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50+ Best Beautiful And Unique Bird Names For Boys

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After much anticipation, your little bundle of joy is finally in your arms.

The feeling of holding your child is unimaginable and may just be completely incomparable to everything that came before. You lay your eyes on your baby boy, and everything changes.

His smile melts your heart, the small fingers grasp your hand and refuse to let go. He is so strong yet so soft, like a bird taking flight for the first time. You are amazed by the things that he learns every day. The only thing left to do now is to name him. The perfect name for a baby is hard to find. You want to choose a name that he would like when he grows up, and the right name depends on his personality and nature. Here are a few names that are inspired by birds for your baby boy.  

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Names Meaning Bird For Boys

The name that you choose for your baby will stay with him for the rest of his life. Thus, you must choose a name that reflects who he might become. Naming your tiny tot after a majestic bird is both liberating and meaningful. Here is a list of beautiful bird related names for your little guy.

A little boy and his father setting up a bird house on a tree trunk

1.  Arnold (Germanic origin) that means "power of an Eagle".

2.  Arvid (Scandinavian origin) means an "eagle tree".

3.   Bran (Celtic origin) which means "a crow".

4.  Branwen (Welsh origin) baby name refers to the "crow".

5.  Burdett (Old French origin) means "baby bird".

6.  Byrd (Anglo Saxon origin) means "bird".

7.  Callum (Scottish Gaelic) baby name means "dove".

8.  Chelidon (Greek origin) that means a "swallow bird".

9.  Columba (Latin origin) meaning "dove".

10.  Covey (Old French origin) means a "brood of birds".

11.  Crane (English origin) is a "bird that has a long neck and long legs".

12.  Cransford (Anglo Saxon origin) refers to "cranes".

13.  Culver (English origin) popular name means a "dove".

14.  Dorik (Dorian origin) great name that means "swallow birds".

15.  Eagle (English origin) that represents "strength".

Popular Bird Related Boy Names

You might be a little apprehensive about giving your child a particularly unique name but still want it to have a unique meaning. Don't worry, we've got you. Here is a list of the most popular bird inspired baby names.

16.  Colm (Irish origin) that represents the "Dove".

17.  Efron (Hebrew origin) synonymous with "bird".

18.  Falcon (Middle English origin) refers to "the mighty Falcon".

19.  Faulkner (English origin) refers to a "bird-trainer" who trains the Falcon.

20.  Finch (Middle English origin) means "colorful bird".

21.  Fowler (English origin) one name refers to a "bird-trapper".

22.  Gannet (Old English) represents a "beautiful pearl, white and yellow-colored sea bird".

23.  Hawk (Germanic origin) meaning "hunting bird" that represents strength and agility.

24.  Heron (Germanic origin) meaning "long-legged freshwater" bird.

25.  Horus (Egyptian origin) that represents the "Egyptian sun god with a falcon's head".

26.  Hula (Native American origin) that refers to an "Eagle".

27.  Jay (North American origin) one of the popular bird boy names means "bird native to North America".

28.  Jonah (Hebrew origin) that represents a "dove".

29.  Merle (French name) given to the bird, "Eurasian Blackbird".

30.  Raven (Germanic origin) one of the common names for baby boys representing a "crow".

31.  Starling (Latin origin) that represents a "medium-sized bird".

32.  Swift (Old English origin) means "move in a course" and is one of the fastest flying birds.

Unique Bird Names For Boys

Do you want your kid to stand out from the crowd? If you are looking for unique bird names for a boy, you can take your pick from any of the following baby names.

A little boy walking behind a goose in his backyard

33.  Dunlin (English origin) inspired by a little brown bird and meaning "some one with given quality".

34.  Fox (Germanic origin) can refer to "American sparrow".

35.  Grey (Germanic origin) derived from the "Grey Plover", a graceful bird.

36.  Lark (Old English origin) means "songbird".

37.  Myna (Indian origin) meaning "delightful, joyful".

38.  Nesta (Welsh origin) means "pure" and is derived from the "patterns woven in a bird's nest".

39.  Nestor (Greek origin) means "someone who returns from travels".

40.  Phoenix (Greek origin) inspired from a "majestic bird".

41.  Rio (Spanish origin) meaning "river".

42.  Tern (Old French origin) refers to a "seabird or like a bird".

43.  Torio (Japanese origin) cute name that represents a "Bird's tail".

44.  Vireo (Latin origin)  that represents an "elegant bird" with a melodious voice.

45.  Whistler A name for your baby boy, it is inspired by the "Australian golden whistler".

46.  Willow (Germanic origin) name that represents the bird, "Willow Ptarmigan".

47.  Wren (Middle English origin) name that represents a tiny and "cute bird" with a giant voice.

48.  Wulfram (German origin) powerful boy name means "Wolf raven".

Gender Neutral Bird Name

There may be many reasons for you to choose a gender neutral name for your child. Maybe you do not want them to be gender stereotyped, or you might want to parent them in a gender neutral way. No matter the reason, here is a list of some gender neutral bird names.

49.  Avis (Latin origin) name that is synonymous to a "bird".

50.  Blyth (Scottish origin) name inspired by the "Blyth's Tragopan bird".

51.  Blue (English origin) name of a small type of blue colored "thrush" birds.

52.  Charlie (English origin) meaning "beautiful",  name for both boys and girls.

53.  Circe (Greek origin) refers to "daughter of Helios" and is synonymous with the name "bird or lark".

54.  Elliot (English origin) a unisex name inspired by the bird "Elliot's pheasant".

55.  Jett (French origin) beautiful name inspired by the "Jet Antbird".

56.  Pilot (Greek origin) name is inspired by the "Pilotbird" and would make for a unique name.

57.  Piper (Latin origin) name meaning "to peep or chirp".

58.  Sage (Latin origin) great girls name meaning "healing plant".

59.  Skye (Old Norse origin) bird baby names that represent birds from "the Isle of Skye".

60.  Teal (Dutch origin) name that refers to a school of small "ducks" of the genus Anas.

We hope you enjoyed this list of cute bird names and found what you were looking for, but if you want some more inspiration why not look at names meaning loyal or names that mean free.

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