100 Best Hindu Girl Names

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Hindu names are predominantly used in countries where the Hindu population is high.

Such countries are mainly India. India, along with neighbors Nepal and Sri Lanka, has many Hindu names residents in them.

The Hindu names are originally derived from the Holy texts like 'Ramayana', 'Mahabharata', 'Puranas' etc. These texts were extensively written in the Sanskrit Language. As a result, the majority of the names are of Sanskrit origin. Gods and Goddesses positively influence Hindu names. References of nature and natural elements can also be found in many names. Here take a look at some of the best Hindu baby girl names you can choose for your young girl.

If you are curious about ancient names, you can also read our articles on Hindu Baby Boy Names and Indian Girl Names.

Cool Hindu Girl Names

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We know Hindu names are cool, and here some of the best Indian names for a girl.

1. Aadarshini (Sanskrit origin) meaning "Idealistic". Indian baby girl names like Aadarshini are quite popular.

2. Aaradhya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "one who is worth worshipping". Aaradhya Rai Bachchan is the name of the daughter of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

3. Aashrita (Indian origin) meaning "one who has taken refuge in the Lord". Aashrita Shetty is an Indian film actress.

4. Abirami (Sanskrit origin) meaning "Goddess Lakshmi". Goddess Lakshmi is the Goddess of wealth. Abirami is a South Indian TV host. One of the great Hindu girl baby names.

5. Adhya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "first power" or "one of ten Durgas". Adyapith is a famous Hindu temple dedicated to Goddess Kali, the fearsome Avatar of Goddess Parvati. A strong name for a girl.

6. Aditi (Indian origin) "free and unbounded". Aditi Chauhan is a famous Indian singer. Aditi Mittal is a popular stand-up comedian.

7. Aishwarya (Indian origin) meaning prosperity and wealth. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is a famous Indian actress. She won the Miss World title in 1994. Among the popular baby names for a Hindu girl.

8. Anjali (Sanskrit origin) "offering with both the hands". Anjali Jewellers is a famous and popular gold and gems jewelry brand of India. Anjali Menon is a well known Indian film director and screenplay writer.

9. Ankana (Indian origin) name meaning "a designated mark".

10. Anusha (Hindi origin) meaning " a beautiful morning or a star". Anusha Viswanathan is a young Bengali film actress known for her work in the popular movie 'Goyenda Junior'.

11. Anushka (Indian origin) meaning "grace". Anushka Sharma is a very popular Bollywood actress. Anouska Shankar is a British-Indian sitar player who has the same name with a variation in spelling.

12. Arushi (Sanskrit origin) meaning "the red color". Arushi Nishank Pant is a famous Indian classical dancer and environmentalist.

13. Bhagabhati (Sanskrit origin) meaning ". It is also another name used for Goddess Durga.

14. Bhumi (Sanskrit origin) meaning "earth". Bhumi Pednekar is a very well known Indian actress. Her notable work includes 'Bala' and 'Dum Laga ke Haisha'.

15. Bipasha (Indian origin) meaning "a river". Bipasha Basu is a famous Bollywood actress. Hindu names like this for a girl child is pretty unique.

16. Chaitali (Sanskrit origin) meaning "one born in the month of Chaitra". Chaitali Dasgupta is a hugely popular Bengali actress.

17. Damini (Indian origin) meaning "lightning" in Hindi. Damini Basu is a popular Bengali actress. A strong Hindu girl name.

18. Dhriti (Indian origin) means "courage and endurance". Dhriti Saharan is a singer as well as an actress.

19. Drishya (Indian origin) means "sight". Drishya Raghunath is an upcoming Indian actress.

20. Durga (Sanskrit origin) meaning "the invincible one". Goddess Durga is an Avatar of Goddess Parvati, which is the Goddess of Spirit and Energy.

21. Harsika (Indian origin) meaning "laughter". Harsika Poonacha is an Indian actress.

22. Henna (Hindi origin) meaning "mehendi". Hina Khan is an Indian TV and film actress.

23. Hiya (Indian origin) meaning "heart". Hiya Dey is a popular Bengali child actress.

24. Ira (Sanskrit origin) meaning "earth". Ira Ashar is an Indian actress.

25. Kakoli (Indian origin) means "art". Kakoli Ghosh Dastidar is a renowned physician turned member of the Indian parliament.

