. Addolorata - meaning "our lady of sorrows or grief; Virgin Mary".

3. Aminda (Esperanto origin) meaning "lovable".

4. Aureliana - meaning "golden, unique and creative individuals". A unique baby name.

5. Baja - meaning "lower one; the name of a place".

6. Belita - meaning "beautiful, stunning, attractive".

7. Bonita - meaning "a pretty little woman".

8. Cadelaria - meaning "a woman born during the Candlemas".

9. Cambria (Latin origin) meaning "a name for Wales". A common name in Spain.

10. Candela - meaning "candle or fire". Candela Pena is a Spanish actress.

11. Carolina - meaning "a pretty and free girl".

12. Claudia - meaning "lame". This name is associated with Claudia Franco, a Spanish swimmer.

13. Corisande - meaning "heart". One of the most unique and best Spanish names.

15. Dulce - meaning "someone who is sweet by nature." A sweet name for your baby.

16. Elbertina - meaning "one who has a noble heart and mind".

17. Emilia - meaning "rival or emulate or excel." Emilia Mernes is a popular Argentine singer.

18. Estelle (Latin origin) meaning "illuminating bright, sparkling stars in the sky". Estelle Anna Lewis was an American poet of Spanish descent.

19. Eulia (Greek origin) meaning "sweetly speaking". Infanta Eulalia of Spain was a duchess.

20. Felisa (Latin, Spanish origin) meaning "a lucky and successful lady". A good Spanish name for your daughter.

21. Florencia - meaning "prosperous, flowering".

22. Grecia - meaning "gracious", "graceful."

23. Hermosa - meaning "beautiful".

24. Jacinda (English origin) meaning "one who is like the hyacinth flower". Derived from Spanish, Jacinto. This name is associated with Jacinda Barrett, who is an Australian–American actress and former model.

25. Joaquina (Hebrew origin) meaning "God shall establish." From Doña Carlota Joaquina of Spain.

26. Julieta meaning "little Julia". Related to the famous Spanish movie, Julieta.

27. Karyme - meaning "an extremely attractive person".

28. Laura - meaning "person crowned with laurels". This name is associated with Laura Cayouette, who is an American actress, writer, producer, and director.

29. Lindy - meaning "a woman with pretty features, an attractive, beautiful lady".

30. Merce (Latin origin) meaning "mercy, merciful, referred to Mother Mary".

31. Orinda - meaning "the one who studies diligently and likes to read a lot".

32. Pilar - meaning "strength". Pilar Rubio is a Spanish TV presenter and reporter.

33. Preciosa - meaning "a valuable, precious baby girl".

34. Rafaela -meaning "God has healed".

35. Salvatora - meaning "she is the savior".

36. Trella - meaning "the star of the sky".

37. Xantina - meaning "little saint".

38. Yuliana - meaning "youthful". This name is associated with Carol Yuliana Lizarazo Antolinez, who is a Colombian female tennis player.

39. Zanna - meaning "lily".

Traditional Mexican/Spanish Girls' Names

There are many traditional Mexican and Spanish names that have beautiful meanings. Here we have collected several of our favorite traditional Mexican and Spanish girl names for your baby.

40. Abril - meaning "April". This name is associated with Abril Schreiber, who is a Venezuelan actress.

41. Adalia (German origin) meaning "kind' and 'noble." Adalia is a village in Spain.

42. Anika (Hausa origin) meaning "grace or sweet-faced". A common Spanish girls' name.

43. Antonia (Roman origin) meaning "priceless, flourishing, praiseworthy". This name is associated with Maria Antonia Ferdinanda of Spain.

44. Benita - meaning "blessed one".

45. Buena - meaning "good".

46. Camilla (Etruscan origin) meaning "acolyte". Camila Viyuela is a famous Spanish actress.

47. Clarisa - meaning "bright, shining, clear".

48. Desideria (Latin origin) meaning "desire". One of the prettiest Spanish girls' names. From the masculine Spanish name, Desiderio.

49. Elena (Greek, Spanish origin) meaning "shining light or bright light".

50. Eva/Evita (Hebrew origin) meaning "giver of life". This name is associated with Eva Santolaria Millán, a Spanish actress.

51. Felicita - meaning "happy". This name is similar to Felicia, who is 'Black Widow' in the 'Spiderman' comic series.

52. Gaspara - meaning "treasure". This name is associated with Gaspara Stampa, who was an Italian poet.

53. Guadalupe - meaning "valley of the wolf".

54. Heloise (French origin) meaning "renowned warrior". It is a variant of the Spanish Eloisa and can be great Spanish girls' name for your baby girl.

