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It can be challenging to come up with a good name for your cat. After all, they'll have this name forever!

Cats are intriguing creatures, so naturally, you'd want something extra-special for your little kitten. You've probably heard all the common cat names, but it's not always easy to find a name that both sounds unique and also suits the personality of your cat perfectly.

Luckily, we're bringing you some of the best cat names from Disney movies and series that would be great options if you're naming your cat. These names are not only beautiful and elegant but also have a magical feel to them, which would make your cat's name all the more special. We have included cat names such as Nala, The Lion King protagonist, and Lucifer, Cinderella's cat, along with Aristocat names too! Take a look at our list of Disney cat names inspired by the beloved characters from both old and new Disney movies and shows, along with their meanings, and pick the name that strikes out the most to you.

Male Disney Cat Names

DVD special editions, The Adventures of Peter Pan, The Aristocats, produced by Walt Disney.

Looking for the perfect name for your male cat? Read on to find unique Disney boy cat names that have been taken from a range of male Disney characters.

1. Aladdin (Arabic origin) means 'nobility of religion', from 'Aladdin'.

2. Angus (Scottish origin) means 'one strength, one choice', from 'Brave'.

3. Bagheera (Indian origin) means 'tiger-like', from 'The Jungle Book'.

4. Django (Romani origin) means 'I awaken', from 'Ratatouille'.

5. Donald (Scottish origin) means 'world ruler', from the 'Mickey Mouse' universe.

6. Eugene (Greek origin) means 'noble, well-born', from 'Tangled'.

7. Flounder (English origin) means 'to stagger clumsily', from 'The Little Mermaid'.

8. Hercules (Latin origin) means 'glory of Goddess Hera' or 'glorious gift', from 'Hercules'.

9. Kristoff (Greek origin) means 'bearing Christ', from 'Frozen'.

10. Kuzco (Amyra origin) means 'rock of the owl' or 'Cuzco City, Peru', from 'The Emperor's New Groove'.

11. Jiminy (Cricket) (English origin) means 'supplanter', from 'Pinocchio'.

12. Lightning (McQueen) (English origin) means 'very fast', from the 'Cars' movie series.

13. Lumiere (French origin) means 'light', from 'Beauty and the Beast'.

14. Maximus (Latin origin) means 'the greatest', from 'Tangled'.

15. Mickey (American, Hebrew origin) means 'gift from God', from the 'Mickey Mouse' universe.

16. Mufasa (Manazoto origin) means 'king', from 'The Lion King'. A great choice of name for your cat if it looks a little like a mini lion.

17. Nemo (Latin origin) means 'nobody', from 'Finding Nemo'.

18. Olaf (Scandinavian origin) means 'ancestor's descendant', from 'Frozen'.

19. Pascal (Latin origin) means 'relating to Easter', from 'Tangled'. Pascal was the name of Rapunzel's pet chameleon.

20. Pinocchio (Italian origin) means 'pine nut' or 'pine tree', from 'Pinocchio'.

21. Quasimodo (Latin origin) means 'first Sunday after Easter' or 'partially formed', from 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame'.

22. Rafiki (Swahili origin) means 'friend', from 'The Lion King'.

23. Rajah (Sanskrit origin) means 'king', from 'Aladdin'. Rajah was the majestic pet tiger of Princess Jasmine.

24. Ralph (German, Irish origin) means 'famous wolf', from 'Wreck-It, Ralph'!

25. Simba (African origin) means 'lion', from 'The Lion King'. One of the most popular Disney cat names.

26. Tarzan (English origin) means 'white-skinned' or 'lord of the jungle', from 'Tarzan'. The perfect name for a cat that likes to explore.

27. Tadashi (Japanese origin) means 'faithful', from 'Big Hero 6'.

28. Tigger, from 'Winnie the Pooh'. 

29. Timon (Greek origin) means 'to honor' or 'hold in esteem', from 'The Lion King'.

30. Winnie (Welsh origin) means 'fair, white' or 'happiness', from 'Winnie the Pooh'. This iconic name is perfect for a white cat.