26. Karabi (Indian origin) means "flower".

27. Khushi (Indian origin) "happiness". Khushi Kapoor is the daughter of famous Indian actress Sri Devi. Among the meaningful Hindu girl baby names.

28. Latika (Indian origin) means "small creeper plant". Hindu names like this for a girl child is pretty unique.

29. Lopa (Indian origin) meaning "learned". Lopamudra Mitra is a hugely well known Indian singer.

30. Mahika (Sanskrit origin) meaning "earth". Mahika Sharma is a TV and film actress.

31. Mayukhi (Indian origin) meaning "peahen".

32. Mira (Sanskrit origin) refers to a devoted follower of Lord Krishna. The songs or Bhajans of Mira are prevalent in India.

33. Nisha (Indian origin) meaning "night". Nisha Madhulika is a well known Indian chef, cuisine expert, and restaurant consultant.

34. Nithya (Indian origin) meaning "regular". Nithya Menon is an Indian singer and actress. Hindu names like this for a girl child is pretty unique.

35. Omisha (Bengali origin) meaning "Goddess of life and death."

36. Parvati (Sanskrit origin) meaning "daughter of the mountain".

37. Piku (Indian origin) means peahen. 'Piku' is a well known Bollywood movie. Hindu baby names like this are beautiful.

38. Pooja (Indian origin) meaning "worship". Pooja Bhatt is an Iconic Bollywood film director and film producer.

39. Priya (Indian origin) refers to a beautiful and beloved girl. Priya Puniya is an Indian cricketer.

40. Ranhita (Indian origin) meaning "quick".  

41. Riya (Indian origin) meaning "singer". Riya Sen is a popular Bengali actress.

42. Shakti (Sanskrit origin) refers to Goddess Shakti, which is the Goddess of power. Shakti is another name of Goddess Parvati.

43. Shivani (Sanskrit origin) meaning "life and death". Hindu baby names like this are beautiful for a girl.

44. Sristi (Indian origin) meaning "creation".

45. Sucheta (Indian origin) meaning "with a beautiful mind". Sucheta Dalal is a famous Indian Business Journalist who was awarded the prestigious Padma Shri Award for journalism in 2006.

46. Sumitra (Indian origin) meaning "good friend". In the epic Ramayana, she was the wife of Laxman, the brother of Lord Ram. Sumitra Sen is a famous Indian singer.

47. Tanvi (Sanskrit origin) refers to Goddess Durga. Tanvi Shah is a famous Indian singer who was the first Indian woman to win a Grammy award.

48. Torsa (Indian origin) is the name of an Indian river. Torsa is a name that has been frequently used in Indian movies and is also the name of a river in India. Torsha Sarkar is a popular Bengali singer.

49. Trayi (Indian origin) meaning "intellect". Hindu Baby Girl names like Trayi is rare.

50. Udgita (Sanskrit origin) meaning "hymn". This name has its comprehensive references in the Bhagavad Gita.

51. Udyati (Hindi origin) "elevated". Indian names like this are beautiful for a girl.

52. Ura (Sanskrit origin) means "earth". Hindu names like this for a girl child is pretty unique.

53. Urmika (Hindi origin) meaning "small wave". Hindu baby names like this are beautiful.

54. Vaidehi (Sanskrit origin) refers to Goddess Sita. Vaidehi Parahurani is an Indian actress. Indian girl names like this are very popular.

55. Vanya (Indian origin) meaning "gracious gift of God". Vanya Mishra is a popular model and entrepreneur.

56. Vedika (Sanskrit origin) meaning "consciousnesses". Vedika Bhandari is an Indian actress.

57. Vritika (Sanskrit origin) meaning "thought". Indian Hindu baby girl names like this are beautiful.

58. Yutika (Indian origin) meaning "flower". Hindu baby names like this are beautiful.

Fancy Hindu Girl Names

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Enlisted below are some of the best fancy Hindu baby girl names.

59. Aarushi (Indian origin) meaning "first rays of the sun". Aarushi Sharma is an Indian actress.

60. Aashita (Hindi origin) name meaning "one who is hopeful". Ashita Dhawan is an Indian TV actress.

61. Abhikhya (Indian origin) meaning "beauty". This is a unique girl's name.

62. Ahaana (Indian origin) name meaning "dawn". Ahaana Krishna is an Indian singer.

63. Akshara (Sanskrit origin) meaning "invincible". This is another name for Goddess Laxmi, the Goddess of Wealth and prosperity. Akshara Singh is an Indian actress.

