100 Guatemalan Last Names With Meanings And History

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Guatemalan names have a rich history and legacy, particularly when it comes to last names.

Surnames are of great importance. They reflect our family histories, our ancestry, and, ultimately, our origin.

Guatemala is a vibrant country in Central America. Guatemala is heavily influenced by Spanish culture and hence most Guetamalan surnames originate from Spain.

Over the years, these surnames have also witnessed influence from various other cultures as well, such as Sephardic, Latin, French, etc.

If you are interested in learning more about Guatemalan surnames, or if you are researching Guatemalan surnames for a novel, it is important to understand the meaning behind the surnames. To help you get to grips with Guatemalan surnames, please see our list of surnames found in Guatemala, along with their origins and histories.

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Common Guatemalan Last Names

Do you want to know the most common Guatemalan surnames? Below we have collated common last names in Guatemala, along with their meanings.

1. Aguilar (Spanish, Sephardic origins) meaning "from the eagle's lair".

2. Alvarado (Spanish origin) meaning "from Alvarado" or "from the hot plain".

3. Barrios (Spanish origin) meaning "who lives beside a gate or fence". This last name was recorded for the first time in the Christian Kingdom of Castille of Old Spain.

4. Caal (Scottish origin) meaning "son of the battle chief". One of the most commonly used last names in Guatemala.

5. Cardona (Spanish origin) meaning "from Cardona, a town in Barcelona province".

6. Castillo (Spanish origin) meaning "castle". A notable Guatemalan namesake is Otto René Castillo who was a poet and activist.

7. Castro (Latin origin) meaning "castle, fortress".

8. Cruz (Spanish origin) meaning "cross".

9. De La Cruz (Spanish origin) meaning "cross". It is a form of a variant of the last name Cruz.

10. De León (Spanish origin) meaning "from the Kingdom of León" or "from the province of León".

11. Diaz (Spanish origin). It was originated from the Kingdom of Castile of middle Spain.

12. Escobar (Spanish origin) meaning "who lived in a place overgrown with broom".

13. Estrada (Spanish origin) meaning "one who came from Estrada (paved road)".

14. Flores (Spanish origin) meaning "flower."

15. Garcia (Spanish origin) meaning "son of Garcia (Spanish for Gerald) or "from Garcia, a municipality in Spain."

16. Gomez (Spanish, Visigothic origins) meaning "man". This surname is linked with one of the most famous singers, Selena Gomez.

17. Gonzalez (Spanish origin) meaning "son of Gonzalo".

18. Gutierrez (Spanish, Visgithic origin) meaning "son of Gutierre". Gutierre is the Spanish version of the name Walter.

19. Guzman (Spanish origin) meaning "from the village of Guzman, Spain".

20. Hernandez (Spanish, Sephardic origins) meaning "son of Hernando". The Spanish form of Fernando.

21. Herrera (Spanish, Sephardic origins) meaning "blacksmith, iron mine worker". Odubel Herrera is a famous Venezuelan baseball player.

22. Juarez (Spanish origin) meaning "swineherd" or "army of the South".

23. Lopez (Spanish origin) meaning "son of Lope". One of the most popular namesakes of this surname is the American singer and actress, Jennifer Lopez. This also happens to be the most common surname in Guatemala.

24. Marroquin (Portuguese, Spanish origin) meaning "someone from Morroco".

25. Martinez (Spanish origin) meaning "son of Martin".

26. Mendez (Spanish origin) meaning "son of Mendo".

27. Mendoza (Spanish origin) meaning "cold mountain" This is a habitational surname for those who were from Mendoza, a place in Alva Province.

28. Miranda (Latin origin) meaning "worthy of admiration".

29. Morales (Spanish origin) meaning "who lived near a mulberry or blackberry bush". This name can be associated with a fictional character who is known by his last name, Morales, in the horror TV series 'The Walking Dead'.

30. Orozco (Spanish origin) meaning "from Orozco, a place name in the Basque region of Biscay province".

31. Ortiz (Latin origin) meaning "fortunate".

32. Perez (Spanish origin) meaning "son of Pedro".

33. Pineda (Spanish origin) meaning "from Pineda" or "from a place of pine trees".

34. Postigo (Spanish origin). This surname is famous as the surname of Spanish footballer Sergio Postigo.

35. Ramirez (Spanish origin) meaning "son of Ramiro". Anna Ramirez was a fictional character in DC's movie, 'The Dark Knight'.

36. Ramos (Spanish origin) meaning "branch" This was given to families who often lived in woods or near a lot of trees. Adrian Ramos, a professional Columbian footballer shares this last name.

37. Reyes (Spanish origin) meaning "royals, royalty".

38. Rivas (Spanish origin) meaning "who lived near a river bank or seaside".

39. Rodriguez (Spanish origin) meaning "son of Sodrigo". This last name is shared by the 'Fast and Furious' actress, Michelle Rodriguez.

40. Rosales (Spanish origin) meaning "from Rosales, a town in Galicia".

41. Ruano (Spanish origin) meaning "street dweller" or "red-haired".

42. Sanchez (Spanish origin) meaning "son of Sancho" The professional Chilean footballer, Alexis Sanchez shares this last name.

43. Santos (Spanish, Italian, French origin) meaning "saints".

44. Sigüenza (Spanish origin) meaning "from Sigüenza, Castile".

45. Torres (Spanish origin) meaning "one who lives near a tower". This surname belonged to the famous sculptor from Guatemala, Rodolfo Galeotti Torres.

