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50+ Best Fiery Names That Mean Red For Your Baby

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Inspiration is everywhere when you are choosing a baby name, from nature to books and films.

But have you ever considered using your favourite colour as inspiration for your baby's name? Here at Kidadl, we have put together a list of over 50 names meaning red just for you.

Names that are colours are a great choice for your baby. A red name could reflect your baby's vibrant personality or, for an autumn baby, it could reference the colours of the season they were born in. Or, perhaps your baby has auburn or red hair and you want to reflect this beautiful feature in their name.

So, whether red is simply your favourite colour, or your new arrival has lovely red hair, why not take inspiration from the following baby names meaning red hair or red?

Girl Names That Mean Red

These baby names meaning red are a lovely choice for your little girl.

1.Akako (Japanese origin), meaning 'red'.

2.Alhambra (Spanish origin), meaning 'red city'.

3.Arusha (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'red'.

4.Caera (Irish Gaelic origin), meaning 'fiery red'.

5.Cherry (English origin), meaning 'grower or seller of cherries' or 'someone with rosy cheeks'.

6.Crimson (English origin), meaning 'deep rich red'.

7.Omaira (Arabic origin), meaning 'long life, red'.

8.Poppy (Latin origin), meaning 'red flower'.

9.Roisin (Irish origin), this name meaning 'little rose', is pronounced ro-sheen.

10.Rose (Latin origin), meaning 'rose, a flower'.

11.Rosie (English origin), this name, meaning 'little rose' or 'an Irish rose that is red', is a variant of Rose.

12.Ruby (Latin origin), meaning 'deep red precious stone'.

13.Scarlett (English origin), meaning 'scarlet, red'.

14.Shani (Hebrew origin), meaning 'scarlet'.

15.Sienna (Italian origin), meaning 'reddish shade of brown'.

Boy Names That Mean Red

A little boy wearing red shirt and walking down a red flower field

Why not choose one of these baby names meaning red for your baby boy?

16.Adam (Hebrew origin), meaning 'son of the red earth'.

17.Edom (Hebrew origin), meaning 'red'.

18.Flanagan (Gaelic origin), meaning 'red, ruddy'.

19.Gough (Welsh origin), meaning 'red'.

20.Harkin (Gaelic origin), meaning 'red'.

21.Radcliff (English origin), meaning 'red cliff'.

22.Rohit (Sanskrit origin), meaning 'red'.

23.Rory (Scottish and Irish origin), meaning 'red king'.

24.Rosso (Italian origin), meaning 'red'.

25.Rudyard (English origin), meaning 'red enclosure'.

26.Rumen (Bulgarian origin), meaning 'red cheeked'.

27.Rumo (Cornish origin), meaning 'red'.

Unisex Names That Mean Red

A name that means red is a beautiful idea for any baby boy or girl.

28.Blaze (English origin), meaning 'fire'.

29.Carmine (Latin origin), meaning 'vivid red'.

30.Garnet (English origin), meaning 'dark red gemstone'.

31.Phoenix (Greek origin), meaning 'dark red'.

32.Sorrel (French origin), meaning 'reddish brown'.

Girl Names That Mean Red Headed

These red names are perfect for little red haired girls.

33.Flanna (Irish origin), meaning 'red haired'.

34.Ginger (English origin), meaning 'reddish orange colour'. This name is often used to indicate if someone has red hair.

35.Ruffina (Latin origin), means 'red haired'.

Boy Names That Mean Red Headed

Little red headed boys will suit these cute baby names.

36.Alroy (Gaelic origin), meaning 'red haired'.

37.Flan (Irish origin), meaning 'ruddy, red haired'.

38.Flynn (Irish origin), meaning 'son of the red haired one'.

39.Reading (English origin), meaning 'son of the red haired'. Pronounced red-ing.

40.Rogan (Irish origin), meaning 'redhead'.

41.Roone (Irish origin), means 'red haired'.

42.Roth  (German origin), meaning 'redhead'.

43.Roy (French and Celtic origin), meaning 'red haired'.

44.Ruadhan (Gaelic origin), meaning 'red haired'.

45.Rufus (Latin origin), meaning 'redhead'.

46.Russell (French origin), meaning 'redhead, fox coloured'.

47.Rusty (American origin), means 'red' headed.

Unisex Names That Mean Red Headed

Choosing a red-themed baby name means your child will grow up feeling pride in their beautiful hair colour, why not choose one of these unisex options?

48.Clancy (Irish origin), meaning 'red haired warrior'.

49.Flannery (Irish origin), meaning 'red eyebrows'.

50.Reed (English origin), meaning 'red haired'.

51.Roan (Irish origin), meaning 'little redhead'.

52.Rousseau (French origin), meaning 'little redhead'.

53.Rowan (Scottish and Irish origin), meaning 'little red one'.

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