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Why Names Meaning Gold?

Babies are like the sun shining down on your face. The first time your baby smiles at you, they reach out to you with their hands, and the first time they speak their first word. Babies might seem like tiny storms of rage and tears than cute little bundles of joy. However, they bring so much warmth and happiness into our lives that the beam of sunshine continues to prevail. Choosing a name for your child is an excellent opportunity to express your joy and optimism, and selecting a name with a gold-related meaning is a simple approach to do this. When you think about all the many ways gold may be used, you can see where the name came from. The dictionary agrees, calling gold a valuable metal that exists in pure form in nature. Gold is also referred to as the best of its type in the book. If so, maybe among these names for newborns with a golden connotation, you can find the perfect one for your little sunshine.

Greek Names That Mean Gold

1. Ariana - Means, The Holiest One, Pledge, Land of Arians, Noble, Pure, Like Silver, Golden Life.

2. Arta - Means, From the City of Gold, Righteous.

3. Aura - Means Air Cloud, Rain, Wind, Soft Breeze, Gold Breath.

4. Aure - Means, Breeze, Gold, Soft Air.

5. Chrisantha - Means, Gold Flower.

6. Chrissanth - Means Golden Flower.

7. Chruse - Means, Golden, The Golden One.

8. Chrysander - Means Golden.

9. Chrysanthe - Means, Flower of Gold, Golden Flower.

10. Chrysanthia - Means Gold Flower.

11. Chryseis - Means, Prisoner of Agamemnon, Golden Daughter.

12. Chrysilla - Means, Golden Daughter, Golden-Haired.

13. Chrysostom - Means, Golden Mouthed.

14. Chryssa - Means, Flower of Gold, Anointed One, A Christian, Golden Flower.

15. Chrysta - Means Gold, Golden, Anointed One, Follower of Christ.

16. Ciril - Means, The Lord, Gold.

17. Cressida - Means, Gold, Heroine of a Tale told by Shakespeare.

18. Crisanto - Means Golden Flower.

19. Dore - Means, A Gift, Blond, Golden.

20. Doreen - Means, God's Gift, Gift, Gilded, Brooding, Golden.

21. Dory - Means, Golden-Haired, Gift.

22. Eldora - Means Golden, Blond, Gift of the Sun, Covered with Gold, A name given to Many Saints, Combination of Ella and Dora.

23. Eldoris - Means, Of the Sea, Covered with Gold.

24. Fanis - Means Warrior of Gold.

25. Flavian - Means, Blond, Golden / Yellow Haired.

26. Gryphon - Means, Fighting Chief, Fierce, Protect the Areas Gold, Capable.

27. Harsha - Means Joy, Delight, Happiness, Golden, Pleasure, Full of Joy, God Gifted.

28. Krysanthe - Means Golden Flower.

29. Marigold - Means, Marys Gold, Refers to the Mother of Jesus, Flower name, The Golden Yellow Flower, Combination of Mary and Gold, Beloved.

30. Oprah - Means, One who Turned her Back, Fawn, Gold, Gazelle, Young Deer.

31. Orianna - Means, Golden, Dawning.

32. Orofrigia - Means, Phrygian Gold.

33. Sonia - Means, Beautiful, Pretty Wise, Wisdom, Where She goes, happiness brings Skill, Golden, Name which brings Happiness, Rose.