31. Woody (American origin) means 'wooden' or 'from the lane in the woods', from the 'Toy Story' movie series.

Female Disney Cat Names

Here is a list of elegant Disney female cat names, including the names of various princesses and other prominent female figures that have featured in the studio's movies.

32. Alice (English origin) means 'nobility', from 'Alice in Wonderland'. A great name for a cat who reigns over the household.

33. Aquata (Greek origin) means 'water', from 'The Little Mermaid'.

34. Ariel (Hebrew origin) means 'lion of God', from 'The Little Mermaid'.

35. Aurora (Latin origin) means 'daybreak', from 'Sleeping Beauty'. Aurora also refers to the beautiful astronomical phenomenon known as polar lights.

36. Bambi (Italian origin) means 'child', from 'Bambi'.

37. Belle (French, Italian origin) means 'beautiful', from 'Beauty and the Beast'. The perfect name for a pretty cat.

38. (Miss) Bianca (Italian origin) means 'white', from 'The Rescuers'.

39. Cinderella (English origin) means 'by the cinders', from 'Cinderella'.

40. Darling (English origin) means 'beloved', from 'Lady and the Tramp', or the surname of the children in 'Peter Pan'.

41. Elionwy (Welsh origin), from 'The Black Cauldron'. This character first appears in Lloyd Alexander's book series, 'The Chronicles of Prydain', which was later made into a movie adaptation by Disney.

42. Elsa (Hebrew origin) means 'pledged to God', from 'Frozen'.

43. Esmeralda (Greek origin) means 'the gem emerald', from 'The Hunchback of Notre-Dame'.

44. Faline (Latin origin) means 'cat-like', from 'Bambi'.

45. Giselle (French origin) means 'a pledge', from 'Enchanted'.

46. Jasmine (Persian origin) means 'God's gift', from 'Aladdin'.

47. Kida (Japanese origin) means 'rice paddy near a tree', from 'Atlantis'.

48. Megara (Greek origin) means 'fury', from 'Hercules'. A great name for a sassy cat.

59. Merida (Latin origin) means 'achiever of high honor', from 'Brave'.

50. Minnie (Hebrew origin) means 'of the sea', from the 'Mickey Mouse' universe.

51. Moana (Polynesian origin) means 'sea', from 'Moana'.

52. Mulan (Chinese origin) refers to a 'wood orchid', from 'Mulan'.

53. Nala (African origin) means 'queen, a lioness', from 'The Lion King'. Nala was the childhood friend and later wife of Simba the lion. In fact, along with Nala, The Lion King movie series has lots of relevant cat names — after all, they're films about big cats!

54. Perdita (Latin origin) means 'lost', from '101 Dalmatians'.

55. Pocahontas (Native American origin) means 'playful one, happy', from 'Pocahontas'.

56. Rapunzel (German origin) means 'rampion', from 'Tangled'.

57. Sarabi (Swahili origin) means 'mirage', from 'The Lion King'.

58. Snow White (English origin) means 'white as snow', from 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.' This Disney name is such a befitting name for any white cat.

59. Sofia (Greek origin) means 'wisdom', from 'Sofia The Great'.

60. Tinker Bell, from 'Peter Pan' universe. She is the name of the sassy fairy who is also Peter Pan's sidekick in his adventures.

61. Tiana (Latin origin) means 'princess', from 'The Princess and the Frog'. A great name for a cat you treat like royalty.

62. Vanellope (American origin), from 'Wreck-It, Ralph'. The name is said to be a variant of the Greek name, Penelope which means 'weaver'.

Disney Cat Character Names

Disneyland paris castle.

Over the years there have been many Disney cat characters across various productions, from the grinning Cheshire Cat to the adorable 'The Aristocats'. Here is a list of some of the popular Disney cats.

63. Am, from 'Lady and the Tramp'.

64. Berlioz (French origin), from 'The Aristocats'. A great name for a Disney-loving family.

65. Cheshire (Cat) (English origin) from 'Alice in Wonderland'. Refers to the county of Cheshire in England.

66. D.C. or Darn Cat, from 'That Darn Cat!'.

67. Dinah (Hebrew origin) means 'judged', from 'Alice in Wonderland'.

68. Duchess (English origin) means 'duchess, leader', from 'The Aristocats'. This elegant and beautiful name belongs to the white cat who was the mother of the three kittens in the movie.