55. Henriqua - meaning "rules the home". This name,  a female variation of Henrique, is associated with Henrique Sereno Fonseca, known as Sereno, who is a Portuguese former professional footballer.

57. Juanita - meaning "God's gift." A very common Spanish name for girls.

58. Karmen - meaning "orchard or the fruit garden".

59. Maria (Latin origin) meaning "rebellion". This name is associated with Spanish actress Maria Valverde.

60. Mora - meaning "little blueberry".

61. Nana - meaning "grace".

62. Naomi (Hebrew origin) meaning "pleasant". Naomi Preizler is a popular Argentine model.

63. Olivia (Latin origin) meaning "olive tree". This name is associated with Olivia Molina, a Spanish actress.

64. Paloma (Latin origin) meaning "peace-loving". Paloma Cela was a Spanish model and actress.

65. Penélope (Greek origin) meaning "weaver". Penélope Cruz is one of the most well-known Spanish actresses in the world.

66. Ria - meaning "small river".

68. Sara (Hebrew origin) meaning "princess". Sara Carbonero is a Spanish TV reporter who is the spouse of Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

69. Serene - meaning "peaceful".

70. Tierra - meaning "earth".

71. Ursulina - meaning "little bear".

72. Valentina (Latin, Spanish origin) meaning "strong or healthy". This name is associated with Valentina Vargas, a Chilean actress who rose to fame in France.

73. Vanessa (Greek origin) meaning "butterfly". This name is associated with Vanessa Incontrada, a Spanish model.

74. Xaviera - meaning "bright or splendid".

75. Yoana - meaning "God's gift." One of our favorite baby names.

76. Zita - meaning "seeker".

77. Zurine - meaning "white".

Hispanic Baby Names For Girls

Descendants of Spain and Spanish-speaking countries are known as Hispanic. Below is a fantastic selection of Hispanic names for your baby girl.

78. Abrienda - meaning "the opening or the inauguration".

79. Acela - meaning "a flower from the God or the ash tree".

80. Adoracion - meaning "an act of religious worship".

81. Aelina - meaning "bright shining light, a torch".

82. Bandana - meaning "worship".

83. Baya - meaning "berry, a small roundish juicy fruit without a stone".

84. Brendy - meaning "a sword or a weapon used at the time of wars".

85. Brigida (Scandinavian origin) meaning "a strong, firm, healthy woman". Santa Brigida is a place in Spain.

86. Carilla - meaning "the main woman."

87. Carlotta - meaning "she has a man's strength." Carlotta Cosials is a Spanish guitarist and singer.

88. Chana - meaning "a favor from almighty God".

89. Coco - meaning "help" and is an abbreviation of the Spanish word Socorro. This name is associated with Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel, who was a French fashion designer and businesswoman and known for revolutionizing women's fashion.

90. Dama - meaning "a noblewoman." A fantastic Spanish baby name.

91. Dolores - meaning "sorrowful". Dolores Del Rio was a legendary Mexican actress and dancer. Dolores is a cute Mexican name for your baby girl.

92. Francisca (Latin origin) meaning "free one". This name is associated with Francisca Valenzuela, who is an American-born Chilean singer, poet, and multi-instrumentalist.

93. Irene (Greek origin) meaning "peace". This name is associated with popular Spanish actress, Irene Escolar Navarro.

94. Jade - meaning "jewel". This name is associated with Jade Amelia Thirlwall, who is an English singer and songwriter.

95. Katy - meaning "pure". Mexican actress Katy Jurado has this cute name.

96. Kemena - meaning "strong".

97. Lía - meaning "bearer of good news". This name is associated with Lia Uya,  a Spanish singer.

98. Nina (Hebrew origin) meaning "the precious talent from the highest God". This name is associated with Anna Maria Agustí Flores, known as Nina, a Spanish actress and singer.

99. Ramona (Greek, Spanish origin) meaning "wise one". Ramona Ramirez is a Spanish character in the TV show 'Cold Feet'.

100. Roselina - meaning "she who resembles a rose".

101. Sofia (Greek origin) meaning "wise or wisdom". This is the most popular Spanish girls' name and is associated with Sofia Mazagatos,  a Spanish model.

102. Tiana (Latin origin) meaning "princess". Tiana is a small town in Spain.

103. Tona - meaning "one who is highly praised and priceless".

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