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From the start, last names applied distinctly to one individual and not to the entire family. After a couple of ages, these names got inherited and were utilized from father to child.

It is very difficult to find the specific year or even the century when a specific family name was taken. Before the finish of the thirteenth century, numerous families resolved to hold the patronymic name without proceeding to change the name from age to age.

Along these lines, the genetic Apelloids (last names) were being used in Spain when they first invaded Chile.

Now is the time to find out the actual meaning of some common last names and also where they originated. Here is a list of some of the most popular Chilean last names.

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Popular Chilean Last Names

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Before record-keeping started, the vast majority had just one name, for example, Juan. Until the 10th century, average folks didn't utilize a family name. As the populace expanded and people started to live in cities and towns it became important to recognize people with a similar name.

The sources and utilization of our last names uncover uncommon bits of knowledge into the set of experiences and culture of various social orders. In Chile, the dual surname system is used.

We have taken the burden off you by curating a list with incredible and unique names that will suit your characters. Here is a list of some of the most common Chilean last names in the last census.

1. Araya (Spanish origin) means "new valley". In Chile famous surnames are known for their culture and history.

2. Alvarez (Spanish origin) means "son of Alvaro".

3. Carrasco (Spanish origin) means "holm oak".

4. Castillo (Spanish origin) means "fortified building".

5. Castro (Spanish origin) means a "castle or Fort".

6. Contreras (Spanish origin) means "from the surrounding area". This Chilean surname is often found where the population rate is high, like in a city.

7. Cortes (Spanish origin) means "polite".

8. Diaz  (Spanish origin) means "son of Diego". This surname is often shared by families living in a high population area.

9. Espinoza (Spanish origin) means "from the thorny place".

10. Fernandez (Spanish origin) means  "son of Fernando".

11. Flores (Spanish origin) means "flower".

12.  Fuentes (Spanish origin) means "fountains". These Chilean surnames belong to a community living near the lake.

13. Garcia (Spanish origin) means "young warrior".

14. Gomez (Spanish origin) means "strong".

15. Gonzalez (Spanish origin) means "son of Gonzalo."

16. Gutierrez (Spanish origin) means "son of Gutierre".

17. Hernandez (Spanish origin) means "son of Hernando".

18. Herrera (Spanish origin) means  "ironworks".

19. Jara (Spanish origin) means "rockrose".

20.  Lopez (Spanish origin) means "son of Lope". The surname belongs to a place with a low population.

21.  Martinez (Portuguese origin) means "forest, woodland or jungle".

22. Morales (Spanish origin) means "by The Mulberry Tree".

23. Munoz (Spanish origin)means "king".

24. Nunez (Spanish origin) means "ninth".

25. Perez  (Spanish origin)means "son of Pero or Pedro". The first surname belongs to a family.

26. Ramirez (Spanish origin) means "son of Ramiro".

27. Reyes (Spanish origin) means "royals".

28.  Rivera (Spanish origin) means "riverbank.".

29. Rodriguez (Spanish origin) means "son of Rodrigo". This is one of the South American surnames that originates in South Chile

30. Rojas (Spanish origin) means "red." The name was probably geographical, first utilized by somebody who lived close to some "red earth."

31. Sanchez (Spanish origin) means "son of Sancho".

32. Sepulveda (Spanish origin) means "to bury."

33. Silva (Portuguese origin) means "forest, woodland or jungle".

34. Soto (Spanish origin) means "forest grove". This last surname is known for the history of Chile.

35. Tapia (Spanish origin) means  "mud wall".

36. Torres (Spanish origin) means "towers".

37. Valenzuela (Spanish origin) means "bravery".

38. Vargas (Spanish origin) means "steep slope". 

39. Vasquez (Spanish origin) means  "son of Vasco".

40. Vergara (Spanish origin) means "basque".

Chilean Last Names From Famous People


Family names were first utilized by the affluent landowners. Slowly they permeated through all the social classes of Chile until at last they were used by the entire countries populace.

This cycle took a few centuries. In Chile, many local people were forced to take Spanish names when the invaders first arrived, and as Spanish people settled there too, their names became the most commonly used. One of the most used surnames in Chile is Gonzalez.

Here is a list of some of the most popular Chilean last names from famous and notable people.

