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105 Best Guinea Pig Names You'll Love

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Guinea pigs are popular as pocket pets because of their tiny size.

Guinea pigs are a species of rodents and are extremely cute. They are also called cavies because they belong to the family Caviidae.

Guinea pigs are tiny little animals that make a great pet. Guinea pig females are known as sows, and the male ones are known as boars. They are very social and herd animals; they enjoy each other's company, and it is advised to keep them in herds or at least in a pair of two. Guinea pigs are crepuscular by nature; they are active during dusk and dawn time. With proper training, guinea pigs can recognize their own names; unlike other pets, they take some time to understand and recognize their names. They occupy a very special place in our hearts, and they deserve adorable special names that match their unique personality; we have prepared a list of best guinea pig names for your tiny little girls and boys.

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Female Guinea Pig Names

Do you own a girl guinea pig and looking for a cute little name for your cavy? Here is a list of girl names for a guinea pig.

1. Ava (German origin) meaning "new.

2. Blossom (English origin) meaning "flower, bloom". 'Blossom' is an American sitcom. It's also a cute name for your guinea pig.

3. Bluebell (English origin) meaning "kind of flower".

4. Clementine (English origin) meaning "gentle, merciful". Associated with 'Oh, My Darling Clementine' song by Freddy Quinn.

5. Cleo (Greek origin) meaning "pride, frame, glory". Taken from 'Cleo' movie.

6. Cookie (American origin) meaning "small, flat, sweet cake".

7. Evie (Latin origin) meaning "life, breath". Princes Evie from 'Descendants'.

8. Ginger (English origin) meaning "reddish, orange color".

9. Giselle (French origin) meaning "bright pledge". 'Giselle' is a romantic ballet.

10. Luna (Italian, Spanish, Latin origin) meaning "moon". Diego Luna is a Mexican actor, famous for 'Narcos: Mexico'.

11. Pandora (Greek origin) meaning "the all-endowed, all-gifted or all-giving". Associated with Pandora's Box.

12. Poppy (Latin origin) meaning "type of flower. Taken from 'Wild Child' Poppy Moore.

13. Rosemary (English origin) meaning "herb". 'Rosemary's Baby' is a movie, which released in 1968.

14. Ruby (Latin origin) meaning "red".

15. Sage (English, French origin) meaning "wise man".

16. Sapphire (Greek origin) meaning "blue".

17. Sol (Spanish origin) meaning "sun". A great name for a bright-colored guinea pigs.

18. Sophie (Greek origin) meaning "wisdom". 'Game of Thrones' fame actress Sophie Turner.

19. Sunny (English origin) meaning "sunshine, happy, or cheerful temperament".

20. Tangerine meaning "a kind of fruit".

Male Guinea Pig Names

Guinea pigs are great small pets and are very adorable and sweet. Here is a list of boy guinea pig names for your boy guinea pig.

21. Ace (Latin origin) meaning "unity, unit". Inspired by 'Ace Ventura: Pet Detective' movie.

22. Bailey (Norman, French origin) meaning "bailiff". Actor Bailey May is popular for 'On the Wings of Love'.

23. Bart (Hebrew origin) meaning "son of Tolmai". Taken from 'Seeds of Yesterday'.

24. Biscuit (Old French origin) meaning "twice-cooked". It can also indicate the biscuit color.

25. Edward (Anglo Saxon origin) meaning "wealth, fortune, prosperous". Associated with Edward Cullen from 'Twilight' series. A good and sophisticated name for a male guinea pig.

26. Ember (English origin) meaning "spark, burning low". Ember Island is a musical group popular for songs like 'Umbrella', 'Need you'.

27. Goliath (Hebrew origin) meaning "uncover, reveal". An ironic name for a guinea pig.

28. Gus (English origin) meaning "great".

29. Homer (Greek origin) meaning "pledge". Associated with the author of 'Iliad' and 'The Odyssey'. This can be a twist to a person who stays at home all the time (Home-r) and can be great for a guinea pig who doesn't move out of the cage.

30. Jinx (English origin) meaning "bird wryneck, charm, spell".

31. Lucky (English origin) meaning "fortunate". Lucky from the novel 'Waiting for Godot'.

32. Milo (English origin) meaning "soldier". From 'The Phantom Tollbooth'.

33. Monty (English origin) meaning "Gomeric's mountain". Can be linked to the famous 'Monty' cartoon strips by cartoonist Jim Meddick.

