300 Funny Pig Names That Are Perfect For Your Pet

Georgia Stone
Feb 16, 2024 By Georgia Stone
Originally Published on Dec 21, 2020
Young funny pig on green grass.
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Why Funny Pig Names?

Pigs are adorable pets that give great company. they are sweet, loving, and fun. Naming your pet pigs is a personal decision that must be made thoughtfully.

Here is a list of 300 names that you can choose from. You could pick a name according to your pigs’ physical features or their personality. Each name has a distinct vibe and will be perfect for a beloved pig!

Pig Names From Movies, TV Series And Books

1. AbigailFig -the secret agent pig from the book by Megan Hess.

2. Arnold Ziffel - a pig character from the TV sitcom ‘Green Acres’.

3. Babe - a super cute pig in the movie ‘Babe’ and ‘Babe: Pig In The City’. It is also among the most common baby pig names.

4. Empress of Blandings - an interesting name for an enormous prize pig from P.G. Wodehouse’s books.

5. Gordy the Pig - the main character of the movie with the same name.

6. Gub Gub - another funny pig character from Hugh Lofting's ‘Doctor Dolittle’.

7. Hamm - a short and sweet name of a toy in the movie ‘Toy Story’.

8. Hen Wen - the name of a pig from the movie ‘The Black Cauldron’ who tells fortunes.

9. Pansy Pig - one of Henry’s Cat’s friends.

10. Max - the name of the famous pot-bellied pig of George Clooney.

11. Miss Piggy - Miss Piggy is a character name from Jim Henson’s ‘The Muppet Show’.

12. Monokuru Boo - a pig from Japan who is quite similar to Hello Kitty.

13. Napoleon - yet another pig name from ‘Animal Farm’.

14. Noelle - a real pot-bellied pig who appeared in the comedy ‘Designing Women’.

15. Olivia - a charming name for a charming character from the animated TV series of the same name.

16. Peppermint Pig - a popular name for a pig that has inspired a movie character and a movie.

17. Peter Porkchop - a lovable character from the DC universe.

18. Petunia Pig - the name of a character from the ‘Merrie Melodies’ TV series.

19. Piglet - a popular name for a pig that comes from the much-loved character from ‘Winnie The Pooh'.

20. Plopper - another character from ‘The Simpsons Movie’, this is a funny pig name.

21. Poppleton - the name of a character from Cynthia Rylant’s children’s books. 

22. Porky Pig - a popular pig name that comes from Bugs Bunny’s arch-enemy.

23. Puddle - a pig from the TV series ‘Toot & Puddle’ who is best friends with Toot.

24. Pumba - not strictly a pig, but a pig-like character from the famous ‘Lion King’ movie. 

25. Sir Oinksalot - the name of a pig who made a cameo appearance in ‘The Simpsons’

26. Slim - a pig character from the 1997 TV series of the same name.

27. Snowball - an endearing name from ‘Animal Farm’, George Orwell’s dystopian novel.

28. Squealer - another character from George Orwell’s book titled ‘Animal Farm’.

29. Toot - one of the famous pigs from a TV series and books illustrated by Hollie Hobbie.

30. Wilbur - an adorable piglet from the movie and book ‘Charlotte’s Web’, written by E.B. White.

31. Peppa Pig - an outgoing pig character from the popular cartoon of the same name.

32. Orson - a character from ‘Garfield and Friends’.

33. Waddles - a character from ‘Gravity Falls’.

34. Spider-Pig - a character from ‘The Simpsons Movie’.

35. Petal - a character from ‘Gilmore Girls’.

36. Rosita - a character from ‘Sing’.

37. Madame Oink - a character from ‘Chuck ‘E’ Cheese’.

38. Alpha Pig - a character from ‘Super Why!’

39. Old Major - a character from ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell’.

40. Bebop - a character from ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’.

41. Maxwell - a character from the Geico ads.

42. ManBearPig - a character from ‘South Park’.

43. Fluffy - a character from ‘South Park’.

44. Pua - a character from ‘Moana’.

45. Tattoo - a character from ‘The Secret Life of Pets’.

Young pigs in the farm.

