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110 Best Fun And Unique Pub Names

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There are independent pubs, inns, and hotels that have pubs that are cozy places to relax and unwind after a long day at work.

We have compiled for you a list of 110 unique, fun, and classy bar names. Branding experts suggest that it's important to keep unique or catchy names.

Traditionally, British pubs would often have weird names because they wanted to distinguish themselves from the competition. They would also use 'arms' in the name to represent nobility.

Your name is such a critical part of your brand. Here we have tried to suggest some catchy names for pubs ideas for your inspiration. Creative names have a great brand recall, so try out one of these.

Popular Pub Names

Owning and operating an independent pub, or perhaps inn with a pub, can be a fun and exhilarating business for an entrepreneur willing to put in the commitment. It was found that the most common pub names were The Red Lion, White Hart, and Royal Oak. Have a look at some names to help you think of yours.

95 Slide (American origin) using an iconic sports team moment in the Seattle Mariners history.

Ace Bounce (American origin) is like the ace in a deck of cards.

Albert Angel (German origin) meaning 'noble'.

American Social (American origin) is a popular pub in the US.

The Bailey Pub and Brasserie (American origin) is a joint-owned business.

Bandits Bar (American origin) is a catchy bar name, much like the White Hart.

Bar One (English origin) is the number one pub of choice.

Better Days (English origin) is a good place to relax.

The Black Horse (English origin) it's a great place for family and friends.

The Bluebell (English origin) this one's just sweet.

Boycott Bar (American origin) is a good place to boycott work.

Burgatory (American origin) they serve one ‘helluva’ burger.

Centennial (Latin origin) means 'one hundred'.

Clock Bar (American origin) in Philadelphia, where time just stops.

The Coach and Horses (English origin) sometimes meant that the pub used to be a coach house.

Colo Corado bar (American origin) is named after the state of Colorado.

The Crown (English origin) is a great traditional pub.

The Dead Rabbit Grocery and Grog (American origin) is a different type of establishment.

The Fainting Goat (American origin) it is said that the owner was shy around girls, so people would say he seemed like a fainting goat.

Fat Angel (Australian origin) is a Brisbane-based sports bar and grill.

The Fawcett Inn (English origin) is an interesting name for a bar.

Fireside Bar (American origin) this Winsconsin-based pub serves delicious grilled food.

Froggy Bottom Pub (American origin) is an odd place to be.

The George And Dragon (English origin) this place does the all-time best Yorkshire puddings.

The Globe (American origin) is a place where everyone can go, from all over the world.

The Grizzled Wizard (American origin) also serves grilled meals.

Hamilton’s Tavern (American origin) named after Alexander Hamilton.

Happy Daze (American origin) is a place for happy days.

Highbar (American origin) is one of the fanciest pubs.

The Maple Leaf Pub (English origin) is a type of leaf that holds great symbols.

McGillin’s Olde Ale House (American origin) is an old establishment that has been around for a long time.

The Mix Up Bar (American origin) is a mix of people.

The Pastry War (American origin) also serves pastries.

The Prince of Wales (English origin) just in case he ever comes to visit.

The Plough (English origin) is a very solid gastropub name.

Polka Dots Bistro & Bar (English origin) is a fancy and catchy name. It's a great place for friends and family.

The Pub Orlando (American origin) is quite simply a pub based in Orlando.

Pub Stuff, LLC (American origin) a funny name.

Ray’s Happy Birthday Bar (American origin) it is said that the previous owner of the bar would sing the 'Happy Birthday' song to his customers.

Robert’s Western World (American origin) is an old bar.

The Rose and Crown (English origin) They do the best roast here.

Royal Oak (English origin) is an extremely popular name.

The Star (English origin) this place will be the star in your sky.

The Three Horseshoes (English origin) this name is supposed to be lucky.

The Victoria (English origin) after Queen Victoria.

Union Pub (English origin) is a place of union or for unions.

Venus Cystor (Greek origin) means 'the Goddess of love'.

Wrecking Bar Brewpub (American origin) is a place where home-brewed beer is served.

Young Summer (English origin) to remind you of your youth.

Funny Pub Names

Every pub and bar business entrepreneur should be well aware of the importance of a good business name. An effective way to make people aware of your brand is to give it a funny name — especially one that looks good on a pub sign. Here are some English pub names to help you get started.