34. Peanut (American origin) meaning "groundnut legume". Comic strip 'Peanut' by Charles M. Schulz.

35. Phoenix (Latin, English origin) meaning "deep red, name of the colorful, mythical bird".

36. Twitch (German origin) meaning "to pluck, gather, catch hold of".

Good Guinea Pig Names For White And Brown Guinea Pig

Three little guinea pigs sitting in a row.

Looking for the perfect name for a guinea pig? Here are some best adorable, cute little girl and boy guinea pig names inspired by the color of your guinea pig.

37. Brownie (F) meaning "a small square or rectangular piece of chocolate cake often containing nuts."

38. Cinnamon (F) (Arabic origin) meaning "little tube".

39. Coco (M) (American origin) meaning "chocolate bean". Associated with 'Coco' movie.

40. Hazel (F) (Old English origin) meaning "tree or color". Taken from Hazel Grace Lancaster from 'Fault In Our Stars'.

41. Honey (M/F) (Latin origin) meaning "syrup, nectar". Miss Honey from the book 'Maltida'.

42. Maple (F) (French, Latin origin) meaning "maple tree".

43. Mocha (M) meaning "mixture of coffee and chocolate". Derived from the city of Mocha, Yemen.

44. Nutmeg (F) meaning "seed or ground spice ".

45. Penny (F) (Greek origin) meaning "weaver, a coin". Penny from the American sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory'.

46. Teddy (M) (English origin) meaning divine gift". Associated with teddy bear- stuffed toy.

Cute Guinea Pig Names For White Guinea Pig

Looking for a cute name for your furry small pets? Here is a list of white guinea pig names for boys and girl cavy.

47. Alba (M/F) (Latin origin) meaning "white". 'Money Heist' famed actress Alba Flores.

48. Finn (M) (Old Norse origin) meaning "white". Finn Mikaelson from 'The Originals'.

49. Fiona (F) (Latin, Gaelic origin) meaning "white". Fiona from 'Kid Vs Kat'.

50. Paloma (F) (Latin origin) meaning "dove". Actress Paloma Kwiatkowski is popular for 'Riot Girls'.

51. Pearl (F) (English origin) meaning "smooth, round bead formed by a mollusk". Pearl from 'The Vampire Diaries'.

52. Rosalba (F) (Latin origin) meaning "white rose". Rosalba Neri is popular for 'Lady Frankenstein'.

53. Snowie (M/F) (American origin) meaning "beautiful". From 'The Adventures of Tintin'. It is also related to the snow.

54. Vail (F) (Anglo-French origin) meaning "to let fall".

55. Wendy (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "white". Wendy Testaburger from 'Soth Park'.

56. Wynn (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "white". Francis Xavier Aloysius James Jeremiah Keenan Wynn popular for 'Son of Flubber'.

Cutest Guinea Pig Names For Black Guinea Pig

Your cute baby pets deserve the cutest names. Here are some cute name for guinea pigs.

57. Ash (M) (English origin) meaning "grey power". Ash Ketchum from 'Pokemon' series.

58. Blake (M) (Old English origin) meaning "someone with dark hair or skin". From poet William Blake.

59. Bran (M) (Welsh origin) meaning "raven". Inspired by the character of Bran Stark from 'Game of Thrones'.

60. Ciara (F) (Gaelic origin) meaning "dark-haired, black". 'Power Ranger Mega Force' famed actress Ciara Chantel Hanna.

61. Coal/Cole (F) meaning "black or brownish-black sedimentary rock".

62. Cola (M) meaning "a kind of carbonated drink".

63. Darcy (F) (Irish, Norman origin) meaning "dark, dark-haired". Inspired by Mr Fitzwilliam Darcy from the novel 'Pride and Prejudice'.

64. Leila (F) (Persian, Arabic, Hebrew origin) meaning "dark, night".

65. Oso (M) (Spanish origin) meaning "bear".

66. Stormy (F) (American origin) meaning "impetuous nature". A character of Stormy from 'To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You'.