34. Tala - Means, Bottom, Gold, Stalking Wolf, Goddess of the Stars.

35. Tece - Means, Pure Gold.

36. Tippie - Means Fair, Yellow, Golden.

37. Titian - Means, Redgold.

38. Vanth - Means Yellow, Fair, Golden.

39. Vantha - Means Golden, Yellow, and Fair.

40. Xantha - Means, Blond, Golden Yellow.

41. Xanthe - Means, Fair-haired, Golden Yellow, Blonde, Yellow.

42. Xanthia - Means, Blond, Golden Yellow.

43. Xanthos - Means, Goldenhaired, Yellow, Blonde.

44. Xanthus - Means, Yellow, Goldenhaired, Blonde.

45. Zanthe - Means Golden Yellow.

46. Zori - Means, Golden Dawn.

Unisex Names That Mean Gold

47. Aurum (Latin origin) - This means gold.

48. Jin (Chinese origin) - This means gold.

49. Jinhua (Chinese origin) - This means the magnificence and brilliance of gold.

50. Jinyu (Chinese origin) - Means gold jade, flawless, gold gem, or gold feather.

51. Kanok (Thai origin) - Means gold.

52. Kulta (Finnish origin) - Means gold and darling, dear.

53. Lipaz (Hebrew origin) - Means my gold.

54. Olaedo (Nigerian origin) - Means gold.

55. Paz (Hebrew origin) - Means gold.

56. Souvankham (Lao origin) - This means precious gold.

57. Souvanna (Lao origin) - Means gold.

58. Swarna (Indian and Hindi origins) means golden or sound color.

59. Vanna (Cambodian origin) - Means golden.

60. Voski (Armenian origin) - Means gold.

61. Yari (Spanish and Caribbean origins) means small gold jewelry.

Boy Names That Mean Gold

62. Afwerki (Ethiopian and Eritrean origins) - Means mouth of gold.

63. Ardit (Albanian origin) - Means golden day.

64. Aureliano (Italian origin) - This means gold. Aureliano is the Italian variation of the name Aurelius.

65. Aurelius (Ancient Roman origin) - Means golden, gilded.

66. Auryn (Celtic origin) - Means gold.

67. Chrysanthos (Greek origin) - This means golden flower.

68. Chryses (Greek Mythological origin) - Means golden.

69. Eurig (Welsh origin) - Means golden.

70. Flavius (Ancient Roman origin) - Means golden.

71. Okropir (Georgian origin) - Means gold mouth.

72. Oriol (Catalan origin) - Means golden.

73. Orlando (Spanish origin) - Means land of gold.

74. Oro (Spanish origin) - Means gold.

75. Orville (English origin) - Means golden city.

76. Paco (American origin) - Means golden eagle.

77. Rezart (Albanian origin) - Means golden ray.

78. Urre (Basque origin) - Means gold.

79. Workneh (East African origin) - This means you are gold.

80. Zahavi (Hebrew origin) - Means gold.

81. Zarathustra (Old Iranian origin) - Means golden camel.

82. Zereen (Arabic origin) - Means golden.

83. Zlatan (Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Slovene, Macedonian and Bulgarian origins) - Means golden.

Girl Names That Mean Gold

84. Altansarnai (Mongolian origin) - Means golden rose.

85. Altantsetseg (Mongolian origin) - Means golden flower.

86. Altynai (Kazakh and Kyrgyz origins) - Means golden moon.

87. Altynshash (Kazakh origin) - Means golden voice.

88. Anacaona (Tiano origin) - Means golden flower.

89. Aouregan (Celtic origin) - Means shining gold or golden face.

90. Aranka (Hungarian origin) - Means gold.

91. Aurea (Late Roman origin) - Means golden.

92. Aurelia (Latin origin) - Means golden.

93. Auriel (Latin origin) - Means gold.

94. Aurnia (Irish origin) - Means golden lady.

95. Baojin (Mandarin origin) - This means precious gold.

96. Bhrungara (Hindu origin) - Means golden flower.

97. Chrysanta (English origin) - Means golden flower.

98. Chrysanthemum (Greek origin) - Means golden flower.

99. Cressida (Greek origin) - Means gold.

100. Eldora (Spanish origin) - Means covered with gold.

101. Eurwen (Welsh origin) - Means gold and fair.

102. Gilda (English origin) - Means covered with gold.

103. Golda (Yiddish origin) - Means gold.

104. Goldie (English origin) - Means made of gold.

105. Hema (Sanskrit origin) - Means golden.

106. Kanchana (Tamil and Thai origins) - Means golden.

107. Kim (Vietnamese origin) - Means gold.

108. Mai (Vietnamese origin) - This means golden flower.

109. Millaray (Native American and Mapuche origins) - Means golden flower.

110. Nubia (Egyptian origin) - This means gold.

111. Nubit (Egyptian origin) - Means golden lady.

112. Nubiti (Egyptian origin) - Means golden lady.

113. Ofira (Hebrew origin) - Means gold.

114. Ophira (Hebrew origin) - Means gold. The feminine form of the name Ophir.

115. Orabel (English origin) - Means golden, beautiful.

116. Orabela (Esperanto origin) - Means golden, beautiful.

117. Orabella (Italian origin) - It means golden and beautiful.

118. Orabelle (French origin) - Means golden, beautiful.

119. Oralee (English origin) - Means golden.

120. Oralie (English origin) - Means golden. The English variation of the French name Aurelie.

121. Orfhlaith (Irish origin) - Means golden princess.

122. Oriana (Italian and Spanish origins) - Means gold.

123. Oriane (French origin) - Means golden.

124. Orianne (French origin) - Means golden.

125. Orinda (English origin) - Means gold.

126. Orla (Irish Gaelic origin) - Means gold princess.

127. Orlagh (Irish Gaelic origin) - Means gold princess.

128. Orlaith (Irish Gaelic origin) - Means gold princess.

129. Paziah (Hebrew origin) - This means the gold of the Lord our God.

130. Peta (Native American origin) - Means golden eagle.

131. Rezarta (Albanian origin) - This means golden ray and is the feminine form of Rezart.

132. Rosaura (Spanish origin) - Means golden rose.

133. Rukmini (Hindu origin) - Means adorned with gold.

134. Sona (Indian and Hindi origins) - Means gold.

135. Sonal (Indian and Hindi origins) - Means gold.

136. Sovanna (Cambodian origin) - This means golden dream.

137. Urrea (Basque origin) - This means gold and is the feminine form of Urre.

138. Vosgedzam (Armenian origin) - Means golden hair.

139. Vosgetel (Armenian origin) - This means golden thread.

140. Vosgi (Armenian origin) - This means gold.

141. Voshkie (Armenian origin) - Means golden.

142. Worknesh (African Amharic origin) - This means you are like gold.

143. Yari (Spanish and Hebrew origins) - Means gold.

144. Zarbanu (Persian origin) - Means golden lady.

145. Zareen (Persian origin) - Means golden.

146. Zarina (Malay, Kazakh, and Urdu origins) - Means golden.

147. Zlata (Croatian and Serbian origins) - Means gold, golden. The feminine form of the name Zlatan. Alternatively, the Yiddish form of the name Zlota.

148. Zlate (Slavic origin) - Means golden. Another feminine form of the name Zlatan.

149. Zlota (Jewish origin) - Means gold.


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