Pig Names From Pokémon

46. Anquer - a Pokémon that looks like a pink boar walking on hind legs.

47. Boarest - the name of the Forest Pig Pokémon.

48. Conquer - the Pokémon that resembles a dark red boar.

49. Emboar - the Mega Fire Pig Pokémon that has evolved from Pignite.

50. Grumpig - the Manipulate Pokémon that has evolved from Spoink.

51. Happig - the Derpy Pig Pokémon who will evolve into Anquer.

52. Momoswine - the final form of Swinub is among the cute pig names.

53. Mankey - the Pig Monkey Pokémon who evolves into Prime ape.

54. Pignite - the Fire Pig Pokémon who evolved from Tepig.

55. Swinhub - the Swine Pokémon who evolves into Momoswine.

56. Primeape - the Pig Monkey Pokémon evolved from Mankey.

57. Spoink - the Bounce Pokémon who evolves into Grumpig.

58. Swinhub - the dual-type Ice/Ground Pokémon who evolves into Piloswine.

59. Tepig - the Fire Pig Pokémon who evolves into Pignite.

Young piglet on hay at pig breeding farm.

Funny Pig Names

60. Autumn

61. Bacon - an adorable name for a pig inspired by salt-cured pork.

62. Beatrix Trotter

63. BLT

64. Cedric Piggery - a pig name for all the 'Harry Potter' fans who want to honor the Hogwarts champion.

65. Chewbacon - an adorable name for a pig that will remind everyone of the lovable Chewbacca from ‘Star Wars’.

66. Colonel Bacon - an adorable name that will suit your pig well.

67. Count Porkula - a play on the name Count Dracula.

68. Duke of Pork - another funny name that is quite popular among pig lovers.

69. Frankenswine - a pig name for all the 'Frankenstein' fans.

70. Frankfurter - an interesting name for a pig taken from sausage of the same name.

71. Good Chop - an adorable name inspired by the famous ‘Good Cop Bad Cop’ routine used by movie police officers.

72. Ham Solo - a lovable name inspired by the lovable character Han Solo from ‘Star Wars’.

73. Hamlet - a name for your pig inspired by Shakespeare's classic play of the same name.

74. Harry Trotter - for anyone who wants to name their pig something magical.

75. Hermione Hamhock - one of the most adorable girl pig names that will display your love for pork and the 'Harry Potter' series.