46. Trejo (Spanish origin) meaning "from a high and protected place".

47. Vàsquez (Latin origin) meaning "son of Vasco". This last name can be linked with the Spanish professional footballer, Lucas Vàsquez who plays for the club, real Madrid.

48. Velasquez (Basque origin) meaning "the place of crows".

Unusual Guatemalan Last Names

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Below is a list of rare and unique last names that can be found in Guatemala.

49. Aparicio (Spanish origin) meaning "born on the feast of epiphany (6th January)".

50. Armas (Spanish origin) meaning "arms" or "maker of arms, weapons". Ana de Armas is a famous Cuban-Spanish actress.

51. Arriola (Basque origin) meaning "house of stone".

52. Ayala (Basque origin) meaning "from the town of Ayala in Álva Province".

53. Barahona (Spanish origin) meaning "from the town of Barahona, Spain".

54. Béthencourt (Spanish origin) meaning "from Bettencourt". It is a variant of the surname Bethancourt, the name is popular in Latin American countries.

55. Borrayo (Spanish origin) meaning "burning ash".

56. Ceron (Spanish origin) meaning "bee-keeper". The rare last name is derived from the Spanish word "Cera" which means the residue of honeycomb.

57. Chali (Latin origin) meaning "name of ancient Germanic tribe".

58.Chiché (Old English origin) meaning "chicken". Derived from a locality in Guatemala.

59. Chinchilla (Spanish origin) meaning "from Chinchilla de Monte Aragon".

60. Carrizo (Spanish origin) meaning "bold".

61. Del Aguila (Latin origin) meaning "haunt for eagles."

62. Hilario (Spanish origin) meaning "cheerful". This rare name derives from the name "Hillary".

63. Ichaj (Sephardic origin). It is an ancient Sephardic surname that is mostly only found in Guatemala now.

64. Mancilla (Spanish origin) meaning "mole, stain, birthmark". It was a nickname for someone with a birthmark or mole on their faces or even someone with a stained character.

65. Obando (Spanish origin) meaning "from Obando province."

66. Penate (Spanish origin). The surname comes from two words, Pena meaning "cliff" and Ate meaning "gate".

67. Peralta (Spanish origin) meaning "high rock". This name is associated with the famous fictional character, Jake Peralta, played by Andy Samberg in the American sit-com 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine'.

68. Picón (French origin) meaning "pick". A common Spanish last name.

69. Porras (Spanish origin) meaning "from the town of Porras, Andalusia". It is also said to be a nickname for a person who has a stocky frame.

70. Quijada (Spanish origin) meaning "person with a jawbone".

71. Quintanilla (Spanish origin) meaning "country house" This last name was shared by the famous singer Selena Quintanilla, who was better known by her stage name, Selena.

72. Solano (Spanish origin) meaning "east wind".

73. Velasco (Spanish origin) meaning "raven".

74. Zamora (Spanish origin) meaning "wild olives".

75. Zapata (Spanish origin) meaning "maker or seller of slippers".

Unique Spanish Surnames You May Find in Guatemala

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Most Guatemalans are of Spanish origin and hence, so are their last names. Here are some rare Spanish last names found in Guatemala.

76. Acacio (Greek, Portuguese origins) meaning "thorny tree". A common first name for Greek women and a popular last name for boys in Guatemala.

77. Alou (Latin origin) meaning "allodium".

78. Arrubal (Spanish origin) meaning "from village Arrubal, Spain."

79. Badillo (Spanish origin) is a popular Guatemalan last name.

80. Balda (Basque origin) meaning "wise and experienced".

81.Basurto (Basque origin) meaning "from the town, Basurto in Biscay Province".

82. Bencomo (Spanish origin). This surname comes from the last King of the Canary Islands, Mencey Bencomo.

83. Cabrallo (Spanish, Portuguese origins) meaning "goat farmer'. Other variants of this last name include Cabral, Cabera, and Cabrales.

84. Calderón (Spanish origin) is a name meaning "cauldron" or "tinker". This name may be linked with the Argentine mathematician, Alberto Calderón.

85. Carbón (Spanish, French origins) meaning "charcoal burner".

86. Davalos (Spanish origin) meaning "someone from Abalos".

87. Deulofeu (Catalan origin) meaning "made by God". Gerard Deulofeu is a professional Spanish footballer.

88. Frechilla (Spanish origin) meaning "from the municipality of Frechilla, Castile".

89. Fermoselle (Spanish origin). It is a habitational last name that comes from the village of Fermoselle in Western Spain. The name came into existence after Juan De Fermoselle, the father of Spanish theatre.

90. Galarza (Basque origin) meaning "dead wood".

91. Magdaleno (Spanish origin) derived from Magdalena.

92. Madriz (Spanish origin) derived from Madrid the capital of Spain.

93. Mondragón (Spanish origin) meaning "mountain dragon" or "from the Mondregon Municipality, Spain".

94. Navarro (Spanish origin) meaning "from Navarre". The name is associated with popular American economist Peter Navarro, who is currently in the Trump administration.

95. Navajo (Spanish origin) meaning "farm fields in the valley."

96. Orejón (Spanish origin) meaning "big ears". This name was given to the natives by the settlers for their bog, ornamented ears.

97. Ortolano (Italian origin) meaning "vegetable seller" or "cultivator". Derived from Old Spanish word Hortolano.

98. Otón (French, German origin) meaning "riches".

99. Quezada (Spanish origin) meaning "nobility from the town Quesada".

100. Vicioso (Latin origin) meaning "one who lives in a village".

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