41. Alexandra (Greek origin) means "protecting men".

42. Alonsos (German origin) means "noble and ready".

43. Atlas (English origin) was a Titan who participated in the rebellion against the Gods.

44. Augustin (French origin) means "great".

45. Azizi  (Arabic origin) means "highly esteemed".

46. Barbara (Greek origin) means "unfamiliar". These names are famous all around Chile.

47. Bastian (French origin) means "venerable".

48. Benjamin (Hebrew origin) means "son of the South or Son of the right hand".

49. Bentlee (English origin) means  "from the meadow", also the most common surname used in Chile.

50. Bravo (Italian origin) means  "brave".

51. Camila (Italian origin) means "perfect".

52. Carla (German origin) means "man or warrior".

53. Carolina (German origin) means "a man or warrior".

54. Catalina (Spanish origin) means "pure".

55. Chichi (Latin origin) means "pretty or stylish".

56. Contreras (Spanish origin) means "from the surrounding area". These surnames are often used in Chile.

57. Cristobal (Spanish origin) means "bearing God".

58. Daniel (Hebrew origin) means "God is my judge".

59. Diego (Spanish origin) means"saint".

60. Diem (Latin origin) means"pretty".

61. Emilia (Latin origin) means "enemy". The Chilean last names are famous in the southern part of Chile.

62. Felipe (Greek origin) means"friend of horses". 

63. Fernanda (Spanish origin) means "courageous journey".

64. Figueroa (Galician origin) means "fig tree".

65. Florencia (Spanish origin) means "wealthy". These Chilean last names are used by a family living in the eastern part of Chile.

66. Francisco (Spanish origin) means "Frenchman".

67. Gabriela (Spanish origin) means "messenger of God".

68. Gabriel (Hebrew origin) means "God is my strength".

69. Ignacio (Latin name) means "fire". Chilean last names that are used by all kinds of people.

70. Isabella (Latin origin) means "pledged to God". The Chilean last names are creative as well as have deep meaning.

71. Javier (Spanish origin) means "a new house".

72. Joaquin (Spanish origin) means "formed by God".

73. Jose (Spanish origin) means "God will increase". This Chilean last name is liked by everyone and it has good meaning.

74. Juan (Spanish origin) means "God is gracious".

75. Julieta (Spanish origin) means "downy-bearded". One of the Chilean last names that are famous in Chile.

76. Laura (Latin origin) means " leaves of laurel trees ". These Chilean last names are used often by everyone.

77.Lucas (Latin origin) means "bright". The Chilean name often used by large families.

78. Luis (Spanish origin) means "famous warrior".

79. Magdalena (Latin origin) means "someone from Magdala". One of the surnames sometimes used by a small family.

80. Maria (Greek origin) means "beloved". One of the last names can also be used as a first name.

81. Martina (Latin origin) means "servant of Mars".

82. Martin (Roman origin)means " name of Roman god Mars".

83. Mateo (Spanish origin) means "the gift of God".

84. Matias (Portuguese origin) means "gift of God".

85. Matilde (German origin) means "strength in battle".

86. Maximiliano (Spanish origin) means " the greatest".

87. Maximo (Spanish origin) this name means "the greatest".

88. Miranda (Latin origin) this name means "worthy of admiration".

89. Monserrat (Latin origin) this name means "the jagged mountain". A popular chilean last name.

90. Nicolas (French origin) this name means "the victory of the people".

91. Pascal (Latin origin) this name means "related to Easter". The most used Chilean last names.

92. Paula (Latin origin) this name means "humble".

93. Paz (Spanish origin) this name means "peace". The surnames used by a family living near the beach.

94. Pia (Spanish origin) this name means "beauty and wisdom".

95. Renato (Spanish or Italian origin) this name means " born again".

96. Rocio (Spanish origin) this name means "dew". One of the Chilean last names often used by rich people.

97. Sebastian (Latin origin) this name means "a person from Sebaste".

98. Sofia (Greek origin) this name means "wisdom".

99. Soto (Spanish origin) this name means "forest grove". These surnames belong to families living in other tribes in chile.

100. Testudines (Latin origin) this name means "turtle".

101. Thiarre (Tahitian origin) meaning "flower". The last name used by very high class families.

102. Tomas (Spanish origin) means "twin".

103. Trinidad (Spanish origin) means "trinity". Most often surnames used by large population area families.

104. Valentina (Roman origin) means "healthy".One of the most famous chilean surnames.

105. Vega (Arabic origin) means "stooping Eagle".

106. Vera (Russian origin) means "Summer".

107. Vicente (Spanish origin) means"Vincere".

108. Victoria (Latin origin)means "victory".  

109. Zavala (Spanish origin) means “wide”.

110. Zuniga (Spanish origin) means“cultivated land”. These surnames are used in family living near the lakeside.

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