76. Nugget - one of the most endearing and funny names for male pigs or guinea pigs.

77. Oinkers - a funny name for your pig who loves to oink. It is among the most interesting boy pig names.

78. Paloma - a funny and adorable name for your pig.

79. Piggy - a simple name for people who don’t want to put in a lot of effort while naming their pig.

80. Pink - for all the pink-colored pet pigs and pink-loving owners.

81. Pinky - another color-based name that can be used as a female pig name.

82. Pirate - one of the funniest pet names for pigs that go "Arrrrr".

83. Porkchop - a cute name for a guinea pig inspired by meat chops.

84. Porsche - one of the best pet names for your fast-running pig you can’t catch.

85. Proton - an adorable science-based name for a pig you can use.

86. Duke

87. Romeo - an endearing name for your lovable guinea pigs. 

88. Sapphire - a bright, beautiful, and funny name for your pig.

89. Sausage - another food-inspired pet pig name.

90. Shrimp - another food-based name for your pet friend.

91. Slobber - a character-based funny name you can use for your pig.

92. Smokey - a guinea pig name inspired by the smokey food specials.

93. Snort - a funny name for your pig who can’t stop snorting. Perfect for those looking for funny names for pigs!

94. Tabby - the name of a cat species that also works well for pigs.

95. Teddy - an adorable, funny male pig name.

96. Top - a name for your pig who rules the roost.

97. Twinkle - a cute name for a pet pig.

98. Via - one of the best pet male pig names.

99. Yoda - a funny and adorable pig name inspired by the character from the famous ‘Star Wars’ series.

100. Yoshi - a Japanese name that will perfectly fit your pig.

Cute Pig Names

101. Minnie

102. Checkers

103. Ladybug

104. Tootsie

105. Spot

106. Shrimp

107. Baby Cakes

108. Pebbles

109. Mickey

110. Snickerdoodle

111. Teacup

112. Dots

113. Happy

114. Marble

115. Oreo

116. Skittles

117. Pixie

118. Lucky

119. Tiny

120. Toodles

121. Popcorn

122. Cookie

123. Hobbit

124. Squiggle

125. Toots

126. Nano

127. Cocoa

128. Scout

129. Runt

130. Lex

131. Clover

132. General

133. Ryder

134. Levi

135. Gadget

136. Harley

137. Echo

138. Chops

139. Blackjack

140. Ever

141. Legend

142. Storm

143. Lux

144. Jax

145. Ammo

146. Diesel

147. Carter

148. Marley

149. Axelle

150. Captain

151. Boomer

152. Presley

153. Nixie

154. Tank

155. Jagger

156. Racer

157. Smokey

158. Rosebud

159. Snorts

160. Rerun

161. Moana

162. Buns

163. Arrow

164. Thumbelina - after the popular children's tale.

165. Pumpernickel

166. Cali

167. Ludwig

168. Sunflower

169. Kickstart

170. Penelope

171. Lulu

172. French Fry

173. Benji

174. Archer

175. Manfred

176. Sweets

177. Lacey

178. Bubs

179. Dolce

180. Maisy

181. Leonard

182. Mitzi

183. Wilbur

184. Penny

185. Piggly Wiggly

186. Mabel

187. Abraham

188. Buttercup

189. Charlotte

190. Piper

191. Dixie

192. Sooey

193. Esther

194. Charlie

195. Truffle

196. Mervis

197. Ollie

198. Curly

199. Ella

200. Bubba

201. Amelia

202. Olivia

203. Daisey

204. Layla

205. Lady

206. Bella

207. Princess

208. Duchess

209. Blossom

210. Tinkerbell

211. Bonnie

212. Dorothy

213. Dolly

214. Sadie

215. Flower

216. Diva

217. Maggie

218. Emma

219. Ballerina

220. Pearl

221. Lassie

Boy Pig Names

222. Brutus

223. Frankie

224. Albert

225. Goliath

226. Sebastian

227. Digger

228. Hank

229. Otis

230. Mugsy

231. Oliver

232. Bart

233. Martin

234. Buzz

235. Wally

236. Larry

237. Joey

238. Homer

239. Dixon

240. Rex

241. Samson

242. Hugo

243. Barley

244. Norman

245. Orville

246. Ralph

247. Dewey

248. Gus

249. Marshall

250. Rocky

251. Barnaby

252. Tracker

253. Rustler

254. Bandit

255. Mortimer

256. Doug

257. Eddie

258. Paxton

259. Clyde

260. Waldo

261. Oswald

262. Lester

263. Chester

Girl Pig Name

264. Maple

265. Sophie

266. Daisy

267. Peggy

268. Hydrangea

269. Savannah

270. Nutmeg

271. Coral

272. Darling

273. Gwendoline

274. Peaches

275. May

276. Harper

277. Cinderella - after the popular children's tale.

278. Plum

279. Blush

280. Sparkles

281. Lassie

282. Mademoiselle

283. Honey

284. Damsel

285. Pink Pearl

286. Blossoms

287. Bubbles

288. Magenta

289. Sandy

290. Molly

291. Abby

292. Florence

293. Lavender

294. Lola

295. Nora

296. Jewel

297. Bonnet

298. Callie

299. Ballerina

300. Melody

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