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41 Best Filipino Nicknames You Wouldn't Want To Miss

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The Philippines are very good and unique at naming their children names.

They are very creative and sometimes funny in creating nicknames. Sometimes they develop unusual nicknames and mainly for the youngest siblings.

We usually give someone nicknames to call them quickly. We give someone a nickname whom we love most, and it helps to enhance our love for them. Nicknames are very important to Philippines families. Unlike our nicknames, which are pretty short and straightforward, the Philippines family gives nicknames to extend their names. It is a way of providing more information to people by offering an extension name.

The Filipino family is very connected to their religion and culture, and usually, their nicknames describe their close family ties. Filipino calls their partner 'Kuya' or 'Ate'; they use it as a polite way to greet each other. It is also the title for the big brother. Their politicians also use nicknames to be presentable enough to their constituents.

Some cool, unique, funny, catchy Filipino nicknames are listed below. These nicknames can be included in anyone's favorite list, and they will love them.

Unique Filipino Nicknames

Filipino is quite a unique and creative name itself. The people of the Philippines love to give unique names to their beloved ones.

1. Alodia- It belongs to French and Greek origin and is usually used as a female name. The meaning of the nickname is riches of foreign.

2. Alvin- The name was described in the 19th century and derived from old English. The nickname identifies a friend who is noble in nature or an old friend.

3. Amparing- The word is usually used to see the difference between two or more things.

4. Betra- It is usually used to motivate a person, and the nickname means to improve or improve.

5. Belay- It defines the order of stop or cease, and it can also be used as a nickname that can describe a person with strong leadership qualities.

6. Bani- It is used as a female name which helps to greet them and give respect to them. It mainly defines the Saraswati Goddess.

7. Cheska- It belongs to Filipino origin and is mainly used as a unique or rare beauty.

8. Caloy- It is used in the Philippines as a nickname for Carlo, usually for those who are a gift to their parents.

9. Lito- It is used for a boy's name, which means the light towards his family members.

10. Maring- The meaning of these words defines starting of something, and Maring is one of the ethnic groups in Manipur state.

11. Nelson- It derives of British origin and can be used to encourage a person who is already a champion in his life.

12. Rosa- The name is usually used as a girl's name, which describes a girl as soft and delicate as a flower.

Funny Filipino Nicknames

Philippines people love to give nicknames to their loved ones. Sometimes nicknames can be used in a funny way. Filipino nicknames can also be found funny. James, Nathaniel, and Dolpo are the most common Filipino nicknames. Here are some more nicknames for you to choose from!

13. Aries- One of the different signs in astrology comes from the Latin word, and the nickname is used for a person with the power of self-determination.

14. Dolpo- The meaning of Dolpo is abundance, and it comes from the 'Tibetan Dol,' which refers to natural resources.

15. Doray- The name is derived from a river named 'Dore,' which symbolizes water, and the name can be used as an adjustable person and love to flow in its way as water.

16. Inigo- It is used for a baby boy's name, and the nickname indicates an Igneous boy.

17. James- James is a biblical name, a substitute for the original Hebrew name Jacob. It is usually used to pray for the goodwill of a person as it means God may bless him.

18. Kevin- The name's root is Irish and used for handsome personality.

19. Nathaniel - It is the name of Hebrew, and it means the gift of the God he gave.

20. Ricky- The name is famous in the Christian religion and derives from French origin, indicating a person with leadership and a powerful personality.

21. Sinang derives from Korean origin and means faith or belief in someone.

22. Silya- It is the name of an Arabic or Muslim girl that identifies a girl's pure and righteous heart.

Traditional Filipino Nicknames

Filipino families always prefer to give their children a creative name. Here are some clever Filipino nicknames listed below that will surely blow your mind!

23. Akira- It derives from Japanese origin, can be used for unisex, and the name is mainly used for a person who is very clear in his mind and an ideal one.

24. Alfonso- In the Bible, it means the preparation of war, and the name can be used for those people who are always ready in every situation.

25. Dodong- The name is usually used to address a boy or a young person.

26. Felicing- It is used for both boys' and girls' names, and it is an example of a very lucky person.

27. Gardo- It derives of Spanish origin, and it is used for those people who are very smart and conscious of their surroundings.

28. Helga- It derives from Old Norse origin, and it is used for a girl's name, which indicates a blessed or a lucky one.

29. Jose- The name Jose derives from Spanish origin and is usually used as a boy's name, identifying a person who pardons.

30. Kim- It is a short form of the name Kimberly which came of English origin, and it can be used for a person who is noble or brave by nature.

31. Omar- The name is mainly mentioned in the Bible, which defines a person with a silver tongue or whose speaking power is gifted by God.

32. Tuning- It derives from the English origin, which has its beautiful meaning, which is melody.

Filipino Nicknames for Boys

The Filipino name itself is a cool name and is usually loved by boys all around the world. Find out your favorite from this list of cool nicknames!

33. Adonis- The name is used as a baby boy's name, and it identifies the beauty of a person as it means a handsome, extremely good-looking person.

34. Adrian- It is a Latin name that is usually defined by the Son of Adira, and it means rich.

35. Gabby- It is used for both gender, male and female, which have a beautiful meaning, and defines from a person's perspective that God is his strength.

36. Mikee- The original meaning of Mikee is Logical reasoning, which can be used by an intelligent person.

Filipino Nicknames For Girls

Find out your favorite Filipino nicknames for the girl child from this list! You can also give a lovely nickname to your friends or your mother!

37. Aimee- It is usually used for a female, and it is mainly a name of a Christian girl. The nickname is used for someone's beloved or dearly loved person.

38. Ana- The nickname is used as a female name, and the word shows its grace or its favor.

39. Ani- This nickname is usually used as a girl's name, which means very beautiful and belongs to Slavic origin.

40. Elise- It is derived from English origin, which means a person describes his lord as a God.

41. Maria- Maria belongs to Latin origin, and it is named for someone's beloved. The nickname also has a variant of a female name in Roman, which is Marius and is used as a prefix or a second name in a Filipino family.

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