69. Felicia (Latin origin) means 'happy, lucky', from 'The Great Mouse Detective'.

70. Figaro (French origin) means 'barber', from 'Pinocchio'.

71. Gideon (Hebrew origin) means 'great warrior', from 'Pinocchio'.

72. Lucifer (Latin origin) means 'morning star', Cinderella's cat. Inspired by the Christian name of the devil, this is one of the more common Disney cat names for mischievous felines.

73. Marie (French origin) means 'beloved', one of 'The Aristocats' names.

74. Oliver (French origin) means 'an olive tree', from 'Oliver & Company'.

75. Pete (English origin) means 'stone, rock', Mickey Mouse's cat rival.

76. Rufus (Latin origin) means 'red-haired', from 'The Rescuers'. A great name for an orange tabby cat.

77. Sergeant Tibbs, from '101 Dalmatians'.

78. Si (Latin origin) means 'so',from 'Lady and the Tramp'.

79. Thackery (English origin) means 'place with thatching', from 'Hocus Pocus'.

80. Thomas (Greek origin) means 'twin' or 'leader', from 'The Aristocats'. A great name for a cat who rules the house.

81. Toulouse (French origin) refers to 'from the city of Toulouse', from 'The Aristocats'.

Cat Names Inspired By Disney Villains

Are you also fascinated by villains? Disney antagonists often have great names. Here is a list of some devilish Disney cat names for your devious felines.

82. Amos (Hebrew origin) means 'borne by God', from 'The Fox and the Hound'.

83. Captain Hook, from 'Peter Pan'. He is called so because he is missing a hand and has a hook instead.

84. Chernabog (Slavic origin) means 'black dog', from 'Fantasia'. A funny, ironic cat name.

85. Cruella de Vil, from '101 Dalmatians'. This name belongs to the most iconic villains of Disney.

86. Gaston (French origin) means 'from Gascony, France', from 'Beauty and the Beast'.

87. (Mother) Gothel, from 'Tangled'. She is the evil witch who kidnaps Rapunzel and locks her in the tower.

88. Grimhilde (Scandinavian origin) refers to the Mother of Gundrun, from 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs'. She is infamously known as The Evil Queen.

89. Hades (Greek origin) means 'God of the underworld', from 'Hercules'.

90. Jafar (Arabic origin) means 'stream', from 'Aladdin'.

91. Madam Mim, from 'The Sword in the Stone'. She is more popularly known as Mad Madam Mim.

92. Madame Medusa, from 'The Rescuers'. The name of this villainess comes from the monstrous Gorgon from Greek mythology called Medusa, who could turn anyone to stone by just looking at them. The perfect name for a cat who loves to have staring contests with its human companions.

93. Maleficent (Latin origin) means 'wicked', from 'Sleeping Beauty'. A great name for a mischievous cat.

94. Professor Ratigan (Irish origin) means 'Stewart', from 'The Great Mouse Detective'.

95. Scar (Proto-Germanic origin) means 'cut', from 'The Lion King'. Scar happens to be one of the most famous Disney villains of all time.

96. Shere Khan (Indian, Persian origin) means 'tiger king', from 'The Jungle Book'. Shere Khan is a famous Disney villainous tiger. A brilliant name for an orange tabby cat that looks like a mini tiger.

97. Skyes (English origin) means 'marshy stream', from 'Oliver & Company'.

98. Stromboli (Greek origin) means 'round', from 'Pinocchio'. The perfect name for your extra-fluffy cat.

99. Thanos (Greek origin) means 'immortal, from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the best names for cats — after all, they do have nine lives!

100. (Lady)Tremaine (Celtic origin) means 'town built with stone', from 'Cinderella'.

101. Ursula (Latin origin) means 'she-bear', from 'The Little Mermaid'.

102. Yzma, from 'The Emperor's New Groove'. This is one of the more unique cat names.

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