Boy Names For Guinea Pigs Inspired By Disney

Guinea pigs are small pets and are loving, cuddly, and adorable. Here is an incredible list of best guinea pig names for boy guinea pig.

67. Arnold (German, Dutch, English origin) meaning "eagle, power, brightness. Associated with 'The Good Dinosaur'.

68. Eric (Old Norse origin) meaning "sole ruler, eternal ruler". Inspired by Prince Eric from 'Little Mermaid'.

69. Flounder from 'little mermaid'.

70. Olaf (Proto-Norse origin) meaning "heirloom, descendant". Associated with Olaf from 'Frozen'.

71. Peter Pan (Greek origin) meaning "stone rock". Taken from 'Peter Pan'.

72. Piglet meaning "a small or young pig". Inspired by 'Winnie the Pooh'

73. Pooh (American origin) meaning "the little one", associated with 'Winnie the Pooh'.

74. Simba (African origin) meaning "lion". Taken from the movie 'Lion King'.

75. Spot (English origin) meaning "a specific point", associated with 'The Good Dinosaur'.

76. Stitch (Old English origin) meaning "to sting or stab", from the series 'Lilo & Stitch'.

Disney Inspired Perfect Name For Girl Guinea Pig

Here are some best Disney inspired girl guinea pig names for your little bundle of happiness. Check out these girl guinea pig names for females.

77. Anna (Latin, Greek, Hebrew origin) meaning "favor, grace, beautiful". From 'Frozen'.

78. Colette (Greek origin) meaning "victory of the people". Inspired by the character of Colette Tatou from 'Ratatouille'.

78. Daisy (Old English origin) meaning "day's eye". Associated with Daisy Duck from 'Mickey Mouse'.

79. Elsa (German, Hebrew origin) meaning "God's promise, God is my oath." Inspired by Queen Elsa from 'Frozen'.

80. Fairy Mary (Greek origin) meaning "bitter, beloved, rebelliousness, wished-for child, marine, drop of the sea". From 'Tinkerbell'.

81. Fawn (Angl-French origin) meaning "young deer". Associated with 'Tinkerbell'.

82. Jane (Hebrew, Greek, Latin, French, English origin) meaning "Yahweh is gracious/merciful". Taken from 'Tarzan'.

83. Judy (Hebrew origin) meaning "she will be praised or woman of Judea". Inspired by the character of Judy Hopps from 'Zootopia'.

84. Minnie (English origin) meaning "of the sea, bitter". Inspired by Minnie Mouse.

85. Moana (Hawaiian origin) meaning "ocean, sea". Taken from 'Moana' movie.

86. Mrs Potts associated with 'Beauty and the Beast'.

87. Tinkerbell meaning "to make a tinkling sound". From 'Tinkerbell'.

88. Vanellope taken from 'Reck it Ralph'.

Unisex Funny Pig Names

Two guinea pigs are eating cabbage leaf

Looking for a guinea pig name which does not stick to a particular gender? How about a funny option for your tiny little baby. Here are some best guinea pigs names.

89. Cavy meaning "short-tailed South American rodent, guinea pig".

90. Chunk (American origin) meaning "person or beast that is small but thick-set and strong".

91. Elf (German origin) meaning "powerful supernatural beings".

92. Floofy, an alteration to the word fluffy.

93. Ginnie (Latin origin) meaning "springlike, flourishing". It also sounds like Guinea.

94. Jumbo meaning "very large".

95. Panda meaning "a large black-and-white mammal". Inspired by Kung-Fu Panda.

97. Piggy meaning "resembling a pig, a little pig".

98. Pork Chop meaning "kind of meat chop".

99. Pumpkin meaning "a large melon".

Guinea Pigs Names Inspired by Breeds

There are many breeds of guinea pigs with different color combinations, and hair length types. Here are some best names for guinea pig inspired by their breed.

100. Abby (F) taken from the Abyssinian Guinea pig breed.

101. Crest (F) associated with white-crested Guinea big breed.

102. Cornelius (M) is a long-haired breed of guinea pig, Coronet guinea pig.

103. Paco (M) inspired by Alpaca Guinea pig breed.

104. Rex (M) associated with Rex breed.

105. Sheltie (F) taken from Sheltie Guinea pig breed.

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