64. Akshi (Sanskrit origin) meaning "existence". Hindu names like this for a girl child is pretty unique.

66. Alisha (French origin) name meaning "protected by God". Alisha Chinai is a famous Indian singer.

66. Ananya (Indian origin) meaning "matchless". Ananya Pandey is a Bollywood actress, while Ananya Birla is an Indian Singer and songwriter.

67. Anika (Sanskrit origin) meaning "grace". This is another name for Goddess Durga. Anika Surendran is a South Indian film actress hugely popular in Tollywood.

68. Archisha (Indian origin) name meaning "a ray of light".

69. Asmita (Indian origin) meaning "pride". Asmita is an actress and writer. Her notable works include screenplay writing in many TV series. This name can be one of the best names for a baby girl.

70. Atreyi (Indian origin) meaning "the name of a river". Atreyi Majumdar is a famous musical artist.

71. Avani (Sanskrit origin) meaning "the Earth". Avani Modi is an Indian film actress.

72. Chhavi (Indian origin) name meaning "reflection or painting". Chhavi Mittal is a famous TV actress.

73. Chhaya (Indian origin) meaning "shadow" in Hindi. Chhaya Devi was a hugely popular Indian actress. She worked in several Bengali and Hindi movies, which included 'Saptapadi' and 'Anthony Firingi'.

74. Dayita (Hindi origin) meaning "beloved". Indian Hindu baby girl names like this are beautiful.

75. Dharini (Sanskrit origin) meaning "earth". Hindu girl baby names like Dharini are unique and are one of the best.

76. Dhristi (Sanskrit origin) meaning "vision or sight". Dhristi Grewal is an upcoming Indian actress.

77. Ela (Aramaic origin) meaning "cardamom tree". Hindu names like this for a girl child is pretty unique.

78. Gitashri (Sanskrit origin) refers to the Bhagavad Gita.

79. Ishana (Indian origin) girl name meaning "desire".

80. Ishya (Indian origin) meaning "spring". Baby girl names like this are quite rare.

81. Jivika (Sanskrit origin) name meaning "source of life".

82. Kashika (Sanskrit origin) meaning "the shiny one".

83. Kavya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "poem". Kavya Madhavan is a famous former film actress. Indian baby girl names like this are elegant.

84. Kiara (Gaelic origin) means "dark". Kiara Advani is a Bollywood star actress. Her notable works include 'Kabir Singh' and 'MS Dhoni: The Untold Story'.

85. Navya (Indian origin) name meaning "young or new". Navya Nair is an Indian film actress.

86. Neila (Indian origin) meaning "sapphire blue". Neila Devi is the wife of the iconic Indian film superstar Shammi Kapoor.

87. Niharika (Indian origin) meaning "dew drops". Niharika Konidela is a popular actress and TV presenter.

88. Sadhika (Sanskrit origin) refers to Goddess Durga. Sadhika Venugopal is an Indian actress.

89. Sahima(Indian origin) name meaning "snow".

90. Saumya (Sanskrit origin) meaning "pearl". Saumya Tandon is a famous TV and film actress.

91. Talika (Indian origin) meaning "bird". Hindu baby girl names like this are elegant and very popular.

92. Tisya (Indian origin) meaning "auspicious". Hindu names for girls like this are pretty fancy.

93. Tiya (Indian origin) meaning "bird". Tiya is often referred to as a parrot.

94. Trisha (Latin origin) meaning "nobleman". Trisha Yearwood is a popular American country singer.

95. Valini (Indian origin) meaning "stars". Indian names like Valini is one of the best names to give a child.

96. Vaneet (Indian origin) name meaning "intelligence". A great Hindu girl name.

97. Veda (Sanskrit origin) refers to the holy Hindu scriptures. There are a total of four Vedas. Rig, Shyam, Yajur, and Atharva. Veda Krishnamurthy is a famous women cricketer who plays for the Indian National team.

98. Vedanti (Sanskrit origin) meaning "knower of Vedas".

99. Viti (Indian origin) name meaning "light". Indian names like this sound pretty cool.

100. Yashashvi (Indian origin) name means "fame".

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