Funny pub names have a strong brand recall

Bank Tavern (English origin) is where you spend all your money.

The Bleeding Wolf (English origin) can be found in Hale, Altrincham, and Cheshire.

Blooming Fuchsia (English origin) means 'a blooming flower'. Great for an old bar where one can unwind.

Bread of Heaven (English origin) is an ironic name with a spiritual twist.

The Corner (English origin) is a place in the corner.

The Cow and Snuffers (English origin) have outlets in Llandaff and Cardiff, Wales.

Crazy Crown (English origin) for funny antics.

The Crescent Lounge (English origin) is a great place to lounge and relax.

Day Exposures (English origin) get your daily exposure.

Devil's Punchbowl (English origin) is a place to let loose.

Drunken Duck (English origin) has outlets in Hawkshead, Cumbria.

The Elusive Camel (English origin) is the right place to be elusive.

Feathers (English origin) is a simple name idea.

The Happy Medium (English origin) can also be found in Chichester, West Sussex.

The Headless Woman (English origin) this British pub has a sign of a woman carrying her own severed head. Scary, right?

The Hidden Vine (English origin) is perfect for a hidden inn.

The Hog In The Pound (English origin) is a London-based old and famous pub.

Hole in the Wall (English origin) a common name for a pub, there are different branches in various locations, including 'Hole Int Wall' in Yorkshire, England.

The Hung, Drawn & Quartered (English origin) is another London-based famous pub with chandeliers and portraits.

Joe’s Pub (English origin) named after the owner.

The Jolly Sailor (English origin) all your customers will be jolly too.

Mad Dog (English origin) can be found in Odell, Bedfordshire.

Magic Tones pub (English origin) is a place to play good music.

The Mansion Bar (English origin) would be great for a huge pub.

Moon Return bar (English origin) is a place you go to when at night when the moon is out.

Nobody Inn (English origin) is located in Doddiscombsleigh, Devon.

One That Almost Got Away (English origin) but it didn't! A great idea for funny British pub names.

The Piano Bar (English origin), where you can play music.

Pig and Whistle (English origin) is a cool pub name.

The Pub with No Name (English origin) is based in London, and is also known by locals as 'The White Horse Inn'.

Red Lion Pub (English origin) this is the most common English pub name.

The Roaring Donkey (English origin) this Essex-based pub has a classy sign.

Six Pence Pub (English origin) is a type of currency.

The Smugglers (English origin) are perfect for a town with a smuggling history.

Spread Eagle (English origin) is a unique pub name.

The Tap Shop (English origin) is a friendly local pub in Livingston.

Tempest Bar (English origin) is a place for creativity.

Third Rail (English origin) is a typical British pub name.

The Three-Legged Mare (English origin) is known locally as 'The Wonky Donkey'.

Three Crowns (English origin) is a noble place.

Twin Scrolls bar (English origin) reference to the twin scrolls.

Undertow (English origin) is a place to relax when you need a tow.

The Vat and Fiddle (English origin) is a pub in Nottingham.

The Volunteer (English origin) volunteering to have a pint doesn't count as charity work.

Whistle Top (English origin) is a great name for a British pub.

Irish Pub Names

Your bar’s name is an important part of your brand personality. Make it reflect your unique bar experience, relaxing or boisterous.

Irish pubs are known to have some unique names.

Ballantyne (Irish origin) is derived from the word 'valentine'.

The Blind Pig (Irish origin) is a typical Irish pub name.

Blue Archies (Irish origin) is a name inspired by nature.

Blue Bungy (Irish origin) is a good name.

Brick Store Pub (Irish origin) for a place made of brick.

Caffe Bello (Irish origin) means 'handsome' and can be referred to as a handsome man.

Connolly’s (Irish origin) named after Conghaile.

Fado Irish Pub (Irish origin) could mean anything to you.

Fengy Far (Irish origin) would have a unique pub sign.

Dublin Tavern (Irish origin) guess where this can be found?

McGee’s (Irish origin) is a family-owned business.

McGettigan’s (Irish origin) is a family-owned business found in Dublin.

Mulligan’s Pub (Irish origin) means 'grandson of the bald man'.

O’Brien's Irish Pub (Irish origin) is a family name with a long history.

Rí Rá Irish Pub (Irish origin) means 'fun and merriment'.

The Playwright Irish Pub (Irish origin) is a place for writers and artists.

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